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Eminem's most recent on air statements

With the release of his recent « Just Lose It » video and the release of Bush bashing song Mosh, Eminem has received some negative feedback in the media. But Marshall perfectly know what to respond to his opponents.

Eminem has made some statements on air recently that won’t certainly leave you indifferent. He clarified his intentions with the creation of his most recent releases and also revealed some info about upcoming album « Encore ».

About Michael Jackson’s overreaction about « Just Lose It », Marshall just doesn’t get why so much fuss about a song, that is, after all, a parody:

« I dont know what the fuss is about. There are hundreds of other shit that makes MJ the butt of a joke. when i did it, people want to shit on me. »

Of course, the video incited Benzino to become associated with Michael Jackson and to give a racial interpretation of the song, which is-of course- more than laughable.
Michael Jackson is not the first and probably not the last person Marshall will make fun of.
To the losers of the Source magazine, who recently owed little money to Eminem because of the loss of their affair in justice against him, Marshall has a message full of humor:

« I think anybody who even thinks of pulling the race card on this is a fucking bitch. I’m not even gonna respond to anything. As for Benzino, its pretty obvious this is another way for him to try and destroy my career. he failed numerous times before. The $150,000 his fuckin magazine gave me? I spent that shit on toilet paper. really! The first thing i bought with that money was some toliet paper. His money means nothing to me. »

What else do we need to know about Eminem’s great song « Mosh »?

« I just wanted to make a song screaming in your face about this administration. I know its a bit different, but i didn’t want to rap fast in the song. I wanted to be slow and loud and in you face. (when asked if its gonna be the next single): oh yeh. to tell u the truth, this is the 1st single off the CD. Just Lose It is a song i banged out in an hour. It was something for the kids. Mosh is the real shit. »

Yea, Marshall. I agree with you. Mosh is the « real shit ». Mosh is lyrically well written and has a powerful meaning. It will certainly touch young and older people’s heart.

« Encore » is « The Eminem Show » ‘s follow up. It will definitely be more political and show a matured artist. Eminem worked very hard on his new album that you will be able to listen to on November the 16th:

« The album is really a follow up to the Eminem Show. Its a more politically charged LP. Like every CD I make, the album is gonna be a different side of me. The Eminem Show was a more calmed down me. My style matured, and i just worked 15 times harder. I was on probation, so i didn’t really have much freedom to get crazy like i used. I kind of found myself. I spent more time with my daughter. This album kind of deals with what I went through the past few years, and my view on politics and the world. Its less expressing my thoughts on myself, and more expressing my opinions on different issues. I think this is by far my best work. No doubt. »

27 thoughts on “Eminem's most recent on air statements”

  1. what is there to say about em that hasnt already been said by either the media or by himself??
    i have to say my opinions of his work are strong biased by the fact that i foud it amazing that a man that made a career out of rapping about the injustices he endured as a child and lashing out on the world can go completley and totally against the bad arse persosona he created and openley share with the the world just how much he loves that little girl.
    In ” mockingbird” dedicated to the love of his life his daughter halie jade scott and his neice alaina he explainsto the two little girls what has happened in their lives and why. he also asks then to be strong, but the strongest element in the song is the fact that he’s constantly telling them that he’ll allways be there and loves thek more than they can imagine.
    bias aside the song in itself is beautifully written and shows that Em really isn’t afraid of anything that the media can possibly say about him. He ends the song on a light note with his tpical black humour, some may say this tarnishes the beautifull ,eaning of the song but i think thnat it makes it typically eminem.
    Mockingbird with definatley cause a buzz off shock throughout Em hateing communitywhen he forces them to ask the question that has been hanging in the air since he first mentioned his daughter….”How can a man that condones violence love his daughter and neice selfless ley?
    And maybe em will finally achive what all his raps have been aming for.the press might question their opinions.

  2. i luv your cd its the best its so funny and sad and touching some songs just make me cry and others make me laugh so much i cry im like the biggest eminem fan IN THE WORLD

  3. I just have to say I love your music and you are so hot and you have a hot body and I love all your songs and I love you to

  4. eminem is sick i like lose yourself and also cause i live at home in a trailer what the hell am i gonna do this #$%* wont even get me to da shelter ha ha

  5. You all that didn’t like my new album can suck my dick.I thought it was good cause I worked so hard and long on it!Dre thought so too!So if you don’t like it,your dissin the goddfather of rap my man!!!Ha ha!

  6. i love you, mocking bird touched me so much… im nearly 16 n have a little girl and love her more than anything in this whole entire world n know how you feel about halie coz its the same for me with my baby girl. Her fathers in jail, and the song relates to me in so many ways, i love it..

  7. I loved ur knew album.I went to a town like 3 hrs. away from my actuall home town and listened to it the whole way there and the whole way back.My Mom and sister got tired of it tho.But not me!

  8. oh yea if u r the real slim shady, dude i never dised u.Loved all ur songs never hated 1 song of urs…..

  9. who gives a fuck about eminem he is just another drunk who only cares about himself even though he has a hot 10 year old daughter named hailie she is to young i go hey their then she goes your cute then she says fuck you asshole and ive seen them in california in concert who in the right mind would let their child cuss if she was my daughter i would have had soap in her mouth and spanked i know how to take care of kids i have a 7 year old named adam and a 4 year old brother named chad

  10. adam is my seven year old brother im only 15 okay im smart enough to not have kids even though every girl wants to bang me and get in bed with me

  11. id just like to say to this josh dude, whom i never will be speaking to that ur a dickhead.
    “who gives a fuck about eminem” you say? WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU. hes famous your not
    and while your on that, get a life
    fukin look after your little bros n sis.. pfft we dont wanna hear the life story its a response section
    about M&M not you
    yeh i came ere to do my assignment and i just wanted to say ur a fag

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