Dubai's blue skies and white elephants

Peter Day for the BBC has a good long article on current goings on in the Gulf city of Dubai. Readers may know I have visited there on a few occassions, and plan to do so again this month. He covers it all pretty well, I am looking forward to seeing the new archway almost completed for the new Financial Services Center just off Sheikh Zayed Road.

I have also been critical of the UAE’s involvment with international terrorism, and the curious links between Dubai, Sharjah and al-Qaeda. In fact many of the hijackers on Sep 11 flew through Dubai, some of them checked by security services at the request of the CIA. Dubai has purpotedly served as a conduit for gold and money transfers for al-Qaeda, and the Emirates were one of the few countries to recognise the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Peter Day covers it all quite well from the tourism perspective, hopefully I can do a little more digging while I am out there.

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  1. You’re a brave man, announcing the investigation to all and sundry and that you will be in (the lion’s den?)Dubai soon. I was thinking of selling you life assurance……better not, eh? Take care of yourself! Or others will.

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