The youngest rapper in the world

The youngest rapper in the world is only 7 years old. This kid is a child prodegy: he started his career in 2000, when he was only 2 years and a half. His name Lil Maxso aka Maximillian Justn Flores.

No doubt: this little young man can rap. You gotta watch his video: you will understand that he is gifted for rap. You will be amazed by his performance: he was only 4 years old when his video was filmed. Lil Maxso has charisma, he moves on stage like the greatest entertainers of our time and his rap sounds good.
Lil Maxso was born on December the 17th 1997 in LA. He began performing in February 2000.
From 2000 to 2004, Lil Maxso has performed with the greatest entertainers. Among them, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit. He has made an appearence on 50 Cent’s “Wanksta” video. Lil Maxso has also met Eminem .
His debut single was called “Like That”.
You will learn more about this little young man on his personal website:

Of course, his voice sounds childish. He is only seven. Let him time to grow up: he’s gonna make it big.

31 thoughts on “The youngest rapper in the world”

  1. The little boy is really good,i got to met him,he was amazing
    I know went he grows up he is going make it, and LILMA$O don’t
    listen to those haters out there, cause why? cause at least u
    are somebody known at least u r famous. GOODLUCK LILMA$O

  2. hey lil man ive talk to your dad many times but never met u i jus wanna say if my dad meet yours he will get u on the radio in nye la w/e cuz he own a few radio station im your number one ill do all that i can to show u how super u r lil man keep shined ur doin big things

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!! U r da best! 2 and a half when u first started rapping? Could i even talk back then?!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!1

  4. yo wussup lil max$o!?!? i think u da kutest lil thang out there boi..u got so much talent too! jes to letchu no u muh favorite rappa and u’ll alwaiiz b. i love you soooo much papi keep up wutchu doin! love yo gurl xkeLLyx holla bak yungin <3

  5. did you here his voice, it’s like the noise a cat when you hit him against the wall really hard

  6. WOW!!! lil max$o is soooo cool! i cant believe hes only 7! lil max$o is alwaz gonna be
    my fav rapper ever in da hole world!!!!!!!

  7. you are raw but not better than me cause i am p.i.m.p. now i am in the v.i.p. be on the look for my album. cause i am soo album gone put your album out of service you b*****

  8. hey you r good and you can go somwhere with your life keep it up holla back lil maxso.

  9. you rock im sending you a email right now i for got to put this in my otha one(above)

  10. Hey Lil’ Maxso ur sooo cute!! U r a good rapper!!keep up the good work k and dont get into (too much) trouble!!;)
    Dont listen to all those peopple saying bad thibgs about u there just hating and they wish they coul be like u!! 😉
    Good Luck

  11. Wut^^ LiL man..u2 raw. N if u keep at wtcha doin..u gon b 1 of da best one day..NO DOUBT..Ur songs r CRAZY RAW..Keep it up LiL MAN..PEACE

  12. i know lil maxso he is my cuzin and we rap together every once in a while. you can go to my site and leave coments or you can message me on yahoo lil_wierdo_girl11 i got more raps w/ both of us oh and by the way im 12 and he is 8 now.

  13. WOW… You know what? It’s ok to do good in school… if anyone tells you differently, it’s because they’re afraid to try, and have to act all bad to cover up their fear of failing. Rise above!

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