Iran tensions

Events in Iran will come to the fore this week, but already some big news from the country. The IAEA will meet tomorrow to discuss the situation in Iran. It is reported that Iran has announced it plans to start processing 37 tons of uranium yellowcake, Western intelligence officials have estimated that amount of the processed uranium could build five nuclear bombs.

Meanwhile in an apparent show of force, to ward off any possible invasion by US forces, hundreds of thousands of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards began military maneuvers Sunday near the border with Iraq, with a top commander saying the exercise was designed to reinforce Iran’s resolve to defend itself against “big powers.”

We shall have to see what course of action the US take through the UN.

One thought on “Iran tensions”

  1. Just as well the US didn’t take Iran by surprise. Maneuvers in the open desert is not exactly the kind of tactic the US military would be alarmed about. I doubt the Iranian Air Force would last long against the US Air Force and Navy. And, once their air cover was gone, those troops would be sitting ducks.

    If they were practising taking up positions in urban areas, fighting without uniforms and with small arms, then I’d know they were serious.

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