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Facts about Eminem's early years in Missouri

As most of you probably already know, Marshall Mathers III was born on October the 17th, 1972, in St Joseph, Missouri.
People who are curious to discover more about the town where Eminem was born will find some reliable info here:,_Missouri+eminem+st+joseph+missouri&hl=en

    What do we know about Marshall’s early years?

In fact, very few things that have been written down by Eminem’s grandmother from the paternal side, Rae W. Drowns, and we also know some other facts thanks to great aunt Edna Swartz.
Debbie Mathers is not the person who witnessed Marshall’s early years. After she split with her husband in 1973 and left North Dakota for Marshall’s great aunt Edna’s home, Missouri, Debbie disappeared from her son’s life for several years and suddenly reappeared around 1977.

The person who pretty much raised little Marshall is his great aunt Edna . Edna Swartz happens to be grandma Rae’s sister.
If Marshall Mathers Jr’s statements are true, Edna’s task wasn’t simple at all: Debbie forbid her to tell anybody where her son was actually staying or she would cut all ties with with her and her sister for ever.

    Marshall’s « hidden » childhood

Great aunt Edna describes Marshall as a « happy and curious baby » . The first words pronounced by the full mouthed rapper on April the 17th, 1973 were « dada » and « hungry ».
Marshall started walking when he was only 11 months. Eminem’s footprints are kept in an album that was found by Eminem’s dad in 2002 when grandma Rae died from Alzheimer disease.
The same album gives us an idea of Marshall’s favorite taste as a baby: he used to like cherry and vanilla pudding very much. It also gives us some information about Marshall’s favorite song at this time: he used to like « the Ugly Duckling » as a little kid.

Grandma Rae’s album also reveals: « Marshall likes to sleep any time, day or night, and goes to bed between nine and ten. »

Another document reminds us of Eminem’s early years: it is the card that he had written to grandma Rae for Christmas when he was around 5 years old.

Although Marshall seem to be very attached to Detroit, St Joseph may remind him of happy and peaceful early memories. It is also the place where his friendship with Ronnie started.

Aunt Edna is still alive. She never took any money from Marshall when he became famous. She is the real whitness of Marshall’s « hidden » childhood in Missouri.

192 thoughts on “Facts about Eminem's early years in Missouri”

  1. i love you and always will . i dream about you every dam day i try to stop but i cant you r so fucking atractive good luck eminem love always and forever sharon

  2. eminem i am you biggest fan because me and my two brother’s have all you cd’s but i think my brother’s is a bigger fan because he died his hair like yours and he dresses like and wears shady clothes I LOVE YOU MARSHELL

  3. i think EM is a good raper and a lot of the girls at my school gorden magrager think EM is hot so do i but thats all


  5. The comment made by hunter are you a girl or a guy because if your a boy that’s just freakin sick man!


  7. I Love EMINEM SO MUCH!!!!!! He is the best rapper in the WORLD
    I won’t diss him for nothin’ He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    FUCKIN’ SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. gotta say eminem rokz my world es all i listen 2 n i lv im 2 bitz jst ope i can meet im 1 day il keep livin da dream 4 now!hehe

  9. Im Eminems biggest fan in Scotland…..Hes the most sexy man in the world and i think thats what most people see in him but a feel for him for all the things hes been through and I think he deserves to be were he is now I also think I deserve to meet him as Ive been his biggest fan since I was 7 and Im now 14…sooooo Eminem 2 wordz 4 you…………Luv ya!!!!

  10. In his song Mockingbird he sings about someone named Lainnie… who is Lainnie and why does he call her his daughter… I only thought that he had Haylie… but ne wayz… you are fine motherfucker and im not ashamed to say it but I am not obsessed with you like some of these chicks are… much love… l8a

  11. i love you so much…and your are te HOTTEST guy alive…i cant
    reali say im your biggest fan in Ohio…cuz i dont no everyone..
    .but i wish i could meet you
    some day…and go to on of your concerts so bad!….well i dont
    reali no what to say cuz i dont reali know you but im getting to
    know a lot more about you cuz im doing a project on you in
    English class…we got to pick a famous person and i picked
    your….cuz im in love with you!…well Love You so much…and
    maybe ill get to meet you someday!

  12. i love u and i love ur music i hope we get to meet u r the hottest rapper.

    (i love ur song mockingbird)

  13. EM…your shit is so real dawg i cant believe that you actually lived like this and became what you are today, that takes a real rugged mother fucker…your rhymes have so much meaning to me, you aint nothing like other rappers dawg i love the way you tell a story when you spit and your freestyles damn, thats the illest shit.


