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Nathan Mathers in trouble

Eminem’s brother seems to be in trouble since last month.
He happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong moment.
On July the 19th, Nathan and one of his fellows were caught by the police:

Nathan was a passenger in the car of his friend who tried to sell drugs to an undercover police officer.

Nathan’s 17 years old friend was charged for trying to sell drugs.

Bad publicity for Nathan? Maybe. He appears to be more a spectator than a real actor in this story. Nathan is young. He makes mistakes, like anybody of us. Don’t judge him too severely on one mistake.

He’s got a lot of potential and the future in front of him. Hopefully we will see him start his rapping or acting career soon.

28 thoughts on “Nathan Mathers in trouble”

  1. Or perhaps he could get an ordinary job like the rest of us, and not trade on his (undoubtedly talented) brother’s success.

    As for him being young, and thus having the luxury of being able to make mistakes, that’s just nonsense. I’d say that 17 years is enough time to work out you probably shouldn’t be riding shotgun when your pal is dealing; especially if he’s that bad at it he can’t spot undercover coppers.

    Guns don’t kill people, wappers do.

  2. If you were informed about him, you would know that he’s an aspiring rapper and that he also intends to start an acting career.

    The fact that he was arrested doesn’t make a bad person of him…Haven’t you also made mistakes in your life?

    I have and I think we shouldn’t be so rapid in judging people. Nathan is gonna make it. I’m pretty sure of it.

  3. Aye, he’s an aspiring rapper in the way that numerous other siblings-of-famous-people aspire to emulate their relative’s success. He was never going to aspire to work in a 7-11 after Marshall’s success, was he? If he’s any good he’ll make it, but if he isn’t any good he’ll probably STILL make it.

    As for whether or not I’ve made mistakes… if you knew me, you wouldn’t be asking that question! But I think it’s entirely fair for me to consider Nathan at best a bit of a prat, or at worst a feckin’ eejit, for having been caught in an undercover drugs sting. Making a mistake doesn’t make him a bad person, but it does highlight his lack of maturity – but let’s be fair, given his dream career is to be a rapper, I doubt it’ll unduly affect his chances, nor be his last brush with the law.

    Aspiring rapper? “Intends” to start an acting career? This young boy has a fistful of opportunity presented him simply by merit of his big bro; it would be a shame if he cocked it all up before realising any of his ambitions…

  4. Of course, Nathan has a famous and talented brother. Nathan has also had the same kind of childhood than his brother. He has been through a lot. Well, if he makes it, even thanks to Marshall, I will be happy for him:)

  5. Isabelle you claim to be an Eminem fanatic and while that is dandy,you do realize (at least I hope you do) that there are a ton of rappers that have inspired Eminem that you have not ever mentioned. Nathan Mathers is rich and he and his friend probably only sold the sh%% because it would give him a good rep and something to say in rap. But you probably can’t see through this. I’ve noticed with you’re “article” on the beef between Eminem and Esham, who is an equally talented MC. Through your writing, you described how the beef was stirred by Proof and D12. They agreeably looked like idiots from your words, but yet you sided with them. Get the Facts straight. D12 world was crap. Good night everyone.

  6. I am concious that there are a great variety of rappers and even other singers like Marilyn Manson that have inspired Marshall. I haven’t mentioned ALL of them, because they are numerous.
    I have no respect for a man like Esham who talks about putting a little girl-Hailie- in a coma. If this idiot (because to me he’s a plain idiot) would have talked like that about one of my sons, I would have kicked his ass. I understand rap beefs as long as rappers have the courage to face their opponents and don’t need to diss an innocent child.30 years old against 8 years old: Esham is an asshole to me, sorry.
    D12 World may be crap in your eyes, that’s just your opinion. I like the album.

  7. Rap, especially the Eminem’s style of shock rapping, is meant to be offensive. How is Esham’s dissing Hallie Jade any different than Em’s dissing Christopher Reeves. Maybe he is dissing the “pc” concept, but in the end he is still dissing Reeves and that is expectable in the world of rap. And Em has also diss Lil Bow Wow, a kid who is a horrible rapper, during his and Dre’s feud with Dupri. Bow Wow never did anything to the guy, but still got dissed. O well I guess just prepubescent girls want to sleep with em makes him much more innocent than Esham saying he’ll put Hallie in a coma.

