The man who played "Stan" in Eminem's video

Those who don’t know him are probably curious to know who he actually is. His name is Devon Sawa. He’s an actor. He perfectly fits into his role and manages to create the atmosphere of Stan’s drama.
Eminem and his crew had different people in mind to be Stan, but Eminem says that Devon was perfect as « Stan »:

We were looking at a few different people to be Stan. We were looking at Macaulay Culkin to be Stan, but he ended up having prior arrangements, I guess, so he couldn’t do it.

“But Devon is actually perfect for the role, now that we’ve watched him do his thing,” he continued. “He fits right into it. We were doing something on camera yesterday, and we were watching a tape back, and it was him, and then it was my take to do the exact same thing, and we couldn’t tell through the camera which one was my take and which was his.”

In fact, Dr Dre thought about Devon Sawa because he had watched « Final Destination » and liked it.

A website: reminds us of interesting details we might have missed while watching the « Stan » video:

1. The date of birth on the headstone, seems to be Eminem’s!!!
2. At the end, while Slim is writing to him, Stans body is levitating at the window!!!
3. Stan only ever refers to Eminem as ‘Slim’. This means he was relating to Eminem’s evil, alter ego, Slim Shady, and not the real Marshall Mathers.
4. Although Stan is played by an actor, he does in fact have a very similar tattoo, as Marshall, at the top of his left arm.
5. The news Broadcaster describes the accident as, “Double Murder”! Although it wasn’t murder and one of the victims was a foetus.
6. Stan’s little bro. Matthew. Bleaches his hair like Eminem’s, at the end.
7. The News Reader is the same as the news reader in the “Forgot About Dre” Video!
The info was found here:

More about Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa was born on September the 7th in Vancouver.
He started acting in a school play in kindergarten. Devon Sawa has played in many movies like « Little Giants », « Now And Then », « Final Destination »…
He has also participated to Canadian Shows like « Kid Zone » and « The Odyssey »
People who have watched Stan probably know that Devon Sawa has tattoos: a cartoon devil on one arm and a cross on the other arm.

Although I haven’t watched Devon Sawa’s movies, I must give him full credit for acting as « Stan » in Eminem’s video. He was convincing in the role of an obsessional and crazy fan.

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  1. you are the shit in that music vidio I really had something like that happen but i think you look just like eminem well e-mail me back man you


  3. I love Eminem and I love Devon Sawa, just watched “casper” with christina ricci and devon sawa is in that movie, too. lol

  4. When I first heard Eminem, I have to admit, I thought he was just another Vanilla Ice. That's when the “Slim Shady LP” came out (besides, that song, “My Name Is” got really annoying after awhile). Then, about two years later I heard the song “Stan.” I thought to myself, 'That is really deep.' That also made me wonder, is there really a fan named Stan?

  5. Hey, I am a great big fan of Eminem and Sawa .
    Hit me back just to chat true to yours ,your biggest fan this is Stan.

  6. When I heard about eminem I thought he was also a nuts cracking raper I used to hate his songs but after the release of recovery album guess what he became my god I tried to copy every action of him and then comes the great movie 8mile my god eminem now I have also started raping and finished an album: procured I love eminem. man pussy

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