Eminem vs Everlast


Don’t mess with Slim Shady unless you wanna get kicked badly and killed lyrically!

Everlast and Eminem have fought against each other in hard lyrical battles that went very personal.

The beef between Eminem and the former “House Of Pain” member started in 1999. Eminem’s words from the song “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” highly offended Everlast, since his name was mentionned:

“I’m Nicer than Pete, but I’m on a Serch to crush a Milkbone / I’m Everlast-ing, I melt Vanilla Ice like silicone…”

Everlast prompted to respond in his “Dilated People” track and made his beef between him and Eminem become very personal, since he mentionned Hailie in a pretty clear allusion:

“Ear Drums Pop (Remix)”, saying “Cock my hammer, spit a Comet like Haley / I’ll buck a three-eighty on ones that act shady / I’m original like Grady, check my Sanford, Son / You know you ain’t the one that rep peckerwood status / I’ll bust that ass, keep your eyes on the floor / What you comin here for, son you know the law / Let’s take it back to the house, slide off your blouse / Lift up your skirt and expose your panties / For the world to see, you can’t rep it like me.”

I Remember” is a former Eminem song that is aimed at Eric Shrody aka Everlast and describes Everlast as a dead rapper who should have died from his recent heart attack:

“I remember back when you had The Knack (had the knack)
And I remember when you had your first heart attack (heart attack)
I was right there laughin when I heard the news (heard the news)
I just wish the cardiac would’a murdered you (would’a murdered you)…”

“I Remember” is fullfilled with sarcasms towards Eric Shrody.

But it is just the beginning of a bitter and personal war of words between both rappers. As the lyrical struggle goes on,

Everlast becomes more and more personal with Eminem.

“Whitey’s Revenge” is a diss track towards Eminem that target Debbie Mathers and that questions Eminem’s fatherhood.

In the introduction, Whitey Ford dedicates the song to Debbie Mathers and questions Eminem’s toughness and his sexuality.

He also accuses him to use the “shock value” of his lyrics for money.

The meanest sentence is probably the following one:

“…and you can’t keep your woman from going astray
better run and check your kid for your DNA…”

Kim’s infidelity is clearly mentionned and Everlast wants to state that Eminem is probably not Hailie’s dad. The next sentence makes fun of Debbie’s lawsuits against Marshall:

I take care of my moms you get sued by yours…”
The Eminem/Everlast battle entered another round as Eminem released the song “Quitter” with the D12 group.

Marshall never jokes with his love for his daughter. He won’t allow anybody to talk about Hailie without retaliating badly.

The chorus of “Quitter” sounds like a real threat towards Everlast:

“Quitter and you bitter cuz I came along
And your days of house of pain are gone
If you talk about my little girl in a song again
I’ma kill you (I’ma kill you)…”

Eminem even goes that far to encourage his fans to beat his rival up:

“Aiight look…
So this is what we ask of our fans
If you ever see Everlast, whoop his ass
Hit him with sticks, bricks, rocks, throw shit at him
Kick him, spit on him, treat him like a hoe, bitchslap him
Do it for me, do it for Fred, do it for Limp
Do it for Rock, do it for Rap, do it for Ken
Do it for Ice T, do it just to do it, FUCK IT
He’s a bitch, he ain’t gonna hit you back, he’s nothin
Shit, in five years, we’re all gonna be eating at Whitey’s
And he’ll be busin tables in that bitch, cleaning the toilets…”

But the whole song also reveals Eric Shrody’s bitterness and his jealousy.

On February the 2nd, 2001, Everlast did a public show at St Andrews Hall in Detroit where he publicly dissed Eminem. The show ended violently. Suddenly some participants threw bottles and chairs on stage and some other men wearing D12 Tshirts entered the concert hall and asked the crowd:

“Are you going to let this motherfucker come to Detroit and disrespect Eminem?”

Three people were injured and sent to the hospital. During the show, Everlast called Eminem “a fucking midget”, criticized D12 and challenged the participants from Eminem’s camp:

The mic is open if there’s someone from Eminem’s camp who’s here. “Didn’t think so.”

People from Eminem’s camp were trying to take over security and were approaching the scene. Everlast took his guitar as a self defense weapon and one of the assaillants took the microphone, addressing to the crowd, until the power was cut. As a consequence, Everlast had to leave the show.

The lyrical battles that opposed Eminem and Everlast could have ended tragically. As far as I am concerned, “personals” are not the most interesting side of a lyrical battle. But that’s usually the way his rivals are trying to get at Eminem.

If you ask me, attacking a rapper by dissing his family members is rather a sign of weakness and it shows his incapacity to harm his enemy lyrically by other means. It also shows a cowardly manner to battle one’s opponent. Look at your rival’s own weaknesses, but why diss his family members?






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  1. daniel avatar

    fuck everlast he can suck my dick and if i see him i would smash hi face in

  2. furion avatar

    What a weak ass everlast is… hope someone kicks his ass.. but eminem have already kicked his ass lirycaly

  3. hahahaha avatar

    what a bunch of stupid mother fuckers you all are. eminem and everlast do that shit for fuken publicity.

  4. aaron hansen avatar

    Dude Em is the all time rapper. He’ll kill anyone in a battle. Dont try to fuck wit him. Getting involved in beefs is an everyday thing no matter who u r.

  5. Tjaikdus avatar

    Eminem is okey, but he started the beef: is he insane:
    some young prik is dissing a dude who is TWICE the size of him,
    who was shot: and survived. Who should ever be able to walk again:
    and he is walking. Who had a heartattack: and his heart is pumping again.
    And a SLIM shady wants to take it psyciacly? I like eminem, he rocks.
    But to start a beef with everlast is just insane.

    Ive lost some respect for eminem, 1 one number he encourge his fams to
    attack his fans, and in a other, toy soldiers, he says the opestit.

  6. rezonate avatar

    Eminem can dick on whity any day.whity started it all nd liks ass.but i wuldnt beat him hurtin cripples is sad and yet funi.

  7. Tjaikdus avatar

    LOL: ever saw Eric Shrody? The dude is a Tank compared with the Slim shady.

    Anyway, Eric Shrody sayed it himself to put the mic`s down, eminem dint respond. I dont care about hiphop beefs
    But some people you just dont diss on.

  8. Daibhi avatar

    i like that bhoy shrody cause he is irish but not as much as me as i live here. all i can sai is fighting is the best and ireland divided shall never be at peace. tiocfaidh ar la (our day will come) slan (bye)fuck the british and give ireland back to the irish and send the brits back to where they come from

  9. skylar avatar

    yo eminem is fucking ill as shit man hees awsome he will fuck up everlast

  10. MICBOY avatar

    YO as a fan of everlast and eminem…I think everlast is dope and as far as dissing
    and better songs…everlast way out did him..eminem just through around a bunch of crap
    and called him faggit a bunch and said he wished he would have died. and eminem can’t beat anyone
    in the 1997 LA rap olympics “Red cloud” a CHRISTIAN rapper beat eminem for first place.
    Redcloud didn’t use a NOT one Swear word. so what NOW??? HUH? wwww.syntaxrecords.com to hear
    my boy redcloud. and everlast smoked him to the grave!!! and ICP members smoked EMINEM too!
    wanna fight about it? here’s my email address micboy88@yahoo.com

  11. lazysloth avatar

    i am big eminem fan he is the best. and as far as everlast goes the guy is a dickhead just dissin em for nothing em could beat everlast’s ass to the ground! and i thought it was the best that em remade a tupac song just to diss everlast

  12. Tjaikdus avatar

    Dude, hate to brake it to you: but eminem is good, like everlast: but none of the two is the best. Sorry 🙂

  13. chezzy avatar

    im a huge eminem fan and im not slow in sayin if i think eminem got out done in a freestyle by another rapper. everlast came up wif some gd lines but he took it to far, noone should ever bring in a child’s name no matter the reason, hailies innocent in all this, just because her dad is rappin it doesnt give anyone the right to diss her or say anythin about her knowin it will get eminem goin, yes we no he’ll run his mouth like crazy but theres plenty of other ways in doin it and dissin little girls isnt one of them!

    personally quitter was a class diss track and i think i remember was gd 2…in all fairness eminem won but everlast did hold his own BUT eminem is a lyrical genius

  14. St. G.E.B. avatar
    St. G.E.B.

    everlast iz a bit ov a puc.. jus bcoz eminem mentiond hiz name in’a song he goez all apesh1t fo nuttin…so he gitz a new crew “delaitd pple” invold n there jus az sh1t az “house ov pain” 2 diss Eminem…wen hez got D12, shady/aftermath n interscope to bak him up…fukn dumb a$$…n e wayz… i herd da song “Quitter” n it drilld Everlast…n e wayz…y would u wanna mension Haileyz name in’a song n e wayz.. she aint dun sh1t 2 no1… Everlast jus needed sumthin 2 b1tch about…same wit Limp Bizket n Fred Durst… turnin hiz bak on slim…wot a soft c0ck…now even Ja Rule startd beef wit Slim ever since he signd 50 Cent… so fuk him 2…well im kinda talkn a lot ov sh1t.. but itz tru… oh well..PEACE OUT

  15. ghhgjhgjghj avatar


    i don’t blame everlast for defending themselves tho anyone would have done it

  16. WHITEYYS A FAG avatar

    I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT I FU*CKING HATE WHITEY SOOOOOO MUCH …. I DONT REALLY LIKE RAP But i like eminem he sings about reallll stuff…eminem DISSED HIS SO MUCh in “quitter” about how hes gay … and eeverything listen to it !!! EMINEM KICKS MOTHER FUCKING ASSSSS!!!!!

  17. jon avatar

    witey sucks big hairy balls ( and he likes it ) becuz he likes men

  18. LeX avatar

    i hate rapp!!! buti onllyy like eminems rap bcuz he raps bout real things not going clubbbing and smoking weed …. he sings about his life!!!

    everlasttt isss a loooooserrr nobody likes him =]


  19. RoB avatar


  20. NicK avatar

    Eric Shrody i cant even say anything bout him bcuz hes nothing at all hes a piece of NOTHING

  21. MC_Masta_T avatar


    and if you wanna argue about it, you little bitches email me or IM me at




  22. CUBA ONE avatar

    FUCK EMINEM, he was good when he kept it real and all but then he sold out. FUCKING SELLOUT. Whiteys been in the game twice as long and doesnt need to take bodygurads everywhere he goes, i honestly doubt that anybody here supporting eminem has actually heard anything other than jump around. GO WATCH SOME MTV POOFTERS

  23. RaPPeR BiTcH avatar

    Everlast is a fucking bitch.Just b’coz Em mentioned his name in a song doesn’t mean u hav to diss his family members.If I was in Em’s shoes I would hav done a lot worse.FUCK U EVERLAST,I HOPE U FUCKING GET TO READ THIS,BITCH!!!Go suck ur own DICK,FUCKERRR!!!!!

  24. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch

    yo, i got mailed one of whiteys cd.s and it sucked ass, as a fan of shady since before the slim shady lp came out, {we in mi. get info on music within thestate, he made an album in finiote that was unsuccessful} i have to say that when he was in house of pain he was okay, but shady and his crew {d12, dre, x-terminator, obie, snoop, kid rock, too short, and nate dogg} could whoop whitey, icp, mc. lethal, limp bizkit, ja rule, blackchild, and the rest of murder inc, benzino, hillbilly bush, vanilla ice, kim, and his own mom at one fucking time,em rules

  25. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Fuck M&M.

    You always see him hiding behind his crew.

    One on One would be a no contest beatdown with Everlast as the winner.

    50 cent will play him out, and Dre used him as a gimmick to make cash.

    Everlast is right, shady should check her DNA.


  26. Danny boy avatar
    Danny boy

    Everlast was rhyming when slim was still a kid. Everlast helped rap come to the mainstream and should be respected as such. Slim is good but he has to realize that you can’t diss your seniors. Everlast, i guess i can swallow, but where’s he come off talkin about Will Smith? Fresh prince is like a foundingfather of hip hop.

    But yeah, physically, you do not mess with Everlast, one on one, or backed by crews.
    Whitey’s king.

  27. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Shit, M&M and Everlast both took shots at Will Smith.

    Soft Target. Punk never defends himself.

