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Nathan Mathers: a young man on his way to fame

To all of you who are curious to know more about Nathan Mathers’ future career as a rapper, it seems like Eminem’s brother has achieved his first rap CD.

He’s got the ambition to be a rap star like his big brother from whom he has learnt a lot and whom he is very grateful to:

« My brother Eminem is the coolest guy I know and he’s the greatest brother a guy could have. We’re really close and I’ve idolized him ever since I was a kid, way before he was famous. »

Both brothers live together and Nate enjoys staying at his brother’s home. A great complicity binds both brothers. Eminem even helps his little brother out with his music. With such a great teacher, no doubt Nathan will make some progress very fast:

« I’ve been living with Eminem a few years now and it’s the best situation in the world. I have my own room and plenty of space. No one bothers me. Eminem’s around a lot. He helps me with my music and we play on our play station, listen to music or watch movies together. »

Although Nate has also been suffering from his mom’s behavior, that he described as « nuts » a few years ago, he is in better terms with Debbie Mathers than Marshall:

« My relationship with our mom is very different to Marshall’s, he says. I’ve never seen her the way he does. They have lots of problems. I don’t get into it. She’s my mom and I love her. »

Since Eminem has been granted full custody for his daughter, Hailie also shares Nathan’s every day live. He loves his neice very much and plays a lot with her.
Nathan will confirm you how dedicated Marshall is as a daddy:

« I make time for her every day whatever she wants to do. Since she’s been living back at Eminem’s full time, we’re one big family and I love having her around. It’s sad what happened with her mom, but Eminem’s a great dad. People tend to dismiss this. »

Nathan doesn’t want to be Eminem’s rapping clone. He has the will to make something very personal and different from his brother’s style:

« I am my own person. I am not my brother. I can’t have his career. I can only put my stuff and create my own identity. People are going either dig my stuff or they won’t. »

Of course, Nathan is conscious that being Eminem’s brother will help a lot in building his future career:

« Sure being Eminem’s brother has opened all the doors, but it’s now up to me to make something of it. No one is going to invest in me if I don’t produce the results. I understand that this is a business first. If the CDs don’t sell, I’m out. »

The biggest mistake that people could make would be to compare Nathan to his brother. You ought to give him a chance: of course it won’t be perfect at the very beginning, but you can be sure that he will do his best:

« I only hope that people will give me a chance and not try to compare me to him. I’m making my own music. It is not just a carbon copy of his stuff. »

Nathan Mathers might be the next great hip hop superstar very soon. He is determined to work hard in order to surprise you positively. When his first CD will come out, why not give him a chance to prove his talent?

63 thoughts on “Nathan Mathers: a young man on his way to fame”

  1. natan is so hot hope he makes it big lke his brother eminem he is so hot to just wanted to tell you thet naten is hot bye


  2. Well i think that its great that nathan gets into music. And i think that hes gonna be great, and lets hope he makes it big which im sure he will. And i bet hes gonna be completely different from his brother, and thats what hes trynig to say : that he has his own identity and that his misic wont be the same. anywayz

    update late


  3. i fink nate is stunnin!he will b top at rappin n i fink he is gorgeous jst like his bro! lauren xx

  4. Nate.. I think you seems to be a nice guy. I hope that everythings in your life that you wanted to do will be good. many kisse / kida

  5. FUCK! Nate is BUFF! How da hell can sum1 give birth to summat thatlooks like dat!and anywayz, y’know he’s gonna be heavy coz talent runs in da family, dunnit?

  6. hay dude
    havnt been on era 4 along time

    nate iz a sexc ass (that waz my friend sade)

    well bye ok gota go im baby sittin luv yaz

  7. Marshall is the HOT one, Nathan???? Lil shady maybe? Personally if Nate makes it on his own WITHOUT Em’s help, wouldnt that be more convincing to the fans????
    Anyone can make a cd if there brother is Eminem, THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

  8. Eminem probablly didnt sign Nathan beacuase Nathan wanted to see if he could make it on his own? I dont know. I aint heard any of Nathan’s stuff so i aint gunna judge him just yet. Ive heard one song that was by ‘him’ but then some one told me it was a poser. But if he jacks of Eminems stuff then i wont be buying any of his records.

