More facts about Obie Trice

Obie Trice is a Detroit child. He was raised and grew up in Detroit City:

« I grew up on the Westside of Detroit. »

You will learn a lot about Detroit from Obie’s mouth. He defines the legendary infamous 7 Mile Road:

« 7 Mile is like an Ave. Back in the days it was poppin’ in the summer time. We are the motor city so you would jump in your car, ride down 7 Mile and fuck with the bitches. Ride down and when you get to one end turn around and come back. A lot of motherfuckers got killed on 7 Mile, a lot of shit go on, on 7 Mile It’s like an Ave. where everybody be at. »

Life in the Detroit hood isn’t always simple and Obie recalls some facts about his younger years in Detroit:

“I went and stayed with my girlfriend for a bit. My chick was with this older nigger. He came to the crib one day when me and my girl were laying in bed. He just walked into the house and started picking a scrap with me. I was 15 years old; this motherfucker’s 38. So I’m dodging the blows when her bigger brother grabs him in a choke-hold and says, ‘What you doin’? That’s a little boy.’ I called my homie and got him to bring a gun over, and he brings a pistol through. So I’m about to shoot this nigger, and everyone’s saying to shoot him and nobody would know. But thanks to the grace of God, something was on my shoulders that stopped me. I almost killed him that night. Who knows, I might have got away with it. He could still be there, dead… »

A lot of people may probably ask themselves how Obie Trice has met Eminem. In fact, Bizarre introduced Obie to Eminem:

« D12 heard the shit and hooked up with me. I did a song with Bizarre. I sat down and kicked it with them and Bizarre called me one day like I’m with Em come spit for Em. I got in the Regal and shot up there and spit for him. He was in a rush, so I spit from the passenger window. He took my CD and was like I got to go. Next thing I know they was in a truck in London and they was playing Em’s song,. This was when the Marshall Mathers LP was out and after they played the song my man played my sh*t. They came home, I had dinner with Paul Rosenberg (Manager and President of Shady Records) and we just hooked up with Em and it was smiles and handshakes from then on. »

If it is true that Dr Dre literally saved Eminem by signing him to Aftermath Records, Eminem played the same role in Obie’s life. Obie’s encounter with Marshall Mathers was also the start of a new friendship between both Detroit emcees. Obie wasn’t used to white people, but in real friendships, skin color doesn’t matter:

« Yeah that’s my man, we got a real good relationship. At the time I wasn’t really familiar with Caucasians and he got me up out of that ’cause they regular people just like everybody else. That’s my nigga now. »

Obie’s new fame hasn’t altered his simplicity nor his relation to people he knew in the hood:

« All the people I grew up with, I’m still cool with,” he says. Ain’t nothin’ changed. I ain’t no snooty, arrogant type of motherfucker. I never turn my back on my people. I know that my people have been with me all the way. »

Obie Trice has collaborated with numerous artists in Detroit like the Fat Killaz, for instance. Although Shady Records is like a second family to him, he is not only « the guy who raps for Mr Mathers ». Obie Trice is a skilled rapper on his way to success.

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