Short presentation of Detroit rapper J-Hill

Who is rapper J-Hill aka Jimmy Franchise ?

He is from Detroit. J-Hill has collaborated with Proof. He is featured on two tracks of his 6 track EP, Electric Coolaid: “X-Fam” and “Places I’ve been”.
Detroit emcee J-Hill is an emcee, a writer and a producer. He has been on stage with well known rappers such as Jay Z and P Diddy.

J- Hill’s debut album is called “They Want Street Fame”. The album features a song called “Come Across 8 Mile” that is based on Eminem’s movie and that introduces people into Detroit’s street life. The beats are heavy and make you feel the struggle of the Detroit ghetto life.
J- Hill’s album includes collaboration with Detroit artists Proof, Swifty, Obie Trice, MC Breed.
You will be able to check out his music on the following website:






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