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Detroit Mc Lazarus

Have you ever heard about Detroit Mc Lazarus?

If your answer is no, don’t worry. A few days ago, I didn’t know about him either.

Kamran Rasheed Khan aka Lazarus was born between Deaborn and Detroit on July the 17th 1982. He was born in America from Pakistanese parents.

He is a gifted rapper who brings in a new Detroit sound.

You gotta love this MC, because he’s a 100% authentic and skilled MC.

I have watched him in a freestyle battle and I felt like being brought back to the hot atmosphere of the 8 Mile battles.

Kamran Rasheed Khan’s nickname Lazarus is linked with resurrection and power. Lazarus’ voice will help to do away with many stereotypes that people have about Islamic people and religion. His album is another argument in favor of a multicultural society and a constant fight against racism. As he states it in his video ‘Lazarus, the birth of a Legend’, he came to break stereotypes. His words also target President Bush who seems to consider each man from the Middle East as a potential terrorist.

Lazarus will impress you with his lyrics, because you will feel a similar verbal explosion that you can feel while listening to Eminem. His rapid flow and the way he handles words and sentences is impressing.

You will learn more about him on his official website where you will be able to download some of his music:

Remember this name: Lazarus. He’s the new revelation in hip hop.

34 thoughts on “Detroit Mc Lazarus”

  1. damn im feelin lazarus’s lyrics fo real, i think he got a real art at this shit, knownin howta flow….the words dat cumin outa him dam he speakin his mind thru this….s’tight fo real!

    Mc-Itty reppin Lyrical Ethics xXx

  2. Yo, this sh*t is tight, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of him before. This is what rap is really about. These days rap is losing it’s authenticity. I’m happy to know that MCs like Lazaras are still around.

  3. yo guys listen to me here…..this guy is the next big thing…i know he has held himself back cuse of his studies and all dat sh*t….but imma tell you dawg “DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ANYBODY”….u think u fuckin know somethin….u guys dont know shit…lazarus get him before anyone else….

    peace ya’ll!

  4. Gavin,
    Where can I find a list or chart of Detroit’s rappers old and new? Thanks in advance.

  5. Lazarus is aight…
    I’ll tell you something though,
    you know about 19…
    You know about poetry…
    You know what prosperity…
    and unity…
    Then you know Pay Roll

  6. glad to know you guys like my cuzins he is my dad’s brothers son.his family went to dallas with me for a trip he doesn’t look like a nerd but he is about to be a docter he studies really hard.

  7. dudes ama is anus hes crap lazarus on the other hands i fell in love with his songs ama has no flow i dunno he sucks.. anyother non arab rapers lol? i m arab (syrian) btw

  8. You check out hall of fame and quotables for lazarus
    Also lazarus just finish shoting a documentary called the real 8 mile with the discovery times network hosted by pultzer prize winner charlie leduff

  9. I am going to have to co-sign with what Michiganja is saying. I have also known Lazarus before he even started rapping. This is not to say he is not skilled as a freestyler, he definately has skills. He’s just putting on this fake thug/hard image that he’s never been.

    These are the facts about him:
    He’s not from Detroit. He’s from Bloomfield Hills (a predominately white suburb)
    He’s not arab, he’s Pakistani.
    His family is paid, they live in a huge house. His Dad pays for everything Kamran wants.
    Lazarus aint no hustler or from the streets, he’s never worked other than one summer job he had at a CVS.
    His Dad wasn’t and isn’t no hustler as his biography says on his website. (I assume when he used the word hustler he meant his dad hustled his way from Pakistan to America, but we all know what we mean when we say hustler now-a-days.)
    I am pritty sure his uncle isn’t a crack addict either, but it says that in his bio on his website too.

    Basically he is lying in a round about way about who he is. I am not saying any of this to discredit this man’s lyrical ability because he is definately a skilled lyricist. He’s just not no thug that he’s pretending to be.