  14. Eminem is th hottest guy i have all his cds so far and all his posters you cant tell what color my wall is its all filled up i listen to you every day and i really hope some day to meet you. you are the hottest guy on the earth and i love u and the way you rap!!! Thanx Dr.Dre for making Eminem happen i love you and EMINEM i am hopeing to go to ur next concert i dont care were it is and my favorite movie is 8 mile i love you eminem !!!!!!

  15. i love your songs so much i really want to meat you and your daughter lanie and haylie so much i would die to see them your fan haylea.

  16. ur so fuckin awesome if it wasn’t for u rapping i woundn’t enjoy music ur the modern day tupac. every one else can olny talk about caes and girls all the time u say some pretty serious shit which i love i haven;t through what u have but i know from experience its tough keep up the awesome work u alwayz have a fan in me no matter what

  17. eminem keeps it real, sometimes music is the only thing that keeps people going and his just
    makes you feel. hes sings about proper shit. wateva happens, no matta how hard things get
    hes got his fans and he’s left his mark here in the world and it aint going nowhere.

  18. heyy hun i luv ya ….. all i need is your cell numba ….. can u contact me by imin me if u gotta chance???? heres my screeen name … LiLxShAdYxGrLx…. please im me wen ya gotta chance…. luv your numba one fan crystal

  19. I think that em is a really great rapper and i have a lot of respect him for his music cuz they are all about real things and it must be hard to live the way he does.

    I EVEN DREAM OF YOU FUCKING ME AND I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. im not sure of what to say without sounding like any other crazy eminem-loving fan out there. eminem really is a musical genius and should be recognized for his brilliant lyrics and vibrant personality more than anything else trivial like his looks. his songs are just plain amazing! x

  22. i love how eminem’s songs make you feel like he’s talking directly to you. they move you, touch you and inspire you. it’s fucking amazing.

  23. alright ur all pretty gay saying ur his biggest fan and you dont know fucking shit about him okay i do u little pussy’s dont u just like him cuz hes hott yeah hes hott but hes fuckin more than that and u dont even understands his songs and know what hes talking about ok.. alot of u should agree with me.

    peace niggaz

  24. I lvoe eminem sooooooooo much he is sooooooo hott he is all over my room and his cds (all of them) are the only rap cds i have!!!!!!!!!!! i love u and good luck!!!!! LOVE YA EMINEM!!! LOVE SILVIA!

  25. Hey eminem this is Brandon ballard a guy! your cool i like your music alot> i love the song (mocking bird) anyways i.m me on aol instant messanger my screen name is Farmboi12 ok later please im me it would be so kool!! Brandon Ballard

    please e mail me at

  26. hey…is lanie yur daughter…cuz like in mentionher…but say…”Laini I’m talking to you too
    Daddy’s still here” saying it as if you were her father…but…you also say…”Laini, uncle’s crazy ain’t he?
    Yeah but he loves you girl and you better know it” which could kinda mean that you are her uncle….and i dont mean to intrude in on your personal life or anything…but..i am just a curious fan…later dude!!!

  27. hey! none of use r ems biggest fan cuz i am! n i no he may hear this evryday but id die 4 him. id giv up my hole jus 2 meet him, id do nething i luv him so much ur so sexy but also the most best rapper evr n so freakin smart…. i fukin luv u, n i died my hair lik u jus 2 make a statement. luv ya xxxx

    sexy irish biatch

  28. hey u need his number and if eminem is hearing this i have been wishing i can meet u and i have been wondering if u ever wanted to try and go to church at my church it ia in phx. az. ana we all want to meet u the church is in scottsdale and close to sweetwater and the church is called oasis and if u have any ?s call me at 480 367 9495 and i mite tell u my address or were the church is.o this church is awsome and your daughter will just LOVE it! please call

  29. wow. yall pplz is nuts. i do love eminems music and used to fantisize bout him cause he is soo fucken fyne but noone will eva measure up 2 hiz sences.. yall really need to calm down n GET A LIFE. i love ems music.. and what is lainey to u in mocking bird? well muh email addie is and muh aol s.n is tenneseeangel04 … and muh yahoo s.n is crabdd19841991 Aite.. I love ya music and it would meen tha world 2 me if u would write to me and tell me what lainey is to u n how ya doin n whatz up! i love you but dont worrie… im not a stalker and if i sound like whone thn u musta not read sum uv tha otha 1z! love ya boi forever and always.. ya music touches muh soul..

