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Debbie Mathers' recent reconciliation attempt with Marshall

A mom is making desperate attempts to reconcile with her son. She is dying of breast cancer. A dramatic situation. This woman happens to be Eminem’s mom.

In a recent article from The Mirror, she claims:

I am dying of cancer but my son Eminem won’t pay to save me

Debbie loses weight every day. She faces banktrupcy over the medical fees for her cancer treatment. Moreover, she is heartbroken because her son Marshall remains angry with her.

Is Marshall a monster for leaving his mom alone in such dramatic situation? Certainly not.

Marshall is an abused child who is still hurt by what his mom did to him when he was a kid. Of course, he has exorcised most of the demons from his past in songs like Cleaning Out My Closet, but deep inside he must still feel wounded. Many kids wouldn’t have overcome such circumstances. Luckily, Marshall did.

Some of his detractors often argue that Debbie is treated badly by her son Marshall because he’s a blatent mysogynist- which is untrue.

Debbie always wants to appear a a perfect mom in front of the media. Each time I have seen her on TV, her language clearly showed how much she wanted to prove which kind of good and overprotective mom she was towards her first son. The trouble is, many facts dement her statements as well as many people such as Kim and her former husbands and boyfriends witness the contrary.

So many people who used to live with Debbie or who knew her personally can testify how sick her behavior was. Also, which mom would dare suing her own son for a total amount of 12 million dollars and then claim she never intented to sue him, that it was Kim’s fault?

I never intended to sue my son. The lawsuit was my attempt to hold on to my home. I’d given Marshall my trailer to rent when I moved back to Missouri. But Kim fell behind with the payments. I figured I had to sell it to pay the debt, but she wouldn’t let me. She threatened me with a lawyer, so I consulted one myself. Then the whole thing just escalated. The first thing I knew, I swear, was when Marshall rang me and said, ‘Mom, why are you suing me for $10 million?’ I nearly fell over. It was ludicrous. Then word got out and the world saw me as an evil bitch from hell. What mother sues her own son? I was cursed in public, spat at in shopping malls.

Debbie always expected Marshall to apologize. Did I understand well? Yes, Debbie wants Marshall to apologize. For abusing him? For denouncing true facts about Debbie in his lyrics?

Maybe this is precisely where the problem lies: Debbie doesn’t want to admit her fault which is exactly what hurts Marshall so much and maybe the main reason why he doesn’t manage to forgive her:

See what hurts me the most is you won’t admit you was wrong… (Eminem, Cleaning Out My Closet)

Many Eminem fans may think that Eminem doesn’t talk to his mom any more, but it is untrue. No matter how bad their relationship may be, they are both still in touch.

Debbie feels the urge to reconcile with Marshall, she is very conscious that her life may end soon. Despite all that happened between mom and son, Marshall needs to realize the emergency of the situation: his mom may die soon and it is always horrible to cope with the death of relatives without any sign of forgiveness. But Debbie, just one question: Why don’t you admit you were wrong with your son?

If you were honest enough to admit your mistakes, you’d recover the son you pretend to love so much.

74 thoughts on “Debbie Mathers' recent reconciliation attempt with Marshall”


  2. Debbie Mathers is a bad person, she got a bad life. why Marshall is the guilty??? just he give a little of her medicine. and the lyrics of Marshall tell everything, he talk to the truth.

  3. LOL at anyone defending Eminem’s actions for being a selfish FUCK.
    It will be interesting to see who lives longer. My $$$$ is on his old lady.

  4. I believe Eminem is completely justified in his anger towards his mother and the way he was treated. Fortunately he has been able to overcome his anger and hardships. Eminem is proof and encouragement to anyone out there going through something similar.
    It’s hard (for me) to imagine any mother acting this way. She still doesn’t listen to him after all this time. People all over the world listen and understand … but she doesn’t seem to comprehend. Or maybe she’s just afraid to admit it.

  5. u dont like how the man act then leave him alone. wut he does s his personal choice aint it? leave him the fuck alone muther fuckin haters. if there s that much evidence then its gotta be true that his mom s an abusin evil bitch aint it? ron if ur bettin ur $$$$ (sure hope its ur money not ur fuckin dick LOL) then ur $$$$ s as gud as rotten. if she really hav cancer n s fuckin broke she s not gunna last long.
    btw its not defendin. Eminem didnt do anythin wrong. Ask urself wut u d do if ur him fuckers.
    Fuckin haters.

