Nathan Mathers has already some psycho fans

A few months ago, I decided to write an article about Eminem’s
brother Nathan. Knowing how much supportive Nathan is towards his
brother and that he is also an aspiring rapper, I wanted to gather
enough info about him for people to know more about him. My
intentions were also to honor him as a supportive family member of
Eminem. I also admire the fact that he wants to rap too. Which means
that he will have to work very hard.

To the person who posted ‘ if ther is one thing i hate is people
kissing ass – Id hate to be living in someones shadow like Nate is,
and being a sponge of my own brother would put me too shame”,
before you post.
Nate is not “living in Marshall’s shadow”. He hasn’t started his
career yet. He hasn’t found any record deal for the moment. He isn’t
in the show business and didn’t have the opportunity to show his

At the time I wrote this article, I never thought I would attract
some real crazy Nathan fans on the Eminem part of
One of them even dared insulting me and
I had to delete her comment because it was really disrespectful and

Here are some example of some ‘ psycho Nathan Mathers fans ‘ :

” yo ashleymr88 wat u sayin? dat ma nates so cute well e iz aint e?
n iz all mine!!! n by da way nate aint lookin in to christianity ez
happy da way e iz n i love im jus da way e iz.”

“Nate you are so hot!! Then there is Eminem whitch is just as hot!!
if you have any pictures of em or nate dogg send them to…”

“yo, nathan i love! i wanna meet you one day. i like you not your
brother. well, i do like some of his music. if you get this e-mail
me. PLEASE, pretty please!love u much!!!!!”

“hell yeah your right they r the most fuckin’ sexiest guyz on earth!
i want nathan so bad… and i also heard nathan is gonna be rapper
soon so dont worry u will hear some of his songs!

Today, I would like to speak my mind about your comments, little 11
years old girls.

A freelance music journalist is fed up with your shit.

I would really like those freaky comments to stop.
You have the right to love Nathan or Marshall, nobody will forbid
you that. But, please, keep you sexual fantasies at home!You are

Please respect Nathan and Marshall.

Also stop being such fakes, telling everybody you’re in touch with
Nathan. Which I sincerely doubt.
If you really are, good for you.

To all the little girls with no life (I am not talking about people
who have left some insightful comments on the website), please
respect Nathan. Do you think he would like to read such freaky
comments? And above all respect yourselves.
Let me tell you this: Nathan is engaged in a long term relationship
with a girl called Athena. Both love each other. I’m asking you to
respect this. Do you get my point?

I am a huge Eminem fan and I know how much people like to invade
Marshall’s privacy. I am also conscious about how much he suffers
from such situations. A loyal Eminem fan ought to respect Marshall
and his family, including the ones fans often dislike like Debbie or
Please respect the Mathers. They are normal persons who want people
to respect their privacy. I’ll never insist enough on that point.

130 thoughts on “Nathan Mathers has already some psycho fans”

  1. I agree with Isabelle. Nate and Em are people who hate you writing about how you wanna fuck them and shit, and to tell you the truth, i’m not Em or Nate, nd i em sick of it! You kids need to respect their privacy and stop saying freaky things.
    Thank you, Love you all

  2. I agree with Isabelle. Nate and Em are people who hate you writing about how you wanna f*** them and s***, and to tell you the truth, i’m not Em or Nate, nd i em sick of it! You kids need to respect their privacy and stop saying freaky things.
    Thank you, Love you all

  3. I agree with Isabelle. Nate and Em are people who hate you writing about how you wanna f*** them and s***, and to tell you the truth, i’m not Em or Nate, nd i em sick of it! You kids need to respect their privacy and stop saying freaky things.
    Thank you, Love you all

  4. i totaly agree wid u, i read that artical and i read some of the replys, seriously i posted this on the other thing, who cares if nate has a gurlfriend, and get a life whats the point in posting shyt like ‘im nates girlfriend n nates a gd kisser’ ect ect hmmm…

  5. omg u r so0o0oo0o0o00 hot e-mail me please i love u so0ooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0 much u r so0o0o0 hot i love u so0o0o0o0 much omg wut else can i say but u r hot