  9. i cant belive it! ive benn thinkin of nate för 3 years now! its unbeliveble… i break up with my boyfriend because the only one i could think about was nate…! its crazy! i know!!! but what am i gonna do? i dont know… i know that it is alot of girls who feels like me but there´s nothing to do about it… i wanna forget him but i cant!

  10. Pssssh, fecking girls, go away and listen to some shaggy or soemthing,

    we’re talkin about rap here, not how hot a dude is or isn’t, if bein hot should get this kid anything.. it’s a modelling contract.

    just cuz rap went pop doesn’t mean its liek pop, little family setups like this don’t do well in rap, if anythign being ems brother is a disadvantage, sure people will talk about him and look at him twice because of his brother but other rappers now have an easy target to make thier name off of. If nate is worth anything at all he’ll go to blaze battle and/or rap sheet rap olympics to show us he has what he takes.

    other than that… i hope the little turd dies

  11. ok people, if Nate has a cd out, what is the name of it and where can it be bought at??? NOT SHADY RECORDS,

  12. i love nate i love nate i love nate fit fit fit bloody fit….fitter than eminem tho?….hmmmmm- both sexy beasts

  13. hay guyz how r all ov yaz lifez
    minez shit im cuttin myself again

    oh well i still luv nate no matta wat hez so sexc.
    em ok, ok ur hot 22222222.
    welll byaz c u l8r dudez peace out man

  14. Nathan Mathers, Iz so Awsome!!!. And i know he can do thiz!. And for him
    Making a CD GO NATHAN!!!. and EMINEM which his new CD ENCORE! yea it’z da bomb!, and Nathan, is gonna be da Bomb! I LOVE YA EMINEM AND NATHAN!!!!

  15. Firs thing I just found out that EMINEM has a younger brother and im really surprised. Because I read so much about his life and today (11/29/04) found out that he got a younger brother. I know i should not be saying this but i think that when Nathan gets hi album on sale and makes money, he is not going to hang out with eminem no more. i hope im wrong

  16. I fink nate will go far like his bro. I fink dey r both brill nd dey r very talented in dere own way. I will b supportin both of dem all da way !!!!! Also dey r both v. sxy !!!!!! But dat aint da point. Jst wanted 2 say.

  17. nate dawg is gona b just like his bro i tel ya, man i dont trust any of them there pretty shady if u ask me…awel gud luck for nate wen he brings out his cd

  18. who ever said that Nate should die is effing crazy hes soooo gorgeous..i’m like obsessed with him n i think he’ll go far so eff u whoever hates him! peace out //

  19. Hu sed dat he shuld die ???? Hu eva sed it must b a rite low-life. He is wel fit nd v. talented. I love him 2 pieces !!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Wel dats ur opinion !!!! lol !!!! I stil fink nate is like a sxy beast nd i love him !!!! But usher is kk……. i guess!!! lol but nate is buffer nd beta

  22. i think that nathan jus looks like a younger version of eminem they both sexy but i think eminem has a better body than nathan but nathan is still hot lolz eminem is da best rapper in da world and if nathan is n e thing like him i shall be listenin to his music all day!!!

  23. I think Nathan will be just as successful as his brother. I also think that by making his music diverse from em’s is a great idea. By making music in his own way will be a great experience and im sure everyone will love him. If he trys his hardest he could be just as great as his brother.. GoOd lUcK nAt<3

  24. Yeh true !!!! But i like him already… wen he properly comes out den i mean i wuld like him even more !!!! If dat makes ne sense !!!! lol. But debbie mathers is sayin dat nathan will go further dan em. Wat do u guys fink coz i like dem both nd i aint heard ne of nathan’s music so i guess we cnt reali gudge. But still wat do u guys fink ???? !!!!

  25. Yeh true !!!! But i like him already… wen he properly comes out den i mean i wuld like him even more !!!! If dat makes ne sense !!!! lol. But debbie mathers is sayin dat nathan will go further dan em. Wat do u guys fink

  26. hey,
    I think when you start to make C.D.’s they will be a good, just like your brother. Your both are hot and Hailie is so cute.

  27. yeah well i aint got a clue who this boy iz so w/e. maybe cuz i dont like da whole rap thing but u noe good luck neway.

