"Mark Steyn is a racist"

Eamonn Dunphy: “Mark Steyn is a racist”.

I have been following the writings of Mark Steyn for some time. I did not read the article from last Monday’s Irish Times that Dunphy referred to, but I can see that in Dunphy’s eyes Steyn is below contempt. But then that’s coming from a friend of the infamous Robert Fisk.

8 thoughts on “"Mark Steyn is a racist"”

  1. I agree with Eamonn.
    In his previous writings, Steyn stated that he would have preferred it if the US had not used precision-guided weapons on the mosque in Fallujah so that it would all be flattened.
    It’s possible his ‘opinion’ pieces are incitement to hatred.

    He is employed by Hollinger Group (partially owned by Conrad Black) and writes for the right-wing Telegraph and Jerusalem Post.

  2. I thought McWilliams did a terrible job, and I lost a lot of respect for him and Agenda watching that show. He allowed Dunphy to hijack his show to make those accusations against the Irish Times and Mark Steyn. He should have at least challenged Dunphy to support his remarks, or made sure the other commentator was from the Irish Times.
    I haven’t read the piece Dunphy referred to, but I’d be very surprised if Steyn & the Irish Times were that stupid. You can’t really say the same about Amoan Grumpy though 🙂

  3. Furthermore, if the specific charge is based on Steyn’s comments about the Fallujah mosque, perhaps this article will show it to be a ridiculous one:

    “Last week in Fallujah, American troops had rockets fired at them from a mosque. So they fired back, but with the state-of-the-art laser-guided weaponry that kills the insurgents but leaves the mosque virtually untouched. I’d have been quite happy to see it blown up with the old-school non-laser imprecise munitions.”

    Frankly, I don’t see how anyone in their right mind could consider that as racist, or as incitement to hatred.


  4. Steyn is the greatest. Makes libs look like what they are, self-hating, america-bashing, muslime loving dickheads.

  5. Mark Steyn is one of the best political writers out there, one of the few who have the insight and guts to say it as it is. Steyn is a breath of fresh air in today’s politically-correct environment.

  6. Gavin Sheridan can’t even get his basic terms correct. Islam is a religion, not a “race”. This tells me all I need to know about the quality of his “analysis”.

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