Another suicide case in the Mathers family leaves deep wounds into Marshall's heart

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I discovered the news in the UK mirror yesterday. The Mirror certainly wanted to make a big sensation by showing a title like « Eminem’s « father » shoot himself in the head.

In fact, the article from the British tabloid wasn’t about Marshall Mathers II, but about Todd Nelson, Debbie Mathers’ brother and thus, Eminem’s uncle.
In fact, the Mirror’s article intented to point out Todd Nelson’s role as a replacement father for Marshall, which is totally wrong. Although Marshall has spent several years with uncle Todd at his house in Timken during his teenage years, Marshall wasn’t that close to his maternal uncle.
It is a matter of fact Todd Nelson has obviously tried to get some money out of his nephew’s fame and that he sticked up for his sister Debbie against Marshall, most of the time.

Some people may not understand why Marshall might be devasted by uncle Todd’s death, then. The reasons are quite obvious, though:

– the loss of a family member is always difficult to cope with, no matter if you were close to him or not, and I am talking by experience.
-Eminem had the great pain to lose his uncle Ronnie in 1991. Todd’s suicide will bring up a lot of memories to the surface.

During the two last days, I still had some hope this news could be a hoax. But the recent Detroit Free Press article about Todd Nelson’s tragical death ended my suspicions. This drama actually happened on October the 19th,2004:

Eminem will not attend to his uncle’s burial, but he has paid the costs of the funeral.
Marshall will have to cope with the loss of his mom’s brother and my thoughts are with him and his family members.
No matter what could have opposed Marshall and his uncle Todd, another witness of Marshall’s childhood and teenage years has gone.

R.I.P Todd Nelson.

14 thoughts on “Another suicide case in the Mathers family leaves deep wounds into Marshall's heart”

  1. Eminem lost his uncle Ronnie in 1991 and now his uncle Todd who was like a father to him. I know this is gonna bring back painful memories to marshall (eminem). Being that marshall barely has any family at all its a shame for him to lose the ones who are close to him and who he cares alot about.

  2. I was just watching the news channel and I thought I had seen something about marshall being dead this really concerns me If you could send me some news and set my heart at ease that would be much appreciated! Thanx alot Cat

  3. i feel pain just like you my uncle died and he was just like a dad to me like you. and i don’t even now my dad.

  4. R.I.P everyone knows some sort of pain…my actual dad killed himself when i was eleven…no person should grow up without a father….

  5. Yo Cat B!This is Em.You don’t have to worry,I’m still alive and kickin.Someone just said that shit to be funny.I’m still here and so is my shitty ass life.I’ll still be around for a wile.And I’m still gonna keep rappin,so don’t worry about me quitin just yet!!!Ha ha!

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  7. i feel bad about the fact of his father, but i my appion its better to never know them. Instead of being completely helpless while they hurt u physical and emotional. It only grows anger, pain.

  8. i know how it feel and you r pretty tough and ii think you shouldnt quit you should carry on the gift from your uncle. love ya lots love chelsie

  9. hey em i know how it fells to loose a family member my dad commited suiside wen i was only 1 mounth old i love u so much dont quit or all that ronnie did would be for nothing!

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