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Eminem: a major influence in hip hop history

Whether people like to admit it or not, Eminem has influenced hip hop history in a major way. Since the death of Tupac, he is the rapper who has influenced the hip hop scene most.

Unlike many people’s opinion, Eminem is not the first white rapper. The Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice have preceded him. But Marshall Mathers is the first white rapper to rap so well, to handle wordplays the way he does.
Some would argue that Eminem gets a lot of attention because of his skin color, which is only partly true. I’d say he gets lots of attention mainly because of his huge talent and his amazing creativity.
Eminem has been particularly influential in rap music, he has started a revolution, because he has changed some rules in the rap game.

Many people were used to commercial rappers with big chains talking about big cars, money and girls. Eminem is one of the rare rappers to show up on stage with great simplicity in his clothing. No big chains, no big diamond rings. Nothing external to seduce his public, but himself. Eminem is certainly the first in the rap game to expose himself the way he does. His songs tell his story. Never has a rapper been that close to his fans. His songs are also an explosion of true feelings. His personality and his attitude are an inspiration to many people.
Because his intentions are so often misinterpreted and misunderstood, Eminem has also been reproached to expose his life in his lyrics by some negative critics.

The fact that Eminem is white shouldn’t only be interpreted as a disadvantage for rap music, but rather like a real enrichment. Being described as a “culture stealer” by closed minded people like Benzino, Eminem has opened hip hop to a larger audience, which is something highly positive. Nobody will deny that rap music is a genre created by Blacks. But like any musical genre it has a universal vocation.

Eminem is not some white man who had no idea about rap music and hip hop culture and who suddenly decided to rap. Eminem grew up, has grown roots within hip hop culture. He cannot be compared with some white guy who suddenly decides to collaborate with Blacks just to add to his credibility as a white rapper. His D12 crew he sarcastically calls “My Band” are long term friends who grew up in the same place as him.

Eminem is a living proof that hip hop can break intolerance, racism and that people from different ethnies can work together. Since the beginning of his career till now, Eminem has contributed to the enrichment of hip hop culture. His sophisticated rhyming style makes a brilliant form of art of his music.

Eminem’s determinant role in rap music and –by extension- in racial relations could hardly be ignored. His music is a bridge between Blacks and Whites.
His success may have encouraged other white rappers, but it has also made it harder for them at the same time, knowing it is rather difficult to reach his level.

Eminem has also opened people’s eyes about white people’s situation in the ghetto. Maybe it started breaking down the myth of the “American Dream” in many suburban people’s mind.
It also helped white people focusing much more on rap music and thus, on black history.
No matter if they’re white or not, true hip hop lovers won’t ignore black people’s history.

13 thoughts on “Eminem: a major influence in hip hop history”

  1. Dawg I don’t know how old you are but damn you just said some lame shit. Eminem is the best white rapper ever one of the best ever but he has NO effect on hip hop culture. When a new rapper comes out they always change the game, in terms of dress,slang, and music styles. Pac is the reason everybodies tattied up and rockin bandanas(dress), he had everyone saying hollar at me
    and I ain’t mad at ya(slang) he was expressing sentimental shit like love for his moms and visions of dying early(style). Man when snoop says fa shizzle everybody saying it,when big boi from outkasts start rockin throwback jerseys everybody is rockin them, when jay-z start rappin about ice everybody started wearing and rappin about it. Name me one trend eminem started none, name me a new word or phrase he’s invented everybody says you can’t. Nobody is gonna buy that ugly ass shady clothing come on I bet you don’t have any. I understand eminem is your man and all but don’t over do it he’s been selling the most records since 99 and he has yet to set a trend or impact the culture. Be honest you know it’s true.

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  5. why the hell do you care man….whether some guy has changed cultures and watnot….U guy
    s must be unemployed…like me

  6. Truthbtold, im sorry eminem didnt make a new word or phrase for black people, i mean who is even looked up to to make up a slang word which isnt in the dictionary, EMinem can rap better than any black person are u kidding me, there is noone like eminem the only one close to him is lil wayne. COlor doesn’t matter just becuase he is white doesn’t mean you cant admit he can rap, at least he doesn’t cuase most black people to ride on 24 inch rims when only rappers can afford that shit, ur just racist

  7. I’m Rappin the past 3 years alot of people think im gonna make it cause im real im me im Irish, Irish Accent, Well spoken and alot of people think i have what it takes to be famous Eminem has inspired me from Day one hes a Hero the most hard workin smartest man to enter the hip hop Game, And change it. Tupac was a good rapper and i am also a fan of him to, But tupac started of as a Balay Dancer he was never a Gangster. He use to hang with Gangsters just so he could rap like one. Eminem reminds me of him accept a more intelligent version. Marshal Matters is a born genius and even with his millions hes still makin the Hottest lyrics to hit your mind on a daily basis. And he has got his own slang ” I Just don’t give a FUCK” would be one of them. Its hard to be racis against a man so talented like that either your racisted or your dont know good material when you see it… Hopefully em keeps more shit to come!

  8. Marshall Mathers has the best raw talent for a WHITE guy. He is prob in the top 5 of best rappers. Naturallly African Americans have better flow,and more stuff 2 talk bout cause of their rough times going up. Heres my rank of MCs: 1. Tupac 2. 50 cent 3. Eminem 4. Dr.Dre 4. Biggie

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