The video and pictures of Nick Berg

Andrew Sullivan has been getting a bit livid lately. Here he is yesterday:

Here they are – absolutely horrifying beyond belief. My heart goes out to his family. We will now see what the mainstream media is made of. You think we will see “slideshows” of this?

I can see why he is indignant, it seems strange that the media won’t show the pictures or video, due to audience ‘sensitivity’. And yet the crimes against Iraqi prisoners, while not as horrific, are show more or less unedited.

The full video is making the rounds on Kazaa, Sullivan links to an edited version. I am linking to the full version of the video, and warning people of the obvious graphic nature of it.

This is not about sensationalising, merely about allowing people to decide for themselves. If you do want to see it, click the links, if you do not, don’t.

For my part I watched it once and will not do so again.

The full video (WMV) of Nick Berg

The pictures

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  1. I don’t think there’s any reason why anyone outside of intelligence or the media should see this tape, the contents add nothing to the statement “An American was beheaded”. No further details can be garnered through watching this.

    I urge you not to click on the link, pass on this link, and I urge Gavin to remove it.

    Like your blog, mate, but this is beyond the pale.

  2. As a US citizen, I’m so sick of this crap. I don’t see why the damn US officials can’t get their heads out of their asses, look past the protocol, and get serious. We’re so busy kissing the Iraqi’s asses that we can’t see whats right infront our faces. Letting the al Queda behead someone and then let it be availible to anyone? It’s absolutely ludicrous. I am a 15 year old girl and I think I could make more of a damned impact over there the Bushy-boy. We need to regulate a little bit more, maybe without pissing on them….it may be nice, and take control. We can’t let them push us around. They’re not exactly being friendly with us, so why let them bend us over and kick us in the ass? It’s time we got down to business…it’s time Bush ‘n Rumsfield took a step back and looked at things a little bit closer.
    PLUS : Why the hell do we have to pay $2.20 for gasoline when WE’RE LOADED WITH MISSILES AND TANKS IN A COUNTRY WITH LOADS OF GASOLINE!?

  3. This is bull $hit there is no reason for this to be going on. we are the strongest nation in the world and yet we let politics and self image get in the way of giving out justice. that is not right we need to go in and kill all of those who are involed with these people.

  4. Ey that video was live as fuck…that shit was off the chain!!!!!woo….i had to watch that twice….Great footage….4 sho 4 sho.

  5. i was in the war and i am glad i killed as many of them as i could i even killed the ones that didnt do anything. women children they all died and when they cried for there life it made it all the better things like this make me happy i killed so many.

  6. Life’s justice works like a balance and Nick’s head is not heavy enough to show to you motherfuckers (and the whole blind world) all the suffering iraqian people lived there.(and still living it)

    This world is fucked up since the US (United Sadics) exists and Al Qaida is working hard to change the situation motherfuckers.

    We are talking about the UNIVERSAL STRAIGHT EQUAL NATURAL JUSTICE man, not you’re point of view or their vision about the conflict.

    Things are going further than this video,the face of the world is changing, this is an new ERA.Everyone must have the courage to accept it.

    no comments of Nick’s video ,THIS IS R-E-A-L.


  7. I Agree with most of your thoughts execpt that crazy lunatic chicco. Why dont u eat me and go live in some 3rd world country like the rest of them. Get out of the US and go to iraq so i can go there and kill u. AS for the video, that is just crazy madness.

  8. I have to say that i was quite taken aback when i saw the Nick Berg murder, but since i heard about the incident i have had the curiosity to see it. I who usually have no interest in seeing such grusome disregard for human life felt that it was important that i satisify my own curiosity and for those that wish for you to remove this from your site i think that if they do not wish to see it they should not but i also think that those who wish to see it should have the access to it. In closing it digusts me to know that this guy went to help rebuild iraq and this was his thanks so for all americans, remember this and ask yourselves it this war really worth it? I used to think so but now as time goes on and more and more of my fellow americans lose their lives only to rebuild a country for a bunch of people that will only keep brainwashing their children to kill my children in the name of “god” i can only say that we should let it all go let them fend for themselves on their own dollar.

  9. I was in the Canadian army for six years and at that time it was the cold war. I never saw a thing. My
    heart goes to all american soldiers and my fellow
    brother and sisters over in Afgan and Iraq. To the
    berg family I can only pray for their strength to
    get them through this.