  8. So was Nathan actually selling drugs himself?

    I dont think D12 world was crap i think it was a good album, not as good as Devils Night though.

    In my opinion sometimes i do think Nathan is trying to be like Eminem a bit but i havent heard any of his music yet so i cant really judge him by the little things i have heard him say and what i have read. I do wish him all the best in whatever he does. And yes Isa, people do make mistakes and i doubt people will start judging him on this- most people wont but some people will do.

  9. Nathan Mathers is 17 years old. He knows right from wrong. I don’t feel sorry for him,thats what he gets. As for his friend, he needs to stop trying to act gangsta. Real drug-dealers would know when its a under-cover cop.

  10. Alyssa, if you think you’re perfect, then allow yourself the right to judge Nathan.
    Btw he is 18.
    He has also done sth positive lately: he has completed his first CD.

    to “me”:yeah, Devils’Night was better.
    I’m so eager to see D12 in concert soon!

  11. okay people i cant say much here as im freinds with nate n sum people on dis site have a point okay nathan has done wrong but he is still a kid growing up n trying to find out who he reali is we have all made mistakes sum is worse dan others n sum is not as worse dan others but believe me nathan has learneded his lessn now n all he wants to do is get on with his music career okay so just leave off him i am freinds with nathan but eminem i dont see.

  12. I think that nathan is just young and we all make mistakes. Its just that he is in the public eye and he gets more attention than we do. Im sure we all have made mistakes.

  13. Nathan does not deserve to be punnished at all he was not the one cought selling drugs and if his friend is getting him into trouble right along with him then. nathan does not need to be having a friend that is going to get him in to trouble. nathan is better than that an i knoe that 4sure!!!

    I LOVE EMINEM!!!!!!!!AMD NATHAN!!!!!!!

  14. wow,
    you try to be Nathan!He might know right from but he was not the slling it but w/e maybe he should just be put on probation for that kind if shit!!!! and bye the way eminem is much hotter then Nathan by far

  15. I think that if Nathan was just a passenger and didn’t know anything about what his friend was going to do then he shouldn’t get charged!
    He is so hot!!!!!!!!!

  16. Maybe Em don’t sign him up because he don’t want it to seem like Nate got anything handed to him foo’ Ya’ll relax and take a chill pill. Shit happens, who the fuck cares. Move past it and move on.

  17. YEs Nathan is 18 , almost 19 PEOPLE, and stop going on about how GREAT he is becuase you love Eminem, doy ou know him personally? He isnt like you think he is people. GIVE IT A BREAK, yeah Im from Detroit, I know his h2 and shit, So hes Eminems lil bro, BIG DEAL< what about his cousins???????

  18. I have his fuckin demo and hes fuckin gonna kick all the young trash of the charts. Move the fuck aside Ashlee, Aaron(if he even does music anymore), H.Duff! Your all bout to be dissed, slaped with his dick, and thats gonna end up being your greatest hits!

  19. oh nat i think u should have let ur friend get in trobl not u ur closs to beein a raper my 1s rubish but u sholdnt get in trobl wen somthin good is happenin tht is stuped i meen at leest u dint shoot eny 1 i meen ur a raper u no the son guns dont kill peopl rappers do but u and ems arnt tht kind of rappers r u i meen wen ems found out i dout he was apy i still love ya thou
    xxellxxx lov ya

  20. i dont know much about the topic except what i have read, and all i have to say is that people do make mistakes, but we are able to learn from them. And this whole thing about him wanting to rap i can’t judge unless i have heard, unlike most people who already have their minds made up because he is cute or because he is eminem’s little brother. wait until his cd comes out, if it does……………
    p.s. for all you immature little kids that think not typing properly sound cool…hell no, please spell check
    peace out (eminem kicks ass, but no one will ever be like the great one Tupac.)

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