Kathryn Blair suicide bid

Seems like the story has finally leaked out, I did point it out a good while back, after a tip off from a reader in London. No.10 are keeping very quiet about it, apparently all the lobby journalists were asked to keep quiet. She was rushed to hospital after a suspected overdose. Rumours suggest she was being taunted at school for her weight, and for her dad being a warmonger. I do hope she recovers from her traumatic experience.

Update May 6th 2005: There has been a surge in interest in this story today. Can any readers let me know why? Because Blair got a third term?

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  1. To answer your question, I saw a photo of Tony Blair and his family while reading an article about his reelection. His daughter has pretty red hair as does my wife and my mother, so I wanted to see more pictures of her.

  2. Saw picture of Blair’s daughter I had frankly forgotten about, whereas the biys are always int he news for loutish teenage behaviour (a la royals) – wondered why she was a secret then found out why she was hushed up ie “troubled teenage girl.”

    Explains the “Tony nearly quit over family strain” stories from a while back where the reportage never said what strain was.

    Poor girl, every sympathy, but what a selfish useless self-serving pr*ck Blair is. Maybe Kathryn should talk to Ozzy Osborne’s eldest who refuses to have anything to do with it all…

  3. You’re page is top of google when searching for kathryn blair, i saw her on all the election coverage and wondered a little about her!

  4. Admire Blair for keeping family out of limlight but nice to see them today was justwonderinghow old sh e is -if story trueprabably account farmoreforhisrecent haunted look than politicalworries-putsthimgsin perspective.poor girl

  5. I saw a piture of Tony Blair and the two elder boys but no Kathryn. It had struck me that she had been kept out of the press. I thought perhaps she might have a learning disability. It would seem, however, that it might be a mental health problem if indeed she had tried to commit suicide.

  6. i search for kathryn blair every day on the internet. i love her and i want to kiss and hug her. i dyed my hair ginger and i like stroke it in the mirror. will you priny some pictures? mine got all sticky. if she died, i wouldnt be able to go on. i would be dead within 3 weeks from a brocken heart. thank goodbye.

  7. Kathryn is the one person in the Blair family with any conscience or sensitivity. I know that if my dad was a mass murderer on the scale of Tony Blair I probably would have taken drastic action too. I’m glad that she is ok though. The rest of the family are shameful – Cherie Blair is a hypocrite of the highest order, phoning round to gain support for the Iraq war just before the invasion. And she is supposed to be a human rights lawyer! Euan Blair apparently sticks up for his dad and says that he can’t have lied over Iraq because ‘that would mean he lied to me and my mum too’ – what a gullible boy. Nicky it seems is running round Hollywood being a runner to the stars. Didn’t anyone tell him that Hollywood is 99% anti-war? Perhaps Leo will grow up to be a raving socialist and decry his dad’s awful warmongering. Cherie’s half sister Lauren Booth seems to have a good head on her shoulders and seems to despise Tony Blair and all he stands for. Good for her.

  8. Hello Kathryn,

    Happy birthday!

    I wonder if you will be going on the anti-war march which is coming up soon, on Saturday 18th March, assembling at Parliament Square, 12 noon. It is expected to be one of the biggest ever, with marches happening simultaneously all over the world.

    The theme will be, “Troops out of Iraq, Don’t attack Iran and defend the Muslim community!”

    There will be a lot of anti-TONY Blair sentiment but no ill-feeling towards you. No-one can be held responsible for the sins of their father, not in the fair and just world we hope for!

    Best wishes.


  9. blimey , just goes to show how well the media create the scene for us in this country

    i didnt even know blair had a daughter till i came across some sicko’s blog claiming she tried to top herself because of “problems in the family”

    he then went on to say it was because her dad abused her

    glad i found your blog and got to the bottom of this weird thing

    hope shes ok

    one thing that struck me as a little odd though, ive never seen her but someone said she was ginger … wheres that come from then?

    is blair a closet ginger? or maybe cherie? wheres the gene come from?

    i hope she knows shes not alone, about a quarter of the population are on anti depressants becasue they are no longer able to beleive the deceit and lies anymore spewing forth on a daily basis from the powers that be their media tools

    have to look through so much nonsense and junk to get a sniff of the real topic nowadays

  10. Hello Uninformed,

    Yes, the Bliars have a daughter (and three sons). There was a story doing the rounds about Kathryn in the summer of 2004 in political and journalistic circles but the press dared not publish it because she was under the age of 18 at the time and therefore a child. (So the story goes, it’s just what I’ve heard) It was at the time, if you remember, that Bliar said he very nearly resigned, for personal reasons. One of his friends, Melvyn Bragg, almost let the cat out of the bag by referring to Bliar’s problems in an interview, although he did not specify what the problem was, he did say that it was not concerning the Bliar’s marriage. Kathryn has recently reached the age of 18 but the papers don’t print anything about her, probably at the request of her father. I doubt she will be protected from press intrusion once Bliar gets kicked out. Roll on that day! – I mean the day when he goes, not the day his daughter gets written about. I feel sorry for her – and for the rest of their kids. At least Hitler didn’t have any kids!

