Detroit underground veteran rapper Shane Capone

Emcee Shane Capone is a veteran in the Detroit underground scene. His name will inform you immediatly about his gangsta style. No doubt: Shane Capone is representative of the Detroit gangsta style.

How does Shane Capone define his own style?
“A non-commercial, non-watered down, raw & uncut hip hop.”

Shane Capone is a bad boy for real.
He talks about himself as a “gansgta and hustler” personified.

He recorded his first solo work with Scott Summer and formed his record company in 1996 M.O.B with his fellows CNG and KAOS. The name of the company was changed to Rock City Records in 2000.
His first solo album was named “Flood These Streets” and came out in 2001. It has featured D12 (Dirty Filthy Rotten Scoundralz), Bizarre ( A Bizarre Intermission), MC Hush and Paradime (Low Down Grimy) and many others.
Uncle Ill introduced MC Hush to Shane Capone. In 2003, MC Hush was signed to Rock City Records by Shane Capone.
More on Shane Capone can be found on this fansite:

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