  6. Dude eminem fuckin roxx.

    But i do think he should at least see his mom before she dies.

    Much love from the 313

  7. he’s over his anger???? get a fucking grip the guy is warped and needs to move on

  8. Debbie should admit that she was wrong all parents make mistakes it’s accepting and admitting that fact that helps your children forgive you. The one I really feel for is Hallie, even if she was a horrible mother every child deserves a relationship with their grandma. To bad they can’t put the past behind them if for no reason than that little girl. I love EM but I think he will be hurt a lot more down the road if his mother dies and they didn’t make peace. It’s so sad:(

  9. WHATEVER!! Eminem is a fuck’in NIGER LOVER!!! so sad.. he not realize he is white?? Then all you ding dongs lov’in his nigger music.. dang!! you all want to be niggers?? .. oh well thank god it ain’t all that popular lol Nor will it ever be!!!!

  10. to john
    i,m 52 and i think m is great.
    it’s people like you for the reason for all the hate in the world.
    your f’d up in the head
    we’re in the year 2009
    get w/ it

  11. Whatever ur mom do to you, dont put it in public, the public dont have to know ur private story with ur mother, she deserves some respect, she’ ur mom after all. she hold u for 9 months and this what she recolt, it doenst make sense. God can judge him very bad, in the bible says Honor ur mom.

  12. Hey John watch your moth you little igneriant little bastard. From what you wrote you must be white. Fuck you and ten like you prick

  13. Ya it might say Honor your Mother. But it’s the same for her too, which she has done nothing but bad things to him alll of his life

  14. John your just a white trash hillbilly fuck, whos mouth needs to be washed out. Learn some manners you prick face. Just cause you fuck your Mother doesnt mean Em will fag.

  15. Hey this is to John. For real what is your problem.? If you would notice people like you are the reason we have these hate crimes and killings. GROW UP!!! And by the way i think em is great and his mom should admite she was wrong.

  16. To John – It’s ignorant ass white people like you that give intelligent white people like myself a harder way to go. Get out a dictionary and look up the word nigger, I’m sure you’d find a very good description of yourself! After you’re done with that, dig yourself out of that deep, dark hole you seem to be buried in and you may discover that Eminem’s music is actually very popular. In fact, he’s one of the top paid rap artists of today.

    To Meme – I agree that you shouldn’t “air your dirty laundry” to the public. But I have to disagree with you saying he should respect her because she’s his mom. Respect is earned, no matter who you are. Just because a woman gives birth doesn’t mean she’s entitled. As a mother myself, I feel confident that my children will respect me because I respect them, and show them love and affection – not just because I gave birth to them.

    I’m getting off my soapbox now!

  17. To John I am an African-American and i find your comments very offensive.Its people like you is why the United states is all fucked up.I bet your parents and fore parents were all racists and thats why you feel the way you do about blacks.I think EM is a very talented rapper and if you listen to some of the lyrics maybe you would learn something in that little thing you call a brian inside your head.I think he had a gift and he used it wisely to get out is anger and make some scrilla while doing it.Why are you even on this blog asshole.

  18. To John: Fuck you, Asshole! Em’ is an awesome rapper. I feel bad for your mother that birthed you. You’re the reason dis world is fucked up. And to say that his music is not popular is your opinion which to all of us is fuckin worthless and meaningless, pull your dick out of your mom and open your fuckin eyes you worthless racist piece of shit.

  19. Hey how come you people don’t know how to spell lol

    Anyways, I agree that things shouldnt be out in public when it comes to family. My own mother has put me on blast, and its kind of the reverse from ems situation. I have reservations about my mom but I still love her more than anything. The entertainment industry is really tough and it can really seperate families, so as a society we should really come together and pray for people with problems such as these.

    For the person that stated that white people are crazy …GROW UP!!!!

  20. hey jon you lil dirtbag how the fuck you gonna come on here talking nigger shit you must be one of those internet toughguys that probably got raped by a black guy in prison now your sitting here haten the world !
    your mom shoulda swallowed you instead of having you .


  21. You never know what you got till it is gone. The best thing they both can do is let it go now before they regret the rest of their lives for not.

    What ever is done is done! What ever will be will be!

    Love is like a dew drop like a turd is to a rose petal!

    Let it go!

    EM ROX!

