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Boy George thinks that Eminem is gay, but he is totally wrong

It is sometimes funny to see how gay artists make some assumptions when they come to talk about Eminem. Most of their assertions are based on Eminem’s false gay-bashing reputation.

Moby pushed things that far to say that Eminem was attracted to him:

« I’ve figured it out. He has a crush on me. And at some point he found out that I was straight and he’s so upset and hurt the fact that he has this unrequited crush on me, that’s why he’s so upset. I’m just waiting for Eminem to come out of the closet. »

Get over it, Moby: Eminem openly stated his aversion for you as a person and as an artist.

In 2002, Boy George – who is also gay- attended the Music Of Black Origins Awards in London with a T shirt containing the inscription « Eminem screws gays ». His action was supposed to be a protest against Eminem’s (misunderstood) lyrics.

As long as people will take Eminem’s lyrics litterally, there will some confusion about the actual meaning of the word « faggot » in his songs. Boy George should have listened to Eminem’s interviews, which would have helped him to figure out he is not gay bashing at all:

« I’m not gay bashing. People just don’t understand where I come from. “Faggot” to me doesn’t necessarily mean gay people. “Faggot” to me just means… taking away your manhood. You’re a sissy. You’re a coward. Just like you might sit around in your living room and say, “Dude, stop, you’re being a fag, dude. » (Eminem)

Of course, Eminem’s lyrics are complex, full of sarcasm and his listeners need to be weaponed with a solid sense of dark humor. They also need to understand the context of the Detroit ghetto:

« I come from Detroit where it’s rough and I’m not a smooth talker. I am who I am and I say what I think. I’m not putting a face on for the record. When I started saying “faggot” on record, I started getting people going, “You have something against gay people,” and I thought it was funny. Because I don’t; I really don’t. I have something against assholes, but I’m not into gay bashing. A lot of people are too stupid to understand it. » (Eminem)

Because he thinks he is a « closet fag », Boy George makes rapid conclusions about Eminem’s sexuality:

“I think it’s time that pretty-boy Eminem stopped rattling on about gay issues because it’s a subject he has no experience of — or is there something he’s not telling us?”

Further on, he declares:

« He’s very pretty. Maybe that’s why he’s so paranoid. Any man that’s kind of attractive is going to be paranoid about his sexuality. »

« Pretty » is a term that doesn ‘t sound very masculine and he probably used it on purpose.

But what should we think about the fantasms Boy George revealed in a former interview:

« You know what? I am coming over and fuck Eminem to sort him out. He probably has a small dick. I’d like to fuck him anyway. Tie him up. Fuck him and hear him moan: “Fag, do it again/Fag, do it again/Yo, Eminem.” I am going to use that line. You will hear it soon. »

Boy George seems to be oversensitive when he comes to talk about Eminem. He probably takes his lyrics as a personal attack.
If he had taken time to go deeper into those lyrics, he’d probably figured out that it was total sarcasm.

Boy George thinks that Marshall Mathers is gay. Matter of fact: Marshall has only been seen dating women. With the numerous papparazzi that are constantly tracking him, the public would have known if he was gay.

Don’t misinterpret the intentions of my article: I am not trying to be gay bashing nor to demean Boy George. I respect him as an artist, but, frankly I think that he totally lacks humor.

I would like to add that I have nothing against gay people. To me, they are normal people with a different sexual orientation.

But I just wish some gay artists would be less sensitive about Eminem. I wish they’d make the effort to understand Eminem’s parody of a rotten society and also to realize that he is not the first nor the last rapper to use « faggot » in his lyrics.

I am deeply convinced that Boy George is totally wrong when he states that Eminem is gay. But even if he was, it wouldn’t alter my deep respect and admiration for him in any case.

33 thoughts on “Boy George thinks that Eminem is gay, but he is totally wrong”

  1. It’s all very well to contextualise “fag”, but I’ll wager Marshall didn’t wander up and down the 8 Mile calling everyone “nigger”. He recognised that certain words are capable of misuse and cuasing offence.

    For such an obviously intelligent guy, with an undoubted gift for the English language, his continued use of homophobic terms smacks of laziness.

  2. Its not very hard to beleive Eminem is gay for instance he dressess in drag, he hugged Elton John, and his obsession with gay sex.I don’t understand how any of his fans can say he’s straight.