  10. I think the photos are sad to see however; I don’t think the truth about this war should be hidden from the public eye. Yes, we think we are there to serve a purpose but what is it. Where is all the attention on Osma? Maybe it is hushed because something is happening. Either way, I feel for all of our troops and citizens in the Middle East. I hope and pray for their safe return. The images I see remind me of them everyday and make me grateful for the sacrifices they are giving for us. Abu Ghirad photos only help promote and fuel the anger these crazy people feel towards the US. I didn’t see the Soliders in the Abu Ghirad phots beheading anyone. Not sure of the mental capacity of the Terrorists. How can they being naked and degrating a human being is equilavanet to beheading a human being.

    AND, I agree with Micki about the gas! Go figure!!!

  11. I have seen the Nick Berg vedio, and I think it is beyound sickening. I think it would be a injustice for Mr. Bush to not drop our nations bigest bomb we have in response to the brutal murder of this young man.

  12. I am a citizen of the U.S., but born an Italian in Rome, Italy and I am so disgusted with this pathetic so called war we seem to be losing! My family and I feel for the Berg family and our in our prayers. I only wish I could be president for 1 week. I’m pretty sure that Iraq would no longer exist on the map,and any country who has a leader that would even think of terrorist acts on this country would be just a pile of rubbish!!! Does anyone remember how this started in the first place? 4,000 Americans were savagely killed in N.Y. City on Sept.11. Someones mother, father, son, and daughter. I’ve seen enough bullshit going on over there, I’m sick! God help our troops and this country if we don’t get our heads out of our asses!! Sincerly, One pissed off Italian American Citizen.

  13. I am from Australia and I would like to say that yes it is horrible, inexcusable and wrong for Nick Berg to die the way he did. However, the amount of hate that you all have for the Iraqi people is what continues to cause the war and horrible crimes that occur. The Iraqis did not ask for America to come in and take over their country. Yes there are bad people in Iraqi who do deserved to be punished but there are also bad people in America who have also done equally as bad things. I think our heart should go out there for all the thousands of Iraqi people who really only want to get their country back up running and how many have died as a consiquence of America and Australia all because of a oil and politics.
    Honestly people, there is enough hate in the world without you saying that we have to ‘bomb the shit out of Iraqi’. I say we just pack up our bags and leave the Iraqis to it as I believe we are causing more harm than good.

  14. Read a little more there Micki… it was the Iraqian that filmed this and it was them that made it public you ass.

  15. this is unhuman this shouldnt be shown its disrespectful to the family and friends…
    R.I.P Nick – “U.S.A…”

  16. I have not viewed the video, nor will I. This war in Iraq is not about terrorism, it is not about oil and it is not about making the world a safer place to live. It is a family vendetta, plain and simple. From the moment GW stepped into the White House, he set his sights on going back to Iraq and finishing the job that Daddy couldn’t. I am tired of being lied too and I am equally tired of American men and women dying for a cause fabricated by the Bush White House. When is the last time any of us heard anyone in Washington mention the name Osama Bin Laden? Have we forgotten who started all of this? He is still out there and American men and women occupying Falujah and Tikrit will not change that.

  17. I say to David, I have mixed views on the war at times. The reason behind us going to war is simple. The Gulf War only ended because “Iraq was to let our officals in to search of Weapons of Mass Distruction” Sadamn ill call him chose to not honor a treaty. A contract! We went in and upheld this contract. Basics of law. You wouldnt want someone signing a contract saying he is going to give you 100K for your house, then after he takes your house he doesnt pay you a penny.

    We are in Iraq inforcing a treaty. Right Wrong how long we should stay there, thats not in my hands. It shows other countries not to sign a treaty you dont plan on following threw with. It shows them we plan on backing up what we say. Thats the bottom line.

  18. What happened to Nick Berg, is truely sickening. I cannot image myself going through something so terrible… let alone having all of america watch in horror. Nothing justifys the murder or Nick Berg, also as nothing justifies what we did with there prisoners. As an american I am ashamed to claim that I am an american. God Bless Bush, but this treason has got to end. Children are losing their fathers… Wives.. there husbands. Nick was a normal guy… 2 years ago, he would have never known his life would have ended in a beheading.. It’s completely awful. I feel for the Berg family, Nick was a brave man. God rest his soul.

