Burj Al Arab, Dubai

I went to the Madinat hotel the other night, after my few hours inside the Burj al Arab. The Madinat is actually 3 hotels, interlinked by a network of canals. Boats take guests to restaurants, bars and shops in the hotel. It is unique as far as I can tell.

Here is the Burj at night, taken from inside the Madinat hotel.

Here is a view of the massive Madinat complex
, taken from the SkyView Bar inside the Burj.
Here is the Jumeirah complex view from the SkyView Bar.

5 thoughts on “Burj Al Arab, Dubai”

  1. Oh my gaud… you pics are so bootiful… why did’tn ya bring me there, i’m sure ryan wouldnt have minded getting rid of me for a short time.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Could you please mail my all the photos you have from BURJ AL ARAB.

    I’m would like to be architect


  3. Hello, Gavin. I just wanted to check with you about the use of your lobby photo here:

    The only thing that makes me suspicious is that the username of the uploader (“Atila rs”) doesn’t particularly sound like you, and the uploader has claimed that the photo is in the public domain.

    Please let me know via email or (preferrably) comment on the Wikipedia article (just hit the “discussion” tab).


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