  7. Nathalie, I am glad you like my articles and I also appreciated your comments on my article about Nathan Mathers. You have left insighful comments.
    Nathalie, I never disrespected Kim. I named my article about Kim like that because of the song “My Dad’s Gone Crazy”. I just wanted to point out that Kim needed some help. One thing is sure: she doesn’t cope with her personal demons.
    Nathalie, I am a huge Eminem fan and i would never allow myself to disrespect any of the Mathers. I owe a lot to Marshall, so please don’t misinterpret me:)

  8. Okay, than i´m glad! I hate it, when people insult Kim! Because I think she means a lot to Marshall and of course to her daughter. But some fans are really dumb and call her “Bitch” and stuff like that. I have got a lot of respect for u and keep on writing! 🙂 Peace out, Nathalie

  9. hey, ive just read your facts on swift, kuniva and kon artis and iw as wondering if you have any facts on proof, bizarre and bugz from d12? i would love 2 have some bug facts…

    get back 2 me

  10. Yeah, and is it right that Proof is in jail because he fought with a policeman and a Pimp?
    Peace out!

  11. I have posted on each D12 member individually. You will find my postings in the Eminem archives from Gavinsblog.
    Thank you, Nathalie. I am very conscious of what Kim represents to Marshall. I would never disrespect any of his family members and I am always advicing Eminem fans not to insult Kim nor Debbie. Not even Debbie, because she remains his mom. And for giving birth to him , she deserves respect.I’ll keep on writing and I am happy you enjoy my articles:)

  12. AM A big fan of Eminem Hope you make it big like you Brother My Girl Freind Likes Eminem And you Thats why i got Her E mail Address she’s the best she’s good at rap she Rapped down the phone Once telling me how much she loves me

  13. @me: I read it in an german magazine called “Bravo”. There was an interview with D12 and Bizarre told the interviewer that Proof is in jail now. But I don´t know whether it`s right or not … cause they often write some false rumours. but he wasn`t in germany with D12 too and so I thought maybe it´s right, that he is in jail.
    Peace Nathalie

  14. ohhh i dont think he is cuz i go on the d12 forum and im sure they would post summat about it on there… thanks anyways 🙂

  15. hay girlz

    nnnnnn guyz im bubblez as u know how r u all?

    nate i love so does sade n critdal there cool
    ive known them since i waz li’ll

    any wayz ear from u l8r bye.

  16. If nate has a girlfriend i would like to see a picture every website says it is a different girl, i just want to know who it is thanx, claudia

  17. Nate’s girlfiend is Athena Marie Salvagno. Any other info is bullshit and a bunch of lies.
    I have posted pics of them both on my yahoo group dedicated to Nathan and also on my personal website.

  18. Hi to every body out there.
    I am a big fan.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am her all the way.

    LUV YAH ALL!!!!
    FROM ME [CORN]!!!
    A BIG FAN!!!!!!

  19. hi all im from england but i totally love eminem he is great nathan is cute and i hope he does well in the rapping buisness x

  20. U`ve got pics i`ve never seen before! That`s cool! And you have met Obie Trice! Wow, you`re so lucky! I see, u can speak German as well. 🙂
    Can I ask u where are u from? Peace out!

  21. Isabell i went to your website. Its awesome. i really jealous cause i have such a big crush on nate

  22. I am very happy to know you like my website:)
    It was made for Marshall and his true fans. Keep visiting it, because I am working on it and I’m adding some new stuff very often. Plz also check out my part about the Detroit underground emcees. I have discovered so many less known and talented artists from Detroit. Check out their website. They are worth listening to:)
    Yea, Nathalie, I was so lucky to meet Obie. I have also met Bizarre, Swifty, Kon Artis, Kuniva, Bobo from Cypress Hill the same day. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to meet Marshall, but i keep pursuing this dream to meet him someday and i know that i will.
    I am from France. I do live near the German border. German is also my native language along with French, because my grandmother was German.

  23. That`s cool! You speak 3 languages almost perfectly – wow, I`m really impressed. I also learn french, english and Latin but I`m not so good in it. 🙁

    Your lil rap was awsome. It was really great how you battled this jealous bitch! *lol*
    And i love this poem for hailie!