  19. That is the most sickening thing ive ever seen. Im English and now I know these people must be destroyed before their evil and madness can spread any further. NO GOD can see what has happened and let it be justified in his name, neither their god nor mine or for that matter the god of anynone else. Evil is Evil and that is what these animals are full and obsessed by.
    My sincere condolences to the Berg family and all who knew this man who, after all only came to help a nation on its knees. Let them rot in the bowels of hell.

  20. Eat is murder.
    Meat is burger.
    Just keep feeding the monster and it will become bigger and bigger.
    Your brains are too FAT


  22. 41 Problems with the Video and Official Story

    1] Berg had connections to al Qaeda terrorists strong enough to be questioned by the FBI. His email was used by accused terrorist Zacharias Moussaoui.
    2] The United States and the Iraqi police detained Berg for 13 days, not releasing him until his father filed suit. He was detained as a suspected Israeli spy. The US now denies it had anything to do with the detention despite correspondence to the contrary. The Iraqi police also deny any involvement in his detention. They are playing hot potato with it.
    3] When Berg was detained he, a Jew, had a copy of the Koran and an anti-semetic book entitled ‘The Jewish Problem’. That is just strange.
    3] Berg doesn’t struggle or even flinch when his head is sawed off with a western style military knife.
    4] An Islamic extremist would know the proper way to behead someone. It is the chosen form of execution in Saudi Arabia and probably other Arab nations as well. It is accomplished with one clean sword stroke to the neck. The person hacking off the head obviously had a great deal of difficulty doing so, owing to the poor choice of blade and technique.
    5 ] No blood spurts from his neck as he is supposed to be dieing. The amount of blood on the floor is much smaller than it should have been. He should have died from bleeding out and this would have resulted in a couple of liters of blood spurting from his neck.
    6 ] No blood gets on the hand of ‘Zarqawi’ even though it was in front of Berg’s neck when he should have been bleeding out.
    7] Zarqawi is thought to be dead and is known to have an artificial leg. Clearly the man hacking off the head didn’t.
    8 ] Zarqawi is known to have a tattoo on the back of his left hand of three green dots. The man hacking off the head didn’t have a tattoo on his hand.
    9 ] All the men had nice WHITE hands. Except in the last 20-30 seconds when the face appears to have been digitally lightened, the hands are as white or whiter than Berg’s skin. Arab terrorists don’t have white hands.
    10 ] All of the men had identical, nice, clean clothing. It looked new. This is unlikely for rogue combatants in a war zone. It is likely if someone needed some ‘terrorist’ clothing for a video.
    11] If Zarqawi was in the video, why didn’t he show his face? It is known to the US already. It would have established the video’s authenticity. It would have inspired fear. So why’s it covered?
    12] The real Zarqawi speaks with a Jordanian accent. According to a CNN mid-eastern expert who is a fluent professional translator, this ‘Zarwaqi’ did not speak with a Jordanian accent. She dismissed the possibility of it being him out of hand.
    13] The whole time line is completely fucked up. There are many inconsistencies in the time line. I could cite at least a dozen. The most obvious is that he was ‘found Monday over the weekend’
    14] The ‘militants’ stood with a Western posture. When they moved in, their movements were rehearsed. Each knew where he was going when the action happened as if it were pre-planned.
    15] Two of the ‘Arab militants’ brought their left hands to their faces during the video. The left hand is unclean in Arabic nations. It is used to wipe one’s ass. The left hand is taboo. An Arab wouldn’t eat with it or offer it to someone, they are unlikely to touch their eyes with it, it is unclean.
    16] ‘Zarqawi’ is wearing a large gold ring. Islam reportedly forbids men to wear gold jewelry.
    17] The rifles are reportedly Galil variants. These would be Israeli rifles. Arab militants wouldn’t use Israeli weapons. The guns are all either Galils or Mac’s.
    18] Between Berg being knocked to the floor and then hacked up, the video cuts for no reason. Remember this isn’t a two camera shoot, there is no reason for the video to cut. Something was cut out, or it would be continuous.
    19] The website to which the video was supposedly released was down within 90 minutes. All major news organizations supposedly learned of this video and obtained copies within that time.
    20 ] Berg is wearing an orange uniform identical to those at used by the US for detainies.
    21] The walls and room are reportedly identical to the prison.
