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The king of pop's struggle against the king of rap

Michael Jackson doesn’t feel comfortable with Eminem’s brand new video. Because Marshall Mathers dared making fun of the whole « Jackson case »,the king of pop has described it as « inappropriate, insensitive, demeaning and disrespectful ».

Michael Jackson is not the first star to become Eminem’s target: a long time before Marilyn Manson appeared in the « My Name Is » video. Many of you probably remember Eminem disguised as Britney Spears in « The Real Slim Shady » video and making fun of Christina Aguilera at the same time. Moby and Elvis Presley were his « victims » in « Without Me ». Not even terrorist Ossama Ben Laden could escape Eminem…
Last year, in Scotland, Eminem has made fun of Michael Jackson, dangling his second born from a balcony and Michael even found it funny.

Michael Jackson expressed his respect and admiration for Eminem as an artist, but according to his reaction -or should I say overreaction- I really doubt that he has gone deep into Eminem’s artistry. People who have watched Eminem’s videos perfectly know that Marshall has many « victims ».
I think it is more than urgent to state that Eminem makes fun of them just for the show. He intends to give his audience a good laugh, an effect that he usually manages to create very well. Who would Eminem seriously as Elvis sitting on the toilet and swallowing his big sandwich?

So why does Michael Jackson feel that offended?
Probably because the « Just Lose It » video is a confrontation with himself, something that he probably wants to escape from. Michael Jackson has been accused of children abuse several times: Jordan Chandler who is 24 now, pretends that he has been abused sexually by Michael Jackson.
In his book « All That Glitters », Jordan reveals some details about his misadventure.

His uncle confirms:

‘He resented him for having used his power and fame to convince my nephew to do things he wouldn’t have done with anyone else.
‘My nephew, like most kids, was enamoured by those uniforms Michael would wear – little soldier uniforms with epaulettes and things hanging all over him,’ he added. ‘I think that’s where he got the expression “God’s clothes”.’
Jordan was terrified to testify in Court and the affair led to a $25 million settlement.

I keep asking myself what would have happened if Michael was facing the same accusations as an average and poor man.

The following website offers an analysis of Jacko’s statements in 1993, after he was facing some molestation charges:

Things got worse for Michael Jackson when a cancer recovering young boy came up with a new accusation in 2003. The identity of the young boy has been kept secret.

If the statements of the following article are true, Jacko’s personality must be disturbing in some way. Check it out:,1,11228,00.html

Don’t misinterpret me: I never stated that Michael Jackson is guilty. I really have no idea and I will consider him as guilty if the Court says so.

Eminem has recalled some embarrassing events of Michael Jackson’s past. He has made fun about his molestation charges, which refer to real facts. The scene with the nose was done on purpose too. Michael experienced some real and serious problems with his nose:

Michael’s issues have been made public since a long time and, as far as I am concerned, his reaction in front of « Just lose It » is exaggerated. I think that he has misunderstood the talented rapper’s motivations.

The video is indeed hilarious and Eminem’s intention shouldn’t be misinterpreted. Some people have accused Marshall to make this video just to sell more records. Come on, Marshall is rich enough, he doesn’t need that to make some more money. Marshall is a man who works with passion, he is a 100% involved in what he does and his recent video is brilliant work.
To those who argue that Eminem is so « mean and disrespectful » in « Just Lose It », have you only noticed that Eminem also makes fun of himself and of his movie during the video?
Everybody, including Michael, just chill out: the video is for fun.

25 thoughts on “The king of pop's struggle against the king of rap”

  1. So from your logic, it is okay for Eminem to diss Micahel Jackson, but not ok for someone to diss Eminem? It’s rap of course, someone is going to be offended! If I were Jackson, that’s a big IF, should I just sit back and laugh at myself? Cmon’ when Eminem gets dissed, you don’t see him just sitting back! Also Just Lose It is such a bastardized attempt at regaining his slim shady persona.