    I was talkin bout M&M randomly dissin muthafuckaz to get a rep. Thinkin no one will bite back.

    Eyes on the prize Danny Boy.

    Its all about keeping face if u got any Irish pride.

    The Irish have stood up to so called hard cases for yearz.

    Nothing has changed here.

  28. Lukey avatar

    they are both shit, check out real rappers like Justin timberlake and Sisqo.

    For real

    JT for life NIGGAZ!!!!!!!!

    by luke quinlan

  29. SR-m avatar

    Terribly sorry to inform all you 12 yearolds out there, but Eric would beat M&M’s cute little face into the ground. Slim does and always will hide behind his “Crew” and he talks about his “real” life? terribly sorry. my name is and that dido song are as cheesy as a motherfucking cheeto. whitey talks about real shit, making ends meet, the life of people (what it’s like) etc.

    Sorry to dissapoint you kids.

  30. LONE_SOUL_JAH avatar


  31. doofus maximus avatar
    doofus maximus

    pack it up pack it in, let me begin, i came to win battle me thats a sin.
    uhhh ya.
    those are like reeeel life lyrics if i ever saw any.
    jump around jump around jump up jump up and get down
    jump jump jump jump jump jump
    uhh like shut the fuck up and stuff.
    if ya wanna jump go jump in a fuckin lake.
    i live just outside of detroit. i know what the streets is like.
    EMs got a life behind his lyrics.
    its pretty clear who really kicks ass by the records sold.
    i’ve never seen a cheeto fuck it’s mother.
    but i think i’ve seen dumbass everlast fans fuck themselves with their cheeto-sized dicks.

  32. Krissysbaby avatar

    man fuck yall everlast fans, yall prolly just a bunch of pussys like everlast him self. you cant even compare everlast to Eminem and theres no doubt that hell fuck everlast up , twice the size of em or not. everlast aint been shot he just wants fans and hell try to do nething to get em, like dissin eminem he just gon lose fans. man fuck everlast you want my phone number everlast come fuck with me i got ems back 512 228 9422, you prolly wont tho so i aint gona get my hopes up pussy. Fuck everlast the dumbest mother fucker to start shit with Em yet. call that number everlast you fuckin prick bitch pussy

  33. Krissysbaby avatar

    everlast is a fuckin hick, talkin all that shit how he got shot to get publicity, everlast relax dont get to excitet you might have another heart attack you old man, i always knew u were a fake ass bitch. you old fuckin man. EVERLAST IS A PUSSY.

  34. Krissysbaby avatar

    Northern Bank Loot, fuckin lil bitch ur self u n ” FOR EVER A BITCH EVERLAST ” same with any of yall dissin eminem.

  35. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch

    actually, everlast started rhyming in 1992, em was a minor, but not a kid, whiteys only good songs were:whitey, black jesus, you dont know what its like, and white trash beautiful, and jump around with h.o.p. was okaY, EVERLAST IS A WASHED UP REDNECK

  36. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch


  37. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch

    sorry, i had caps lock on, if whitey sees this, and he proves he is eric, i will give him my address, phone number, social security number, great-great grandmothers middle name, anything he needs to find me, he is a punk, you know, he doesnt even have ecverlast.com, a clothing line does, he has whiteyford.com

  38. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch

    * he doesnt have whiteyford.com

  39. MC_Masta_T avatar








  40. Krissysbaby avatar

    you punk ill battle u neday

    but in person cause ill kill u

  41. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch

    anyone on my side, post on this forum the term “everass sucks” to save me time writing a diss, i am using opponents names

  42. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch

    by the way, em was the first artist to have a rap song at #! on the radio, trl, etc.

  43. Krissysbaby avatar

    no one cares what you have to say SR-M SAYS, you a lil bitch and you can call me daddy cause i am your fuckin daddy. if you could get everlasts dick out of your mouth youd kno who would fuck who up. its people like you and everlast who always end up eating the curb… 512 228 9422 call me you everlast fans ill fuck yalll up

  44. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    All you M & M groupie’s can go smoke his cock, cock smokers.

    Hope you catch H.I.V from all the other groupies.

    Never heard a bigger butch of bitches in my life.

    Keep pouting your lips and pretending your black just like your idol, M & M.

    Big ups to all who kept it real.

    I.R.A for LIFE ladies.

  45. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Keep buying that pop manufactured shit from M&M like good lil bitches.

    M&M started the beef on “Just don’t give a fuck” and Everlast ended it on ‘Whitey’s Revenge’.

    End of story.

    You boys don’t want you crew shot up like “Toy Soliders” so don’t try and rep peckerwood status here.

  46. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    That goes direct to that salad tosser Krissybaby.

    What a fuckin queer name.

  47. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Or are you a chick?

    You sound like one.

  48. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    You givin out your number cause you on the cruise for boys.

    Probably got M&M tattooed on your lower back so it’s ready for your boy.

    Ha Ha Ha you fuckin groupies.

  49. KrissysBaby avatar

    northern bank loot, im your daddy ok, i told you that already. did daddy give you permission to talk. No bitch shut your mouth. Na Bitch im givin my number cause pussy ass hoes like you need to know who yall are fuckin with and need to get off everlasts dick and realize yall Neverlast fans are fuckin stupid. northern bank loot, your a pussy and i love the attention your giving me. do yourself a favor and dont fuck with me, have you noticed your like the only everlast fan on here, dumb hoe dont know who he be fuckin with

  50. KrissysBaby avatar

    your a fan of an old man, whos ready to have another heart attack,

  51. KrissysBaby avatar

    SR-M SAYS and Northern Bank Loot should go fuck eachother, a bunch of stupid ass punks thinkin they kno about the world of rap and hip hop, noticed how i didnt say country for everlast fans, he prolly woulda stayed in the game if he coulda made up his mind about hip hop, rap, alternative, country, all offense to everlast but i think you suck dick at all especially rap you fuckin punk.

  52. KrissysBaby avatar

    haha no wonder house of pain broke up Neverlast prolly tried to make a move on danny boy and djlethal. that bitch just gettin his ass beat by everyone next to come EMINEM

  53. KrissysBaby avatar

    everass sucks, i post this for jacob gollesch

  54. ReelSlimShady avatar

    Hell yea KrissysBaby im with you all the way… That fag northern Bank Loot is probably on Everlast dick and cant get off cause Everlast will dick slap him back on. I also post this for Jacob Gollesch…Everass sucks

  55. Byron Shakur avatar

    man you know everlast is a punk ass bitch when both ja rule and eninem diss him and they hate each ther just as much.

  56. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Would the real M&M groupies please stand up?

    Get smacked up.

    Get your eyes blacked up.

    I’m enjoying listening to your weak come backs just like your boy m&m’s weak comeback to ‘Whitey’s Revenge’.

    You called names first sissybaby.

    You can dish but can’t take it just like your main squeeze M&M.

  57. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Time will tell if m&m lasts as long in the game as Everlast.

    Haven’t liked any of his shit since Marshall Mathers E.P.

    Gone commercial as.

    That’s probably when you groupies jumped on the bandwagon.

    Don’t believe everything you saw on ‘8 Mile’.

  58. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Any cunt can make a movie embellishing tales about themselves to dupe their fans into thinking their SOOOO hard.

    Then hide behind D-12 for the rest of their career.

    Talk is cheap, lets be real here.

    You boy m&m never stepped up 1 on 1. In any of his beefs.

    Smells like pussy to me.

  59. Krissysbaby avatar

    suck my dick ))========D~~

  60. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Weak chump Weak.

    Where’s the comeback?

  61. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    You got beat up worse than Tyson did to Mitch Green.

    Old school style.

  62. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    Bash you here and on the street bitch.

  63. Northern Bank Loot avatar
    Northern Bank Loot

    That’s it.

    You can have your m&m worship page back.

    I retire on top just like Lennox Lewis bitch.

    You can cat all you like cause I ain’t reading it.

    Ha Ha Ha.

  64. The Truth avatar

    50 cent is a dic aswell. get rich or die tryin is jusy an attempt to make sum money but he thinks hes too hot AND he thinks he can call out ma man NAS? he really is stooopid

  65. Krissysbaby avatar

    northern bank loot your a dumb ass.. this isnt boxing you fucking dumb dip shit, this is eminem and everlasts beef… and the reason you wouldnt read this shit nemore is cause im making you mad by calling your pimp ( everlast ) a pussy. all im asking you to do is get of everlasts dick for 5 minutes and think about the truth you pune. your a flower and ill beat the living shit outa you on the streets.. you just hide behind your words on the internet, is that what your good at you fuckin coward. it would be a good idea for you to not comment back. ( paste this in your comment if you think Everlast is northern bank loots pimp, everlast and norhtern bank loot are a bunch of kunts…)

  66. Krissysbaby avatar

    ( quitter beat )

    I knew you was a bitch from the fist comment i hurd from you, you cant take the fact that, that eminem is better than everlast, and you wish that everlast could be everlasting, and you pist cause he never lasted, and u kno that eminem would whoop his ass n, i would rip you up northern bank, whose face was blank when you hurd quitter, and your throat feels bitter from everlast cum on your tounge, you can cry at night and hope he wont have another heart attack, from the crack he smokes and from the guys he pokes in the ass and all of these people know that

    Northern bank is just a queer, and hell never get off everlasts dick, you should get a life and find a chick, and realize that your just a lil bitch.

  67. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa avatar

    yall rgay

  68. adamsbaby avatar

    i love you

  69. Krissysbaby avatar

    this is to the truth what do you think about eminem

  70. rob avatar

    eminem and everlast are both fag boys pshycopathic records will beat thir asses dumb fuckers

  71. ReelSlimShady avatar

    Rob if you havnt noticed this is Eminem and Neverlast, you fuckin retarted or what, why would you bring Pshycopatic records into this. hahah dumb bitch

  72. ReelSlimShady avatar

    Whose that Northern Bank Loot character. Noone wants to hear what you have to say you queer bait cock sucker… haha dont fuck with shady..

  73. Northern Bank Loot avatar

    You guys are right, eminem is really the best.. Everlast is a pussy and i should have never sucked his dick. But i really like to so im just admitting that Eminem is better but Everlast is my Lover.. hahahaha im a fucking faget

  74. ReelSlimShady avatar

    dogg ur a fuckn idiot, why would you go off dissin your self. fag

  75. Northern Bank Loot avatar

    cause im really sorry for fucking with you, your the man, i should have shut my mouth befor you dissed the fuck out of me. You wont see my comments on this page again

  76. kid kash avatar
    kid kash

    yo’, fuck everlast, here is kid kash, da next mic attacker, might not be wit em, but it sure would be wit kid, but yo em, i’m totally wit ya, fuck everlast, when i make it, ur all gonna call me weak cuz i’m not only gonna kill everlast but lyrically whoop his cock suckin, monkey rapin, cum guzzlin, donkey slut rep, yo fuck everlast, em ur always da man, keep up da hardcore rhymes, maybe 1 day u & me can rap/ freestyle/ wit a 1,2 & all dat good shit!

  77. Northern Bank Loot avatar

    Kid Kash your a fag you and that krissy baby guy..

    You say your shit like eminems gonna read this.

    You can guzzle my cum cause your mom did last night hoe…

  78. Northern Bank Loot avatar

    Kid Kash will never make it

  79. eminem's nightmare avatar
    eminem’s nightmare

    fuck eminem!fuck em his music is to weak he sings in his chorus just like 50cent wat a fag..everlast is so much better and can kick eminems ass!bitch ass cracker trying to b gangsta..o yeah fuck ur daughter hailey..i hope she dies with ur bitch ass girl…FUCK U EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. eminem's nightmare avatar
    eminem’s nightmare

    fuck every1 who likes eminem he thinks hes tha best mc(white)..theres so many ppl better then him such as beastie boys,necro,everlast


    Northern Bank Loot Says:
    March 2nd, 2005 at 2:58 am
    Fuck M&M.

    You always see him hiding behind his crew.

    One on One would be a no contest beatdown with Everlast as the winner.

    50 cent will play him out, and Dre used him as a gimmick to make cash.

    Everlast is right, shady should check her DNA.