    You`ve got also kids! do they also listen to Eminem? You“re are real cool Mom – my mother always says: “Turn that shit of!” She`s rather old fashioned, but that`s okay. I only hate it when she turns on the radio in the car and i have to listen to her torture music ;).

    Oh, god. i want to meet Marshall so bad. It is really my lifedream! I will go to his next concert in germany. Unfortunaly there are never concerts of cool acts in Austria 🙁 Except obie trice – he was in vienna. But my mom didn`t allow me to go there because i had some bad english marks. 🙁

    Okay, see ya! Peace out, Nathalie

  24. Besides Eminem, foreign languages are a real passion for me.
    Hey, btw, Eminem on German Tv was really cool. I loved the show with Stefan Raab.
    Both of my kids love Eminem.I’m actually cool with them. I discovered Marshall thanks to my eldest son in 2001 and i was amazed by his huge talent and his personnality. Parents should take their kids’ tastes into account!
    I’m happy u loved my poem for Hailie. It really came out of my chest. I never thought this little poem would cause some controversy, but well…it was actually funny to “kill” this girl lyrically.

    Nathalie, my biggest dream is also to meet Eminem and to thank him in person. He deserves it:)

    Thank you very much for joining my Nathan Mathers group!



  25. i think if i just met nate then i would stop obsessing over him. i know this sounds mean but i really want to marry him he seems like the perfect guy

  26. @ claudia:
    Not again a stupid fan /
    who wants to marry Nathan, damn!/
    U didn`t read what the author wrote before/
    Go back to the top and read it, damn whore.

    @ Isa: Yeah, your Nathan group is great. There are a lot of cool pics of Marshall and his lil bro`! I really like it! 🙂

    Thanx to your son!! Because of him u write this cool article about Eminem! God bless him.

    Yeah, the performance on Tv Total was great!
    It was really funny when Eminem said this German cusswords 😉 and showed his ass three times. 🙂

    Peace, your biggest fan, this is … (no, not Stan) Nathalie 😉

    P.S: Add Everlast and fred Durst to the enemies-list!

    … to many enemies on my list to zip through … §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§

    Cya, Nathalie

  27. Nathalie, I also loved the way he cussed in German. Stefan Raab was funny too. It was a cool show…
    I will have to write about Fred Durst and Everlast, you’re right. I don’t know when (I’m working a lot on Detroit underground emcees at the moment), but I will.
    I am grateful to my son for discovering a great MC such as Eminem. To me, Marshall is really the greatest MC on earth.

  28. Yeah, i also think he´s the best but i also like Tupac – he`s great, too!

    What is your fave Eminem song?

    Yeah, i also checked out the underground MCs. There are a lot of talented rappers out there!

    Do u also hear french hip-Hop? I`ve got a music channel, where they play French-Rap 24/7, but I don`t like it so much. They have got some cool beats, but for me the lyrics are the most important thing in hip-Hop. And I don`t understand a French-rap, because I`m learning it only since one year now.

    Peace, Nathalie

  29. Nathan is back u remember my name
    im the best u should b shifted out th frame
    i seen none of u with talent like mine
    u should b gratefull thyat im givin u my time

    Who’s this claudia?
    Pussy thinks she`s gona marry me
    Bitch just fuck you
    will slit your face – literally

    ur all the same u sound the same and talk the same / i bet that if i saw u that u would even look the same

    but y`all i bet u cant spit
    u just sit there with ur eminem pic
    cum’on y`all i wanna piece of u!
    cum’on bitches i wanna see what u can do!

  30. >> I don’t mean to be mean, but that’s all I can be is just me. <<

    U said u wanna marry Nathan Mathers and i just think it`s so fucked up.

    But there will always be such crazy fans like u.
    But they will never be true fans. A loyal fan like for instance Isabelle Esling supports the Mathers.

    The bitches who say: “I wanna marry him” “I want a baby from Nathan” “I wanna fuck him” are just dumb ass fans with no life! They just insult Eminem and his bro` – or do u think he likes to read such crazy stuff?