  3. I could talk with lesbian girls, hug them and also dress like a man in order to act, that doesn’t make a lesbian of me. Even talking or joking about lesbian sex wouldn’t make a lesbian of me.
    I think that Eminem is straight.
    If he happened to be gay, I’d still be his fan. He is a great person and a great artist. I deeply admire him.

  4. I don’t think Eminem is gay because George wants to ruin Eminem but he’s not going to. Eminem is the hottest r/b singer so far.

  5. Apart from dessing in drag, there’s a whole track in the Marshal Mathers LP reproducing two boys having oral sex. In his last single, “Lose it”, he raps “Touch my body/ Oh boy, touch my body/ I mean girl, touch my body”. I couldn’t give a rats ass if he was gay or not, but such fascination makes you think, dunnit?
    In any case, I think he can be a very incisive rapper, able to trascend the boring “gangsta” thing which is overused… I have to give him props for his single and video “Mosh”. If he could just stick to that, he might be able to take rap to another level and out of the stupid Ghetto-diamonds-girls-party logic where it’s at. Tired of that crap.
    Peace, and I hope he gets over the adolescent jaja-you’re-gay thing, whether he is or not (not too interesting either).

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  7. Eminem is a Hanes Invader. A Poop-Shoot Pappy. A Scrotum Scrutinizer. A Rear Admiral. Moreover, he’s an obnoxious fuckwad. Thank You. Zarcast has spoken.

  8. well, well, well. Weather boy george and moby are gay is irrelevant. Further more, the shirt worn by boy george, has double meaning. It can mean that eminem is fucking gays over with his use of the demeaning word “faggot”. And that is what this word is to most gay men.

    I find it interesting that we are so concerned weather Eminem is gay or not gay. Who cares! What we should be focusing on is the power of words, and the responsiblity there within. For words have power, they come from thought and lead to action.

    I love all races. I really dont notice them, other then we are more alike then un-alike. I do not include in lyric writting words like nigger, spik, wetback and such. I know that these words have power, and I respect what these words have been, are and can be. Further more, in communication, which lyric writting is, the burden of understanding lies on the shoulders of the one whos mouth is moving or pen is writting, not the ear or eye.

    eminem’s craft is founded on language and the expression of self. With that in mind, he either is not good at his craft, which I do not believe to be the case, or he intended the words that he chose, including all the nuances they carry. I do not go around using the word “Nigger”, so why should he believe that we would accept his use of the word “faggot”. And to be honest, even though upon listening, i have found that Mathers does seem to be a great talent, and his current releases align with some of my personal views, I do not want to embrace this hatefull, spitefull, ingnorant piece of shit as a fellow gay man.

    So, there it is, i have added my two cents. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

  9. Thomas: Well-spoken.

    I can accept Mathers’ use of slang (ie.- “faggot”) as a general description or insult, not bearing any bigotted status. Though I generally do not like rap music in any of its incarnations, I must admit that Eminem is one talented fucker, and a leader of his genre/generation at that. He is very well-spoken within his music and art but, unfortunately, comes across as an offensive, unworldly punk through his public, real-life image.

    Even though he is presently a tempermental dumbshit with too much talent and money and not enough realization of his ultimate potential, I believe he could evolve into a spokesman for his generation in a few decades if he keeps at it.

    I dare him. And if he IS gay (which really doesn’t matter one way or the other, as you mentioned), I dare him to come out.


  10. I think somehow that eminem is gay ,he try to pull out his frustration of his homosexuality on other gays.that explains his obsession against gays…

  11. Eminem is not gay. The skit on the Marshal mathers LP where shggy sucks him off is a joke. Gay men don’t understand this because they don’t see what’s so funny about the filthy things they do. Gay male sex is a joke. Have you ever watched gay porn? It’s like a sketch on Saturday night live.Boy George is the classic example of an old gay man who thinks his preference for intercorse with shitholes gives him some profound talent for identifying the secret sexual needs of other people. Funny isn’t it how these people always seem to be young, attractive men? Dream on mate.

  12. If we could just kill Eminem’s wife, his mother, and all the queers in the world, he wouldn’t have any more song lyrics…….then everybody would be satisfied.

  13. well what can i say slim shady is a character who seems to do things that gay people would do like where a leotard i dont think that is manly marshal though when you listen to him is macho i mean he has got dr dre guiding him along the way like a big brother. bless marshal.


  15. mrs duff – does Eminem also love the teaching of grammar and spelling beyond the fourth grade?