  81. eminem's nightmare avatar
    eminem’s nightmare


    The Truth Says:
    March 22nd, 2005 at 11:24 am
    50 cent is a dic aswell. get rich or die tryin is jusy an attempt to make sum money but he thinks hes too hot AND he thinks he can call out ma man NAS? he really is stooopid



  82. shaun mcnulty avatar
    shaun mcnulty

    everlast would fuck eminem up,without breaking a sweat

  83. Emilio avatar

    Everlast is a bitch, even though EMinem started the beef, thats his style. starting beef left and right, what are you gona do bout it? Everlast went too far by dissing his family. Eminem totaly got Everlast on “Quiter”.

  84. Fried burrito avatar
    Fried burrito

    If I cuss and call everyone a bitch, people won’t know I’m only 17, and I’ve never even been in a fight. And by driving a Honda Civic that my parents bought me and blasting my music, it may also scare people.

  85. Krissysbaby avatar

    eminem won the fight on march 23 2005, now can yall everlast fans shut the fuck up

  86. Fried burrito avatar
    Fried burrito

    I tuk no english I am an moron who posts about bitchs and shit no normal person cares about. I won a lawsuit against myself on March 23 2005 so screw you too

  87. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch

    all that slim did in i just dont give a &%^#$ was Im everlast-ing and i could whoop everlast, and im 12

  88. toby avatar

    everlast chopped him. everlast has been around twice as long as eminem and at least he’s fucking real. why u guys gotta suck eminems dick for? eminem is a waste of talent and he has sold out and if you like his music then ur gayer then he is

  89. Sophia avatar

    Well..You know about Jafool dissing Eminem and Halie in his song Loose Change…..Jafool can rot and Everlast can rot…..haha later guys

  90. Sophia avatar


  91. Sophia avatar

    I been an Eminem fan since I was 8:)

  92. Fried burrito avatar
    Fried burrito

    I been a moron since age 2. But I rap bedder than any old mofo. SO everlast is my ghetto freak. An eminem go fag. Bitch.

  93. Krissysbaby avatar

    Fried burrito, your a fucking prick, ill stick a burrito up ur ass. same for you TOBY keith

  94. jacob gollesch avatar
    jacob gollesch

    murder stink,jafool,bitchzino,canibitch, everass, insane clown pussy, all suck, except small pockets of talent in the last 2

  95. D12 avatar

    yall talk crap about em,50,dre, and g-unit. but if you were face 2 face to them you wouldn’t say shit! and you know it! GGGGG-Unit!

  96. Krissysbaby avatar

    jacob gollesch that shit was real bad ass ahahaha

  97. wouldn't u like 2 no?! :S avatar

    actually “d12” if i didn’t like eminem, 50….i would say it to there face they r just people!!! bring them in london and ill tell them i liked them and i wouldnt be star struk trust me!!! and wat im typing is nt shit okay!!

  98. would'nt u like 2 no?!:S avatar

    and wats this about dont mess with irish people!! please like they’re so dam special theyre just a bunch of retards

  99. toby avatar

    cmon krissybaby u got beef? check out this diss on u bitch:

    they call him krissy baby,
    cos he’s a sissy baby,
    acting all tough,
    but he’s weaker than a lady
    he likes to wear skirts,
    says no to shirts,
    and when u laugh at him,
    he cries “stop it! It hurts!”
    and if ya havent heard son,
    he’s a queer one,
    always playin wif his hair,
    yo he likes it up the bum
    and i guess thats why he loves EMINEM
    cos that fool has a thing for men,
    there aint nothin sweet wen i hold my gun,
    he’s got 99 problems and a bitch aint one!!

    the battle is on

  100. sniper avatar

    To all eminem,d12,and marshallfans.if you really like this kind of wheak and shitty rap,you should stay home and cry to your mums like the little scarry boy emmie loudmouth, hwo hides behind his words.
    what a wheak little boy!!!remember emmiefans, you should change your dipers, before you go
    out.thank you and no more whaste on this shit

  101. sniper avatar

    TO d12.If you think these small gansta bithes are hard i think you should get a job!!hahaha you make me laughf…..

  102. sniper avatar

    krissybaby!!i hope you are bigger and stronger
    than your mouth because if i EVER got you on sight i will pull your teeth out one by one to you get a heartattack.you should stay home whith your mum and think before you got something to say!!!I hope you will get a heartattack like Everlast.BIGMOUTH!!!!

  103. paul avatar

    hey man whitey kicks ass man whiteys revenge was off the chains bitch ass eminem what a dumb ass nigga i dont like eminem cuz he starts beef 2 much cuz hes got the back up but what the fuck beefin everlast eminems a fuckin dumbass man

  104. sniper avatar

    to paul.you got it!emmies beef`n with Whitey will be emmies downfall cuz he aint got the soul and power like Whitey. emmies clownlyrics belongs in a circus like the little clown he is, he only got shittalk to say and that will not LAST long.

  105. drew avatar

    I thought Em was calling a truce with “One Tin Soldier” but am I wrong? Figured W. Ford would play it cool and the two rappers would chill.

  106. toby avatar

    cmon and step up krissybaby. u r soft mate. bitch!

  107. krissysbaby avatar

    toby ur fuckin dumb, neone can take a pen and write a weak ass rhyme like that, i hate pussys like u who talk shit over the internet. its a fuckin website. get a fuckin life. for real man. your a hoe. n stop using northernbanks ” wanna be disses ” make up your own shit hoe.

  108. toby avatar

    You are right krissysbaby. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Ill stop thinking im hard, and just shut up while im still living.. And your right, i dont have a life, i sit and look at this damn website all day. Im a fucking prick!!!! oh yea i love to suck dick so any of yall want yalls cock sucked, gimme a call.

  109. krissysbaby avatar

    thats right bitch i am right

  110. krissysbaby avatar

    actually toby i am sorry u were in fact right. ur rhyme was tight and i culdnt write one as dope as that. thats why i didnt write one back, and just pretended that i was too cool and not an internet geek, even though this shitty website contains mostly all my posts… i clearly am the hoe and i just want everyone to know that eminem is gay, cos i gave him a blow job last nite. i did it while 50 cent was licking my asshole and he took me to his candy shop.

  111. toby avatar

    krissybaby u can stick post 109 up ur ass, and even tho u apologised im still going to rip u in another battle. instead of bitching dipshit, maybe u can front up and who u calling an internet geek, this site is full of ur posts and ur da one trying to start shit on the internet. ur fucked in the head mate. my rhyme was a piss take but u too dumb to see. now i’ll rip sum serious shit

    is this krissybaby?
    the one who loves shady
    popping off the mouth
    betta check his mental health
    he’s straight dumb,
    gets sex ed lessons from his mum
    doesnt know what a pussy is
    even tho he clearly is one
    semi retarded,
    if ya wanna end shit start it,
    but dont be acting like ur the one
    who’s is semi hardened
    cos i wont have it,
    cock my gun its time to nab it,
    wave it around
    smack u out when u try to grab it
    i’ll never let u go
    like a bad heroin habit
    climbing up the walls in my empty medicine cabinet
    im frantic, and ur going down like the titanic,
    nothing you can do
    krissybaby just face it
    its time to come to grips boy,
    cos u aint shit

  112. Krissysbaby avatar

    hahah ur a fag prolly sittin up in shcool thinkin for the whole dam 8 hours what you can write…fool getta life

  113. Krissysbaby avatar

    gay ass rhymes make no since and sound like shit

  114. peter gunz avatar
    peter gunz

    man krissysbaby u got bounced bro. that first rap of his was average, but the last one was good man u gotta give him credit. im an eminem fan and even tho i reckon slim shady won the battle against whitey, u lost this one son

  115. Lukey avatar

    krissysbaby is a fag

  116. paul avatar

    eminems stupid man i dunno who the fuck he thinks he is messin with whitey ford he deserves to get shot in the head. this guy sniper is the smartest person to sign this shit and the dumbest is this gay ass bitch krissybaby what a loser eminems gotta go man hes ruinede the rap game FUCK him

  117. Andrew avatar

    Yo krissybaby ur a strait up rape baby. Like shut the fuck upo nigga oh was that too harsh well fuck u lick my dick like u licked ems LIL BIATCH

    U too toby u and ur gay ass ryhmes.

    i could get somethin better with 3 monkeys in a room FUCKEN BITCH

  118. paul avatar

    krissybaby is a hoe
    like some one said a rape baby
    well it turns out the fag dosent even fuck ladies
    he’d rather be on shady
    wat a crazy fuckin bitch
    so’s toby
    screaming to all the men
    aint no one better than me
    so u and toby can stop arguing over whos better like school girl pussies
    u and krissy can stop lookin at eachothers asses
    and quit standin around
    cuz i know u wanna fuck him
    and parylize him from the waist down
    muthafuckin clowns
    weighin like 50 pounds
    u wanna fuckin mess im ready to stomp u both around
    u can go cryin to your gay ass dads
    then u suck his nads
    cuz both of u aint nothin at all
    is u tryin to fuck with paul

  119. toby avatar

    check it out, hey paul
    why u got to start shit for?
    acting all hard like ur 6 feet tall,
    i was going question whether u were a man at all,
    but i caught u copping head off andrew down on all fours.
    fukin pussy ur just a rookie,
    you better not step to me, i got more shit on you than u can eva beleive,
    ive got lines of rhymes in da bank that i can always retrieve,
    leave u fucked in the ass like de niro in Heat.
    so paul tell me wat do u really have against me,
    is it cos i cast a shadow over you when u out on the street,
    and when ur lying awake to scared to fall asleep
    u cant stop thinking of wat life culda been,
    paul im a really nice guy but at the mo i hate ya,
    cos u the fag that dont get a knock knock joke till lata,
    the type of fool that turns left without an indicator,
    meanwhile causing a head on with a semi trailer
    anyway fuck it,
    im over this rap i’ll see ya lata
    but i wont forget to tell ya mum wen i pentrate her,
    i ripped u in a battle ur just a second rater,
    put a sock in ya mouth u fukin hater

  120. elev8 avatar

    hahahahhahaa that rhyme kicks ass i love the 5th line paul and andrew eat a dick beeyatch

  121. toby avatar

    but seriously fuck the agro… what u said paul is true about eminem he is ruining hip hop for real… his music is just mass produced to make money it makes me sick. eminem hasnt written a good song since his underground days with rawkus records… D12 are a joke theyre making things worse. i heard all this shit about 50 cent bout how is dope he is and all that but he is just another average rapper. atm it just seems hip hop is over crowded with mediocre MCs. wat hip hop needs is another Biggie, another 2pac, another Nas. Another Gangstarr. peace

  122. andrew avatar

    toby u write a ryhme now ur actin like ur pauls bitch or somethin. I think eminem has good songs but i also like w. ford. he would kill eminem in a fight and lyrically so u need to stop runnin ur mouth like ur tough and please go suck KRISSYBABYS DICK

    Krissy baby what the fuck kinda name is that like shit shut up

    And u think ur GANGSTA

  123. andrew avatar

    yo toby i dont got nothin against u man that ryhme i wrote was targeted mostly at that bitch ass krissybaby. yo man u can rhyme u bring alot of talent to da table man i just think that u and krissy baby should stop arguing like school girls man all that shit u said about eminem fuck that shit is all right man emmie ruinded the rap game but wat u and krissy is doin is like the same thing that emmie did to ruin this rap shit aight. wat the fuck elev8 u got all this shit twisted son i aint tryin to side with andrew the guys a dumbass read his shit its stupid but if u really wanna beef with me dont think i am throwin in the towel cuz say shit and i will retaliate and fuckin hard punk

  124. mp avatar

    Em is a punk exstasy junkie and Everlast paved the way for him. Em should show respect. In the end it comes the hands and Everlast would send Em running to his mommy.

  125. toby avatar

    i grew up listening to house of pain and everlast is da shit! eminem has skills but he raps over radio friendly pop tunes and it aint hip hop. anyway thats it from me. peace

  126. elev8 avatar

    fuck ya’ll

  127. Snirpy P MC avatar

    Yo yo snirpy p MC in da house here boys. yall dun no what your on bout. they are all shit rappers. respekt major to real rappers with talent out there like Ja rule, master p, juvenile, puff, lil jon etc – all these guys are majorly ill bro. If i could get signed by them id be a happy rapper. Check this rhyme out;

    “Yo im snirpy P
    in the place to be
    yall wish you could be me
    but yall cant see me
    because im too free in this rap game
    im here earning the fame
    while yall just try some weak skills
    when im in the car with tha system up
    i know and feel the real
    yall homies better peal
    before snirpy p seals the deal
    on your head, youll be dead,
    if you wanna mess with me ill call up the feds
    becauase im bigger than king kong
    this is MY hip hop song.”

    peep that shit homies, balls in your court. peace out. RIP Freaky Tah.