    22] Berg is shown in a chair identical to those in the prison. If he was in an abandoned warehouse why wasn’t he on looted office furniture instead. These chairs are not extremely rare, but the odds of both chairs being identical is slim.
    23] The video never mentions the word ‘Al Qaeda’, it uses the word al qaed. These are two different words, one is a name and means ‘The Base’. The other is not a name and translates as ‘one who sits by and does nothing’. This translation is from the CNN arab language expert. She reports that any fluent speaker of Arabic would notice this difference.
    24] Nick Berg’s dad and Berg’s tower company appear on a Free Republic ‘enemies’ list. The list isn’t too long. I’m not on it under any alias I’ve used.
    25] Nick Berg’s tower company is not registered in his home state of Pennsylvania. While not a legal requirement, state officials report it would be nearly impossible to do business without registering.
    26] The time code on the tape is in military time. Arabs use the standard arabic clock.
    27] This video came out just when it would help the Bush regime the most. Fucktards everywhere are now using it to justify widespread US war crimes. Hardly the sort of reaction Islamic militants would desire, but obviously quite predictable.
    28] One of the towers Berg worked on, the biggest and most damaged one, was near the prison.
    29] No one can account for Berg’s whereabouts from between April 10th (when his father believe he was killed) to May 11th the most firmly referenced of three days his body may have been found. He looks very clean and well fed to have been held prisoner by savages for over a month.
    30 ] The US has not stated how his body was identified. It didn’t have a head. It should have taken some time to ID.
    31 ] Except for the individual reading the prepared statement, the only words said by the other ‘terrorists’ were “Allah Akbar” over and over. The speech was somewhat slurred. The accent differs significantly from the reader. I don’t believe that they all spoke Arabic.
    32 ] The speaker fumbles the transcript several times and goes back to the same page several times. It appeared he was having trouble reading his own statement.
    33] During the hacking up part the video camera zooms in indistinctly just where you would expect the filmer to be trying for the most horrid details.
    34] The body makes no death throws. None. Nada. Most animals, when they die, convulse.
    35] Almost nothing dripped from the recently severed head. If he had just died the head should have still had a lot of blood in it. A head holds around a liter of blood in soft sponge-like tissues, unless the blood was coagulated it should have dripped for some time.
    36] Berg continues to ‘scream’ after his windpipe has been cut through.
    37] The time code actually jumps 11 hours during once splice in the video. Oops!
    38] Near the end of the video, after the chanting stops, a distinctly Western voice can be heard to say what sounds like “Thy Will be Done” it then repeats itself. Hear it at Breakfornews.coms
    39] Berg’s body, though he was a civilian, was flown by the military to Dover Air Force Base. His parents had requested to be there when it arrived but that permission was denied. According to Department of State Publication 10391, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Revised September 1996, “The U.S. Government cannont pay to have your body buried overseas or returned to the United States.” This is a publication intended for Americans living / working abroad.
    40] The voice reading the statement at the beginning not only does not match the lips, but when the pages are turned and obviously lost in confussion, there is no pause. If you try to resynch the audio with the video you can not. The voice is dubbed in and poorly lip-synched.
    41] The guy hacking off the head has a black hood, there is a very subtle cut at the end (after Thy Will Be Done) and the guy holding the head up is suddenly wearing a white mask. The time code jumps over a minute.

    Now, if it were just one or two of the above problems, I could perhaps write it off to strange coincidences or inaccurate information. Given the scope of the errors with the official story, it is obviously complete rubbish. It is very difficult to say, ever, who pulled a false-flag operation. Groups likely to benefit would include the Bush Administration, the CIA, US Military Intelligence, Individual US Prison Guards, Private Contractors, and Foreign Intelligence such as MI-6 or the Mossad. Intelligence black-ops are also often done for one group by another to allow deniability; this seems to be the case with the UN bugging scandal, and it is quite likely that more than one group was involved in Nick Berg’s death as well. It is certain that Nick Berg was not executed via decapitation by ‘Al-Qaeda Terrorist al-Zarqawi’.