  22. What the hell is wrong with some of you! John..are you living under a fucking rock? You have got to be fucking hiding somewhere to still be alive in this society! Do you not realize the meaning of “equal” didnt you learn about this in school that being equal was something decided a long time ago. How is your ass not fckn kicked everyday!? And your nigger statement…You are fckn warped! You obviosly have some major insecurities yourself! It is def people like you who make society the way it is today…Totally fucked up! You need a reality check asshole!
    As for em having to repect his mother and forgive…Hes lucky hes gotten as far as he has with the way she fckd up his life! I give him props! Why should he forgive when she wont even admit she was wrong?! If she sincerely meant that she wanted to reconcile with him she would own up to the fact she was wrong!

  23. diss’en..You are so right! That shit is so true..and that fckr needs to fckn burn! He obviously can only dish it out on the internet..cuz hes a fckn douche bag little baby girl!

  24. its not that easy for him to just let it go, she still hasn’t said “im sorry, i was wrong, i was a awful mother” she still acts like she didnt do anything wrong. My mom is like that but not near as bad as her.

    put yourself in his shoes and think about what all she has done to him… how can he even look at her? i dont know?

    God be with him, he’s is a good person, and has deserved better.

    love ya marshall, 🙂

  25. John you were just killed on here!!!! think twice before you try to ever diss Eminem again!!!!

  26. meme

    clearly you come from a carefree little life and dont know any thing….
    just because you mom gives birth to you does not title her to any respect what gives her respect is being a mother….
    Debbie was not.

  27. Ladies and Gentleman,

    Jon made that comment and probably never came back to this site. Why would a guy like that(with those feelings) even care to hear the responses to his nonsensical comments. Evidently, this guy can’t spell worth a shit and actually referred to Em as a “Niger lover.” WTF is that? Is this a person who loves the citizens of Nigeria? If so, Jon may be quite loving and open to diversity.

  28. After sitting here reading through the article and reading through each and every comment, I have taken it into consideration that you are all illiterate and do not know how to spell and or write a lick of English. I feel sorry for each and every one of you who had not paid attention in High School, you know – that place where you go to learn when your a teenager?

    First of all it is not for me to judge weather or not Eminem should visit his mother during her time of need. For all we know he may have already visited her and this whole blog would be retarded to continue on.

    Secondly, about the racist comments -You do all understand fully where you live is that correct? This is called AMERICA. Another thing you may have learned, had you shown up to class in High School. This is considered the “Land Of The Free,” where you can talk your mind and have freedom of speech. You must not fully understand Eminem’s concept or idea, given the fact that he often practices the “Freedom Of Speech,” method. If Eminem can sit here and talk about raping his mother, someone can sit here and say the word “nigger.” It’s not like you don’t say it to your “peeps,” every day anyway. Look, I’m not racist in the least, I have plenty of friends of all colors. But realize this, the more you talk -the more stupid you are sounding by defending a raper who talks more shit than what some guy in a forum says. Get a grip. Get your GED. Kudos to AG, I won’t be back so talk all you like.

  29. As a 69 year old mother and grandmother it is very sad in america to read such filth.Is this what is being taught in american school?I losted a sister cancer it is a horrible diease.I took care of my sister the last two weeks of her life.I saw her take her last breath.For the young man with so much hatered please pray to god he is all you have.My best friend in california is dying of cancer.She is much younger than i am.Her husband was a fireman ,they both smoked heavy,he has had a triple by pass.There two grown kids are the cause of their sickness.By the way there kids do not work.Let me tell you this is a white family.It is a very sad story.

  30. Enimen please do not let your mom leave this earth without forgiving her and being with her. God said honor thy mother and thy father and thy days will be longer. God does not say what type of parent to honor he said honor them no matter what. Now you have a child and you do not want anything to come between the two of you. Please do not think it will never happen because it may. You still have a chance to be with her. Now she will have to ask for forgiveness for what ever has done let her answer to that you just do the correct thing.

  31. WOW… society can be so messed up, and it kills people, anybody, everybody. i feel publicity has hurt all of your lives (Em’s Family)and made things even worse, I don’t know any of the stories but i do know that there is two sides to a story, and im not taking side but Honestly pimp, just do what you have to do for just a little while and be by your moms side right now. i think she would love to have you there, even if your not getting along. you can probably buy anything you want but remember you cant buy back wasted time or change the past which a lot of us wish we could, i hope you do whats best in your heart. god bless. one love!

