Kim Mathers' detention time in Macomb County jail

The Star Magazine recently published an article informing the public about Kim Mathers’ detention time in jail.
After two months of detention, Kim is feeling down. She’s been deprived of Marshall and Hailie’s visits. She feels abandoned and all alone.

According to a close source to the Mathers family, « Kim’s really bummed out that Marshall and especially Hailie, hasn’t visited … »

Some people may wonder why. But people who perfectly know Marshall also know how much protective he is towards Hailie.
According to Todd Nelson, Eminem thinks that his daughter could be traumatized if she saw her mom behind bars, which is understandable:

« Marshall feels it would traumatize Hailie to see her mother behind bars, having to talk to her through a window and not being able to even touch her mommy.”

Marshall could have visited Kim alone. Then why hasn’t he done it? Maybe because there is a little bit resentment inside of him. After all, Kim has made his life a living hell for months, she has disappeared without thinking about the consequences.
Kim didn’t even care about what could happen to her daughters and to Alaina, her twin sister’s daughter who’s been adopted by Marshall.
Kim has shown a lot of irresponsibility in her behavior and no wonder if her ex husband is mad at her.
But Kim’s behavior is the behavior of an addicted woman, who loses herself in the world of drugs instead of facing her problem. The publics’ eye has no mercy for a woman, whose personal life is constantly exposed: Kim is going through bad times like anybody of us has been through. It is just that our mistakes are not exposed publicly.
Kim run away several times since she was facing cocaine charges. Her whereabouts explain a wish to escape to the real world and they are certainly a strong SOS call towards her entourage.
Kim wants some attention, especially from Marshall.

It looks like this time she will have to prove her good will to Marshall.

According to the same friend of the Mathers’ family, Eminem’s ex wife is now conscious of her mistakes and that she has hurt a lot of people through her irresponsible behavior:

« She realizes she’s let a lot of people down by her behavior. »

She also expressed the wish to accept the help she need, which sounds rather encouraging:

“She’s vowed to straighten herself out and stay clean. She’s eager to stick to a rehab program and get the help she needs.”

Will Kim clean up her act? Time will tell.

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  1. I think that if kim wants to stay clean then she will. She is a very beautiful girl behind all the drugs and scandals and in my opinion has a lot of potential for herself but is unaware of that because all she knows is how to hide from her problems and fears by using.

  2. Does Anyone know Of An Address That I would Be Able To Write to Kim
    At By Chance?
    If So Please Email Me ASAP.. Thank you.

  3. i cant understand kim why dont she at least behave her self i dont understand why she has to let every one she is on drugs she could keep that secret surly.

  4. Kim is an ass eminem gave her everything and she wanted more.And as for this ciara girl fuck off because eminem is a great father.

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