WE’VE heard about bum raps, but would the real Slim Shady please cover himself up.

Foul-mouthed US hip-hopper Eminem bared all on a recent midnight run in Los Angeles wearing nothing but his socks and trainers.

So why was Em, who turns 32 on Friday, letting it all hang out?

Apparently, it’s in aid of the video for his new single which appears on his fourth album, Encore, due out in November.

The rap star is no stranger when it comes to courting controversy. In the past he has been criticised for lyrics which have described drowning ex-wife Kim Mathers, killing mentor Dr Dre, and beating up rival gang members.

But this is his cheekiest move yet.


  1. for your information Eminem is a great rapper and for you to go out there and talk about him like that gets me angry because you dont even know him. Hes probably the only celebrity who actually writes about his true feelings. I want you to answer my questions though: Have you lived the like that he now lives? Are you the one walking in his shoes? And have you ever lived a day in his life?…I didnt think so. So how can you say such things about someone you dont even know. All he is, is a young adult living life to the fullist and if you have a problem with his music then dont listen to it. I dont know what up with you adults and picking on Eminem and other rappers but you all need to worry about your own lives and let Eminem live his the way he sees fit.

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