  128. mack n pimpin avatar
    mack n pimpin

    yo snirpy p check this flow out for size

    yo snirpy p, you are history,
    i dont know why u think u are cool,
    u are not better than me,
    freestyling is an artform cant u see

    check it, im bigger than ron jermies jock,
    and wen u see me comin u know i wont stop,
    cos u cant mess with these ice cream flavours i got,
    im so lean u shuld see me in jeans,
    im mean, i make the whole world lean,
    to the otherside of the room that i be,
    cos they monkeys are scared of my freestyle flow,
    and had sex on ur mum and she said to go,
    to the other show, u know i got flow, like flairy floss u know that i know,
    and you know that i know, that i can flow,
    so u better go and get a yo-yo, yo
    and u wont be living for very long,
    i said fukin give it the hip hop song

  129. elev8 avatar

    man wat the fuck? u guys are FAGGOTS u cant rap for shit beeyatch. u hoes need to keep sum fukin dirt in ur pockets so u can spread that shit over ur self wen this shit is fucking over man. fuck ya’ll

  130. paul avatar

    yo fuck elev8 talkin shit about no one can rap meanwhile u havent wrote shit all ur faggot ass con talk about is how bad we is so why dont u give us a little peice of wat u got bitch

  131. paul avatar

    wow ur right for once elev8 there is one of us who cant ryme mack n pimpin wat the fuck is dat man u got better fuck that sucked

  132. paul avatar

    to mack n pimpin and snirpy p

    snirpy p and mack talkin smack
    if u on the mic
    then put it back
    cuz y’all cant rap
    both ur styles is fuckin shit
    thinkin u can spit
    mack thinkin hes hard
    thinkin hes hood like biggie smalls
    well u r hard in ur head
    and down there
    cuz “slurpy” p is on on ur balls

  133. andrew avatar

    snirpy ur a fag
    yo momas an old bag
    dosnt know how to shag
    listinin to ja rule
    ur a mafuckin fool
    u dont know whats kool
    you aint no mc
    ill kill u lyrically
    yull be layin on the streets
    me and my crew will give u the beats
    ill put ur mouth on the curb
    nigga u know im suberb
    nigga better step off
    u probably eat from a pigs trough
    get a mothafuck in cough
    so nigga better lick off
    the cum from my shaft
    then go to arts and crafts
    so us a lil bitch
    and the cops gone find u in a ditch

    snirpy ya dumb nigga RESPECT

  134. andrew avatar

    yuse a lil bitch line 19

  135. NorthernEffect avatar

    Damm…. People Still commenting on this shit.. Come on M&M has released the same song 30 times over the past 5 years and all you stoned ex limp fans searching for a reason to justify your life long career at mickey Dees have bought into the concept that yellow stained white t’s and ceaser cuts will help you land that chubby 15 year old. Start saving up your pennies now to pay for that coat hanger caz no one wants anymore M&M fans born in the USA.
    As for Everlast, shit I’v been a fan for almost 20 years and bro you better come a little stronger on your next LP. But atleast you got something to say other then Im everlast the real everlast and all you other everlasts kan kiss my ass and next time you come to Toronto please hide the weed when you get the the Border

  136. elev8 avatar

    yo yo fuck ya’ll. i be the dopest rhymer on this shit. muthfuckas suck glocks on here, i even kick that toby pussy in a battle. fukin wat grimey nigga for real peep this shit and stop rhyming fools

    check it, niggas call me elevate,
    grimey nigga for real i foever rate
    always on top,
    eating offa platinum plate
    for real,
    i leave you suckas in a nervous state
    u never battled sumone in ya life who be this great
    check it, im sure u mcs on here can all relate,
    cos u all seem to have the same fucking trait,
    u cant rap for shit and ur are all hoes,
    u shuld spent more time selecting ur panty hose,
    cos friends are friends and foes are foes,
    keep my enemies distant let the intensity grow,
    if ya step to me i might bust ya nose,
    and if ya run away son i might grab my gun,
    cock it spit a clip and lets have some fun,
    fuck life nigga i cant stray from strife

    fuck ya’ll for thinking u shit be real,
    fuck ya’ll for thinking u be worthy of a record deal,
    fuck wack mcs yo its time to eat ur last meal,
    cos death row nigga has no appeal

    This goes out to all wack mcs on riding my dick. To snipy_p , paul, mack n pimpin, andrew whoever fuck ya’ll cos you shit be on some wack spin off shit nigga

  137. l avatar

    i been readin’ this and it occurs to me snirpy p you suck if rappin was baseball you couldn’t hit it on at tee, elev8 yo shit wuz da bomb, and toby fuck you fag Blow me!!!

  138. l avatar

    i ain’t got nothin’ against w’ford, but what em said “i’m everlasting” wat the fuck was so bad about that? i ain’t even heard of everlast until his beef with em.

  139. mack n pimpin avatar
    mack n pimpin

    yo homeys u think im not cool enough to rap and flow? i dedicate this rhyme to paul and elev8. u guys are shit.

    im only 19 and its hard to beleive,
    i got such fine mic skills,
    that u can never achieve,
    when u see my flow u get up an leave,
    as a mc u r dead and its time to grieve
    to my man elevate,
    all u do is masturbate,
    to my rhymes,
    just one more time,
    put u into line,
    and if u go out of line,
    i’ll put u back into line,
    time after time,
    and rhyme after rhyme,
    line after line,
    and show after show,
    when i have the mic in my hand ive got good flow,
    and i start to grow,
    into a really big tree,
    ya’ll cant see me,
    paul is not hard cant u see,
    paul is gay and he wants to be me,
    but he never can be me,
    cos at the moment im a tree.

    u said i cant fukin rap? eat my rhymes of of u idiots

  140. MC Snirpy P avatar
    MC Snirpy P

    Mack n pimp’n u is tha truth for real. fuck all these other rhymers or should i call em dickheads cos they got no flow with their 4 word line raps. im lookin to get signed soon cos Jermaine dupri is my cousin and he sed he gona sign me uuup for real. check this flow on for size u biyyyatches:

    you homies come and go
    i seen it all bef’o
    wanna step to snirpys plate
    yall better let yourselves go
    cos u cant run from the snirpy terror
    you better step back thousand steppers
    cos im’a come afta ya 500 miles
    and i would walk 500 more
    just to be tha man who walks a thousand miles
    to end up at yo door to kill ya
    so see ya wouldnt wanna be ya
    cos who would wanna be ya
    if your dead and lying on your head
    with a bullet wound in tha head
    this be some real hood shit
    cos i come from the ghetto
    keepin it retro, spect it from the ghetto
    im sicka than yo average but not like bigige
    speakin of biggie yo mumma is fatter than biggie
    so if u wanna trick me like kelis
    i wont be fooled, yall better call the police
    runnin from the police thats right
    yo mumma will catch ya
    put a whoopin to ya backside
    thats it im outie, not wastin time on you fools
    cos you cloudy

    Byyaaatch Big L rest in Peace WOT!

  141. Toby avatar

    this one is dedicated to i says. then thats it for me. no one here is worth battling ur all wack as fuck. and elev8 suck my COCK.

    tell me this, with no attempt to listen
    how u dissin?
    ur mental home bout to be reportin u missin
    and elev8 tell me wats worse,
    ur track or ur verse,
    ima get to ur mumma but im smackin u first
    consider me the clothes on ur back and a warm meal,
    who knows i might just get u a deal,
    and the day ya album go on sale for the first hour,
    just remember like Nas nigga, i gave you power
    i’d figure ud need some help but u need lots,
    im sick of ur wack raps and ya cheap shots
    im telling him fuck him for doing diss tracks
    in fact fuck this website for doing the stats
    im diss ya thru email,
    then though a fax,
    im a diss u via two- way,
    i aint never relax,
    ima diss u over fast, slow track or no track,
    if eminems shit wasnt so wack id diss u to his track,
    u that little fish that i catch and throw back,
    and by the way get 50 cent as flow back,
    u that cat in the club who get hit with a bottle,
    fukin with me,
    ur better off trying to hit lotto
    and dont answer back this is hard shit to follow,
    and you cant spit nigga so u obviously must swallow

  142. elev8 avatar

    fuck you toby u pussy if i ever see u i’ll kill u nigga mutherfucka. im a fucking street nigga do you even know wat ur dealing with. watch ur mutherfukin back. and wheres that pussy krissybaby? he’s all talk. i own this website bitch nigga dont try to come back

  143. Andy avatar

    Elev8 just got toasted. 2nd last line is a classic. now he’s all fired up cos he just got dissed lyrically publically, and the nigga too dumb cant retaliate! funny shit this website… all these hard asses on the internet. id be pretty scared too if someone told me to watch my back over the internet, street nigga who types on websites all day ha ha whatever elev8

  144. elev8 avatar

    fuck u too youse a crazy muthafucka u wanna get physical. u dont no who u be messin wif son. fukin chump u up against a grimey nigga watch ur back too nigga

  145. elev8 avatar

    i is a street nigga i got a lap top muthafucka dont act like ya know u get killed out here in the streets

  146. andrew avatar

    haha i bet none of u people are even black, probly just some sad white c*nts siting in your bedrooms with nothin to do all day but make up sh*t and wish that u were born black…it probly took u a year to write that bulsh*t if u did even make it up yourselfs… anyways if any of u were gangster haha from the street and that hard core i dont think that u would have time to sit around staring at a computer… cant u see how fuk*n lame u sound? sad bro sad… im from aus and if we have a disagreement over here its fuk*n sorted straight out phisically no weapons nuthin just your bear fists…none of this talking rappin bulsh*t.. leave it to the c*nts on the tv…
    i dont want to ruin your fun but i had to say something…

  147. paul saines avatar
    paul saines

    word up andrew

  148. mack n pimpin avatar
    mack n pimpin

    its time to fuck off elev8 no one wants u here anymore.

    im swift, im cool,
    i didnt drop out of school,
    like u did,
    too busy chilling in ur crib,
    making fat chips why i make fat stacks,
    this rhyme is dedicated to elev8
    cos he is so crap,
    ur r so wack,
    its time to go back,
    to where u came from,
    cos i smoke u like eddie wong
    shuttup cos this is a true hip hop song,
    unlike wat u do,
    it resembles poo,
    its time to leave this website,
    wat u going to do,
    know one likes u,
    on here so its time to adhere,
    and if u dont then dont come near,
    to my freestyle flow,
    cos u r not a friend ur a foe,
    thats right u r a hoe,
    and u will get pumped with my freestyle lead,
    and end up dead, lying on ur head,
    like snirpy says call the feds,
    cos u are now dead on ur bloody head

  149. Andy avatar

    back to hip hop anyway instead of this arguing bullshit over nothing… hip hop is dying, well the good stuff is – i mean theres still heaps of it out there but the quality in the past 5 years has been shit to say the least. Em is only in the spotlight cos he is the first white rapper to step up and be heard recently at all – and dre. saw it, he saw a market for it and u gotta admit he did well cos he made a fucken mint outta Em! u gotta think that if Em were black he’d prob just be another behind the scenes rapper that u hardly hear about and never woulda got signed. Kanye west has been the only one to bring out a half decent album in the last 5 or so years, even Talib has gone downhill with his beats. like Toby said earlier, Hiphop needs another Big L, Gangstarr, pac, big, nas, mobb deep etc respect to the neptunes too, they been doin some good things…. all we seem to hear these days is radio hip POP. I think Em definitely falls under that category… i mean theres is a lot of the same ppl that listen to britney and Justin that listen to Em and 50… to put things in persepective…. Thats my bit said then. Out.

