3 thoughts on “New Camera”

  1. Hey Gavin what a beautiful surprise. I visited here looking for the result of your 7 day research on us readers and find you’ve redecorated without warning. It suits you much better – looks younger and fresher – and is easy on the read too. This comments box is a bit titchy I’m on the fourth line now and it looks like there is no room for a fifth line so I will keep typing to see…. ok I’m still on fifth line but my first line has disappeared and you have no preview facility and there is no scroll bar for me to see what I’ve written — I’ve just used my arrow key. Hope you lengthen the size of this box – width is fine but not length (sounds like a joke there somewhere or maybe it’s too late at night for me right now and I ought to go to sleep. Night night — good luck with your smart new blog. Super pictures — what do you see when you blog? Do you look out of a window? Can we have some pics please. And ones of any cats you might have (don’t be shy – even Instapundit has no qualms about catblogging his fine looking Nicholas).

    PS These here boxes for name/email/URL could do with widening if poss…

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