  16. I think Eminem is just playing us, and so is my darling Boy George. Though I think Eminem’s kinda strange, and I realy don’t like his lyrics… He’s probably gay though he hasn’t realized it yet, or maybe he’s doing what BG did in the 80’s. (*hrm*)
    I’m realy lookin’ forward to the “Fag, do it again/Fag, do it again/Yo, Eminem”song.
    Maybe the Culture Club could re-unite and do that song? *laugh*

  17. Only a deluded homo could possibly look at two artists as polarised Eminem and Boy George and say they ever suffered from the same closet fagdom. If rapping about killing faggots and making jokular references to sexual intercourse with them is what qualifies him as being gay then isn’t there just as much possibility he’s straight? Afterall, his songs are full the same kind of references to women. I hate gay men. They have such an obscured view of the world. Every man they look at gets projected with their own insecure sexual theories and perversions. Why can’t they accept it? Unless homosexuality is mother natures way of making humans extinct by making it impossible to propogate the species, unless that is he case, then every man you meet is probably not gay.

  18. Oh Amie, Amie, Amie. You hate gay men. Thanks for sharing your pea-brained, bigotted, Nazi opinion with us. Thanks for conveniently grouping all gay men into a nice, tidy behavioral stereotype. Pity, really.

  19. Well, I Thankyou just as whole heartedly “Zippy” for conveniently writing me off as a biggotted, Nazi, pea brain. Granted, the Nazi’s and I might share some opinions: I dry retch at the idea of two men boning each other in the arse (I mean that’s where people shit from), but unlike the Nazi’s, I respect the rights of those same arse-boners to go on boning arses in freedom and safety and without the threat of being thrown in a gas chamber. NEWSFLASH: It’s not only facists, conservatives and pig fucking- red necks that have a problem with gay men! In other reagards I swing to the left: I don’t support the invasion of Iraq, I vote Labour (in Australia that’s like voting Democrat) and I believe in the right of all people’s to practice the life-style and religion of their choice (so long as that practice causes no other people harm). It’s blanket ways of thinking like yours which have poof’s looking at an Icon like Eminem and tarring him with the same pansy brush God used when he made them. Fuck you.

  20. OMG. I hope you’re kidding me. You think all gay men are basicly just wierd and horny. I mean, hellooo? I mean most straight guys do stuff like that to, ya know!
    Okay, I can’t really think of something to say right now, ’cause I’m so freakin’ mad. I mean, I’m actually shaking! I can’t stand your homofobic thoughts, and I really hope you some day will understand what you’re saying—
    “I believe in the right of all people’s to practice the life-style and religion of their choice” – oh no you’re not, and you just proved that yourself! Oo

    “Somebody else’s life cannot be mine” (Culture Club, ya know ;P)

  21. I do believe in the right of all peoples to practice the life style and religion of their choice (so long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else)…but that doesn’t mean I have to like or approve of it. And surely anyone who belongs to gay culture can accept that. The amount of times I have been in a room full of gay men who have referred to the idea of sex with a woman as “disgusting” but I’m sure that doesn’t mean they wish for this practice to be banned, does it? You really need to listen more. You don’t even address my arguments properly. People like you are so generalised in your thinking. Somone just has to mention the fact that they don’t like the idea of gay sex and all of a sudden their a NAZI or a homophobe. I’M NOT A HOMOPHOBE. I’M NOT SCARED OF GAY MEAN! I’M FUCKING ANGRY AT THEM! I AM A WOMAN, I’VE WORKED IN THE THEATRE INDUSTRY FOR YEARS, SURROUNDED BY THEM. I HAVE SEEN AND BEEN IMPRISSONED BY THEIR CULTURE, AND BELIEVE ME ALL THE FUCKING CLICHES, ALL THE NEGATIVE IDEAS ABOUT GAY CULTURE THAT ACTIVISTS SAY THEY ARE FIGHTING TO CHANGE…THEY ARE ALL FUCKING TRUE.

  22. Ok, you’re not a homophobic then. If you’re not, you’re just so… *trying to find the english word*…
    I don’t think there IS a word that can say what I feel about you. You just make me sick…

    It sounds like being gay, having gay-sex is all wrong, wrong, wrong, but you can’t fuckin’ HELP that you’re gay! So what are all gay men gonna do then, huh? They should give up sex and just lay around masturbating to get pleasured?
    It’s about LOVE damn it!