  32. Eminem is good lyricist and rapper. but I think he bitches and complains too fucken much!! im not sure what his newest album consist of but ALL his old shyt is all him talking shyt bout his mom, his baby mama, and all the pop artists!! hes a cry baby ass bitch! who looks tweaked the fuck out! I hope he can open his eyes and see he looks like a keleton!! ill break that foo in half!!! like i said i dont completely hat on eminem I like some of his stuff but i cant stand when he talks shyt bout all those pop artists! he should rap about real shyt that he can look back on ten years from no and still be good.. and anyone that says Emiinem “ROXX” or “Rocks” are definitly white just like him!! he rocks lol…

    and to “GH” who saying that everyone on here is illiterate, well look here you stupid bitch not everone on here cares enough to be so punctual we just type away so it could be a typo you dumb fuck i cant stand when ppl come on line to try and prove that they are smarter than others if you want to teach ppl so bad then your ass should have been a proffessor at harvord dumb bitch!!! we dont care enough to try and prove that were smarter were just trying to get our point. across. HOE!! and who gives a fuck if i didnt use the proper punctuation this aint an english exam!trick!


  34. first of all GH, “weather” should be “whether.” so obviously your writing skills aren’t perfect either. also, this is a BLOG, on the INTERNET, no one expects you to have perfect grammar. stop being so judgmental.

    second of all, to the guy that called eminem a “nigger lover,” i mean come on, it’s 2009. where have you been? you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but i definitely think that you need to open your mind up to the world around to. that also goes to the person who said “white people are crazy.” you’re no better than he is.

    as for the whole eminem thing, yes, he needs to reconcile with his mom while he has the chance, but for that to happen she needs to own up for her responsibilities and admit what she did wrong. she obviously hurt him, and if she truly wants to make-up, she should be able to apologize. i hope they can both do the right thing for their family’s sake. i personally have always loved eminem’s music, and i think he’s great. however i respect your opinion if you think otherwise. most of the things he says are very judgmental, as well as controversial. he wants to get reactions out of people and it’s just not for everyone.

    that’s just my opinion. you can all think or say whatever you want; that’s why we have freedom of speech. i hope i didn’t offend any of you!

  35. Ayo Britt, yur blog wuz tha best one on herre.
    yuu ain’t judge anyone n ya grammar wuz pretty perfect lol
    Anywayz, I’m acually really good in English but Like ya sed
    It’s a blog n I hav a different language wen it come ta typin.
    I agree wit pretty muchh errythang ya sed.

    My momz wuz killed 6 yearz ago so I kno wut it feel like ta lose one Em,
    Dawg I undastand wher ya comin from cuz my grandmomma wuz tha same
    way back in tha day. I prolly wulda ended up doin exactly wut yuu hav done, but she went ta rehab n acualy admited she wuz rong for wut she has done. So I hav fagiven her. I’m talen yuu sonn yuu don’t wunna lose ya momz knowin yuu guyz were still fightin. Well das jus wut i thank, I mean maybe thangz are different for yuu. But if eva need anyone ta talk too about shit like dis, I’m here dawg.

    One more thang, John I’m white. But I hav a mixed brutha who meanz more ta me den anythang in dis entire World. So wen people are still stuck in tha past wit all tha racism it get on my nervez bcuz I kno as long as all tha racism is still goin on He won’t be as equally accepted like he deserve;
    So jus thank about dat dawg. and thank about if yuu were in tha same situation, we don’t get ta pick who we are born as, and how rich of a family we are born into, or wut race and religion we are born into. So John jus thank abt if yuu were a different race, wuldn’t yuu wunna be treated wit equal respect and hav tha same oppurtunities as otherz?. I know I do.

  36. I think he shouldn’t forgive her that way when she dies we will get at least one more great song…

  37. Eminem and his mother needs to ask Jesus into their hearts and learn to forgive one another.

  38. Sues him for $12 million dollars, then in an interview says My son won’t PAY to save me. Please, all she wants is his money, who can blame him for feeling the way he does?

  39. Eminem is the man best lyrics since biggie and as influencial in the public eye as 2 pac. As for family none of us can say shit, K. West said it best “it’s family business” as for this jon guy dont sweat it yall that cat aint shit, people that think like that are shady not like slim. Get right with God son.