    Peace, Nathalie

  31. I no u find it scary
    but violence is necessary

    How dare u steal some one els’s name
    and claim it as your own?
    u steal other peoples lyrics cause u cant
    write your own
    we ar on the net right here
    this aint fake or pretend,
    your rhymes is just weak bitch
    u have to be over ten
    u sound like a poor afghan who can’t get enough
    u’ve been wanking day and night ever since your mum said your buff

    after I read two lines from your rap ifelt a sleep
    cause you bored me – u really must adore me

    talking all that shit it sounded like you were battling your self
    you shouldn’t realy suck that much it’s bad for your health
    you should change your name before some finds out that your are a fake
    all this fake niggas are realy startin to irelate

    Don’t Try A Fucking Comeback,
    Your Shit And Your Rhymes Are Whack,
    Just Run Along Little Boy U Can’ t Even Make Rhymes,
    I Know U Do The Cooking & Cleaning And Don’t Get A Dime,
    Yo What’s Up Wit U Thinking You’re A Gangsta,

  32. nice rym nathalie 8)

    that ‘nathan’ tym was wack – thats the addy ive bin emailin he stopped emailin back cuz i knew he was fake and i was asking all these questions hah

    and isa i hope u meet em one day cuz u seem like a really true fan – hope i meet him one day too, ill just keep tryin and u keep tryin 2 x

  33. Yeah, i wrote him too and i told him if he had enough courage he should write another rhyme and i will kick his ass. But he was just a fuckin fake.
    Maybe he will write back soon. But this faggot with no life can`t fuck with me 😉

    I`m from Austria and my english isn`t that good, but he can`t even write a rhyme in his language.

    See ya , Peace nathalie

  34. u can step on the gas but my shits too fast
    battle me and ull end up last
    cuz me and u contrast
    im gold and ur the brass
    im the foot and ur the ass
    u set the standards and i met it
    u shaved the puss and i wet it
    u brought the feed and i fed it
    u cant do shit so just let it
    ur gonna need a medic
    cuz u thing ur slick but i roughed u up and im takin full credit

  35. Ha, i waited for u faggot ass wigga. Ready to loose?

    Nate – man ur rhymes r wack.
    when u been freestyle wut u must of been on crack.

    by the way u aint even Nate – u r sick
    change ur name all u do is suck dick

    ur rhymes so shyt so dont even whine.
    i could be spittin out ice and still be burnin ur linez.

    by the way u aint no pimp u hittin on a guy named Tom
    the best u can do is pimp up ur mom.

    sum1 professional step up to the plate.
    not this fu Nate he cant rap he can jes masturbate.

    jes forget it retire u aint to quick for me.
    so step off Nate u jes to me

  36. isabelle, have you got D12 World? People are sayin it isnt that good… what do you think? i think its teh best album to come out this year, so far. IMO devils night is better though…

  37. Yea, i have the D12World album. I bought it the day it came out.
    I’ll give you an honest opinion: some tracks of “D12 World” like “40 oz” “American Psycho” are excellent. But my preference goes to the “Devil’s Night” album which is better in my opinion.
    “Devil’s Night” is more representative of D12, of the Detroit underground in general. And more offensive too.
    But still, I like the new D12 album, because I also think it was a good occasion for the other D12 members to show their individual talents.
    Have you listened to the D12 mixtape and to Proof’s mixtape? Both are excellent. I do appreciate the D12’s underground tapes too.

  38. Yeah, and no i havent heard them mixtapes cuz we dont get them over here, well we dont were i live.

  39. It is not available in my country either. I have downloaded it from a website. I will try to find the link again for you and post it for you to listen to it:)

  40. Who ever said they were nathan and wrote that B.S that he wasn’t going to marry is not the real nathan mathers, He is to important to waste his time on sites with Nathalie.PS.Bite me

  41. I know that he isn`t the real one, bitch!
    And believe me if he would come to this site he would rather waste his time on me than on an 15-year old dumb ass fan, who wants to marry him.

    p.S: Nate wouldn`t write such fuckin wack lyrics,
    like this fake who wants to be Nathan.

    Peace Nathalie

  42. Hey I saw Nathan and his mom at Cracker Barrel on Friday nite on 13 mile. They seem like really cool people. They sat right beside our table.