  23. Don’t gay men do enough of that (masturbating) alredy? Weather by themselves, in groups, with their own partners or someone elses?

    okay. so you’re obviously gay. And I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I know all gay men are not totally perverted. I get a bit carried away sometimes. I do, however think that on the whole, contemporary gay culture (especially male) is full of hideous double standards and superficial, materialistic values. As a woman I have been insulted and degraded more often and more blatantly by gay men than straight men. And if you had experienced what I have, I think you’d have to forgive me for believing that all gay men hate women.

    Gay men, like straight men, have little regard for women and still hold very traditional values about what we are supposed to be. They see us as mothers or sluts. Nothing in between. They write off key figures of female desire as being gay inorder to make womens sexuality defunct and women meaningless. And as sex is so important to them, it is the greatest insult they can conjure.

    When gay men can’t accept that another man just doesn’t like what they do (Eminem) they put it in the too hard basket by saying that he’s gay and doesn’t know it yet. But you just have to accept it. Some people will always have a problem with what you do. Weather its politically unsound or not. And c’mon, let’s stop pretending, its not the 80’s anymore, I think its safe to say the gay world is far from faultless and it’s inevidable some guys will have an adverse reaction.

    And the same goes for everyone. What do you think of Mormons, or people who vote republican?

  24. “You’re obviously gay”, oh my, thanks for making me laugh XD! Okay, better calm down so my mum can have her beautysleep XP

    Seems like you’ve just had some bad experiences with gay men. But don’t judge all of them ’cause of that. I actually think that gay men are nicer than straight most of the time, ’cause all straight men just think about… well, you know ;P

    Okay, but now I’m judging. Can’t we all just agree that nomatter if you’re straight, gay och bisexual, you’re still an individual? ‘Cause there must be some straight guys out there who thinks Eminem’s gay.
    And by the way, straight guys masturbate too, you know ;P

    Oh jee, I must stop saying “you know”. I’m such a Boy-wannabe 😛

  25. I repeat…

    “When gay men can’t accept that another man just doesn’t like what they do (Eminem) they put it in the too hard basket by saying that he’s gay and doesn’t know it…”

    Lil thug angel (that’s a filthy homo name if I ever heard one) you just proved my point.


    i am a gay male that enjoys listening to eminem. yes it’s fun to imagine that he is gay, becuase it’s a issue he’s stuck on and he is attractive and smart. on the other hand he may very well be straight and either way i don’t think that he has a problem with gay people. i think he’s a lyrical genious that maybe doesn’t realize his impact on society. the people buying his cd’s in large are teenage boys that (i’m generalizing) don’t have the capacity to understand his sarcasm and the intelligence behind his music. one of my best friends in the world who has always been supportive of me is straight as are many of my friends, and the first thing he said to me was “i don’t have any problem with you being gay but it’s gonna be hard for me to stop saying ‘gay’ ” (in a derogatory sense). I told him it didn’t bother me as long as he accepted me. Even still, after some time and explaining I got him to understand that while i might be okay with the fact that he says something is “gay”, other people, especially someone who is not ‘out’ that is struggling with the issue might hear people using the word (which is always used in a negative format, ie: when someone does something stupid “your so gay” or “that’s so gay”) it might cause them to not deal with their problem for fear that people surrounding them won’t accept them. It happened to me, all my friends were straight jock types that i thought would hate me, I waited for a long time and I didn’t lose one single friend when I told them all. back to the point though.
    eminem grew up in a tougher neighborhood in which the term “gay” was used as a way of challanging someones manhood. therefore it is just slang, second nature, like calling someone a bitch, which has lost it’s flavor because women are way more empowered now, even though ‘bitch’ can still be offensive, gay still wins as the worse of the insults at this point. ANYways, so when the “gay community” (which by the way, i’m still waiting for my membership card, should arrive in the mail any day now) attacked eminem for using such words, eminem got a lot of attention sort of unwanted i would imagine, and the heat of the whole thing just propelled the issue up and up and up. I think eminem has moved on for the most part, but anyone can listen to the track “criminal” to find that he BLATENTLY prefaces the track by saying that people shouldn’t believe what he says on his tracks and then when the track starts he BASHES the SHIT out of GAYS and then later SAYS HE’s FINE WITH GAYS. It’s just to show all the idiots who don’t understand that they need to LET THIS ISSUE GO!