  11. I firsty heard aboth this from one of my work mates who heard it on a Belgium external broadcast service.
    My first reactions was to feel so sorry for the family for all of them. With a father who is an indictable on conspiracy to mass murder, and living under effective virtual house arrest in Downing Street it’s got to be tough.

  12. just came across this site, thought it was quite funny actually. im one of kathryn’s close friends, and think that all the talk of the “she tried to top herself” business was absolutley lidicrous…she has never tried to top herself, it was all a media hype, and to be honest, no one in the media actually knows what happened. shes an amazing girl, with a strong level head on her shoulders, and knows what she wants…and her ginger routes stem from her father yes, its the scottish gene that her grandparents have…just to let you know uninformed idiot

  13. The previous poster writes:

    “…im one of kathryn’s close friends, and think that all the talk of the “she tried to top herself” business was absolutley lidicrous…”

    What’s “lidicrous”? Shouldn’t “kathryn” be spelt with a capital letter? – merely out of respect for your supposed friend, if nothing else.

    “she has never tried to top herself,…”

    Very few people will admit to attempting suicide. It’s bad enough trying to get people to admit they suffer from depression.

    “…it was all a media hype,”

    The British media didn’t mention Kathryn’s suicide attempt – that’s the point, dummy!

    “…and to be honest, no one in the media actually knows what happened.”

    You start by saying nothing happened, there was no suicide attempt, and now you say something did happen. Make your mind up! Did something happen, or didn’t it, and, if so, what?

    “…shes an amazing girl,”

    What’s so amazing about her? The daughter of Blair is amazing, whereas the daughter of someone unknown is not. Ridiculous!

    Blair is hardly Einstein. We can see that by the bloody mess he’s made of Iraq, and the way he pushes corporate globalization down the throats of the poor. He also likes to sell munitions to undemocratic regimes with a history of human rights violations. He’s nothing but a mass murderer!

    Had Blair not been elected PM, he would have remained a nobody. You don’t become PM by being the best qualified for the job or by being a genius. You get voted in by the masses! And we only get two choices; three, if you count the Liberal Party.

    “with a strong level head on her shoulders, and knows what she wants…and her ginger routes stem from her father yes, its the scottish gene that her grandparents have…just to let you know uninformed idiot ”

    Who gives a damn about the colour of her hair, what she wants, or the genes she’s inherited? And who gives a damn about her, particularly? What’s so special about her as opposed to any other girl?

    What a stupid – and pompous! – post.

  14. 1. The majority of these posts seem devoid of any human emotion. She is an a young person who may or may not made a suicide attempt which if the case deserves compassion.
    2. She is not her father. Unless serious consitutional shake-ups have taken place in the role of daughter of British Prime Minister she is not responsible for British (or for that matter American) foreign policy. This is important to remember.
    3. Speculation about this event should not be dressed up as a freedom of speech issue – this is about a young person who may be vulnerable.
    4. Darren you are the biggest pompous boor I think I have ever had the misfortune to read.
    You criticise the previous poster for entirely spurious reasons (spellings, use of capitals – what are you a teacher?). You find it absurd that they mention the ginger hair of Kathryn Blair – this was only in response to previous questions.
    The poster never tried to imply that Kathryn Blair was any more ‘amazing’ than anyone else solely that she is a nice person. You call the previous poster a ‘dummy’ because she refers (quite correctly) to ‘media hype’ – jesus you idiot this is entirely spot on – media hype it is, chattering and innuendo building up this sad story into gossip purely for the delectation of those wishing to feel ‘in the know’.
    I could go on (immature political anaylsis, calling the Lib Dems the Liberals – its not 1988 you know) basically you are a real arse who I feel disgust for due to the pleasure you show in your own immense intelligence (I can virtually see the smug look on your face as you typed those comments).

  15. I cannot believe that you people are even discussing the distressed state that this young girl finds herself in through no fault of her own. I find it extremely unlikely that she did anything of the sort, for the sole reason that the fact her Dad was PM would ensure that she would have been counselled regularly and any thoughts along the line of suicide would have been dealt with.

    Leave the kid alone…worry about yourselves, saddos

  16. I totally agree with Kathryn’s Pal.

    Why start a blog about someone online for? its pointless and sad, i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there are more important things going on in the world, im not saying Katheryn Blair is not important its just a personal and private thing..

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