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Todd Nelson commits suicide

A note has been added as follows to this post by Korey Nelson:

“It was not a “sheriffs dog” and it was a neighbors who intentionally harassed the family since the day of buying the property intentionally sicking the rabbed Rottweiler on Todd nelson and other family members all the time when Todd 1st moved to the property they came over to his house and said “ U ruined my dream” but the dog was not what caused his death it was apart of the problem but no the sole reason he went down state to meet up with Debbie with his son korey who lived with him. Debbie promised that Marshall would meet Todd at the airport with money for a lawyer, the next day when everyone woke up Todd and Debbie got into a verbal argument over the meeting for funds for a lawyer that was promised and the sole reason he drove 3 hours away to get help Debbie left her home leaving korey and Todd there stating she was going to Missouri. The money never came, he was lied too and had no funds to make it back home for court in the morning he felt lost abandoned and completely let down by the lies that were told he had no options to return home he died because he had fear of going back to prison over neighbor harassment which includes the dog being part of the family of them but also due to feeling trapped and lied to with no way to return home based off lies of Debbie Mathers. He was vulnerable he was disabled and suffered from mental illness and in a time like that what other options did he feel he had. He dropped his son korey off at Janice’s house korey mother and disappeared with no contact about 10pm he called Janice wanting korey back but Janice left the home and took korey and Bobby to a gas station where they sat in the car. About 10:30 Betty kresin Todd’s mom called Janice telling her that she needed to find Todd he was going to kill himself Janice refused stating he said that his whole life about midnight they got a call that he had committed suicide in Todd jr’s driveway with a shotgun just like Ronnie had done it was the same day as Marshall’s birthday… October 17th but he was not pronounced dead in until he was at the hospital due to Betty keeping him on life support after midnight.”

EMINEM was devastated last night after the uncle who he regarded as his dad committed suicide:

Todd Nelson shot himself in the head as he sat in his car. He had become depressed over a sheriff’s rottweiler which was allegedly terrorising his family.

The 42-year-old helped raise Eminem, whose real father walked out when the rapper was a baby.

It is the second close relative the 32-year-old controversial star – real name Marshall Mathers III – has lost to suicide.

His other uncle, Ronnie, killed himself after being dumped by his girlfriend.

A family friend said: “This news has hit Marshall hard. It will bring back all the memories of losing Ronnie.

“To lose two uncles at such a young age is terribly sad, especially as his father has never been around. The fact they both committed suicide is so tragic.”

Eminem’s granny, Betty Kresin, said the family was “completely devastated”. She added: “I’m so heart-broken, I don’t know if I can handle this as well. He’ll be buried next to my Ronnie.

“Todd had been very upset about a rottweiler owned by a local sheriff who was causing problems for his family.

“The dog scared his girlfriend’s son and scratched his car.

“But when he complained to police, they wouldn’t do anything about it.

“He shot himself in his car in his own backyard. My grandson, Todd junior, found his body. He thought his dad was asleep but he was dead.

“He called me and then Marshall and the rest of the family.”

Betty said her daughter, Debbie, Eminem’s mum, rang the star to tell him they are to bring Todd’s body home to St Joseph, Missouri, following his death in Michigan.

It is the latest family tragedy to strike Eminem.

His ex-wife, Kim, tried to kill herself four years ago. And mum Debbie, 48, who he once called a slut in a song, is recovering from breast cancer.

His tormented family life has inspired many of his songs. He recently fell out with Todd over his uncle’s plans to sell the family home. But when he was younger, he idolised Todd.

In the past, his uncle said Eminem had been “a shy kid with few friends”.

He added: “Marshall grew up believing he was different to everyone else. It was something instilled in him from an early age by Debbie, me and his grandmother.

“Marshall was a happy kid. He was good at entertaining himself and he laughed a lot.

“I remember one time I walked into his room and saw all these posters of black superstars on his walls. Basketball stars, baseball players, rappers. He would spend hours drawing groups such as Public Enemy and NWA. Even as a kid, he idolised Dr Dre.

“At the time I thought he was going through some kind of identity crisis. But I guess he just knew from an early age.