  23. please take these disturbing images off of your site
    i do not wish to have my children view these photographs or this video.
    i doubt that other parents would like to have their children view this website either.

  24. Psyops – “An Islamic extremist would know the proper way to behead someone”!! Lovely biscuits, mate. I realise there are some “issues” with the tape, but this ain’t one of them.

    Glad to see you’ve taken the links down, Gavin (posting here rather than at the top, as I don’t want to come across as triumphalist). Have been reading various comments around the net about the Berg video, and the majority opinion seems to be along the lines,”If you don’t want to view it, you don’t have to”. That’s never been my problem with it. The video purports to show the final minutes of a man’s life, and I fail to recognise any legitimate claim to viewing such material, other than amongst the intelligence community (and also, unfortunately, the media – to whom the tape was given). I’d like to know what those people who viewed the video via the link on your site GAINED from the experience (apart from an obvious sense of revulsion; and, among some, another reason to hate “Iraqians”, see above).

    I would equally be interested to hear what the Berg family felt they had LOST, with the video of their son’s death-throes being fully available on the net, with (potentially) millions sharing in hsi final moments.

    Did no one wonder why the broadcast media chose NOT to air the tape? (Here’s a clue – it wasn’t JUST because it was incredibly graphic)

    With the rapid expansion of blogging, it seems people like Gavin will continue to be placed in this situation, having to make editorial decisions on a similar level to the editors/producers of our international news. Granted, he doesn’t have the exposure that the Beeb have, but if he was getting 5000 hits over two days simply to view the video… he does have a responsibility to make sure he’s made the right decision.

    Glad to see the links are gone, but I rather think we won’t be hearing that this decision was taken for any other reason than declining interest in the Berg story.

  25. There is a GOD and he is coming soon. I can only imagine how he must be feeling to see his children being destroyed. I think it is terrible that someone has put this man’s horrifying death out on the web for everyone to view. Doesn’t anyone have any respect anymore. My heart and prayers go out to this man’s family. May GOD Bless us all!!!

  26. I think that if maybe we wouldn’t be assholes and treat the prisoners like we did then maybe that wouldn’t of happened. Why do we have to stoop down to thier level? i know that the iraqis started this but lets be smart about this war, and not do stuff like treat the prisoners like some did. im 18 and about to join the service and if i were to get captured i hope nobody does something stupid to threaten my life.

  27. I just saw the beheading of Nick Berg and I wanna say that it is a shame what these Iraqi people are doing to us…I mean this man went over there to help them and they decide to hack away at his head! I can’t even imagine what was going thro Nick’s head at this time of just sitting there waiting to die. How can you do that to someone?? That is so sick that these people would do something like that…I mean if you were gonna kill him why didn’t you just shoot him I mean that would have been easier they did not have to sit there and saw away at his head like that…Thats outragous!!
    I am furious! I am only 16 years old and to see this going on is tramatizing! When I first saw the video I wanted to cry becuz it was shame..I can’t even try to imagine what he was thinking! I can’t even imagine how painful that was. I mean someone who was going there to do a good deed for this Arab Animalz and they do this…We have done a share of things to their people as well and I personally believe that its ALL George Bush’s fault…For treating their people like shit! We honestly should not stoop to their level! We’re not them!! We should not have to sink to their level, They are not even human anymore…Someone who does something like this isn’t human!
    I wanna say to Nick Berg’s family, I am sooooo sorry for your loss. They will get theirs in the end..Trust me God doesn’t like UGLY and what these Arabs did was far beyond ugly.

  28. Hey, I am a girl from Philly I just seen the beheading of Nick Berg and I wanna say thats f*cked up! There is no reason why someone should have to go thro that! My brother is in the Army and I can’t imagine that happening to him..For Nick’s family I can’t even begin to think how you feel about this. Personally I think we should go the f*ck over there and just start shootin and bombin these Iraqi f*ckerz!! They all should die! They cause too many problemz for their own good!
    I am not a racist person but I HATE ARAB’S!! all becuz of this sh*t…I honestly believe they need to get the f*ck outta our country too…We don’t need these f*ckerz workin within.
    That so un-human what they did to that man..That should not have happened..That is no way for ANYONE to die..I can’t even imagine what he was thinking at the time…I would have probably sh*t myself or something! Anywayz, Nick’s family- I am so deeply sorry for your loss I wish there was something more I can say or do to help you