  150. paul avatar

    elev8 i wrote a little something that i think describes u perfectly

    my 9 millimeter decides ur fate
    so shut ur mouth elev8
    u aint great
    u aint shit
    ur rymes is fucked isnt it?
    if ur right about one thing
    it that those mc’s is wack
    but not me im another muhfuckin platinum black
    u dissed my on track
    now its a niggaz time for payback
    betta watch ur bitch ass
    cuz now u under attack

    u should stop talkin shit
    sayin things u regret
    ill stick my gat down ur throat
    leave u in cold sweat
    poppin off my jaws aint my style
    but i do once in a while
    i luv dissin bitches like u and i do it with a smile
    u must of broke aoutta jail
    cuz i heard shit about a missin pedaphile
    when it comes to kids u go wild
    tried to fuck a nine year old child
    but he kicked ur pussy ass back to the slums of 8 mile

    i rap shit and im good
    i do it for my fans
    got my money in my pocket
    record deal in my hands
    if theres 1 thing i hate
    its poor hoes like elev8
    who would suck hiz own dick
    to lick da scraps off MY plate
    wanna battle 1 on 1
    go face 2 face wit my gun
    gotta choice make it quik
    run or i’ll empty my clips bitch

  151. paul avatar

    who da fuck is dis andrew muhfucka im blacker than ya’ll wigga ass hoes fuck elev8 muhfucka and smack n limpin im gonna diss ur ass on track 2 eat my 9 bitch

  152. paul avatar

    to mack n pimpin

    dont rap find somethin else
    coz u just makin a fool of urself
    its the pathetic reality
    i know u feal weird around boys
    ur findin it hard to deal with homosexuality
    my rhymin shit is brutality
    bitch u dont wanna battle me
    i could never start to ryhme to my muhfuckin

    bitch give up u aint gonna win
    ur starting to get under my skin
    u like to take balls on ur chin
    no one knows where ur hands have been
    mack n pimpin that name is kinda funny
    ur out on the street tryin to make some money
    sellin ur dick to gay men
    u like when they tickle ur ass
    and u call them handymen
    im done my rhyme and thats it
    give it up bitch u cant spit

  153. mack n pimpin avatar
    mack n pimpin

    to paul. bitch.

    check it out,
    yo man wat u rappin about,
    paul ur a whore and ur timings out,
    your rhymes are so poor and they dont amount,
    couldnt spit or rock raw on all accounts,
    the greatest of all time?
    i admit i thought ur were dope until i heard line 9,
    u dissed ur self man now its my turn to shine,
    hand over the mic son cos this battle is mine.
    cos when i ryhme nigga i go off like a trigga,
    people hear me spit and tell me wat they figure?
    they fire glances back at u they all start to snigger,
    u aint shit paul and now u starting to quiver
    ur cold, a shook one yeah you got the shivers,
    if ya cant handle defeat boy and u given me heat,
    and when u step to me u can only compete,
    but physically and lyrically u always get beat
    im ya god
    time to peep the catalog,
    the MC battlelog,
    paul u need a bodyguard,
    cos i’ll pull ya card
    leave u spinning like leotarrds,
    yo its time to face ur fate like death in Die Hard,
    fuck it, im retiring from this battling shit,
    mack n pimpin over and out on this lyrical tip,
    paul u can never fuck with me and the shit that i spit,
    u got knocked the fuck out with just one hit,

  154. Andy avatar

    To Paul; ya fucken bitch, talkin gangsta, talkin bout who’s black ya caramel muthafucker. fuck you in the ass you pussy bitch ass ho. rip this shit

    There’s one ripped out the frame, felony act
    Everybody get the fuck up, welcome me back
    I’m the unseen hand that controls 200 niggaz
    Parked while on the street out of unseen vans
    I’m the law of the land, the rawness of man
    That’ll show up on stage, puffin’ on contraband
    Capture, duct tape rapture, slapped ya
    Served up my penis in Pauls mom, cocked back
    Clapped ya,
    to internet mc’s I’m virus
    I’m a warrior, Paul’s screamin’ “this snirpy shits the flyest!”
    I’m checked in to every hotel that you lay in
    Niggaz come to my suite to pick up heat
    Y’all know who wrote the bible in rap, for keepin it real
    Y’all know who buck fifty your face, I’m keepin concealed
    It’s capture, get out the truck, I’m keepin’ your wheels
    I’ve tapped ya mom, ’cause you’ve got a gun you never conceal
    I leave my hardcore demeanor in every rap arena
    And underground club that I play in
    I spit raw verses that y’all ain’t sayin’
    Cause your soul was bought for what they payin
    You wanna have Pauls’s heart you got to have Paul’s chest
    I’ll bust right ’till I find only Paul left
    I’ll bust mics ’till I have just enough breath
    To take your heart, it’s thug grand death
    Fuck Ya

  155. paul avatar

    andy ur a fag ur ryme style is weak man i never even said shit about u and ur startin shit well dont matter cuz i like havin anemies bitch

    i thought andy was a bitch
    but the nigga must be brave
    if hes talkin shit bout my momma
    while his is lying in her grave
    why u talkin shit a mile a minute
    runnin ur mouth 2 fast
    while u got ur baby penis
    all up in mack n pimpins ass
    u guess u guyz juz dont who u fuckin with
    u juzt dont know u i be
    nigga dont fuck with me
    sayin u ghetto well i beg to disagree
    u both juzt pussy bitches
    fuck a dirty hoe
    now u dyin of H.I.V
    well if u wanted an enemy
    for once u did succeed
    well u both gonna get beat down
    thats not a promise its a gaurantee
    u guyz aint rapperz u bitches
    that listen to tlc
    when it comes to makin raps
    i have fuckin witha masters degree

  156. speechless avatar

    chin-chillaa all the way
    mu’fuckaz around here some day they gotta pay
    wanna agree to O me money
    i cant wait for another day
    wanna rap about my nigga
    he my paul bitch
    wanna say another word
    i have to pull the trigga snitch

  157. chin-chillaa AKA speechless avatar

    this one is for my nigga pual

    to andy and mack n pimpin

    bitch ass hoe
    ur rhyme , ur fingers and ur minds r so slow
    thats right this a new one
    rapping in this bullshit
    i show u mu’fucker how i spit it
    mack n pimpin can eat a big fat dick
    but not as big as andy did
    andy swallows them and mack n pimpin eats them
    his fucken name should be 3-SOME
    wit andy and micheal jackson
    u guys are wanna-bees u look in the mirrow
    and play wit ur TITTIES
    for a little short word i will use TIT
    show the others how we do it
    but if u wanna take it out bring it u sluts
    i will tear ur fucking head off
    and rip out ur guts
    PEG city will fuck u up
    in this shit we say
    u would think we toking up
    unlike mack n pimpin
    he is doin hash n crack N
    ANDY ANDY all he do is play wit his lil DINKY
    wanna fuck wit me i will show u a twinky
    u will fuck
    suck it
    try to even keep it
    but listen lil bitch like i said in my last rhyme
    i will pull the trigger like u are a snitch

  158. chin-chillaa AKA speechless avatar

    bring it…..lets hear some shit

  159. paul saines avatar
    paul saines

    man u guys are fukin dumb mack n pimpin and andy kicked ur asses! and what about tobys fukin corker “u cant spit nigga so u obviously must swallow motherfucker” hahaha u guys got lyrically fucked up the ass. which is weird cos u guys are probably just used to getting physically fucked up the ass. bitches!

  160. mack n pimpin avatar
    mack n pimpin

    no one on this blog can rap for shit. theres a couple of dope battles but most are fukin rubbish. especially paul u fag wat the fuck are you going on about? and speechless u shuld stay speechless motherfucker cos ur just a mediocre emcee. i dedicate this shit to u fags

    thats right paul i do smoke crack cocaine,
    while im writing this i can feel that shit pulse thru my veins,
    i take that shit daily and shuld i feel ashamed?
    these wack emcees is causing me so much pain,
    fuck ya’ll,
    i gotta spit, i got say it, i gotta spray it,
    give up rap u aint shit ya never going to make it,
    emceeing aint an orgasm and nigga ya cant fake it,
    its time to give up the lip for everyones sake it,
    surely aint rapping and ya never gonna take it,
    to the next level cos u dont have the talent,
    u get so charged up but u never get the balance,
    u say alot of words but they never seem to make sense!
    listen to this diss cos its a lesson in battlin’
    dont start a beef if u cant start rappin
    dont fuck with me son if ya skills is lackin,
    and speechless ur a fag and ur style is saggin.
    watch 8 mile a few times and u think ur dope rhymin,
    do i have to go through this shit one more time and,
    dont answer back cos all u will find is,
    more fucked up shit to be screwing ur mind with,
    i retired paul but ya forced me to write more
    im sick of this battling, im over it im bored
    but ive returned to gavins blog to hit one last chord
    its my fukin encore nigga and ya better applaud

    thats it its over for me. seriously. im over this shit. ur a waste of time. put some good shit out and maybe i’ll respond. fuck the filler shit niggas.

  161. toby avatar

    yall suck
    y cant yall write something about me
    all of yall
    ill fuck all yall up

  162. ? avatar

    juzt so u will stop bitchin toby, fuck you now you write about that

  163. Andy avatar

    fuck u in the ass chin chilla pharrell wanna-be, u will be speechless after im finished wit u motherfucker.

    so I’ma let the world know the truth, you don’t want me to shine
    you studied my rhyme, then you laid your vocals after mine
    that’s a bitch move, somethin that a homo rapper would do
    so when you say that you platinum, you only droppin clues
    i studied your background, read the book that you wrote
    researched your footnotes, bout how you used to sniff coke
    like a drug-free role model, on my dick you can toke
    i know bitches that seen you smoke weed recently
    you walk around showin off your body cause it sells
    plus to avoid the fact that you ain’t got skills
    mad at me cause I kick that shit real niggaz feel
    while 99% of your fans wear high heels
    From paul to chin-chilla to elev8
    Now you wanna fuck with me, like xzibit you irrate!
    you drippin with wack juice, and you can’t get it off
    you betta be prepard to finish what you start, nigga
    you better give me the respect that I deserve or I’ma take it by force
    blast you with a 45 colt, make you summersault
    shock you with a couple hundred thousand volt thunderbolts
    before you wanted a war, now you wanna talk
    it’s about who strikes the hardest, not who strikes first
    that’s why I laugh when I hear that wack ass verse
    that shit was the worse rhyme I ever heard in my life
    and the greatest rapper here make yo shit look trife
    a hardcore artist is a dangerous man, such as myself
    trained to run 20 miles in soft sand
    on or off land, programmed to kick hundreds of bars off hand
    from a lost and forgotten land, you done did it man
    you done spitted some wack shittit
    and probably thought that because it’s been a minute I’ll forget it ya fuckin bitch

  164. Toby avatar

    check it out last rap for me too. just want to say big ups to andy for his solid raps and mack n pimpin for his serious shit. ya’ll the only dope emcees on this shit. peace.

    one two three four,
    why the fuck cant emcees emcee no more,
    hardcore till i buried ya in to the ground,
    6 feet deep under nigga so u can neva be found
    check it out,
    now i tell u wat this battle is about,
    strait emceeing like gangstarr speak ya clout,
    peep the technique,
    cos my shit is unique,
    emcees on this blog is bleaker than weak
    this is dedicated to those that fiction the facts
    dear eminem fan who dissed me on his last crack,
    just be a man its time to answer back
    must be on coke man off the tracks in relapse
    but how can i expect these people to rap,
    wen the only emcees theyve heard of are puff daddy and 2pac,
    nelly, lil john and of course scoop man fat
    never heard of hip hop till eminem went plat’
    to krissy, to pauly, to speechless,
    ur straight wack
    wanna be emcees eat a dick its like that,
    time to accept reality, you’ll never be black
    time to return to ur trailer and sort out the trash.

  165. sniper avatar

    IM BACK!!

  166. sniper avatar

    TO Paul:Thank you for your comment in PO117.

  167. sniper avatar

    To andy:your little rime in 155 is funny…
    200 nigz!!The unseen hand!!you must be a fag
    I got 673 Rounds to my MAG 357 6inch And over
    3600 Rounds to my SIG SG 551, so step up
    emmiebitch, and i got a nice little rime for you and your little nigz, you can bring your little fagfriend krissybaby with you…. BIGMOUTH lets see hwo LAST`S longest.