  30. Im Marshalls oldest fan. Im 36 and I live in New Zealand with my three children. Eminem makes me feel alive. His music is so real and his rhymes are so clever. Some of his music makes me laugh. He is witty. Some of his music makes me want to drive fast. He is very talented. His honesty and openess make me feel as though I know him. His is the only rap I will listen to. I pray God will bless him with whatever he needs.

  31. omgogmogmogmomgogmogmogmogmgogoogmogomgogomgmmogmomomogmogmogmogmogmomogmogmomogmogmogmomogggmogmogmogmogmogmogmogmogmomogm I love eminem sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! hehehe
    Chelsea Says:
    January 12th, 2005 at 2:20 pm,lannie is slims “adopted daughter” aka his niece…..i heard that its kims twin sisters daughter and kim took custidity of her and…i gguess slim got her….and its hailie not haylie!!! duhh

  32. hhehhehehe hes………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….so hott

  33. Hi Em. Im ur biggest fan. I have all ur cds. who is laini is she ur daughter or your niece. ur the hottest rapper of all time. I.M. me @ mandmsister. Bye hottie

  34. u all dumbass bitches he aint want to even fuckin no wat u think fo sho cuz he wont read dis shit (dumb ass nijjas) na just play keep doin ya thing man! so far im just like u only illa

  35. laini cant spell is his niess u dumb asses and i dont even no y u retards will wast ur time on this site u should go to em vs ja or y r icp so gay or somethin all right if i affendedu well then im sry ill leave a appology to u alls moms

  36. em dont care how old u r belive me i no i called his studio and tryed to talk to him but i got some dumbass that couldent tell left from rite so if i was u all i try to get his address

  37. emeinem rocks! I know everything bout him, and ya’ll think hes just hot, and thats all you care about. Well ya’ll r rite on one thing, hes a tight rapper, and i love all his songs, and hes so interesting!!! 🙂

  38. I have been goin through alot. And I really do not know what to do anymore. my best friends movin, I’m always sick, my cuzins are drunken idiots on probation and it all comes back to me. My aunt thinks i’m nutz and wants to 302 me. I wanna cry and have someone to talk to. Please I’m beggin you please right back to me.

  39. Eminem my little bro luvs ya. He is so funny he goes around rappin and wearin his hat sidewayz and rollin on the floor tryin to break dance. And he runs around sayin I’m a rapper and Eminem is so awesome.

  40. i kno a ton about u but i have one ?…
    who is this laini? u call her your daughter but then (in mocking bird) you say “uncles crazy ain’t he?” so yea
    luv ya lots

  41. I don’t worship u like most of the other girls and or guys. I like u 4 who u r a true person who is not afraid to let out his feelings. I don’t luv u cuz ur hot even though u r. I think that is really sweet how much u value ur daughter. u can tell she really luvs u in that song Mockingbird.
    And u have done a good job in being there for her even though ur Father did not treat u well. i know what it is like to be left in the dust. I would like u to do 1 thing for me. My friend is in the hospital cuz she slit her wrist. She really likes u and I was wonderin if u could send her a letter. Her names Bailey. If u could just write to her and put it up on this web site she would be really happy. P.S Pleaz!!

  42. hey everybody I wrote a rap song yesterday and my best friend said it sucked should I stop being friends wit her cuz she’s done alot of other things to me.

  43. hi im from england and i just want to say that u all a bit craaazzzyyy!i mean i reali reali like eminem but i cunt say i was hiz biggist fan coz i ant never met every1 in da world so how do i no i am?!his music moves me n i just want to say gud luk to him coz hes an insperation.n all u hu luv eminem keep at it.dee xxx

  44. Jesus Christ I can’t belive all the little girls going on about how they wanna do him when they are no more than a few years older than his kids. You do realize that hes 32 right?

    How can anyone not know the answers to these stupid questions and be a fan? Alaina is Kims twin sister Dawn’s 11 year old daughter that Marshall adopted and has sole custody of. He’s 5’8″ tall.

  45. Hello fans. Thanks for all your support and everything…my next album,in 2006,Detox,Dre’s gonna do it.

    Thanks fans enjoy.

  46. hello there em i love you hailie you are a very cute little gurl and your very lucky to have marshall as your daddy and i love you eminem and hailie

    love amanda

  47. Whats good yall em is a great rapper he keeps it real nah mean i give u mad props cuz i know how it feels to live in tha ghetto so BIG up to tha man holla atcha gurl 1

  48. Eminem I am really glad that you got to keep Hailie and that u r chillen out a little bit. I could not imagine losin someone that important to me over a bad marriage. And it is really sweet that u left Hailie out of the lime light because she is just a kid and needs to live as normal as possible. And I think that it is really cool that you adopted your neice. I have adopted people in my fam. So I can kind off relate. I think that you are a really sweet man of those circomstances.