  2. To me, this video is not a diss, as Eminem’s lyrics clearly express it.
    MJ should actually take it for what it is: a parody.
    To the person who says “MJ is gay”, I’d like to tell her that although I am a huge Eminem fan, I do respect MJ as an artist. MJ is talented and he is also an amazing dancer. I particularly like what he did at the beginning of his solo career.

  3. and yea, MJ should laugh at himself…i also humor myself from time to time, that’s the best way to stay cool…we should never takes ourselves too seriously.

  4. “”So why does Michael Jackson feel that offended?
    Probably because the « Just Lose It » video is a confrontation with himself, something that he probably wants to escape from.””

    wow youre an idiot. you just assume micheal jackson is guilty….just so you know, christina aguilera also threatened to sue, its not because of “confrontations with themselves”. have you ever thought, if you were innocent and accused of child rape, and the most influential artist around lead singles basically calls you a child rapist, would you laugh and go “oh im sure hes kidding”? HELL NO! The thing is, you have already made a pretty baseless descision on his case, and tho he is screwed up, he is innocent until proven guilty, not vice-versa.

    “”I keep asking myself what would have happened if Michael was facing the same accusations as an average and poor man.””

    Well I know if he was white he’d be acquitted. Look at Woody Allen…
    “You can laugh and criticize Michael Jackson if you wanna,
    Woody Allen, molested and married his step-daughter,
    Same press kicking dirt on Michael’s name,
    Show Woody and Soon-Ye at the playoff game, holding hands,
    Sit back and just bug, think about that,
    Would he get that type of dap if his name was Woody Black?
    OJ found innocent by a jury of his peers,
    They been fucking with that ni99a for last five years,
    Is it fair, is it equal, is it just, is it right?
    Do they do the same sh!t when the defendent face is white?”
    – Mos Def

  5. quoting “Bill Gates”*wow youre an idiot. you just assume micheal jackson is guilty….*

    *thanks for the good laugh you gave me just right now by reading your comment. Calling ppl names is not a sign of intelligence, is it, “bill gates”?
    If you had read my article, you would have noticed that I said, i will consider Jacko as guilty if the Court declares him guilty…
    I have no idea if he is guilty or not and frankly i don’t give a flying fuck about it. My point was Eminem is like MJ’s mirror because MJ doesn’t want to remember those events…that’s it.
    Next time you come on Gavinsblog to debate, you could have at least a little bit respect and have the decency to ask before getting mad at me at first sight.
    The fact that i disagree with you doesn’t make an idiot of me in any case lol

    I don’t wanna debate color issues on that thread. I am very conscious of the injustice some black ppl have to face in the USA. One of my penpals who happens to be a black man has been sentenced for a crime he hasn’t committed.
    I have spent years with black people and i am very sensitive to the injustice they often have to face with in the USA or anywhere else in the world.
    But bringing this here is just inappropriate.
    Anybody facing child molestation charges -no matter if he’s Black or White or Yellow etc- has to be trialed. Doesn’t mean the person is guilty, but he has to respond in front of the Court.

  6. Obviously its a music video, right?’s only a job, and a job that can give and take hate with the media. Who cares its not really our matter to be dealing with, or in that case to even be choked about. its their life not ours. Everyone stop evolving thier lives around yours. if jackson really thinks hes not guilty and wants everyone else to believe so, then why is he really makin a big deal out of this?…….

  7. Fuck BiLL GATES… bastered who cant help anyone with anything thinks hes big shit..welp he is i guess……but still share the wealth….what the fuck am i saying, hes not going to read this anyways. internet sucks. PEACE.

