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Michael Jackson fans fume over Eminem's parody of their idol

Michael Jackson fans fume over Eminem’s parody of their idol

When Eminem releases his songs, you can be sure that at least one person will feel offended or angered. Matter of fact: his lyrics do cause a lot of controversy.
Those who don’t interpret his songs literally usually find them funny. The problem always lies in the interpretation of Marshall Mathers’ intentions. Many people are too lazy to have a deep look at Eminem’s work, which explains the immense hatred he usually gets from them.

Eminem wasn’t trying to diss Michael Jackson. He clearly expressed it in « Just Lose It »:

« That’s not a stab at Micheal
That’s just a metaphore, I’m just psycho a little bit crazy sometimes… »

Relax a little, Michael Jackson fans. It is a metaphore, it was made to humor the tragical situation the king of pop was going through.

Some people even totally misinterpreted Eminem’s intentions and gave their personal interpretation of the vomiting scene between Eminem and Michael Jackson:

« I’m sorry but I don’t find anything remotely amusing about a white man vomiting on a black man, especially when said white man has written derogatory lyrics about black people in the past. » (Christine E)

Christine E., please leave that « black and white shit » elsewhere. This scene has nothing to do with being black or white. Eminem would have puked on a white artist as well if he had done a similar parody. So don’t try to make a racist out of someone who definitely isn’t a racist person.

Christine E. also felt offended because BET aired « Just Lose It »:

« I am disappointed in BET, not only because it’s boring, repetitive and riddled with tired clichés (like every other Eminem video) but also because one of the most influential black entertainers of all time is more or less dehumanized throughout the video. Jermaine Jackson was on point when he referred to the media’s treatment of his brother as a “modern day lynchingâ€? and while it does not surprise me that Eminem has decided to contribute to it, I am angered that BET has provided him with a platform on which to do so.â€?

Christine E., you statement sounds stupid to me. BET aired the video, because they fully understood there was no lynch nor any once of racism in the video. « Just Lose It » is just a funny video. Anybody who is trying to find a bad intention behind this video is totally wrong.

When I watched the video, I couldn’t imagine Eminem’s video would anger some parents. I have watched it with my kids and we found it funny. We couldn’t stop laughing during the whole video.
Appearently some other moms don’t seem to be cool with Just Lose It:

“Eminem has crossed the line…trying to be ‘funny’ with little regard for the children!â€? “He tried to cover himself with the “this is not a stab at Michaelâ€? line before he carried on with his antics. It’s almost as if, he wanted to make sure that he was covered in the “maliceâ€? department. It’s like, he wanted to make sure that it is clear that he is just joking. The problem is, the joke is not funny…it’s just sick. …Pedophilia (or implying pedophilia) is not funny in any way, shape, or form…whether it is in reference to Jackson or not. That was just in poor taste. I mean hell, he may as well have had a Kobe look-a-like raping a girl in his video.â€?


Come on, you offended people need to relax. Of course, pedophilia isn’t funny. But you cannot close your eyes and do as if pedophilia didn’t exist.
I find Eminem’s intention to humor what happened to Michael positive. You cannot see everything in a negative light. I am even sure that Michael Jackson himself isn’t against the video, maybe it has even made him laugh.
A good laugh is well known as the best therapy against any hard situation in life.
Let Eminem say what he has to say and if you can’t stand him, then switch the channel.

23 thoughts on “Michael Jackson fans fume over Eminem's parody of their idol”


  2. First off, I’m getting really tired of Eminem making fun of people anyway. But I think that this time around he’s really taken to far. I think he’s the one who needs some professional help. He’s so arrogant and believes that you can go around slandering people and it should be okay. Well I don’t think so! What he should be rapping about is how big of a hypocrite he really is. First of all how can he possibly talk crap about other people, when he’s a white guy trying to do black music? I don’t think he’s all that great anyway. Because all he talks about is killing people and putting other successful people down. And I’m not just saying that on Michae’s behalf either. Eminem needs to watch it because one of these days he could lose everything and who’s going to be laughing then?

  3. YOOOo MAn chill Eminem videos are always great and “Just Lose It” was to Im an eminem fan and i found nothing wrong with the video so he mad fun og MJ so what who cares he makes fun of alot of people its called freedom of speech mj is the only one who has to go and sue if he does there will be alot of angry fans

  4. Quoting you, Kelly:*He’s so arrogant*. No, Eminem is not arrogant at all. He just got something you seem to be totally deprived of: a solid sense of humor.

  5. M.J is going to the trap of Eminem. It’s Mr. Not-Very-Smart M.J himself who makes the whole thing become funny. Just watch and see.

  6. come off it i ave bin a total m n m fan 4eva and of coarse he talks about contraversial matters but hell those matters are out there and to ny1 who has a problem wiv it them 1, dont listen 2 the goddam music and 2,try 2 get a life u touchy b*st!rds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Excuse me, but didn’t Eminem have a hissy fit about Weird Al Yankovic doing a
    parady of him? I find it absolutly amasing that Michael Jackson is attacked for
    being angy. I guarantee if Eminem did this same mess with Paul McCarthy or Bruce
    Springsteen, if they were in the same situation, his career would have ended before the video finished playing! If Eminem was so concerned about a harmless
    parady artist like Weird Al, then why is he too dense to see why Michael Jackson is upset? I know it’s fashonable to hate Michael Jackson and spit on him, but don’t tell me it’s not malicious!

  8. micheal jackson you are a prick and you deserve everything you get i hope you do get affended by all the trouble you get eminem is a great person and he’s my bitch i love you eminem love from zara samantha cain… please type back love you xxxx

  9. Okay first of all everyone shut up about this whole black and white thing. That has nothing to do with the matter. Who made up the rule that only black people can rap? Thats bull***t. Eminem is a great and talented artist. So what he swears… More than half this world swears! Okay he makes fun of people… Everyone in this world at some point in time has made fun of people. Don’t be mad just because Eminem has enough guts to go out in the public and say what he wants to say. Just because some of you (including myself) don’t have enough guts to say what we want to say out loud, and say it behind peoples backs, doesn’t mean we need to critize others for being outspoken. Eminem makes funny music videos, if you don’t like him switch the channel, get over it, Eminem will never disingrate in fame, hes staying!

  10. ha ha ha. if eminem makes fun of others. what the fuck is wrong with you people to bother. his music is great. he’s jus doing what he wants. if you all think that he’s wrong. how the hell is he famous ??. he’s making millions. his songs are #1 on most of the charts. well, i could conclude one thing. LHFO – Like him or Fuck off. 🙂

  11. Boo Hoo. Get a life if you don’t have a sense of humour. I don’t even like rap, but I enjoyed this clip. Eminem is quite a clever satirist, & that gets my respect. I may even get to like rap if he keeps coming up with gems like this.

  12. I am very disappointed with what eminem is doing.An idiot like is been nurturred to stardom by blacks and stay behind to provoke a black folk.It will take three centuries to get a white pop star like MJ.MJ we love you.

  13. Eminem Rock’s. Once in a while people are made fun of. and hey michael u rock too. and your my favorite man so screw what eminem say’s it’s just a joke!

    ludAChRIs iS bACK

  15. just like the black and white minstrels
    not one white person is offended by this guy
    and thats the point see’black people are so dont insult us tellin us forget about black/white you wouldnt know about racism

  16. let the man say want he wants – but chalk has got a point…forgettin’ about race has gotta go two ways…;P

  17. I am quite surprised Eminem did not express about MJ’s death, but i know that back in 2005, he said that he was a big MJ fan…Em might have dissed him, but he is also mocking Christopher Reeves and he’s a big fan too..

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