Knockmealdown Mountains, Co. Waterford

I quite like this lake up in the Knockmealdown mountains, it is a pretty peaceful place. And I really like how these pictures are turning out. Apologies to those on dial-up, this picture is 250k in size.

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3 responses to “Knockmealdown Mountains, Co. Waterford”

  1. ryan avatar

    nice pic, if a bit over-exposed 😛

  2. Ingrid avatar

    Gavin, sorry to be off topic here (I’m on dialup and haven’t tried the photo). Question about your old and new site. I have just linked to one of your old posts – when I click into the link, it takes me to the post on the old blog, and when I click to get to your main blog, it takes me to the last post: Aug 30 – and there is no clear link to point readers to your new blog. Would it be possible for you to insert a link – to your new main page – in your Aug 30 post – please? Thanks.

  3. tas avatar

    salaam i like your site it’s kool ! 🙂 may allah bless you and everything for creating such a website brother or sister Bye !