  8. listen u complete and utter bell ends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! itz pretty fuckin obvious dat jackson iz out of his mind nyway wiv or wivout these allegations either way he shud be shot

  9. It is obvious that rap is degenerating these days. Now before everyone begins thinking this is another diss at today’s rap…well I guess it is. Anyway, whatever happened to the days of Rakim, Gangstarr, Nas(illmatic),and i guess it goes without saying, Pac and Biggie. Now I’m not saying all of today’s rap is completely crap. Shyne’s new cd is very good,and of course almost anything with a Dj DangerMouse beat is recommended. But look at Snoop’s drop it like it’s hot. Yo Fuck the Neptunes, bring back the days of Doggystyle and Dre. Well scrath that, Dre’s beat on Just Lose it was awful. Now before all you prepubescent ladies and or guys who heard Eminem on the radio and found his lyriscs catchy and decided that you were the guru of rap all of a sudden listen up. I like Eminem. His first 3 albums were awesome. No doubt. But come on D12world was pusing it. And now Just Lose It comes and it is just a joke about Michael Jackson. The rhymes are weak and the material is weak. where are the better punch lines?And Em’s not the only one who is slipping. Mobb Deep’s newest album sounds like they randomly pasted together sound bytes onto beats. Rap is degenerating into pop. No doubt about it. There are no more gangsta days. It’s funny. Parents think there kids are listening to “offensive” stuff today. What about in 30 years? Unless songs are all about goat fucking, we will be looking back and saying man songs were more hardcore in those times. and for those who say Eminem is flawless, look at his beef with Royce. Royce made one JOKE about him and the anger management tour and Em blew up. Like Mike. I actually don’t care about this lawsuit. Its the price of the rap game.

  10. Mr. Anonymus actually makes a really good point, the only thing that really makes sense in this forum or whatever. Rap use to be all about what life was like in the streets and stuff like that, i.e Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up” and “Brenda’s Got a Baby”. Ever since the introduction of Eminem, rap’s been all downhill, it was like a license for try-hard white “gangstas” to listen to rap, explaining why “today’s rap is degenerating into pop”.

    Funnily enough, when I bought Eminem’s first album 6 years ago or whatever, I was bashed “listening to try-hard white trash”. After the second album was released, those same people became Eminem fans.

    There is just no musical integrity with rap these days, mostly due to the acceptance of Eminem. Personally, Eminem is pretty pov, really only appealing to white people who are sick of being rejected from the black dominated rap industry, and appealing to little wee kids who are fascinated by his use of naughty words. I dare you to prove me wrong.

    lol, funny enough, I saw the Up in Smoke Tour on TV, with Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, and others. The crowd was a complete segregation. White people dancing as white people do, and black people looking very confused.

    Anyway, to keep things short: White people suck, Eminem suck, rap sucks.

    And listen to ska…

    ANALyse This

  11. Oh yeh and I’m black, so fuck you white people, who try to bring up my race. I know what I’m talking about unlike most of you.

    Ska sucks…

  12. youre right… i bow…
    also whoever said shyne cd was good is an idiot…
    i mean… im sorry…i am not showing signs of intelligence…
    i should learn from, erhm, gavin(?), and contradict myself

    …actually fuck it
    …i can push a button and have you destroyed by an army of small robots using butter knives, so why the hell would i argue with you? sorry dude but i got more riches than you, fuck more bitches than you, the only thing i dont got is more stitches than you…

  13. Wow what a statement:*Anyway, to keep things short: White people suck, Eminem suck, rap sucks.*

    Let me tell you what: RACISM SUCKS and obviously you’re a racist.
    Fuck racists of any kind. Don’t pollute this place.

  14. I’m white and my kids are metis so don’t bring your fucking race card here. I’m in touch with many black ppl and i don’t care if ppl are black white yellow or purple. I do judge ppl on the way they treat me and not on their appearence. Fuck you.

  15. Analyse this listen 2 urself if u are black then yeah u should be standin up 4 equal rights but i find that black people take advantage of that. 4 example this bitch came up 2 me swearin her mouth out at me callin mi mum and i twatted her face into the floor bt that woznt coz she woz black it woz coz she called mi mum



    K.S.L REPS

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