  43. Hey I saw Nathan and his mom at Cracker Barrel on Friday nite on 13 mile. They seem like really cool people. They sat right beside our table.

  44. hey i just want to let i know that i think nathan will come to be grate just like his brother but with a twist lol but i dont think im goin to marrie him or anything im not like that i mean i think nathan should be scared because u guys are like ummmm weird and probly not normal cuz ur all like omy god im gona marrie him hes so hot but i dont think hes goin to marriw u maybe hill marrie ummmm lets think here um britney spears shes kinda gay now tho but ya u guys gota get ahold of ur selfs and get a life other then spending the night typing to nathen cuz ur probly not ever goin to meet him and he will probly run away from u if u do so ya

  45. Um you all need too Leave Nathan and Marshall alone they are people and it rele ain’t a big deal too know them JEEZ you treat him like he is god or the present yeah they are hott and yes I LOVE THEM but i got reasons so just calm down damn

  46. nathan has come far,and he had a lot of help from marshall,his step brother…but for all u haters saying that eminem is just jelous of nathan,u have it all wrong…he’s just as happy that nathan has turned out and how he’s gonna b great in his new soon to b career…and i bet u ne thing that eminem wishes and hopes that nathan is gonna do better than he did cause he wants the best for him,and now he’s gonna have that…

  47. nathan has come far,and he had a lot of help from marshall,his step brother…but for all u haters saying that eminem is just jelous of nathan,u have it all wrong…he’s just as happy that nathan has turned out and how he’s gonna b great in his new soon to b career…and i bet u ne thing that eminem wishes and hopes that nathan is gonna do better than he did cause he wants the best for him,and now he’s gonna have that…

  48. You all know what I think…. I think that you should all shut up about what you think they think. When they dont like somthing they’ll obviously say it. So stop with all the bullshit and bickering. To Em- Hey what up? To Nathan: Good luch with your start. I know you’ll make it.
    To the mom: Nice work. You made by far the best rappers in the world.

  49. hey peeps im not gonna front and say i knoe eminem or nate hell i never even met any1 famouse or even like almost famouse but the love i have 4 eminem and his brother is huge i noe alot on eminem and his brother if i had an hour to type on them it would fill a mile of lines lol well yea email me i love to chat

  50. Cool! 😀 Are you going to the one in Germany? If so, is Eminem going to be there? He isnt coming to the UK I aint that fazed though! Of course i would have liked him to come but i luv and respect D12 with or without Eminem? Know what im saying?

  51. No, I’m going to the concert in Paris. I don’t think Eminem will be coming, but I want to support my D12 crew:)

  52. ay evre

    howz life goin
    hay sex toy or wat eva ur name iz ashleigh
    hay people call u smashlee at skool som how ur under my email address

    r u?

  53. Same with me isa! 😀 cant wait! Are you going backstage and where are you sitting/standing?

  54. nathan hates josh because josh uses eminem for his money and everything but eminem cant see that but nate can

  55. Hey, dudes! It`s been a long time since i was here the last time. Waz up all of u?

    @me: Hey, you go to the D12 concert in germany? I`m going too! I will be in Munich. It`s gonna be great! U ve already got tickets?

    See ya, PeAcE, Nathalie

  56. @ Nathalie- Nah im goin to a concert near where i live in the UK! Yup ive already got my tickets! 😀 Have you? where about are you standing/sitting?

  57. No, i haven`t got the tickets yet. But I`m going to buy them tomorrow. There are enough left.
    PeAcE Nathalie

    Where do u stand/sit?

  58. cool! Well the arena im going to is pretty small- I was going to get standing but theres an age restriction so we got the best seats *apparently* at seating {back circle). Peace~

  59. I wrote him but he didn`t write back – its just a waste of time, believe me. And i don`t even think thats his emailadress.
    PeAcE Nathalie

  60. omg!!ur so hott!!i love u and ur big bro, eminem, u guys r probly the hottest ppl i’ve like ever seen!! i love ur bros music 2! hes my favorite singer/rapper.if u ever get this PLEASE e-mail me and tell eminem that i love him 2!!i hope 2 meet u someday and eminem!!!bye!