  40. What the hell? Accept whatever because she is your mother? And all the white/black smack? Get over yourself.

  41. Here I am… 45 yrs old and commenting on Slim Shady or whadever it is these days you all call him …i gotta tell ya…the man’s got it goin’ on… I LUV his beat, gets me hopped up. I’Keep it up..but be gone with the personal crap. Keep on keepin’ on and just make music. God gave u a gift…use it!

  42. Niggers are the missing link – half human – half ape. You can see the likeness.

  43. Just listen to all of you, the majority of you are ignorant and it shows in the grammar, profanity, tone and spelling of your writings. So what if she was a terrible person, he should be the bigger person and put it behind him in light of the situation. I’m not condoning what she did, said or even the way she acts. In all honesty she should apologize but at this point she’s dying and she should at least have the opportunity to reconcile even if a sorry never comes. Enough of all the racist remarks! All of you idiots out there spreading hate and hard feelings are no better the the idiots that can’t spell or write, a rapist, drug dealer or a thug or the street. The rest of you need to get an education, spell check and a likely a job and stop whining about things that don’t matter and try worrying about your own lives.

  44. Patrick, how are yuu gonna sit herre n tale us ta stop whining? Nigga, yuu whining about us whining. Come on dawg, das pitiful. I thank yuu tha one dat needz ta worry about yur own life instead of gettin on blogs and criticizin otha people for dere spellin and junk. Oh and for ya infomation my vocab is great, I jus choose naght ta use it on here bcuz I don’t hav too. It’s naght like it’s a fuckin exam, so let people do dey thang n stop worryin about tha spellin.
    Even though I don’t agre wit ya on all of dat, I do agree witcha on tha racism. It’s killin our country, but errybuddy do hav a freedom of speech so I’m not gonna tale dem ta stop tha racist commentz. Dey jus need ta thank about wut dey type, b4 dey type it.

  45. Dear Patrick, fuck you.
    By the way, you spelled “the” twice in your atempt to bitch at people about thier bad grammar. Why don’t you fucking use a spell check before you bitch at others for not using one. Fucking hypocrite. There, was my grammar good enough for your oh-so perfect standards?

  46. Oh sorry Glavin, i forgot to comment on ur blog i so busy telling Patrick to STFU. lol. I agree with a lot of your views and i think you’re right. A lot of people are very one sided. either all his mom or all him. thier both wrong and right in thier own ways, and em has everyright to never speak to her again. But, i do have some sympothy for his mom considering she dying and her son wont speak to her or pay for her treatment, but then, thinking back to what she did to him as a kid, its like wait… Em is still really hurt and if she really wanted to reconsile so bad, she should admit shes wrong, like you said. Thsnks for telling you whole story :]

  47. well, thanks mamba.(:

    some of the things people say just amuse me. i just think that when someone comes on here and calls everyone else idiots, and judges them so harshly and wrongfully without even knowing who they are, and then just says the stupidest stuff… well…i think that shows true idiocy. you guys shouldn’t even let it offend you. people who treat you like that don’t matter. so just move on and don’t even worry about it–you’re already better than them anyway.(:

  48. PATRICK!! FUCK OFF!!! WITH ”UR” BULLSHYT! dumn ass prick licker!! wtf you stupid ass asshole are you Fucken Websters dictionary??? I dont fucken think so! people dont need to be so precise.. go suck your own dick bastard! hahahah lmfao..

  49. what the hell is wrong with you people this isnt your problem let em make his own choices and whats with the hatred against him he is not a nigger lover just because he raps well and if you ignorant assholes havent noticed (aka john, tony white power) it doesnt matter what you say black people will still be every which way you look so you cant stop them and just get a goddamn life

  50. patrick you are as bad as the rest of them you cant tell people what to do, say, or live they speak how they want to and whatever the fuck you do aint gonna change that muthafucka so get back on your knees and suck like the bitch you are

  51. Why is all of this going on? The blog is about Eminem ans his mothers problems, not rascism or spelling! If you don’t really have anything to say about that, why don’t you write your own blogs and then you can say what you want!
    All of you have valid points, but it’s not meant for this page!
    Gavin, I like the way you think, brilliant writing! There’s 2 people in the relationship, not just Eminem, she also needs to do something about fixing her past mistakes!