    I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with gay men. On behalf of all of us, I’m truely sorry. But hate breeds hate, so you can hate things about gay men without hating gay men, that’s fine, just realize that hate STILL breeds hate. I don’t hate you at all and I don’t hate anyone here who is going to continue to say NASTY things about gay people. Hmm maybe nobody will even read this ever. I understand where you are coming from in your analysis of gay men from a purely general perspective. Please understand that we’ve been told “no” all our lives, and for many generations gay men had to sneak around. Relationships were not a possibility becuase of peoples attitudes towards homosexuality, resulting in many encounters to please the sex deprived part of a gay man’s system. This in turn has created bad habbits that have been passed along. Now all of the sudden (last 10 or so years) it’s as excepted as could be hoped for and I think you’ll start seeing more and more gay men that go on dates instead of hooking up in secret, i think you’ll see more selectiveness in who (we) have sex with, and I think you’ll see long term relationships become more normal. There will always be horny people in this world gay or straight, man or woman, and so sex will always be at the forefront of our culture in movies, tv, and music rather than relationships.

    Someone in this blog made a comment about gay men thinking that all guys are somehow gay and that if that were true then it would lead to the end of our civilization. I’m not sure I fully agree with that, but nevertheless it’s obviously not the case so it’s not an intelligent statement. It’s a poor generalization. Most straight guys I know think that every girl wants him. That’s also a poor generalization. The point is, if i’m attracted to a guy, gay or straight, or even better, if I’m in love with a guy, gay or straight, then I’m going to pursue that feeling, but either way as soon as I’m rejected then I must suffer the angst of someone not reciprocating my love. Much like a guy who’s been turned down by a girl. Same shitty feeling. I know everyone here can probably relate to that feeling. Not so different really.

    Anyways, I believe that gay people have a place on this earth that is important enough for us to be here, whether by Gods design or whatever you might believe. I think this whole thing would go a lot more smoothly for both sides of the table if it was just let go of as a whole. I may be gay, but even if you get rid of me or brainwash me somehow (good luck with the brainwashing) life is still gonna suck for a lot of people. I’m not the answer to your suffering. My not being gay is not gonna make poor people richer, or stop wars in Iraq, or end hunger, or make the girl you like that doesn’t like you change her mind.

    Whew, okay, let the hate continue, go ahead open the flood gates. Oh, not sure how this works? Okay let me help. Someone should respond in a hateful manor to this post (even though I did not hate on anyone) and then after that, someone else should respond to that post in an equally hateful and negative manor, and so on and so on, cuz we all have the freedom to speak (use it wisely, it’s a gift by the way).

  27. It’s not whether or not he’s gay, it’s whether or not he’s a good guy. And he’s not. So forget about him. He’s not a very good person. HE cares more about fame and fortune than he does about his kids. And he writes songs about it. What a moron. Ha. I haven’t listened to him since he threatend to throw me off a bridge with his boyfriend in the trunk screaming. Peace.

  28. I’m not saying Eninem is gay or not, but come to the world of entertainment and find out there are plenty of gay or bi men who are beileve and present themselves to be str8 and I’m not talking about people like Tom Cruise…These are guys who never are questioned about their sexuality…I cold care less if Eninem was gay…I actually wouldn’t mind cause that would increase my chances of hooking up with him…

  29. no one should say any thing about boy george,I like him and I don’t think that he said that and if u do that’s fine do what u wish. Thank u for listening.

    the british people

  30. This is an old article but somehow I came across it. From my knowledge Eminem is gay. Yeah that took me a while to write that. The people who has work with him says it and its an okay thing. Alot of people in Hollywood is gay and they play straight cause they don’t want to hurt there careers. I remember when Dr. Dre “discovered” Eminem. People was saying they were sleeping together and I believe that because I do know that Dr. Dre is gay.

  31. to ‘the british people’: I completely agree. Boy George is an incredible human being, so full of creative talent, his honesty so genious and frank that he is delightfully less complicated than most people. Plus he’s sexy and handsome. And those eyes…. He’s very intelligent and insightful and well-read that he is on a higher level than 90% of the population. He wastes no time on pity, excuses or pussy-wimps who don’t stand up for themselves. He blurts out what he feels and wants…even in the middle of a balland during his concert (he once told some motor-mouth talkers in the audience to ‘shut the fuck up while I’m singing a ballad!’ It was awesome. Plus he’s FUNNY and sharp-witted.

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