Silly Sound (freestyle, by me)

Lonely in the crowd, man you’d better applaud
The silly sound of the words I created, words I found
Words that will put you on the damn ground

Words that hammer, better let them stammer
Like rules of grammar
Inside of my brain, keep me prisoner of a chain
Punching rhymes
Words you could confuse with thousand birds
Results of my stress and my huge madness
I’m sick, sicker and nobody could be more nameless
Stop saying “God bless” in your sarcastic mess
Hide you huge pride, there’s no ticket to ride
Each detonation is my inspiration
Stop being such a piece of trash
You’re the one I’d like to smash
I’m dizzy like D12’s Bizzy
You’d better leave me alone
I’m crazy in my insanity
Man don’t bother me I’m too busy
In my rotten universe I do curse
I’m getting from bad to worse
From verse to verse
My mind is perverse, my behavior is reversed
Guess why so much mess, there is too much stress
In my madness which increases my badness, my sadness and my addictedness
Really silly inside of my brain, there’s a huge complain,
Follow me and sing what is supposed to entertain, my silly refrain!






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  1. Brett avatar

    It’s good. Thanks.