  52. Uummm….fuck you who posted ” Eminem is a whiny little bitch” your obviously here whining about what that patrick guy said! I’d like to see your ass go through what Eminem did and become one of the greatest entertainers ever! Bitch, you probably work at Mcdonalds.

  53. Hey Guys This Blog is About Eminem, If You don’t like him then please, for everyones sake, don’t look his name up on google! I think eminem has a right to be resentful toward his mother don’t you! I mean that poor man has been through so much and random bloggers blog about how he is “whiney” and such. Its unfair to him, lets not criticizes until we’ve been in his place with his feelings and see how we deal with it. We would all crumble, luckily marshall didn’t and we have his jams to bob our heads to. He is really an unbelievable rapper and not only that but one of the strongest people i have seen in a while. It takes strength to be Marshall Mathers and live with the fact that he s a white rapper everyone! its not important what race he is, you cant see his skin color through your speakers now can you?! If Marshall M. Happens to stumble upon this, i want to say that i respect you with all of my being, keep writing music for me to blast through my computer, ill be the first to race to the store and buy your album.

  54. Yo, Patrick FUCK YOU!

    Eminem doesnt have to be the fucking bigger person! His fuckin mom should just fucking apologize if she wants to keep on living! If she can’t even apologize for her own goddamn life, then i dont really think Marshal should help her…its not that hard just to say shes fucking sorry…god dammit Patrick go fuck yourself!

  55. haha you know, why are you defending her? she treated him poor….i’ve had a mother no were near as bad as her, but after even remotely hearing what she did to him, its like from the author of a child called it, he should not even bother with her if he doesn’t want to. while it may not be the right thing, people need to understand that they messed up, and if it takes her dying for her to get that, well then she should. just saying, its not right for him to have to save her, if she never did anything for him. why is she special? what about the others in the world who havn’t done anything? they’re dying from various health problems, if shady doesn’t want to help her, he doesn’t have to, are any of you sending out millions for charity? i didn’t think so. he has a right to do as he pleases. its not his fault he made a lot of money, why should he have to give up what he made just because she was a drug addict and couldn’t get her life straightened out?

  56. I still don’t know half of what his mom did to him, but i don’t believe it was as bad as he said it was in his songs. In the rap world, you don’t get famous and sell records by being a good person. I believe than Marshall is a good person, but he probably writes a lot of stuff just to sell records. I’m not saying his mother was great, because she must’ve been really bad for him t write stuff like that. But i don’t fully believe it was as bad as he said it was. All I’m trying to say is, he needs to talk to his mom, they both need to clear the air, and she needs to admit she was wrong.

  57. I agree with lepricon. A lot of times when you hear about him, nobody mentions all the good he’s done. All you hear is negativity

  58. Erm.. y u all up here dissing eminem if you dont listern to the lyrics inhis songs his mother hurt him! then sed it was his fault now thts not mother love is ermm NO… i love eminem he is a lyric genius and if ur nit hes real fans then get gone! ahbyebye

  59. omg eminem fan your so right i love you!!!! also mama whats your face why so you have to be so stero typical black person???? you make the rest of us look bad damn bitch fuck off patrick go ahead hate whatever your choice bitch!!!

  60. Ok so Partick, you’re telling us that even if YOU were abused as a child and YOU were affected by Munchausen Syndrome, you would forgive your Mom even though she refuses to admit that what she did was messed up? Please, cut the crap and stop pretending that you’re better than the people here because I can see through your “I’m soooo clever” bullshit. I strongly believe that you have the intelligence of a trogolodyte because your reasoning makes no sense to me or ANYONE posting on this site.

    “The rest of you need to get an education, spell check and a likely a job and stop whining about things that don’t matter and try worrying about your own lives.”

    Clearly you need to stop worrying about other’s educations because your English isn’t that great either. Erm, WE should stop whining and worry about our own lives? You’re such a hypocrite! That is EXACTLY what you’re doing! Maybe you should walk 1000 miles in his shoes, then come back and tell us that you’d forgive your Mom if she did that to you. Just go do some research on what went down with Eminem and his Mom, then come back and apologize.

    I suggest you remove all your comments on here before more people read them and laugh at you. Your unintelligence is not needed here.

  61. Patrick your a Proper dickhead you are who are you 2 judge on grammar? well i agree with part of galvin’s views after all abuse in marshalls life i understand if it is hard for him to forgive his mother, but that btich needs to admit she is bloddy wrong and maybe marshall will talk to her for once

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