French hostages plead for lives

Two French journalists held hostage in Iraq have urged their government to lift a ban on Muslim headscarves in schools to save their lives. In a new video shown on Arabic TV station al-Jazeera, the men also called on French people to protest against the law, due to come into force this week.

If this one plays out badly we will see videos released on Islamist websites showing the journalists being beheaded. I do hope they return safely.






4 responses to “French hostages plead for lives”

  1. Michael avatar

    Wretchard at Belmontclub is speculating that the French are preparing to pay a ransom to free the hostages.

    Cheese eating surrender monkeys my arse, that’s too soft, they’re just cowards. From the Philippines (2000) to Algeria (2003) the French, Germans and other Europeans have routinely enriched and emboldened terrorists by paying ransoms.

    So what happens? Basic economics tells us incentives work and the bad guys come back for more.

    See also this report by Wretchard describing how terrorists use ransoms:

    At least middlemens’ sticky fingers ensure the terrorists only get pennies on the pound.

    Chirac and Schroder should be impeached and tried for aiding and abetting terrorism.

  2. Isabelle Esling avatar
    Isabelle Esling

    I am so much against the headscarves’ ban. It is disrespecting the Muslim community in France.

  3. niall avatar

    Seems the French Islamic community is pretty united in denouncing the attempt to force a repeal – good on them.

  4. Lillian avatar

    What about the Americans? Ever heard of Arms for Hostages?