  29. Hey, I am a girl from Philly I just seen the beheading of Nick Berg and I wanna say thats f*cked up! There is no reason why someone should have to go thro that! My brother is in the Army and I can’t imagine that happening to him..For Nick’s family I can’t even begin to think how you feel about this. Personally I think we should go the f*ck over there and just start shootin and bombin these Iraqi f*ckerz!! They all should die! They cause too many problemz for their own good!
    I am not a racist person but I HATE ARAB’S!! all becuz of this sh*t…I honestly believe they need to get the f*ck outta our country too…We don’t need these f*ckerz workin within.
    That so un-human what they did to that man..That should not have happened..That is no way for ANYONE to die..I can’t even imagine what he was thinking at the time…I would have probably sh*t myself or something! Anywayz, Nick’s family- I am so deeply sorry for your loss I wish there was something more I can say or do to help you

  30. I can honestly say that this is the most horrendous act i have ever seen. This is jsut not right. I had never been so enraged in my lief until i saw this. God does not approve of such digusting and evil acts. A part of me does not beleive in the authenticity of this movie, however it has honestly caused me to hate these iraqi bastards so much. I hope they all die and burn in hell, only to lick Satan’s ass. I really think we should jsut pull everyone outta there and nuke the place. We’ll make a video on that those fu@#$ bastards.

  31. I can honestly say that this is the most horrendous act i have ever seen. This is jsut not right. I had never been so enraged in my lief until i saw this. God does not approve of such digusting and evil acts. A part of me does not beleive in the authenticity of this movie, however it has honestly caused me to hate these iraqi bastards so much. I hope they all die and burn in hell, only to lick Satan’s a$$. I really think we should jsut pull everyone outta there and nuke the place. We’ll make a video on that those fu@#$@ bastards.

  32. i cant beleive this can happen to nick berg but i just want to say to Nicks family sorry this happen to ur son and for his wife he must have been a great man



  35. nick was a great american and will be remembered in our hearts for ever .
    no one should ever do it either its iraqis or american or indian or any nation .

  36. The comment by “I’m Just Me” completley took the piss. The footage isn’t there for you to get off on. Asshole!!!!!

  37. I am more concerned about comments posted by Army Sniper. I hope you are just some kid that unfortunately seen this horrific movie..
    Cause if you are talking seriously and telling the truth you are worse than the killers in the footage..

  38. this is a very interesting.topic all parts of the human expirece is is in the reason..mikie and pete are on the right path..that said i do not agree with the war i kewn when the balls stared rolling whatever the outcome (2003).. we would stuck with the duty to finish or be oblogated to ” ” win. this is the nature of war that said once this is stared the nation or the goverment owes a certin amount of effort to the people who risk, die, and injured in the confick…right or wrong. WE own them everthing and to give nothing less is not right.they disverve victory and…this war hurts, but it is not the hardest thing this counrty has undertaken..20 dudes with box cuters dose not sound like nuclear war.. it would be a shme if it was to come to that.

  39. Until this day, I will never forget what have happened to our fellow Americans while saving Iraq’s poor ass. I am still enraved and burning with anger. I will never understand their inhumane acts, and I will never be able to live my life with a positive perception of Islamic people (it doesn’t bother me if anyone out there categorises me as a typically closed-minded being). That is PURE EVIL, and no normal human beings should even be capable of such actions and ideas! I would still like to pray for Nick Berg’s (along with other fellow Americans, who have died the same way in Iraq) soul to rest in peace, and for all of the pain, sorrow and grievance that Nick’s family is still undergoing until this very day. I remember when I couldn’t sleep and eat after seeing the footage of Nick Berg’s (cold-hearted) decapitation, as I seriously never thought human beings were capable of the “unimaginable”. I will never perceive Islam the same way again. The Islamic seems to bring trouble wherever they land – even here in Australia!

    To Nick’s family: I will always be sorry for Nick’s life being taken away from him in such ways – and especially from your family 🙁 I will continue to include Nick as part of my prayers, and may his sould rest in peace, forevermore.

    PS: May the souls of other American troops abducted by the Iraqi animals also rest in peace, Amen.

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