“Everything Marshall has achieved professionally is wonderful. I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

26 thoughts on “Todd Nelson commits suicide”

  1. I read this and I thought what a bad life you have if you don’t have a father and two uncles who commited suicide. I have respect for eminem that he survived his miserable life.


    Roeland from holland

  2. wow that is so sad i watched aka meinem i rented it at the movie store and i herd about ronnie i started crying its so sad my best friendsdad commited suicide 2 of my friends dide and 2 other of my friends died in a car accident:( wow poor ronnie:'(


  3. No matter what people say about your music, keep writting your music, and going through with it. I love you Eminem!

  4. yeah, im realy sorry to hear that i kno it must be hard, but stay strong, live your life to the fullest possible b/c you only got one, and keep writing your music, you my idol

  5. todd was an awsome person one of a kind….he would take his shirt off his back for a stranger…SO SADDDD

  6. Sadly Enough Is true… I still have some performances that were composed by “THE MAN” TODD (that what I used to call him.) But he didnt have to leave planet E….Sorry to the family….G

  7. Todd still lives in the life of others he is with them all the time watching them very close….He will always be there you just have to know him to belive…..Love you george stay strong bro….it will happen!!!!!!!!!

  8. im soooooooo srry about wat happend. i know wat its like to lose people u love,its happend to me a lot b4.i love your music u r AWESOME!!!! luv ya.and im so srry bout wat happend.

  9. Hey, I here that.I hope everything is OK Korey,The last time I was on this blog someone wanted money so I didnt leave a message. Ill look in later and see. If your still there we,should get together. Hope ill talk to you soon. Love Bro.Geo

  10. I was just wondering if anybody would like to hear some of Todds tunes.There pretty good.

  11. Hear some of todds tunes soon on “which way did he go” Todd Suggested All Procceds from HIS SONGS go to cherity! All concerns should be voiced Please soon!!!!

  12. Hey Korey,Hi Grandma,i’m just getting back online, i’ve been off for 3 years now and tara gave me this dumb screen name. anyways i Love u two very much but our loved one was way to smart to take his life over a mean dog, yea dad was upset about the out of conrtol dangerous dog but we could have taken care of the animal in several differint ways But what really brought his emotions down was the fact that dad had just undergone the hip surgery from dropping the wood stove on his self fracturing his hip witch he walked around on for two months in alot of pain…when he got out of the hospital he was having extreame uncontrouble emotions from the pain medicine morphine they were giving him i know this from personal experince.after my motorcycle accident i was in the hospital for over a week like dad on the morphine drip and after i was released. I was so,so,emotional disturbed, witch is comman coming off that crapp.But in short i take full responsibilty,i completely ignored all the warning signs. well anyways if u guys ever get on here again i want grandma to know that i hold nothing againest her for all the events that went down and i would enjoy seeing her again as well as u brother.Sincerely Todd Nelson Jr.

  13. Hey every one its been a while just wanted to say i still looking at this blog…..Korey Kurtis Nelson …… Love you bro i dont think you could have said it ant better

  14. he should have shot da dog…. such a loser… although feels sorry for him… bt u cant end ur life in such a smal thing… peace..

  15. I remember when debbie called me and left me a voicemail threatening me with todd, telling me he was going to blow my head off. knowing this makes it that much more fucked up. could have really happened. RIP Todd.

  16. My thoughts and prayers are with you Marshall. as soon as i finising typing this i will say a prayer for you and your family. I think you know how much you mean to SOOO many people!!! Life is hard and YOU know this!….much love brother …keep yer head up!!!

  17. Dude eminems the best he shouldn’t put up withe all the crap people say about his song I’m like 10 and I’m one of his biggest fans thats not Stan you keep on rockin rap buddy dont worry we all support you

  18. Todd told me (via e-mails) that he wanted to be dead not long before it became reality… Ronnie however told me that there was more behind Todds death than suicide. One things for sure, people don’t take their lives over the last little incident in their lives, it takes a lifetime of dissappointments to make someone not want to be here anymore. Regards to the famil, Molly.

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