  168. chin-chillaa AKA speechless avatar

    to andy

    u think ur versed
    wit the rhymes that u have
    i would think u r cursed
    bitch ass think u more hardcore than me
    i have no problems wit Sniper cuz hes a G
    u think u could run 20 miles in soft sand
    ur weak ass rhymez make u not wanna stand
    u think u r more popular
    i dont think so
    semi automatic shoots so fast
    so fast have no time 2 say lets go
    ur my hoe
    wit u i dont know cuz thers nuthing to show
    lets hit the base
    i will crack u in the face
    discrace to the race there is no place
    in this gavins blog place
    for u u shouldnt be here
    u wanna be a nigger but listen up close
    UR A JAP
    this gavins blog crap
    started making me wanna rap
    about pussy wipped bitchs
    and niggaz who do crack
    but i dont think u should be in here
    4 this rap lil boy u should wipe all ur tears
    while we say cheers
    my nigga on the stand
    u always use ur right hand
    look at guys pictures and say OH DAMM
    u talk alot shit bout people who didnt have beef
    but i brought for my nigga paul
    when u on the toilet eating ur queef
    toby thinks his shit is unique
    but he doesnt even no the meaning of technique
    u 3 better run n hide
    my AK47 has nothing or no1 to take pride
    toby wit his 1 2 3 and the 4
    snoopdogg wannabe
    i will slam his aikon head in a fucken car door
    make him my whore
    a fantasy witch is yours
    im goin outta control
    meanwhile u guys r lookin for eachothers holes
    in the ass mack n pimpen gives it 2 u fast
    i dont even know how u bitches can last
    u think of these types of thingz every day
    u are powered from the word to the gay
    go eat some rice
    u chink jap flip
    the stinky thing on u is ur fucken upper lip
    u wear ur boyfriends chap stick
    after u are done eat mack n pimpens lil dick
    go take a bite of the rest of the worlds shit
    im done , ur finished try to take another hit

  169. Toby avatar

    ur fukin weak speechless im not even going to waste my time. ur rap sucked. ur best line was “go eat some rice”. and wat the fuck does “powered from the word to the gay” mean? maybe u culd ask ur boyfriend. bitch.

  170. sniper avatar

    To toby: Are you cryin`??it sounds like it. Under Toture people screams and cry`s. Are you under toture right now?? if not, then please, give me your address and i will give you something to cry about,im good at it, really good…C`mon step up Tough guy, don`t be scarred, it only hurts a little,you can take it,as you say in 162 you will fuck us all up,that includes me…….bring it on.day or night……or is it only shit talk..

  171. lucky avatar

    min fætter er skør

  172. sniper avatar

    min kusine er også skrupskør!!!!

  173. lucky avatar

    what a sick site this is, its only crab, and girls gossib…. everybody cryes in here… please get yourselfe a life… cry-dolls

  174. lucky avatar

    sniper is not a gangster……. he´s only for peace love and harmony…. he´s a candyboy…. he´s sweet and caring… a teddybear…
    with love from lucky

  175. lucky avatar

    for sniper…thank you… my latin loverboy

  176. sniper avatar

    you are a very lucky little girl…

  177. lucky avatar

    is your glitter dancing shoes ready…. couse my magnum will soon make you DANCE…. prettyboy sniper

  178. sniper avatar

    what is your name on your mag…..

  179. sniper avatar

    got you

  180. sniper avatar

    got you again!!!!

  181. lucky avatar

    super black hawk….mag 44 you little pretty latin boy…….dance

  182. sniper avatar

    mine is taurus 6 inch

  183. sniper avatar

    Miss lucky, your luck is out….i can make you dance faster than fred astiare…

  184. lucky avatar

    but i dont just have one prettyboy i have a hole arsenal

  185. sniper avatar

    Miss lucky…be carefull with your gun..turn it right or you shoot your self in the face..

  186. lucky avatar


  187. sniper avatar

    Miss Lucky, you are right in 175 im not a G
    were G`s stop, i start….think about that.





  190. sniper avatar

    I have boots on….






    take a look at this pic
    thats a tough girl it´s me

  194. sniper avatar

    lets dance


    I pitty you all…. you make me laugh…..


    ha ha ha ha prettyboy sniper wants to dance from he´s from 9 feet under….. I pitty him

  197. sniper avatar

    you make me laugh……

  198. sniper avatar

    miss unlucky you are funny girl…….c`mon lets dance


    enough fun for today …. have fun everybody

  200. sniper avatar

    emmiefags were are you……..

  201. acrobat avatar

    to anyone of u muther fuckers out there

    the acrobat is back from the attack
    i killed the mutherfucker
    who wansta take a shot at…
    the best in the west u know who killed the rest
    dont wanna take my sniper out
    and snipe the bitch in the chest
    i grow like a deadly sunflower seed
    right now u r on ur home style chicken feed
    we show u muther fucker how we all smoke weed
    u should’ve saw the last nigga who wanted to disagreeee
    i will make u bleed any 1 who wansta fuk wit me
    me and my 2 niggaz pauly and the speech
    we go 3 ways mutha fucker i will make u drink bleach
    i want some niggaz to say shit like the 2 niggaz did to pauly and chilla
    cuz i’ll have to rate kill ya
    muther fucka when im done i will mop the floor
    cuz the blood from ur jaw will spill
    i will never ever stop and keep goin on my straight deadly kill
    i will make u eat eachother i will cut off ur fingers
    i will make more money then all the rappers and singers
    when i on the mic i am flyer jt money when he is on jizzy hike
    ur mom was a dyke
    she nevers road a bike
    she is in ur grave
    while i am filling with great might
    i know how to fight
    u 2 niggas better start to shine like a light
    u know me u and that hoe andy
    we r not any where alike
    andy is so gay he is wit is boyfriend randi
    i will punch punch u fags through the ground
    U BETTER BE READY TO BOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. pauly avatar

    Gansta…Rappin i race clips
    crazy as whitey on an acid trip
    smokin kronic is my style till i get ripped
    my nigga chinchilla is sparkin up dat shit
    rap duo
    niggaz is strapped u know
    i pack an ak for all my foes
    wanna battle 1 on 1
    go toe 2 toe
    ill show all da niggaz u is a fuckin hoe
    catch u in a choke hold brake ur neck
    elev8 i’ll catch u in the welfare line and steal ur cheque
    just dont fuck wit a nigga
    lets play a little game c whos gun iz bigga
    emcees is whack muhfauckas bitches go figga
    elev8 dont got the balls ta pull the trigga
    anotha thing dont try 2 keep up to dis shit
    elev8 should be lickin up on andys drips
    dont try and rhyme acrobat
    i dont even know who u r
    but u desrerve a slap
    nigga u steppin outta line
    ima have 2 put u back
    niggaz why am i so under rated
    if i put down on these traks
    im hip hops latest
    anotha worlds muhfuckin greatest

    yo toby i thought u were done u came back for more
    anywayz dude my shit aint that bad man why u tryin to start shit juz cuz im surronded by a bunch of bitch as emcees who makin me look bad man
    i aint even tryin to start shit wit u. i only start shit with bitch rappers. u can rhyme no doubt but shit dont run ur mouth man. anyways nigga why u sayin shit that i aint black fuck dat man i aint a damn pozer fuck man.

  203. pauly avatar

    toby did u run outta rymes man the last one u wrote was kinda weak man

  204. Toby avatar

    pauly ur last rhyme was dope man.. no doubt. i was only sayin shit cos u dissed me in one of urs cuz.. its all good bro. and acrobat ur not bad either strait come outta nowhere… peace!

    to sniper…….(post171)

    sniper does it look like im upset?
    ur talking torture shit like i shuld be scared,
    fuck that im back and im more prepared,
    motherfucker face facts u lack battlin’ cred’
    sniper writes a few lines and he thinks he can rhyme,
    if wackness was illegal u just committed a crime,
    u felony emcee, u get life i guarantee
    try to compete but in the end u just want to be me
    wear clothes, spit flows, have hoes like me,
    get mad crowds at ur shows go pro like me,
    have people that u know say that uv grown to be,
    one of the illest emcees this blogs ever seen!
    but ur lifes full of regret and ur the one whos upset,
    nigga poppin off the mouth is something i dont get,
    with a defecit of skills or do u seem to forget?
    must have more baggage than a 747 passenger jet,

  205. sniper avatar

    I dont got in my mouth like you…fag, i got in my guns……..


    Dont mess with my sniper……its only me who is alowed to do that…..if you ever should try, i´ll track you down with my black hawk…..


    narko pis ører….. i er sÃ¥ latterlige og pinlige…..


    sniper dont let the money mess with your head, when you dont have them yet…..

  209. sniper avatar

    i got moore money, than you can count to….

  210. sniper avatar

    To toby:if you are so tough,why dont you step up.do you think you can stop my reighn of bullets with your gaymouth…please,give it a try….i would love to see it..gaymouth…

  211. Toby avatar

    hahaha sniper u speak like a little blonde nordic who has saunas then rolls in the snow naked after words. fag!

  212. sniper avatar

    toby,what kind of a name to give a girl..you should smack your parents……


    nordic what are you fag talking about you sweedish son of a bitch, either lucky or spiper is nordic, how on earth could you think that… is it because we are better gunners than you. you sweedish fag. about the pic you found… it was taken from a nordic site, but come to brooklyn in
    in the states and let me teach you to dance…
    2.albacorne 689 …. bring it on….


    Brooklyn rules, where are toby from…oaklahoma or are you a hill billy boy from alabama…… my reel names is ginny justine johnson…. usa.

  215. sniper avatar

    To toby:why dont you crawl up in a tree and eat some bananas,so i could shoot you down like the little monky you are.c`mon….


    sniper my frind wanna go downtown Brooklyn this evening…… to dance…..

  217. Toby avatar

    sydney muthafucka

  218. Toby avatar

    check out my GUNS bitch!

  219. pauly avatar

    Im on a mission to illiminate
    bitch mcs like mack n pimpin and elev8
    they could never begin to even speculate
    that my rap shit is way to much ta take
    i cant beleive those whack bitches tried to diss me
    i say leave the rymin shit to to pauly and toby
    grew up in the bad parts of town
    dats why i learned how ta ryhme
    but now i can rap shit at the drop of a dime
    rap is not a game its a mountain made to climb
    the worlds muhfuckin greatest and the title is mine
    i didnt get this far by sittin on my fat ass
    got out the getto became a muhfuckin bad ass
    u try to diss me.. i say fuck dat
    wanna make a friend elev8 meet my gat
    plaez stop poppin off ur mouth
    rap is some shit dat u know nothin about
    i hate white rappers who talkin shit about glocks
    ryme “dick” with “stick” now they think their 2pac
    all i gotta say to thise bitches u dont know the meaning of hip hop
    dont try rhyming i cant take it BITCH STOP!

  220. pauly avatar

    yo toby ur last ryme was dope man lines 9 and ten man thats staight hip hop man thats my muhfuckin style man peace. srry sniper man i like ur veiws on muzic but man u lozt this battle son

  221. chin-chillaa avatar

    to elev8…i dont even know who u r but
    i dont care

    why u all up in these battles
    u didnt and dont ever wannabe be in shackles
    i will str8 put u in the grave face down
    i will sho u how 2 elev8
    take u 2 the mary-go-round
    point my pistol down at u nigga u look like a clown
    4 wut u look like ur name shood be charley brown
    show u the meaning of a noun
    why u bitches gotta hate
    from mack n pimpin , andy and elev8
    from the rap battles to the mouse bate
    i hate the dam smell of dog shit cuz thats wut u guys ate
    i dont even giva a shit anymore
    about talken about little skanks and little hores
    man i dont even think u r a rapper
    u should be getting hit cuz nigga im the slapper
    to the str8 west side thugz unlike wannabez
    gangster to gangster nigga i thougt u would be stronger than her
    my bitch mack n pimpin
    even doe i dont like him
    he bringz and brought more better fucken raps in
    it dont even matter no more
    cuz if i wanted to i will break u
    cuz u are skinny and real thin
    go eat some 4 skin

  222. chin-chillaa avatar

    u niggaz except paul think ur rhymes are shady
    like eminem and his old expired gravy
    like everlast and the house of pain
    me and pauly break this shit like there aint no thang
    nigga me and paul are fucken leaders of own little gang
    hittin this shit like i never did before
    i jus wanna rap like niggaz are hardcore
    ur rapping and the others guys rapping dont even matter to me no more
    sorry about that shit toby
    i jus need a rhyme
    out of all of these bitches
    u taking it down like they aint have no time
    i always be droppin dimes
    like my uncle SURLEY V and his solo TO MANY TIMES
    this is a major freestyle
    actin like my game is on a fucken free trial
    and why is my name is in the damb mug file
    all the rest of these rappers live in a junk pile
    to the pore ass niggaz
    i will be back in a little short while

  223. sniper avatar

    To Paul:you may be right in 226.Im no good with words,im not a bigmouth like toby,krissybabe and andyfagass,but get in my scope and i will take em down, with no words..

