D12 World album review

Guess who’s back ? D12 is back with a brand new album. An album that differs from « Devil’s Night » and that may surprise some D12 fans.
Of course, it is still offensive, thug styled with the well known Detroit underground flavor, but there is less « beef » inside than in the former album.
The most amazing tracks of the album are certainly « Git Up », « 40 Oz », « 6 In The Morning », « American Psycho II » and « Good Die Young ».
The album may surprise you, but it won’t disappoint you . « D12 World » is supposed to be the second part of « Devil’s Night ».

« In D12 World anything can happen at any time, » Kuniva says. « Devil’s Night was just an introduction, now it’s time for us to really go crazy. »

« My Band », which is the most different track of the album and it has lead to a lot of misunderstanding since the release of the video. How many times have I heard that « D12 has gone pop now » ? How many times have I read on different websites that Eminem’s only wish was to dominate his crew and to appear as the only leader ?
If you actually think like that, you are very far from the truth.
In fact, what Eminem wants to point out the fact that he offen appears in the light of the media that give him total attention to the expense of the 5 other talented MCs of the D12 group. Many people still confuse D12 with a band like the Backstreet Boys.
In fact, the D12 offer an intelligent parody of the boy groups. Within the D12 group, there is no leadership. D12 is a story of friendship and loyalty :

« Although Eminem is the most prominent member of the crew, on this album the rest of D12 steps up and displays their skills. On D12 World , you can clearly hear we’re all dope MCs. » (Bizarre)

6 emcees of D12 love and respect each other. Each of them has a unique talent to show to his public and each talent is exposed in the album.
You will be impressed by each of them, because they put a lot of work and energy into the album.
Listeners will enjoy Bizarre’s wicked and ill style, for sure.
If you have appreciated « American Psycho Part I », you will certainly enjoy « American Psycho Part II », featuring B. Real from Cypress Hill, who increases the wicked and scary atmosphere of the song .
Although my preference goes to « Devil’s Night », « D12 World » is really worth listening to.






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