  49. Yo!I respect all you all for lovin me.And thanks for bein my fans!I hope we can meet up some day too!

  50. Dont listen to that other Em up there cause he dont know shit! I’m the real Slim Shady mutha fucka!!!

  51. I love you eminem.You prouble hear this every day
    but I am your bigest fan.I love you.I think your so hot.I admare you.I want your address and phone number.I hop to see you soon.I love you sooooooo much.

  52. hi ppz i just wann say hi to every1 hu luvs eminem!!!! but u lot need to calm down coz hes luvs his fans but he aint gonna marry u or summat u go to OTT!!!! but keep luvin him!!!! PEACE!!!!

  53. Yo Tiff!I understand that you like me and all.Just like every one else on this website.But I’m sorry,I can’t give you my address or phone number.If I did,every one on this fuckin site would know it,then you all would spread it to your friends and I’d have 50,000,000 people callin me and comin over.You know what I’m sayin!I’m real sorry.And thanks for your support too!!!

  54. omg eminem i love u soooooooooooo much and who is laini cuz u tlk bout her and she is ur sis or niece????hmm….well i love u ur soooooo sexy ………x00x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 luv ur biggest fan and my screen name is mikeluvr4ever06 aight soo tlk 2 me but i no it aint u sooo dont tlk 2 me but if it is really marshall mathers then fuck tlk 2 me……luv u xoxoxox

  55. hey who is lainie ?i absalutly love eminem.. you are so freeken hot if i could i would marry you. gota go

    love, hailli

  56. llllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  57. im not gonna say im your biggest fan cause everybody says that but i will say that your awesome. I just got into this year when my brother was playing your Eminem Show and i think your so great. Its amazing how much i can relate to alot that you say. I give the best of luck and support in your acting career.
    Luv, an amazed fan (Ashley)


  59. who is laini u mention her a few times in mocking bird who is she?
    anyways i just wanted to say that eminem is great and everytime i hear his songs i am surprised at how much i can relate to everything he says
    anyways much luck in the future ++ listening to yu right now and all the time!!

  60. eminem i jus want you 2 know i love u so much ive loved u 4 years i know everythin about u an always wanted 2 meet u! the thing is pple at scool know i love u an say am jus like u me names rachael am from liverpool in da uk am hopin 2 record my rap album pretty soon n e way jus leave me a message email me or sumfin xxxxxi love uxxxxxxxx

  61. Hey Guys! my bestfriend Krissy is OBSESSED with eminem *&* i’m OBSESSED with Ashton Kutcher damn he is so FFFFIIINNNNEEEEE but ne-wayz im gicving a shoutout 2 eminem from my bestfriend krissy,me *&* my boyfriend bobby we love u eminem!!!!!!!

  62. I love Lannie,she is AWESOME! *&* my other bestfriend named Danielle loves Hailey!

  63. U r soooooooooo fit. i love you soooooooooooo much every chats bout u i am ure biggest fan eva
    love ya loads and loads JZ JAYDE

  64. you mention laini all the time in your songs, who is she, and you also mention ronni been shot who is he too, please answer this it is drivin me mad not knowing who laini is xxxx

  65. yo rosannah Laini is Eminem’s neice. Kim’s( Eminem’s ex-wife)twin sister had Laini and her twin brother Adam, but unfortunatly Adam is mentally retarted. I heard that Laini’s mother wasn’t so good at being a mom so Eminem took laini in and adopted her. HOW SWEET HUH!!!!!- NICKO

  66. yo rosannah Laini is Eminem’s neice. Kim’s( Eminem’s ex-wife)twin sister had Laini and her twin brother Adam, but unfortunatly Adam is mentally retarted. I heard that Laini’s mother wasn’t so good at being a mom so Eminem took laini in and adopted her. HOW SWEET HUH!!!!!- NICKO

  67. Hey don’t B dissin on Eminem. Yo u don’t know him so don’t B sayin nothin.

  68. Eminem is the best rapper in the world, he is one of the first white rappers and people should respect that and people who think he’s gay should think about there own sexuality and not worrie about his!!!!!

  69. i love Eminem i know u think every1 does but actually think he is sooooooooooo fffiiiiittt and he is the king of Rap and his lyrics are great

  70. yo yo hol it dwn im da biggest fan bigga than stan go get to know this and understand……yo big up to slim shady he fuckin crazy…..he inspired me to rap and damn he captures my teenage life like he actually lived it……but dawg ur da don n i know bare ppl cuss you but they jus jealous but i guess u already know……n e way i might be comin to tampa to c u live in concert, thats if i can afford it n e way make sum noise for shady wit da slash wit da aftermath

  71. Hello people. I am engaged to Eminem. My name is Meg Maher. Marshall and I are going to retire in Princeton.

  72. When I say retire, I don’t really mean stop working. We’ll probably keep going. and we might make a babie or two, Belsis and/or Wesley.