  224. Elev8 avatar

    fuck ya’ll. to all these muthafuckin bitch emcees on my dick. to fukin chin chilla, pauly, andy, toby, mack n pimpin whoever fuck all ya’ll and watch yo back cos u messin with some strait up street shit and u dont want to go out like dat. muthafuckin chumps.

    elevates back muthafuckaz,
    and u all beta stand,
    none of u niggas ever seen a fukin real man,
    sharper than a knife and if u try to take a stand,
    i’ll stick up ur wife kill ya for bout 50 grand,
    im the lyrical assassin, and your ur life i be snatchin,
    cut u in half before you know wat just happen
    kiss my 45 u know nothin bout rappin,
    u bitchez is strait trife u’ll never go platnum
    think ur hood niggaz but ur probly white trashin’
    think ur all tough neva heard a gun blastin’
    you fukin scared kid
    now u regret wat u just did
    u messd with elev8 and ya
    allergic to the grime and grit
    committed a few crimes but nigga i wont hide it
    wack emcees come stronger than a plague they like a virus
    infecting ya soul quicker than billy ray cyrus
    nigga on parole yo i always be the tightest

  225. sniper avatar

    To Paul:I can`t hear music in the field, only the music from my rifles, but then i go home i listen to real music with power and soul, and i have listen to everlast and emmie,and i
    think everlast is moore deep in his lyrics than emmie ever could be.I know and you know
    that,A man with feelin`s is a lot moore dangerous than a man without feeling and that makes everlast far moore dangerous than emmieboy…emmie got nothin`but shit..

  226. sniper avatar

    C`mon emmiefag`s stick your head out and let me shoot it off……..

  227. pauly avatar

    to sniper 231 word up man

  228. acrobat avatar

    elev8 that rhyme sucked balls man

  229. chin-chillaa avatar

    muther fuckers

  230. Toby avatar

    big ups to pauly and acrobat.. elev8 u suck mutherfucka!

  231. mc_fresh avatar

    i discovered this blog today and i realised most of the emcees on here are really shit. check me out

    they call me mc fresh,
    im one of the best yet,
    kill u in a freestyle,
    feed u to my pet
    lion and notorious for flying,
    kites of lyrics round ur life,
    neva late to school cos i dont want to be in strife,
    elev8 thinks he’s street but he aint never seen a knife,
    when i flow u guys just stare,
    stunned as u cant even compare,
    ur glare is cold as ice and its not fair,
    this battle is mismatched but that never here nor there,
    i mean, im lean,
    im an anti crack feind,
    ur guys lick the cream,
    of the crotch of my jeans,
    yeah lick it,
    toby, elev8 and chin chilla,
    u guys are just fags and paul is worser,
    he eats his own cum,
    and he likes when elev8 slaps his bum,
    im so raw yeah u emcees just fall,
    down to my feet hopeless in defeat

  232. chin-chillaa avatar

    jus wait nigga

  233. Chin-chillaa and pauly avatar

    we figure there so much to diss about this mc fresh guy that we would have to do it rap duo dat mean chin-chilla and pauly r gonna rip this bitch

    hey mr mc.fresh
    did u ever fucken think that ur head would look like mesh
    we the best of the best
    in the north and the west
    ur the worst of the worst
    nigga u r dam cursed
    thats right it is true
    u r a crack fiening bitch i knew it was u
    if i am not misstaken u r a fucken gay jew
    dont fuck wit niggaz u dont know
    we will line u up in a cracked up row
    make u my hoe like the rest of those foes
    me and paul r the best and u suck although
    u came new and no 1 ever saw u
    u rap like a fuckin bamboon its true
    even yet u should be living in a zoo
    i jus guess u dont have any respct to
    paul and chin-chillaa
    we will have to str8 kill ya
    bitch stop rapping
    even though u jus started
    the featurings of this shit
    if u got to be in it
    u got to be feelin it
    but that somthing u dont have and that we do
    i jus guess u wanna meet my show to ur head
    u blood aikon bitch
    elev8 will screw u in ur mommas bed
    ur white dirty and now u are now dark red
    dont matter no more
    nigga ur as good as dead

    some one remind when i have fame and wealth
    to tell mc “fresh that he can fuck himself
    ill black u up make u have a heart attack
    fuck smack u back to where ever ur momma had u
    when im rollin on dubs and see u in the rear veiw
    ill stop bitch slap u grab my knife and stabb u
    say ur always on time but ur always late
    ur rymes r fuckin worse than elev8’s
    i dont think its a good idea to diss us mc’s
    ur brain must be 2 muhthafuckin empty
    i dont like to diss but bitches like u temp me
    im a rap demond muhthafuckin satan sent me
    u say that my raps suck a cock
    well i wouldnt be the one to fuckin talk
    i dont even care ur raps suck dick
    but if u say shit now im involved in it
    when i spit there no way u could keep up to my shit
    so i got a word of advice BITCH juz quit
    juz for the record there aint no word “worser”
    u say ur a man but no one else is quite sure
    u should of known is u dissed me u’dd get torn apart
    i dont even get why u would fuckin start
    i can’t beleive u though u could catch me off gaurd
    u must be the worlds biggest fuckin retard
    im a gansta..rapper.. killa
    ill squah ur shit like godzilla
    dont fuck with me and my nigga chin-chillaa
    hardcore niggaz melt u like vanilla

  234. NorthernEffect avatar

    Last time i heard rapping this good it was Go Ninja Go Ninja Go. keep it up Toby


  235. toby avatar

    haha smartass if ya want 2 check out sum quality battles go rent out Cool As Ice starring the man himself so shit its awesome

  236. mc_fresh avatar

    you guys are so shit i feel sorry for you. i battled you and i won its plain to see… you are so wack. but i’ll do another one to seal your fate cos youre just wanna be emcees.

    mc_fresh is back,
    no time to relax,
    pauly and chin chilla are so crap,
    they cant flow at all they better shut their traps
    bloody babies
    and they always say i cant rap,
    but its probably cos they cant understand my raps,
    check out line 5 and 6 of my first rap,
    im kicking crazy metaphors while yours is just trash
    is wat u are now give me ur cash fast,
    i’ll fucking rob u of the 50c u earned licking elev8s ass,
    yeah u guys are gay emcees,
    u use your microfones on each other to please,
    u get down on your knees and take it up the bum with such ease,
    i cant believe u guys even tried to step to me,
    im a real emcee, and youre just rubbish cant u see?
    but pauly u have cum all on your face,
    so i guess thats why youre blind,
    next time get chin chilla to wipe it off in time

  237. comZero avatar

    the new guy biatch…

    for all those mc’s out there tonight..
    belive me you dont wanna fight..
    for mc fresh…
    ill rip your fuckin flesh…
    ill feed it to a dog..and he’ll run around this blog
    u motha fuka cant rap for shit..
    go lick some dick and drink the cumshot fo shiz..
    paul im on ur side..i can freestyle blind…
    u motha fuka’z dont mess wit my mind..
    mc fresh ur soo dumb..
    elev8 is on his way to lick ur bum..
    toby u can go lick cock 2..
    mac n pimpin will eat ur shit like little doggy poo..
    u people dont mess with my friend paul here..
    hes the best mc i’ve ever heard..
    and then thers me..
    comzero’s unleashed so u betta watch..
    or ill tare u up like a fuckin crauch
    u mc fresh think your rymes r kicken?
    ill be flickin ur rymes off the screen before you can say anything do u recken?..
    and I think this is all very tiring
    while the little children are smoking
    your motha fukin choking..
    on toby’s cock becaue he has no other one to chew his mop..
    so all u silly fuka’s who think you can rap..
    think again before u get jacked..

  238. pauly avatar

    i dont even know why i am wasting my rymes on this bitch mc fresh some one else smack this bitch up 4 me

  239. pauly avatar

    oh and by the way u use the same word three times in a row in ur last rap mc fresh so yeah thats a bigg sign of lyrical weakness and to say rubbish in a rap aint to good either u dumb bastard

  240. pauly avatar

    wanna be flatlinin its fine by me
    wish u had dollar signs in ur eyes like me
    wish u had mad talent wish u could shine like me
    ill tear ur ass in a rhyme wigga its time to c
    that ur funny in a bad way..homosexually
    findin out da hard way theres no way u can battle me
    leave u no hospitality when i distribute my lethality
    ur the gayest person ever time u reconsider ur sexuality
    u should neva have started
    i wouldnt had said nothin
    but now ima leave u shakin lookin at the gun im clutchin
    sayin i lost the battle when it hasent even begun
    u said ur stupid shit know it time 4 me to have sum fun
    two fagat rhymes is wat u made dats it
    they were practically the same
    wat the fucks up wit that shit
    u think u can rap cuz u said the word cum
    u should tell elev8 wat it taste like cuz i know u swallowed some
    well if u wanna battle im ready to kick a bitch
    ur favorite rappers will smith
    since he told u to turn over and switch
    so fuck u fuck him fuck all y’all
    talkin shit aint a good idea when u do it to paul
    leave u in a river with ur head collapsed
    bitch u heard me dont try 2 fuck wit dat

    ok thats it aight u cant seal my fate bitch but my gat can seal urs man with my glock u can juzt quit and not be humiliated or we can battle and u can lose and anotha thing all u do in ur raps is talk about gay sex man im begining to question wheather u know by experience.

  241. pauly avatar

    all u rappers who know wat thir doin like toby and acrobat and my nigga chinchillaa let mc fresh no wat he is fuckin wit aight peace

  242. pauly avatar

    i cant beleive that bitch mc fresh thinks he won the battle his best lie is “i am never late for school cuz i dont wanna be in strife” fag

  243. chin-chillaa avatar

    to mc.fresh

    well lets kick it
    to lil fag mc.fresh
    fuck u u bitch
    now its time to refresh
    u wanna talk some shit
    i will rap u up,put u in a box and send u 2
    so i suggest cuz my crew is the best
    that u get outta this shit
    before i make ur face look like a mess
    nigga u better no where we r from
    cuz we are from the WEST!!!!!!
    like my nigga paul said BITCH QUIT
    u know that shits legit
    u better run and hide
    or be ready for the suicide that i will
    make u commit
    another thing that u will regret
    i will cut u up
    put u in a peice of plastic
    and call u a banana split
    paul knows wut he is talken about
    he was right about u havin a clit
    u look like a trick
    go eat another dick
    ur future husband is Ben Afflek
    u know ur rapps are nonstick
    i will rip u up
    and use u as a throwing stick

  244. NorthernEffect avatar

    MC Fresh
    I think I’v seen your rymes before
    $1.25 at the comic book store
    did you wait 4 to 6 weeks for delivery
    caz thats some pretty weak shitthat your given me
    in your rymes what “metaphors” you rocken
    this whatyou think bout allday when your stocking
    boys, shelves, everyones dic on this blog
    anyone elses’ rymes you want to robb
    no. I dont get what your trying to say
    tried searching on mapquest culdnt find you today
    U got no style no knowledge no sense no direction
    dissen people here a bigger mistake then the last election
    from the sounds you dont know what a bush is son
    you chiming from the uk trying to get this done
    Keep your thoughts to yourself your a discrace
    I dont care where u come from or what race
    just unplug ur shit ur not welcome in this place
    from the looks of it up against anyone here you will always finish second place

