The Secret Agent: Undercover at the BNP

Newsnight just did an exerpt of a documentary to be shown tomorrow. It portrays the near unbelievable level of racism in the British National Party. It looks as if several people secretly recorded in the documentary will face hefty prison sentences if convicted of inciting racial hatred.

The founder of the party also makes highly insulting remarks about Michael Howard, his jewishness, his Romanian origins etc.

Crazy people.






4 responses to “The Secret Agent: Undercover at the BNP”

  1. Brian avatar

    Maybe I got it wrong but I thought that racism was the prime purpose of the BNP.

  2. niall avatar

    Unfortunately a helluva lot of people who wouldn’t naturally describe themselves as racist voted for the fuckers in the recent local/european elections. Hopefully this will force them to re-evaluate that impression.

  3. DC avatar

    I had to laugh when I heard yer man on newsnight claiming that “secret BBC footage reveals the sinister side of the BNP”. The sinister SIDE? As opposed to what?

    I hadn’t realised they got as much as 5% at the Euro elctions though.

  4. Lee avatar

    Today Mr Griffin is appearing in Court for the charges related to the Secret Agent program. Your above comments were made in 2004, soon after the program’s broadcast, and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then – namely the London bombins in July 2005. I would advise people to (a) look openmindedly through the BNP website for themselves and, (b) try to understand what it is like for white people to live in majority ethinic areas. I am white English and have lived amongst both large Asian and West Indian communities, and I can tell you that white people being the only racists on earth is a falicy. Therefore point (c) is for people to be aware how much the media do not report. I don’t believe in outright racism, but if Mr Griffin can put a good fact-based argument together, good luck to him.