  73. Oh yeah and I’m the Easter Bunny=:) And mine and his kids are gonna be named Lala and Galachasmack.

    Nice…….. A hum hum wait I’m chocking ok that’s better. Ima gonna leave with one word (Druggie).

  74. Who is laini?
    Is she his niece or foster daughteror both coz i cnt find out no were.
    in all of the biographys i hav red it dunt say nower!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  75. i think em is faf he is a brill rapper and me nd ma matse love him 2 pieces.
    hope i can meet u sum day!!!!!
    love ya loads :::

  76. I also know some facts on Eminem. His favourit colour is baby Blue. His favourit food is burger king or taco bell. His favourit movie is The Matrix. I dont personaly know how tall he is, but he is said to be quite short.

  77. hey, eminem rules, his music is awsome! iv had a troubled past so i no where he comes from in alot of his lyrics! i also mc with my brother and we have a cd that we recorded, i rekun eminem will be out there 4eva! id love to meet him im a really big fan and i rekun we’d get on amazingley well! love shelle xxx


  79. i’ve grew up like eminem i no how fucked up it gets u but i still no 97 songs all the through

  80. hey every body micheal jackson is in the house i fucked a boy and it felt good i want eminem i will do him and girls im cute im hott im every thing your not and hailiey can go to hell micheal jackson

  81. don’t dare tell halie to go to hell you white piece of shit wanna be white niggar you should let that damb son hit you so you can be black again you ugly piece of shit and know girls look better then you ugly fag sick bastard you should be put in jail sick mofo bastard this is a girl eminem looks better then you crappy sonofabith

  82. You guys need to keep dreaming. No one really knows the real Eminem except for his niece and daughter I’m sure. ya he’s so hot but like he sayz jus leave him alone u stalkers. but i love ya em! Hope you have a happy rest of your life with your closest family. luv ya
    Opie Trice

  83. Fuck all u haters who r jealous. if u got somethin 2 say against em den u bes say it 2 me. That goes 4 u brandon ballard. u’r a fuckin faggot ass! do u eva hear him say da “n” word?!? NO so fuck off! bitches! i’ll fuckin jump and fuckers ass who eva disses eminem. i’m naming my first kid after him so fuck off! his name is gon b marshall shady. it don quite go 2gether but atleast he’ll b named after a legend!!

  84. Hello Eminem hope you fine and healthy.
    Eminem i realy want to see you or talk to you if you give this chance.and i realy understand the meaning of your music and what you fell inside that is in your songs in your your music you trying to say somthing to people but they not uderstand that but i do. i am 21 years old boy and living in UK.i fell the same i have sean alots of defcultes in my life now i have every things but the world is geting wors not better some people are getting wors and they are changing the world too why they doing that because they thing we have mony power so we can do every thing we want they seeing you like human or they lost ther human felling. any why ther is alots of things i want to share with you i mean talk with you if can get in tuch with you by phone,by e-mail or visit let me know please. and i am sorry aboute my english speling.

  85. fuck i wouldn’t want to meet you if you were the last person on earth
    piece yall hailey gives you hugs and kisses

  86. you wanna know why i don’t want to see ya because my life been hell and i will not give you my phone number address or email because people is sayin that because the people are using me for money thanks alot you made me cry now goodbye and leave me alone you can still talk on here but leave me the fuck alone

  87. oh he is hott if you ever look at him you won’t stop starring he is athletic he can fight plays football basketball track he loves animals and otherthings

  88. omg i fuckin love eminem i read things about him all day long ppl tease me for it:P but i dont give a damn i’m obssed with him n i’m proud of it!!!!! yeah hes fuckin hot! hes the best everything ffrom rapper to actor he’s even the funiest on the fuckin whole world and i wanna meet him soooo bad! put more details about him and shit about him that is happenein now! eminem you gotta come to canada or i’ll die:P:P i’m your hugest fan in the world!!!!!!! I

  89. who the fuck r u to write all this personal shit about Marshell. If he wanted the public to know than he would of said. Personally I’d be pissed if it was me all u crazed bitches reserch about

  90. hi eminem
    i luv u more than anyone. u r so fit sxc and i luv yr songs.i know evrything about u and i h8 yr mum.shes a fukin bitch.i luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this is 4 u luv ya

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