  61. hey guys im from england but i totally love eminem and nathan both brothers are wanderful and eminem has kinnda helped me through alot of bad times i hope eminem continues to do much more excellent work and i hope nathan does well with his career.

  62. hay smash im fine
    nate iz sooo fine lol
    smashlee u go to our skool what r u talkin about
    lol. far out cant swear the teacher iz right bhind me i know its not like me
    at skool hay lol well cya l8r hay i emailed u now so shut up…….

  63. naha im back
    remember me im gonna go 2 america soon wid my friends beth,amy,hope,brooke,shane,trentand ashleigh

  64. hay bubblez ear

    iz any 1 gonna rite i rit this
    above ages ago

    bye bye.

    hi smashlee

    ps i like thoz rhymez above there sick.

  65. umm you know you said about people being fake and saying they do know nathan and marshall well i actually do.just because he is famous does it mean he isnt allowed to know anyone else

  66. hi, Nate (or who read)!! i am a mad fan of your brother (a pretty girl, my real name is Ioana). i’m from Romania, and i cannot see a eminem live show, and talk with him, or with you. i have just 100 photos with him,
    because all the people like the great Em, but i want to have 1000000!!! my parents hates eminem, because the words like f**k, but i love his music to!! (now my mom is sleeping, so i write to you. please forgive if i made a mistake because i really don’t now english!!!) if i give u my homeadress, do you write my?? so you can give my a autograph of eminem?? (or some photos)

    i have just14 years old, and of course, i like the way you look, but i think is not a solution to tell you this. you are excitable?? if you are, i can’t tell about me great things, who are true!! please answer me, because i am !!

    p.s. if don’t nate read this email, please tell my how i can write to him!! (because i think, eminem have no time to read all, really??)

  67. heyy, eminem is soo freakin hott and i luv nathan he is like almost as hottttt as eminem

    P.s. nathan ~~i ~~ luv ~~ you~~ 🙂

  68. I love Eminem! And i think Nate was hotter when he had the bleached hair going on. This dark thing he has goin’ on now is not so hot. And plus he has like 10 girl friends, what a huge pimp! Ugh! Other than that he’s not as hot as he used to be. Go Em!!!

  69. Hey i love Em and Nate. They are both so hot and i love Em’s music.I think Nathan is gonna do awsome stuff. He is gonna b just as good as his Big Bro. And to Ashley Zettle, how ever the heck you spell your name, you are just jealous cuz u know u aint gonna get with Em or his brother. You might think that u arent gonna marry him but dont tell the rest of us who were gonna marry. Just because u have low self esteem doesnt mean that the rest of us dont have a chance with one of them. They are both really really hot.And girl u dont know who u are talkin to. i dont think ur psycic so dont even say none of us r gonna marry them cuz i’ll marry them if i want to.And to the rest of u haters Em and Nate are better than all of u. Oh and to that he/she that wrote that “rap” up there, ya cant rap worth a **** so dont quit your day job!!! peace out. P.S Nate and Em are the hottest men alive!!!

  70. Hey those gurls are really crazy about him but he is cute but you still shouldn’t say that sh#t about him that’s jus wrong

  71. i like him but i ain’t that crazy bout him i barely know him but he’s cute jus like his older bro Em and Nate if ya read this good luck wit Anthena!luv ya!!and all ya desperate lil’ gurls he’s not availible!!so leave him tha hell alone!!!
    even though he’s cute.Anthena’s a lucky gurl

  72. hey people, i just want to say i am a huge fan on eminem and nate mathers, there music inspires me and i relate to there lyrics, i dont no what to say, i am not gonna leave no freaky comment but ui just wanna say that i love you both and you have my biggest respect olivia

  73. I hope Nathan´s gonna be as great as his brother.I love Eminem´s music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. hey dudes

    im the only 1 who luvs em and respect him the most so u low lifes can poo off and nathans just a little hot eminem woooooohhhhhhhhhhooooooo just jks i luv eminem a real lot i want 2 meet him and eminem’s bro nate i think wil b as good as him well not really lol eminemmmmmmm wooooohhh

