Terminator or girlie man?: Mark Steyn

Something is calling me to write a fisking of Steyn’s latest diatribe in the Spectator.

Not only because of the sheer nonsense that he seems to come up with, but I did read the article he refers to some weeks ago, and even mentioned it to Dick O’Brien at the blog party earlier this month. His argument seems entirely based on ad hominem attack and some might say stupid logic.

I will work on it as soon as I get some sleep.






7 responses to “Terminator or girlie man?: Mark Steyn”

  1. DC avatar

    I fear that if I started “fisking” Steyn I might never stop.

  2. Dick O'Brien avatar

    Do it! Anything to persuade editors to stop giving columns this guy.

  3. Gavin avatar

    I will study it tomorrow, and attempt some form of critque, I don’t see enough bloggers going after this guy.

  4. Peter Nolan avatar

    So, where is this withering criticism? Or have you yet to wake up Sleeping Beauty?

  5. Peter Nolan avatar

    Hmmm, interesting article by Steyn. If you do one, I might well not be able to resist a second-order fisking.

    Whatever happens, his days at the Irish Times must surely be numbered.

  6. MarkW avatar

    I was the first to get an anti-Steyn letter posted in the IT but I’m pretty certain he’s there just for that reason: to raise the hackles of the stereotypical IT reader.

    That his opinion pieces are also printed (usually verbatim) in the Telegraph and Chacago Sun-Times (both Hollinger/Conrad Black) should come as little surprise.

    To have him dropped, we would have to stop writing to the Irish Times and go after, say, Breda O’Brien who similarly has only one topic on which she opines.

  7. George B avatar
    George B

    Hey why all the calls for censorship?

    I read lots of articles that I disagree with but the world would be a poorer place without them.

    For example, Matthew Parris in the London Times hates Christians (because he thinks they hate gays). I find the generalisations he makes about the people I share a church with pretty unpleasant. That doesn’t stop me enjoying and being informed by his writing on his less bigotted days (when he’s writing on a subject less close to his heart). And I wouldn’t dream of calling for him to be ‘banned’.

    What is it about you lefties who want to censor any view except your own?