Fears growing for British hostage

From the BBC:

An Islamist website claiming to be linked to the group holding Ken Bigley and two Americans says one of the Americans has been killed.

The website carries a nine-minute video purporting to show the man being beheaded.

Earlier, Tony Blair said Britain would not give in to the hostage takers.

The Reuters news agency reports a US official has confirmed the body of one of the American hostages has been recovered.

A statement on the website said: “The group will next behead the others”.

5 thoughts on “Fears growing for British hostage”

  1. Ouch, harsh words indeed. I guess I really should write a post replying. I guess first off one has to expect a deluge of interest – every news organisation says the video is available on the internet, so people come looking. Second I seem to have a high search rank with yahoo, which means I somehow ended up in the top 10 returns. Third, whether or not high traffic came from linking to the videos, I would still link to them. Fourth, I do not think linking to them amounts to media distribution.

  2. Gavin, who cares what other people say about you posting a link to the video. People, especially Americans need to know the truth, since the current administration and the news media dillute and sterilize the content so. Carry on!

  3. People need to know the truth about his death, the same way they need to see a body impacting the street from the World Trade Center close-up. They don’t.

    I’m no shrinking violet on the war on terror, see my blog, but I do not think distributing jihadists propaganda is a step forward. People need to knwo more about their sick motivations, than they need to know about how to cut a human head off.

  4. amen god the bible tells us that God created man in his image it dont tell us wether God was white or black or asian so when i luk at an asian i see the image of God wen i luk at a black man i also see the image of God and wen i luk at a whiteman i see the image of God so y god sent the muslims to kill the americans or tha british wen we were all created by God its like a parent seeing his children that he loves the same kill one another will he be happy God has the power to take everyone on earth`s life in a split second how does he need the help of a man to do a job that takes a man weeks to plan wen he can just do it in a second.if god didnt want the victims of 9/11 to live he cud have just took their lives within a second. i am sayn how can reward my child to my other child wen i love them both the same

    thank u

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