  75. I was real bored this evening and found this website, full of the saddest people I’ll ever come across. All this Nathan love is amazingly stupid, have any of you actually heard him rap? And to think he’ll become bigger than his bro…do you think their mum’s a ‘brilliant rapper’ production line? How can any of you losers really be a fan of Nathan. A fan of what? His copycat hairstyle? He clearly doesn’t even look like Marshal, he’s got this fucking ugly arrogance in his eyes, whilst his brother has a meaningful, sorrowful look. THe only lyrics I’ve seen of his are:

    « You laughin’ while your bobbin’ in your seat,
    You turn around, I’ll bust you in your teeth
    You’ll be laughin’ at me,
    While the girls will be playing with my meat,
    Stop while your ahead,
    Take a tylonal and go to bed. »

    These lines are clearly shitty, they don’t show any talent. I’ve seen better lyrics on this site. Fucking losers.

  76. Im from St.Joe and to tell you the truth i have met Nathan and i dont like him,lol i dont think very many people in St.Joe does I heard about him getting whooped when he went to Benton…Funny Stuff well i wish him lucky rapping because he will need it….Email me back,lol tell me how it felt to get whooped at every school you went to and then tell people you would get your brother to kill us…

  77. Those two arnt black so should stop tring to act like it Because it makes them look retarded!

  78. Hey I think u should keep ur commnets to ur self ecsapelaily if u want to f*** them. I know they hate it because I talk them everynight. SO STOP WRIZTING UR FANITESISES ON THIS SITE!!!! AND STOP DISSIN MY FRIEND”S GIRLFRIEND

  79. omg, some retarded people. I dont see the meaning of writing that you want to f** nate and shit like that..its just so stupid. Non of us will ever be together with them and I think a lot of people see Nate like ems little brother.. If ya reallly had hooked up with him in real life (wich wont happend) he probably is different then all of ya picture him 2 be.. PeaCe:)

  80. Allen, maybe you shouldnt make such a statement.. if you really didnt care you woulnt even be on this website first of all..

  81. Just because we are a fan of Nate, doesnt mean that we are losers. So if he aint famous yet? He will be, trust me.. Its like that! And I just think your jalous Hex, if ya hate Nate so much.. Why are you even writing about him and how he`s like..Non of us know how he`s like so we you shouldnt really make a statement about him.. When you dont even know him..PeaCe:)

  82. hey, guys calm down 😉
    I don’t know Nathan but people who have met him don’t think he’s nice.
    Are you sure this dissing is Nathan’s:
    “You laughin’ while your bobbin’ in your seat,
    You turn around, I’ll bust you in your teeth
    You’ll be laughin’ at me,
    While the girls will be playing with my meat,
    Stop while your ahead,
    Take a tylonal and go to bed”?
    Because i’m not american and i could do better than him. 😛
    I can’t see talent in these words, sorry.

    PS: nathan lovers are just freaks

  83. Well, maybe he isnt nice to those people who has meet him.. Doesnt mean he`s not nice to his fans. and im not a freak cuz i like Nathan. Thats my problem, not seems 2 me you are a freak… Like they say, if u dont like a person, dont talk about that person..

  84. I think it’s stupid to like a person just because he’s someone’s famous bro.
    I could like a person only if he’s nice or if he’s good at something.
    We don’t know if he’s really nice and we don’t know if he’ll get better at rapping.

  85. I dont like Nathan, just becuz he is ems brother..that would just be stupid.. those people who do that..cant call theirselfes a fan..but anyway.. I think he can rap.. anywayz..Bye !:)

  86. hi its gem..i thinks its great that nate can follow in em’s foot steps..i wish i could b so lucky..if u was given the chance i know u would take it..i know i would..

    posted by gemma AkA Gemin3m

  87. 6this hase nothing to do wit this little thingy but ill put it n e ways..