  10. ey man da website don wurk. kan neone tell me y? plus i jus found out about lazurus n itz great 2 have a muslim paki representin. y duz he say hez an arab? we pakiz are siuth asian u shood represent wu u r. im hain problemz with all this lyin bullshit, but imma check him out.

    ps where kan i c that real 8 mile movie?

  11. Hey I am from Florida and Hey i am a arab but BS that arab festival is the best dawg. I got family in Michigan i live on Normile and ya know I only go to MI for that arab festival.Chyall Know It. michigan the best ever. 313 reppin up dem arabs go pistons.

  12. Although I don’t know laz personally, i know some cats that do. And here are some facts: Laz IS FROM the D. dude lives in southwest detroit with his uncle. but he in med school now, i think in lansing. he don’t say he a gangsta on any songs. keep it real, nigga’s one of the dopest cats out rite now.. i rather see him shine than a typical gun-talkin, street hustlin 50 cent any day. bitches quit hatin. real 8 mile was str8. laz keep reppin my nigga. skillz is skillz and u got them.

  13. Lazarus = best rapper since Pac Nas and Em. no question about it. he’s shitting on kanye, game, everybody

  14. DetroitRyda’s quote “Although I don’t know laz personally” That right there invalidated everything you said following that.
    Look dude I’ve known him personally. I’ve met his dad, mom, brother, and sister, I’ve been to his families house many times which is IN BLOOMFIELD HILLS! He lived with his dad and mom in BLOOMFIELD HILLS up until now where he is at UofM for Med school! Laz/Kamran went to highschool in BLOOMFIELD HILLS! His uncle may be from southwest Detroit but Laz/Kamran isn’t.

  15. I saw Lazarus on the real 8 mile documentary. After going to his website i started looking up his songs on limewire. I found nothing. Let me just say i havn’t been this excied about new rap since Jin’s album came out. He’s Pakistani like me who the fuck cares if he’s arab or not? some of you arab dudes are fuckin rediculous. As if your more uslim than him cus your middleeastern. Hey morons Hush is Lebanese yet he doesn’t talk about it and worked with d-12 even after knowing how mnay racist comments they’ve made about Muslims in thier music. “I was readin the Quran while i was on the john” Bizzare from fight music. I don’t care if he lives in a nice home, i don’t care if his parents are there from him. since when did these things become wrong? Oh i forgot it’d not cool to come from a good home. I live in Dallas Tx right and am coming soon with the music. when people look up my shit the’ll find i live in a nice jewish subrb in upper dublin Pa. what they won’t find is me getting arrested for knocking out some dude lookin at my girl and going to court, or getting locked up in center city Philly for walking into a frathouse with five people ready to kick the shit out of some bastard. Or in TX at richardson college when i beat up this black dude for talkin excessive shit about Muslim. and they won’t hear about it becuase i don’t care about those things. I care about politcs, social problems, and how to make hiphop about using your mind. So to anyone who has a problem with Lazarud becuase he’s not gangster enough your jelousy will burn you into nothing like fire to snow. Good job Lazarus, i hope you make it all the way to the top, you have a lot of skill and i wish you the best. your fan from Dallas TX, Political Assasin.

  16. Dude, listen to Lazarus rap. Jealousy is a disease I’m fuckin’ tellin you. In Dream of a Hustler he says that his family came up to the burbs… he ain’t hidin nothing. Rap is about rhymes and expression not about how gangsta you are. That’s that 50 cent mentality that you’re so brainwashed into hoping for. you’re jealous. that is so very obvious. I mean, being in med school and rapping like he does is skill that very very very few people have. In my book, it ain’t about where you from, it’s about what you do with what you have. Now I don’t want to dick ride nobody but Laz is the future of hip hop. Lazarus, you the most talented rapper out right now man. You will always be inspiration to me.

  17. Man who does this camel think he is. He should be riding camels rap isn’t for this guy. WHat fckin doctor do u know raps. LAZARUS =won’t sell how many albums would 2pac have sold if he was in school. Drop the mic and work at 7-11 you fuckwad.

