Belfast's broad horizons

After a long gap, a published piece in the New Statesman today.

I attended a roundtable discussion in Belfast last week, discussing the future of broadband in Northern Ireland. All very interesting – it is a region on the up and up.

I really have not been writing as much as I should, but writing lots on here for you people. Unfortunately it does not pay!

7 thoughts on “Belfast's broad horizons”

  1. Ah, I am not sure Geoffrey would like being called unethical…snip (Ed) LOL From the few times I have met him I think he is actually a very nice guy. But I might also add that the Ethics Committee have been critical in the past.

  2. I wouldn’t pay for subscription, and I could get hold of it…

    Interesting piece, particularly the point about ultra-local broadcasting. It does promote the liberal ideals of freedom of access to information, to the media, and freedom to share views, all of which are conducive to furthering the relationships across the religious divide. But note that it can also be used to further segment already disparate groups – if everyone has access, there will always be an audience, no matter how skewed your views.

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