    !!GET GRIND!!

    this is crazy,i aint backing down to this
    u can back down b the pussie u is
    apsolutly the opisit of me,who the fuck u think mde me
    im on stage to be,a killa like off a thriller,ill kill ya,
    with a fine bullet,nine milla,meter hotter then an oven heater
    best b scared of me..Get GRIND

    ima get the little cunt, kik the shit outa him
    shoot him in the head, mother fucka wont know wot hit him
    he think’s he’s,hard only compared to dan
    he see’s some a man n then he turned n ran
    scared of big boy’s even tho they wont hit him
    fucking little pussie,
    ill never b finished wit him
    this shit here is going for life
    ,wont even give him half the slice
    piture me as the cake,
    he wonts a peace he can try n take
    stupid little fucking fuckers a fake,ima get the little prick
    frow him in a ditch(ahhhhh)little fucking snitch,
    ur a little boy,n ur scared of me,ill make u run away
    u’ll pray n pray to god,i dont slorter u
    get u alon in a abattoir,dont have to say ur name in this song

    this is crazy,i aint backing down to this
    u can back down b the pussie u is
    apsolutly the opisit of me,who the fuck u think mde me
    im on stage to be,a killa like off a thriller,ill kill ya,
    with a fine bullet,nine milla,meter hotter then an oven heater
    best b scared of me..Get GRIND

    u no who u r,u were born, rong,ur a fucking moron
    every1 wonts to ditch u all the time
    stupid little prick,they don wont to listen the u wine
    dont even try to waste my time,they wont to listen to me ryme,
    u wont to b in the lime
    light,sho u i might
    torture u,or sho u respect
    im not playing nobe,im slicing ur neck
    sho u wot i reck-ON
    showing u the game its
    played by only the greats
    i got m8’s that’ll kill
    they wont fuck u up but i will
    u can put me on trial
    ill stand there n smile
    im 14 ur hedding for a coffin
    this is a corshin
    im givving u time to appolagise
    or ur death will b organised
    ur b burnt alive
    stay trumatised
    from being paralised
    ur remeber this all the time
    it’al stay on ur mind
    muther fucker get grind get grind

    this is crazy,i aint backing down to this
    u can back down b the pussie u is
    apsolutly the opisit of me,appolagise prick,then we’ll b finished wit it
    im on stage to be,a killa like off a thriller,ill kill ya,
    with a fine bullet,nine milla,meter hotter then an oven heater
    it’ll just go deeper,im the grim repper
    ur times up,get grinded up,fuck u up….u discused deth is taking place watch ur back fo fuck mind state is also the case…fans embras !me!…

    This is not a diss to nate or eminem this is to some punk the dissed my uncle (R.I.P)

  88. if thats the real nathan,u aint impresive,ur wasting my time by writing this message,if ur really ems bro,then wats wrong wit yo?,u should hve better rym’s,then Nathalie fo!,im trying to get a rec deal wit shady records,but i aint tryed yet,u get it esy,cuz ur marshal family,but im 14, still got years to come,unless i get killed b4 twenty-one,its amaising how much gosip u get,wen u here som1 new might b a threat

    not gd but i try…u obviusly didnt (oh n Nathalie i wasnt trying to sy urs ws shit i meant it was gd)

  89. Omg, if Nate isnt impresive 2 you..then what are you doing on this site? Get the hell out of here,cuz nobody wants you here anyway.. I like his rap.. He is just 19 years old. he cant be the best rapper on earth for gods sake. Damnt it, people like you really pisses me of… Go Nate 🙂 PeaCe:)

  90. Dear Nate and Em
    nate i am so happy that you are engaged. that is so cool. Em i am a big fan and all i have all of your CDs and i can’t wait for nate to become a Rapper too.


  91. i am a big fan of em, but i hate ruining his life as a fan, cuz he has his privecy, and i dnt like saying bullshit about him or hs family, i hate people who diss him and creat fuckin rumors about him!!!! about nathen i say he is cute and i wish him luck in his career

  92. Yeah, I agree with you zozo.. Like he wouldnt like a bunch of people (i tink) to ask about his autograph.. I think he would either like them to come up and say thnx for your music.. PeaCe:)

  93. hey i have always respected Eminem even tho my family dont like him i mean hes a great singer and his bro will prolly get as famious as Eminem but i mean Eminem is the best rapper i kno. and if any gurl thinks that hes not then bitch u better watch ur back!
    Eminem’s baby gurl

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