Beastie Boys Accidentally Dis Eminem, Fear The Consequences

Friday May 07, 2004 @ 01:00 PM
By: Staff

Beastie Boys

It’s clear that almost anything can set Eminem’s short fuse ablaze and cause the rapper to retaliate in his music. Once reserved for serious feuds in underground hip-hop, Slim Shady has carried the tradition of on-record dissing with him into the pop world, leaving artists (most of whom can’t rhyme their reply) confused by severe insults hurled their way over petty squabbles or small misunderstandings with the rapper. To date, so many high-profile artists and celebrities have been dissed by Em that they could get together and record a “We Are The World”-style benefit song for themselves. Over the last five years Moby, Christina Aguilera, Jermaine Dupri, *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick, Everlast, Britney Spears, Benzino, Pet Shop Boys, Canibus, Limp Bizkit, Dilated Peoples, Pamela Lee (twice), P. Diddy, Insane Clown Posse, Norah Jones, Ja Rule and Christopher Reeve (three times) have all found themselves on Eminem’s lyrical shit list.

So as Shady nears the end of the recording process of his fourth LP, one has to wonder — who will he dis next? The Olsen Twins? Big Boi from Outkast? Christopher Reeve, just for something new? For those placing bets with their friends, Chart may be able to give you a hot tip on three potential candidates for Eminem’s next dis campaign: the Beastie Boys.

We caught up with Beastie Boys last week in New York City. The night before, they appeared on MTV premiering a clip of their ridiculous new video for “Ch-Check It Out,” the first single from their long-anticipated sixth album To The 5 Boroughs, set for release in mid-June. Later that night, Eminem and his band D12 also performed. Somewhere during the evening, Em stopped by the Beastie Boys’ dressing room to show respect to the white rappers who paved the way for him. There was a mix-up, which, for the Beastie Boys, could turn out to be deadly.

“It was actually funny, ‘cause there was a little misunderstanding when he came to the dressing room,” explains the group’s MCA (a.k.a. Adam Yauch). “Because we’d been joking around, saying that we should have called our album Still Doin’ It, Huh? and we kept on saying that. And so, when Eminem came into our dressing room, he was like, ‘Yo, what’s up, just wanted to say what’s up to everybody‚’ and we shook his hand and stuff. And then he said to us, like, ‘Still doin’ it, man, still doin’ it.’ And we all just burst out laughing. He kind of looked puzzled and walked out.”

“Nah, I don’t think he… it wasn’t that big of a deal,” says Mike D (a.k.a. Mike Diamond).

“I wonder if he told his group,” MCA ponders.

“He must have a sense of humour…” Diamond speculates.

Marshall, if you’re reading this, before you go record an album’s worth of anti-Beastie Boys songs, please know that it was just a misunderstanding. Nothing more. Beastie Boys respect you. Really.

Says Mike D, “He definitely has his own way — the way he switches his flows up. Very versatile MC.”






3 responses to “Beastie Boys Accidentally Dis Eminem, Fear The Consequences”

  1. Jessie avatar

    I reckon eminem is the best, although he’s insulted the olsen twins now i will get over it.

  2. EmInEmLuVa avatar

    I agree. Eminem is the best rapper in the world!

  3. yu avatar

    em’s the best rapper? i agree on that point, but i
    know the beasties have been creating for all the followers like em.