6 thoughts on “Emirates Towers at night”

  1. Sorry, Gavin I can’t view the images. I’m using PowerBook G4. Maybe it’s not compatible with Macs? I click onto the links you have given in your posts but just get a blank page each time. I wait, but nothing happens. Hope other readers are not having the same problem.

  2. I dont honestly know, I have no Mac to test it on Ingrid. Perhaps another reader could enlighten us. I cant see why a standard html window wont appear.

  3. I confirm it. It works. I got the picture and I’m impressed. You did it without tripod ? Long exposure ? How did you manage to stand still. Every time I tried that I got a kind of ‘artistic’ blur making my picture very abstract.

  4. Hey Gavin, how about that – it works now. Must have been my browser playing up or something. I can now catch up on your other images. Good you are able to keep in touch here.

  5. Hi Gavin,

    Glad to see you are working hard. Photos difficult to access. They seem to be big file sizes. I will try on my Mac later.
    Have fun (like you need to be told),

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