Swifty's group: Raw Collection

Many people may not realize it, but the D12 crew keeps true to their Detroit underground roots. They are still collaborating with many Detroit underground rappers. Swifty, for instance, has founded the “Raw Collection”.

The “Raw Collection” consists of Bareda aka Mr Wrong, Lowdown, Reddbone, Sky P and Levone Vanzetti. Mc Reddbone is the only female MC of the group.
“Raw Collection” has released a new mixtape in 2003. It is called “Grenade Pins”. If you like gangsta rap, you probably gonna like the lyrical grenades that the group will drop on you. You will be able to download it and listen to it here:

f you take time to listen to the whole album carefully, you will notice that Reddbone’s performances are excellent. Mc Reddbone has won an award as the outstanding female artist at the 2003 Detroit hip hop awards.

Detroit has good female emcees who really deserve more recognition from the public.






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    Tiarra Dowdell

    what’s up Mr.Wrong, can’t even check up on yo lil cousin to see if i’m still alive.But we miss you me, reecie, neshia ,and aunt carol. give us a call when you get a chance.