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Is Kim Mathers gonna make it?

Is Kim gonna make it ?

It seems like Kim Mathers has been in trouble since a long time. She’s been arrested for cocaine charges while Eminem was touring in Europe last year.
Since June 2003 till now, Eminem’s ex wife has made the headlines. The tabloids haven’t stopped talking about her.

Kim’s cocaine addiction problems seem go back to 2001. In 2001, Kim had also had problems with justice for the same reasons.
From June 2003 to June 2004, Kim has tried to run away several times from justice, causing her family members a lot of trouble. It seems like Kim can’t get rid of her addiction problems.

But there might be more difficulties hidden behind Kim’s behavior. While trying to run away from justice, we may ask : what else was Kim Mathers trying to escape from ?
It is more than obvious that she was trying to send some SOS calls all around people from her entourage, and aimed at Eminem, in particular. Maybe there is also a little bit of manipulation in her behavior. Like many alcoholics, drug addicts also try to attract people’s attention. They obviously want people to pity them.
Kim’s behavior is also the expression of her unhappiness and unsatisfaction. If it wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have risked to lose Hailie’s custody.
Something is going wrong in her life. Some people would argue : she’s rich, she’s got everything to be happy, she’s got two beautiful little girls etc…
To those people, I would like to say : you don’t know details about her every day life. And maybe sometimes Eminem’s fame is something really hard to carry for her.
On June the 15th 2004, Kim has been arrested at an hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On June the 30th, she’s been sentenced to one year of jail, but she will have to serve only 140 days in jail ans she will have to complete a drug treatment afterwards. If she fails, she risks one more year of jail.
I have seen people on an anti Kim website expressing happy comments about Kim being jailed. Can’t you selfish people see the problem from Hailie’s point of view ? A little girl doesn’t understand what happens to her mom and why she can’t see her.
Don’t accuse my article of being « pro » or « anti » Kim. I am not « pro » nor « anti » Kim either. I am just an investigative journalist (who happens to be a huge Eminem fan) and who is trying to keep as objective as possible about Kim. To those people from the anti Kim board who are happy about Kim’s issues, I find your attitude more than despicable. You don’t know this woman. And to your info, she still got a lot of importance in Marshall’s eyes, so in your place, I would respect that.

Besides her drug addiction, Kim Mathers is experiencing serious personal problems. She will need some medical help and to show some good will if she wants to overcome her bad times. Let’s wish her good luck for the future.

22 thoughts on “Is Kim Mathers gonna make it?”

  1. You are so right. That anti Kim site is pathetic and sophmoric to say the least. I guess that everyone they know has lead perfect existances and is therefore qualified to judged others.

  2. I visit the anti-Kim sites, and one has to remember that a lot of these members are jealous teens or are unable,themselves, to fully understand the issues at hand, as well as Eminem’s point. The phrase goes: those that love you the most, hurt you the most. Marshall started the picking, and everyone else feels comfortable to join in. Regardless of the circumstances, I wish Kim, Marshall, and Hailie the best. These are rough times that will seriously effect the family, and I just wish people would realise that enough is enough. Don’t be vultures.
    kate waring

  3. I feel awful for Kim and everyone else around her. Obviously all the Kim “bashers” have never had a problem with addiction or loved someone who does. Cocaine is wicked and changes people so Im by no means a religious person but I pray for her and her kids that she comes out of this wreck a happier healthier person.

  4. That fucking slut hangs around my crew in Detroit
    She fucked my BOYFRIEND & his friend.
    I’m not fuckin lying she hung around my friend’s house before she got arrested. Don’t feel bad for her
    She’s a worthless cokehead whore & a bad mother, okay? Peace.

  5. This article was very nice. I didn’t know what was going on with Kim! I can’t believe I never knew that! But I wanna wish her the best of luck and Marshall, Haillie and Kim are in my prays! I love you guys!

  6. i think all those anti kim sites are just bulshit she is a graet person who made mistakes and she is a very good friend of mines i’m not making all this up she is above all a great mother and this addiction problem she has is partly marshall’s fault so all that people that say stuff without knowing her well shut the fuck up

  7. i had a drug problem when i was 15 and is really to get out i completely understand her i’m sure she wants to give it up but beleive me it’s so difficult and all those anti kim site are just pathetic teenagers who have nothing better to do give her a break how come they are happy about something so terrible i only hopr she gets better and can go back to her daughters

  8. kim is going to regret this sort it out now before its to late you could make your self some body fuck the rest think the best be stronger.

  9. how the fuck can any of yall say anything negative about her, when you know you do not know her on a personal basis. why dont yall take a look at your own mishaps.


  11. I heard a few weeks ago that she was planning on getting back at Eminem through his duaghter Hailie Jade. I dont know much about this, But I know Em is overprotective or his duaghter and will not let this happen. But she should be locked up.

  12. Look, I’m sick of bashers — they can’t spell either. There are problems with all of us — you just haven’t been exposed to the kind of crap that you would if you came up this way… this is not a perfect marriage with a perfect ending… do you think it’s better to blame Kim for all her mishaps with the law while she was trying to be a perfect Mom or do you think Eminem, I mean Marshall, should buck up and shoulder some of the responsibility of being the Dad on the road and shacking up with god knows what, we’re all just mammals, things that go with his road trips/tours? Why do you think he came back and had such strong feelings for her? I’ve been there — right — no one can say that unless your every move is tested and exposed to the world. She is the Mom and nothing will ever change that. If he wanted to protect his daughter he should have never talked negatively about her Mom because guess what, once she is old enough, she’ll get the whole story, and it won’t be pretty. F…ing life is hard enough, just do what you’re going to do and be honest about it. Don’t blame your hardships on other people and see the positive things that you can contribute to yourself and those you influence. I’m out.

  13. shut the fuck up em is a nice guy and any of you dis him i will dis you.
    Kim is nice too so shut your motherfucking mouths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hailie jade should be where she wants so dont slag her off

  14. woteva . Em is ok at home with Hailie jade. Alaina shouldnt live with em and hailie she shouldnt have been adopted anyway slut……………………..

  15. people, how can you judge a person when you don’t even know him personally in the first place ?? Why you’re so sure that Eminem is an Angel? Who said maybe Kim is just a victim, perhaps she’s the one who’s the one who’s paying the price of Eminem’s fame , maybe he is the one who has changed, perhaps he’s the one who pushed her to become an addicted, Who knows ? maybe he did really cheat on her ?? what if he is the one who run away afraid of taking responsility ??
    Why all this hate ?? Honestly, I feel sorrow for her and somehow, I think what sha has said in her interviews about Eminem is tue .

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