  28. nat u iz LUSH!!!!!!!!! IV GOT A PIC OF U ON MSN IM GONA GET A BIG 1 IF ENY1 EVER SAYS NAT SHOULD DIE I WILL FINED WER THEY LIVE AND RIPE THER HED OF eminem u is FIT!!!!!!!!!i got a hat with eminem name on it i wer it all the time o me sis who iz 16 finks eminem iz lush but sadly hes 30 so 2 old for her but nat iz just the same so and only 17 so 16 and 17 closs me think the sam coz me same age but bite yonger

  29. this iz a rap for nat .xnat u iz lush u make me blush nat u iz lush with all ya bling blig ya sing sing with ya rapin and every 1 starts skreemin and i star beamin then ya speakin and then i fall on the ground and lisen to the pound pound pound nat u iz lush u make me blush com on now NAT U IZ LUSH

  30. its gunna take time for nate to make it big u got start small and make you way to the top but nate is gunna make it he has ppl supporting him on the way that helps when you have ppl to support u tellin u can do it that makes a easier nate will make it through it just takes time

  31. Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that i dont think Nathan will ever make it as far as Em has unless he has help by the hott older brother. I havn’t heard any of Nate’s songs but i just know that Em is and ALWAYS will be #1 in my book! I am his biggest fan and I can’t wait for him to come out with something new!!
    *EmInEm: I love you*

  32. Hey everyone! I just wanted to drop a line to let you all know that I think that if Nate has the help of his older and much sexier brother, he may make it just 1 from the top. Otherwise, if Em doesn’t help him, he’ll be one of those “P!$$ED OFF RAPPERS WHO NEVER MADE IT”. Eminem IS and ALWAYS will be number one no matter what, and i AM so much inspired by Eminem that it is not only about his looks or money, but how he feels / and makes his fans feel while doing what he was meant to do!
    -Anyways- I love Eminem and even though Nate may be gettin help and advice from Em, he’ll never go what Em went through to get where he is today!

  33. I think its awsome that nate wants to get in2 music like his bro. and i just hope that he makes it because it seems like somthing that he really wants.

    Fox grl

  34. hey nathan i will suppot u no matter wut.u r hhooooootttt,care about your niece hailie,and u seem realy nice.but not only that u have your brother marshal bruce mathers blood,so u may not have the same styl music as your brothers,but hay your marshals little brother u were born to marshal keep on helping nathan with his music,keep takeing care of your wife,your daughter hailie,your maybe adopted daughter whitney.hay nathan please sat hi to hailie 4 me please have her call me,i gave u my number 4 the e-mail adress.keep up the grea work marshal bruce mathers,and nathan mathers take care to go to bed now it’s eleven one and im already
    ow nathan im only 11 so please have hailie call and ask 4 would mean alot because my 16 year old sis is in a foster home,myparents broke up when i was 1,last month my step dad and my mom broke up,and my 14 year old brother jeff has a daseese,my 7 month brother devin has pink eye,and my 5 year old sister has namonya,i have a deseese.the onlt brothers and sisters that r not sick now is my 10 year old sis kyrlee,my 12 year old bro tyler,and my 14 year old bro jimmy him and jeff r twins.the good things r that my cuz ed stump use to be in a famous band.and my real dad is in a brother is thinking about following my dads footsteps.

    luv u always,
    tayler r. jechura

  35. Hay its Jason I hope you ant gonna say any thing about your Mom this time coze it pised off everyone and its hard for me to live in the city I rilly look the same as you and Marshal i was born on the same day as Marshal Oct 17 79. I like you guys over thar would love to partty some time .
    all my friends love you and stuff

  36. if these is the only way to say some words…ok.
    Hi…hmmm…I don’t know how to say…
    I know just some things about you,and I’d like
    to know a little more,but I’m not trying.
    I need to say u that i was dreaming u a lot of times
    before I saw you in the some newspaper,and that dreams
    were so…amazing…and they look so real.I’m just
    sorry because all that was just a dreaming…but
    I have a feeling that we will be meet again,
    and that will be very soon,and you will never
    know that the girl u’ll meet will be me…
    So se ya…very soon…
    I know that u have a lot of mails like this,but
    I don’t care if u don’t read it,however u’ll
    meet me if I let u…
    And sorry for gramar mistakes because in my country
    is not uses English.

  37. i have been on nate kanes myspace and was impressed with what i heard i wasnt expecting it to be that good but wil def buy any cd he puts out

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