Eminem 'Stan' – Irish style

This is only my second post on Eminem – but this must be one of the funniest take-offs I have ever heard. It sounds like Pat Shortt but not quite sure who it is. It’s a 7:27 minute MP3 of non-stop hilarity.

I think for alot of it, you might have to be Irish to understand it – but everyone should find the lyrics hilarious.

Listen to it. LISTEN TO IT! (The lyrics are pretty graphic, but only to people not from Ireland)

Emineire.mp3 (3MB)

17 thoughts on “Eminem 'Stan' – Irish style”

  1. That was fucking class! Where did you find it?

    Just found your blog today, have added your CSS feed to SharpReader – could you do me a big favour and put the FULL blog post in the RSS feed or have a seperate ‘FULL RSS Feed’

    Good stuff Old Skin!

  2. Pure class. It’s clear who was the brains behind D’Unbelievables. Kenny is great.

    Anyone know where to get the actual video of the Eddie Moroney U 21 commentary of Ahelow V Eire Og Nenagh?

  3. roostell the moto into a fulla so dat nik karmen riches it up and skulls a few cans of old krow before he knows it hes fucking in palmwoods at a party and when he wakes up hes back at kroppies the next morning…!!!! suck shit man!!! from the boys zac, jared, rory and nick roostell karmen!!!! yyyeeewwww

  4. That was a feckin geg!!! I sent it to my sister in the USA and my brother in Austrailia. Laugh???? I nearly flashed me fags ffs!

  5. Help! i cant hear or find the song! i heard its so funny,will some1 please send it too me,im beggin here!!! I tried to click on Emineire.mp3 but it wont connect,i tried to find it online but no such luck,some please help!…..I’l give you candy!

  6. tis great but how do i copy it to cd. when i try it says cannot copy file. my friends at work want to listen to it and can’t.. please help………………………………….!!

  7. magic stuff, and a great site gavin, 1 of my favs!

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