An appearant Eminem hater may hide a deep Eminem lover inside

Usually Eminem haters piss me off. I hate reading their comments. In Chuck DiMaria’s case, it is a little bit different. He even managed to make me smile as I happened to cross his website where I got to read his article entitled «’ Why I hate Eminem‘ »:

Chuck DiMaria is not what I could call a real Eminem hater. The points he expresses are full of humor and sarcasms and barely hide his admiration for the talented rapper.
His first statement reveal how much he «’ envies’ » Eminem:

« I hate Eminem.
You know why? Because he gets to say whatever he wants and laughs all the way to the bank doing it.
Oh, that makes me so mad. I hate that guy!
I wish I could do that, too. »

Eminem has actually a huge power on the media. When he says something, he manages to catch people’s attention. Within a few years, Eminem has become an important personality in the world of hip hop. He can say nearly whatever he wants, his voice will be heard. For sure.

Another of his statements captured my attention:

« But Eminem is in the rather enviable position of being able to say whatever he wants in exactly the way he wants and is getting away with it.
And making a profit.
And, profit margin aside, there is a lot to be said for Em-Squared to be able to do this. It helps to keep certain people in line. »

Yea, that’s absolutely right. Eminem is very clever: he uses his high power to say what he has to say and he knows how to make a profit out of it.
Eminem is an intelligent businessman. What is often considered as demeaning from Eminem (his parodies for instance) also helps to make publicity of his rivals.
People haven’t heard about MC Hammer for a long time, for instance. «’ Just Lose It’ »’ also appears to be a big publicity stunt. For MC Hammer, Madonna and, of course the so offended MiJack.
Eminem creates a lot of controversy around him and he is conscious of it. That is also what makes him so special in the hip hop scene.
The effect created by a controversial video like «’ Just Lose It’ » will make both category of listeners (haters and lovers) focus on his stuff. Even offended Michael Jackson fans will help to sell Eminem’s new single…and make people focus on Eminem and Michael Jackson. Chuck DiMaria understood it very well:

« I’ll give you a recent example of just what I’m talking about here: While most others in the media and the entertainment community are rallying behind that pedophile – oh, excuse, alleged pedophile – Michael Jackson, Eminem gets to tell it like it is.
He puts out a video lambasting this piece of garbage – oh, excuse me, alleged piece of garbage – and dear old MJ actually got BET to pull the video.

Which, of course, is absolutely wonderful news to Eminem because it gives him even more publicity and makes him even more money and causes even more people to see that video.
The guy’s practically a superhero here. »

Yea man. I gotta give you some props for your insightful comment.

The following line was funny too:

« Oh, before I forget, another thing about Eminem that I hate is the fact that he can write a song about his ex describing exactly what he wants to do to her and he gets away with that, too! And believe me when I tell you, I’d love to be able to have that kind of heat on my career.
All I can do is drive past my ex’s house and glare out the window. It’s just not the same… »

But you seem to forget that Eminem had also to pay a high price for the display of his private life in the media, but whatever.

Eminem lovers, don’t get mad at Chuck Di Maria at first sight. Take time to read his article. Yea, you guessed it right: you gotta read under the lines. Chuck DiMaria could barely hide the huge admiration he has for Marshall Mathers:

« Yes, I hate Eminem. And I say that with much love.
And as for Michael Jackson? Well, I think I’ll let Em-Squared do all the talking there.
That’s my two cents, now gimme my change. »

Be careful: an Eminem hater may hide a deep Eminem lover inside.






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    awww…come on…yknow yall love eminem deep down. you love him, hate him, hate to love him…either way…he’s one hell of a guy

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    if theres any eminem fans in here….

    go here. it’s a new eminem book they wanna publish to silence the critics. e-mail them with your name age location, why you like eminem and how he changed your life. they need 200,000 signatures for it to be published.

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    i fuckn h8 eminem am gonna parody him and become a big star cos i can parody his shit ryhmes

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