  18. Real Talk laz is getting a lot of hate from many angles right now. he of a diff color. ok, he in school. who give a fuk where he live What about his talent? lazarus is ONE blessed MC and a breath of fresh air to hip hop and to music in general and dude keeps it REAL as fuck, o i got a chance to listen to this ama guy It’s funny that this dude and Lazarus are both arabic or pakistani or whatever,cuz AMA is probably one of the, if not the worst rappers I’ve ever heard in my life! I never laughed so hard in my life hearin that WACK filth. Lazarus on the other hand is one of the dopest MCs on the come up. Comparing these two is like comparing a diamond with a dead cockroach. Real Talk my niggaz.

  19. It doesn’t matter to me where Lazarus is from. It doesn’t matter to me that his family has money and he can afford to go to med school.
    What does matter to me is when someone portrays themselves as something they are not and bends the truth or lies. His older bio from stated as it also is stated above that he was born inbetween Dearborn and Detroit. I’d like to know where the fuck that is? When people ask me where I was born I don’t say I was born inbetween Hamtramck and Harper Woods. I say I was born in Detroit. Why does his bio answer this question in a round about way, why doesn’t it just state the cities name that he was born in?
    Why doesn’t his bio ever give the name of the city that he grew up in which is Bloomfield Hills (a wealthy suburb of Detroit) where he also went to highschool?
    His bio from his new website states “Having a father who’s a hustler … and a crack-addicted uncle.” I’ve met his fam and been to his house, I’ve met and known him before he even started rapping and his father ain’t no hustler. I also very highly doubt that his uncle is a crack addict.
    This is a quote from his track Terrorist “must be a terrorist/his parents are arabic”
    He is of Pakistani descent. Pakistani’s are not middle eastern or arabs or arabic but he chooses to flip back and forth and call himself an arab or pakistani. Only reason he does that is to get the the arab audience in detroit and dearbron to identify with him.
    In the documentary “The Real 8 Mile” he himself said that when 9/11 happend people told him “there goes your rap career.” Fact is back then in 2001 he wasn’t even rapping yet.
    Again none of the above takes away from his skill, he has skill. Only problem is I dont understand why he has to lie to present himself as something he isnt.

  20. Lazarus got a show at the Bullfrogs on April 20th. Damn, some interesting shit on here. If anybody know about laz it’s me. laz was born in detroit, rutherward and warren where his grimey uncle live. it’s on his birth cirtificate. lazarus says “appearance is arabic” dude gets called A-rab in the hood all the time even tho he pakistani. believe me i know. A-rab is how we refer to ya’ll. y’all should luv that he reppin y’all instead of all this bickering. and his uncle be on that shit. i go over there a lot. document it haters. his pops hustles, not dope, he got a lot of illegal shit on the backburner that people don’t know about it. and shit we been rappin since 2000 rite before he started at wayne state. lazarus = the realest muthafucka i ever met in my life. he’s also the hardest working person on the planet. i know the shit that he does. einstein on the books and the greatest mc alive on the mic. Love it or hate it. Shit, I spent enough breath on this. SHOW AT BULLFROGS April 20th

    If there’s anything else about laz that’s makin it hard for u to carry out ur day, contact the man himself on his myspace.

    his Myspace ID is lazdetroit

  21. OMG! Lazarus is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hott! Lookin’ supa sexy in that documentary papi. 🙂

  22. ya, Lazarus is a cutie I love when he’s rapping to the skeleton, that part had a girrrl on fire i’m gonna go hit him up on myspace!

  23. haha
    disillusioned faggots, sum of yall jus dont get the fukkin point (michiganja) u titty, bein a paki dont mean u cant be hood, besides pakis get it worse than arabs. u jus a jealous bitch, deprived of publicity so u hatin on muthafukkas who know how to lay shit down. stop hatin on lazarus, jus coz he got into med school n ur lame bitch ass didnt!!!

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