Final battle: Eminem vs The Source

And the winner is: Eminem. The last chapter in Benzino and Dave Mays’ worthless hate crusade against Eminem has eventually been written. With a good news for all the people who like Marshall Mathers: the Source has been outrapped by the talented rapper. The Source Magazine has been ordered to pay $131,388 to cover legal fees incurred in connection with a copyright lawsuit filed last December by Eminem. It seems like those fees are not the Source’s only legal problems:

It had been ruled, two months earlier, that the Source had violated a Court order that forbid the magazine a complete publication of Eminem’s « racist rhymes » . We know from Eminem that those rhymes were written just after a he had broken up with his black girlfriend and from Chaos Kid that they were « suckering rhymes » only aimed at the studio and not for publication in any case.

The Source’s owners lost their worthless war against Eminem. By trying to ruin his career, the truth has eventually been exposed and people who have investigated this affair as well as Marshall’s life story perfectly know that the talented rapper has never been a racist.
Now it’s time to cheer up, because justice has triumphed!






7 responses to “Final battle: Eminem vs The Source”

  1. Jessica avatar

    That just goes to prove my point. I don’t know how many websites I have left comments to and the people that don’t like Eminem have a hard time with him.
    He maynot be the cleanest rapper, but he is really good and a really talented
    guy. I like him and I don’t have any problem with him what so ever. My dad
    doesn’t like him and he sometimes makes comments about him, and I’m like he
    is a good rapper, but he had a hard family life. I know that he is not a
    racist because if he was, there would be more evidence of it and he isn’t one.
    He is also not abusive to women either, because there is no evidence that he is, and it’s only for enterinment purposes as well. He also said that if his nusic is literal, than how the fuck could he raise a little girl, and that he wouldn’t be fit to. That is true though, because he isn’t violent and is also a great father to Hailie, and a lot of people like him, and rven if they don’t, they still think that he is a good father and one that cares enough for his daughter that he would give up rapping for her. That just goes to prove that he is excepentally talented and that he is a good dad to his daughter.

  2. Isabelle Esling avatar
    Isabelle Esling

    Jessica, i agree with you all the way:)

  3. JetX66 avatar

    EM is the best rapper out there in the music industry!

  4. Isabelle Esling avatar
    Isabelle Esling

    Yea. He is the best rapper. This also creates a lot of jealousy all around him.
    Ambitious people with no talent like Benzino thought they could have a name in the rap game just by dissing Eminem. But he forgot that he lacked the most important: lyrical skills!
    He has also proven that he is a weak journalist, because he was ready to misrepresent the truth, just to break Eminem’s career. What a cunt.

  5. stefanie avatar

    i really agree with jessica. eminem is a good rapper. i like him so much. like eminem said in his song ( hailie song) that people never seen his real side..
    they don’t understand about his hard life… i like him coz he never give up to reach his goal ( being a good rapper). he’s inspired me to face this crazy world, this unfair world. he just trying to tell us about the evil side of this world. he just trying to tell our parents to give more attention to their kids, so please don’t blame eminem coz he’s rapping that way.
    i’m sure that he’s a good father and he loves his daughter so much..
    just keep rapping em…

  6. Mark avatar

    I think People take eminem the wrong way my dad doesn’t like the way he swears alot but he tells me he has alot of talent and he doesnt mind listening to eminem’s music. Like he says in the song “The Way I Am” “And all of this controversy circles me And it seems like the media immediately Points a finger at me…” And hes right because of his swearing the media just picks the celebrity that is being favoured the most by kids and if he swears and kids listen to his music and then end up doing something dumb they just point their finger at EM and say He’s the bad guy. And what makes the media and parents the worst are that they believe that every thing he says on a song are stuff he does in real life in the begging of “Criminal” he say “Alot of people think, What i do or talk about on a record that I actually do in real life or that I believe in it or if i say i’m going to kill someone i’m actually going to do it or i actually believe in it well shit if you believe that then i’ll kill you, you know why cause i’m a criminal” Hes trying to say that you shouldnt believe what people say he might sing about it but he doesnt due the stuff he says hes going to do and parents and media dont see that they dont’t listen carefully because if they did they would know what hes singing about his serious songs the media and parents never listen to, Like “The Way I Am” hes singing about how people blame him for stuff and how people come up to him in public when hes with his daughter he can never get time to himself and how media is always bothering him and how is life is, and the song “Criminal” hes showing that if you believe everything he says then you’ll believe everything in that song and to believe everything he say you must be dumb .And for eminem and his daughterm, i think eminem is a great father for him to sing about how he cares about his daughter and mentions her in alot of his songs means he really cares about her and he would do anything to keep her out of his problems and would quit rapping for her.

  7. ghhgjhgjghj avatar

    if theres any eminem fans in here….

    go here. it’s a new eminem book they wanna publish to silence the critics. e-mail them with your name age location, why you like eminem and how he changed your life. they need 200,000 signatures for it to be published.