Detroit DJ Rec

Although he is less known from the public, Mark Claus aka DJ Rec is Eminem’s long term friend. They went to school together. He remembers Debbie Mathers’ ill character and Marshall’s stormy relationship to Kim:

“His mum was screwed up and he didn’t want to be around it. Marshall didn’t
do any drugs or drink. He was just dating Kim off and on and doing the music thing.”

Who is DJ Reck?

Often pictured as “Detroit’s best kept secret”, DJ Rec has been collaborating with eminem since 1996. He produced the radio edit of Eminem’s song “If I had”. He also produced two other songs from the Slim Shady EP, plus “Murder Murder” that would be featured in Ice Cube’s movie “Next Friday”. It is also known that DJ Rec featured many local shows where Eminem performed.
Besides Eminem, DJ Rec has collaborated with D12 members Denaun Porter and Bizarre. He has also worked with Kid Rock, Da Ruckus and many Djs such as DJ Godfather.

You will learn more about DJ Rec on the following website:

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