  245. pauly avatar

    NorthernEffect that was dope man straight hip hop man nice

  246. Toby avatar

    fuck mc_fresh and comzero… u got me angry this time…

    are you afraid of a blade,
    made of a razor with AIDS
    blood dripping from it
    ripping ya stomach up from the waist?
    an early grave, fresh ur someone i cant save,
    cumzero thinkin his shits bumps,
    both of u shuld be ashamed
    im a ferocious emcee,
    im strait fucking crazy,
    went to church last week
    i asked the lord to save me,
    he said fuck it
    ur beyond saving
    check out the donations bucket and u beta fukin pay me
    any drug u heard of i take it
    always looking for a new way of getting myself wasted
    im r- rated, and not someone u want to fuck with,
    fuck ur bitch in the ass cos she tells me how much she loves it
    try to stop me quick fast get ur jacket and ya gloves slit
    cut u with the razor that i use to shave my nuts with!
    im reaching new heights with these drugs im so gone
    im so fukin high i dont know which website im on,
    but i know thats theres 2 emcees that shuld neva been born,
    fuck mc_fresh and cumzero u want 2 battle its on!
    take a look around niggas ur future looks torn
    like a fukin beat up sofa thrown out abandoned on someones lawn
    think u can battle me, pauly and chilla ya dead wrong
    i’ll eat and spit u out like the shell of a prawn

  247. pauly avatar

    nigga wat i aint tryin ta battle u toby obviosly u got this shit twisted anywayz ur last rap was nice i like lines 23 and 24 funny shit anywayz peace and i agree that comzero and mc frsh need to find somthin else aside rappin man fo sure and if u wanna battle my nigga chin-chilla i aint gonna interfere

  248. pauly avatar

    maybe sum of u niggaz got it twisted but 246 waz dedicated to mc fresh aight so peace

  249. pauly avatar

    bitch mc’s wanderin why my blood is hot
    its cuz i have to deal with people
    who think there rappers but there not
    i was born for one purpose and dats hip hop
    i got it runnin through my veins ill die if i stop
    Mc fresh ur a bitch wanna battle me common
    i havent seen none of ya shit since 242 on this blog
    bitch wat had enough
    tired of tryin ta act tough
    u put a new definition to diamonds in the rough
    but it aint startin to show
    no matter what ur a hoe
    when some one asks u 1+1 u say i dunno
    then they say “what i dumbass”
    and u say “NO IM JUST SLOW”
    i am the muhfuckin best
    dont like it ill introduce a bullet to ya chest

  250. pauly avatar

    oh mann that ryhme was kinda weak whateva its still better than any of that bitch stuff mc fresh is gonna throw at me

  251. Toby avatar

    hey pauly man there was no diss, i meant that if mc fresh wanted to battle me, you and chilla….just sounded wrong i was tired wen i wrote that shit! mc fresh is fuking hopeless!! peace

  252. chin-chillaa avatar

    i aiknt tryna start shit but thats wut it kinda said but u said jus above that u have no problem so it koo

  253. chin-chillaa avatar

    northern effect that was good man

  254. chin-chillaa AKA speechless avatar

    to jus a reminder that i have no problems wit
    -northernt effect

  255. sniper avatar

    To emmiefags….i have just seen emmies video mockingbird or fuckingbird and got angry
    really angry……no man should ever take his familyproblems up in a video like that and he even try`s to make monny on it…..what a man
    if some one did that to my family..i would beat him to death with my hands i would not spend a bullet on him…. i just take pleasure in beatin`him to death…and you still like this little shit emmie..

  256. Toby avatar

    check it out chilla it definitely was no diss against u or pauly trust me just written badly we’re in this shit together, mc_fresh is a bitch

  257. Toby avatar

    cmon fresh show us wat u got

  258. pauly avatar

    fuck this i dont think mc fresh is coming back he probly realized oh and toby srry i got dat shit twisted nigga peace

  259. pauly avatar

    rappin nigga im to good
    nigga im fresh out da hood
    fuck with me and ill FUCKIN KILL U understood
    mc fresh why dont u come back
    r u a scared little child
    u thought i was a bitch rapper but i am completely restyled
    im tired of goin eazy on bitches
    nigga face it u got dissed
    yesturday when u heard that bullet i was aiming 4 u but i missed
    if u dont want me ta kill ya bitch u better slit ur wrist
    fuck its to late u said to much shit
    starting now ill make u wish u didnt exist
    take a shot bitch if u dare
    leave u in pain in dispair
    i guess u wanna be the damsel in distress
    if u fuckin with a multimillionare

  260. chin-chillaa AKA speechless avatar

    k koo man
    we take any nigga down whoo fucks wit us niggaz

  261. mc_fresh avatar

    i am goin to make a GAYSTER rap

    hoby gobie blow me fo he she be is feeeeee
    want to rap or foke with meeee i will strip u down and get on my knees
    i will have big balls on my chin
    i like the feeling of ur dick when its in
    i wanna fuck u guys will u fuck me pleaze

  262. mc_fresh avatar

    wat the fuck the last post wasn’t mine, it was probably toby cos he’s bloody gay. and u think im too pussy to battle u half-assed emcees? shit like this only makes me stronger… if i was so shit u bitches wuldnt waste ur time writing comebacks. this rap is for pauly, sniper, chin chilla, toby, northern effect… ur askin for it now, its time to eat my rhymes

    check it out,
    mc_fresh is here
    and i dont take it up the rear,
    like the other rappers in here,
    and when i rhyme wat do people hear?
    the best rapper theyve heard all year,
    im supersonic,
    my flow is doper than chronic,
    comzero ur just a dick and u make me sick tonic
    and why dont u understand my metaphors?
    think u know hip hop, u better check the laws
    cos rapping supreme is wat im coming here for,
    other rappers bow down to me, get down on the floor,
    pauly thinks im not cool for going to school,
    but u probably got kicked out cos ur such a fool
    u cant even spell properly ur dummer than a mule
    eat a dick cos u r simply a tool,
    northern effect ur the disgrace,
    with cum on ur face,
    pauly forgot to lick it off wen u had bum sex at his place
    all u rappers on here are gayer than Ma$e

    thout i was too chicken to hit back… the battle is on idiots

  263. pauly avatar

    mc frsh how many times r u gonna say cum on ur face in ur rymes damn ur a bitch im not even gonna waste my ryhmes on u this is the last one fuck that ur a fuckin homo bitch

    im a crazy muhfuckin crazy mc
    one the best theres ever been
    definatly one of the best the blogs ever seen!
    mc fresh ur underestimating me
    my powers r greater than jesus
    well im selling records
    urs r on the shelve collecting dust
    ur raps r the same thing over and over again
    they aint a rapper who stept up 2 me and hasent got slain
    my rhyme shit is insane
    i flow faster than a train
    i suggest u quit cuz u at da bottom of the chain
    while u sniffin cocaine im celebratin with champagne
    lets light this shit up chilla smoke some mary jane
    dont try to keep up mc fresh cuz i know its a mental strain
    my shit is to hard to maintain

  264. chilla avatar

    nice one

  265. chillaa avatar

    im sick of chin-chillaa so it chillaa now

  266. chillaa avatar

    i know sniper and toby arent friends but im am wit both of u so stay kool and chill down ….be kool wit eachother
    aight cuz the next rhyme i am getting is from me …but holdin it down for northern effect , sniper, my nigga paul , me … peace

  267. chillaa avatar

    any bitch wanna fuck wit us
    toby sniper pauly me
    we concentrate on making u eat dust
    while the other homie in the back
    peelin the caps bust by bust
    u know who it is
    out of all the little boys
    u are the RAPE SUSPECT
    now its time to reflect
    we are the badest of the badest
    the best of the best
    u know we run this shit
    out of all u niggaz
    who is fucken next???
    we will pull out our gats
    beat u wit a bats
    then after that
    we grab our gats
    and bust some fucken caps
    we will make u collapse
    who wants to mess
    mc_fresh is gone ur finished
    we dont want anymore more of u
    stop rappin u suck
    u r worse than a jew
    ur favorite fucken color is baby blue
    the way u live ur life is sniffing on some glue
    wanna fuck wit us again
    we will cut u into 2
    listen to ur family ur friends
    listen to us
    nigga u better get through
    cuz if i were u
    i would stop listening to rap music
    and listen to blink 182
    i mean it
    for the next rapper try to rap about us
    nigga there is gonna be caps that we are all gonna bust
    and that is a muther fucken must

  268. NorthernEffect avatar

    I m the Rape Suspect cazIm raping all you bitches
    Your f’n daddie should of wraped it up and gave your moms a gift for christmas
    A long time ago to save us from that weak rap
    thats the kind of shit I write on TP and flush with my crap
    Fuck with me Kid!!
    I come harder then a virgin on prom night
    Mc Fresh the type of wigga to bring a knife to a gun fight
    But forget the guns Fresh and put up a fist
    Then I will bend you over and feed you the bliss
    Yeah a little suspect by why not its late
    Fresh your so weak minded it wouldnt even b rape
    lets put ona little blink and have a “First Date”
    I’m not even sure if I got dissed in the last ryme Chillaa
    As I said before sometimes all I see is vanilla
    But for the most part I smiled and had a grin
    just remember Im the 1 that can knock off Ur chin
    So thats it, I got more but4 Now Im Done
    Thanks for the props Boys but I just do this shit for fun

  269. Toby avatar

    mc_fresh is strait homo. peace to all the boys chilla, sniper, pauly, northern keep battlin’ this motherfucker

  270. chillaa avatar

    no man i wasnt dissing u
    sorry bout that if u though i was dissing u man
    i wouldnt diss u …

  271. chilla avatar

    yo toby make a couple rhymes for fresh man ….
    let him here wut u have,show the mutherfucker how we roll


  272. pauly avatar

    this one is 4 mc fresh bitch homo made 2 many enimies and chilla and northerneffect ur last ryhmes were tight peace

    aight check it out

    faggot mc fresh look wat mannaged to have done
    uve mad a fuckin enemy. EVERYONE
    i could be wrong but i think that u better run
    cuz we even threatened to pull out our fuckin guns
    i hate wasting my rhyme on bitches like u
    u think they can rap but they dont have a clue
    about the lyrics they write
    or the shit that they do
    whos raps r so bad critcs wouldnt even write a reveiw
    they’d just spit in ur face and say “we have real rappers to tend to”
    u hate ur shit coming
    and its long overdue
    do even realize how much shit ur up 2
    ur in way over u head and bitch thats the truth
    ur the type of guy to have male sex and say thank you
    u fucked around but i dont think u really wanted to

  273. mc_fresh avatar

    u guys are so shit. u think ur raps are so bloody good if we had a proper rapper to judge i reckon we would tie or i wuld would even win. u guys are the shittest emcees i have seen for ages.. im the one who’s wasting my time, i shuld be battlin’ real rhymers. dedicated to the same bitches as before eat my dust losers

    i’ll fuken smash u on the head,
    pump u full of lead
    i’ll make u pay for wat u said
    u probably end up dead in the head instead,
    im a real emcee,
    so bitches dont diss me,
    pauly and chilla are so gay,
    that they just want to be me
    they think the can rap so cool,
    but they are so crap and they are fools,
    u better respect me,
    cos im a raw rapper and im so empty,
    my heart is so cold and my rhymes are so hefty,
    do a good run,
    do a good kick
    score a good try,
    my real names shane crow and i’ll punch you on the eye
    u better shuttup now if u dont want to die,
    i will thump u so hard that u’ll probably cry
    fukin chumps,
    my shit bumps,
    toby is a fag and on his mom i hump,
    i give her a pump with my cock
    its hard like a rock,
    unlike pauls his goes soft,
    he puts his in a sock,
    to keep it warm for wen northern effect comes over to suck his penis,
    he loves when he pulls it out and comes all over his crack,
    and he probably wants it to cum all over his back

  274. Toby avatar

    let me have this motherfucker..

    if you value ur life fresh then nigga dont approach me,
    im far from nice at best so u best not provoke me,
    heres some advice guess nigga wat u think it will be,
    leave this website confess that u cant fukin emcee

    im walkin in swamp water with an m16
    out for ya blood,
    stick my gun in the mouth of a thug
    i display hatred, mc_fresh is just wasted,
    shape up to me i break u in eight places
    take ten paces, turn around i’ll blow ya head off,
    two battle emcees in a sound mexican stand off,
    cock my shit eat clips dont 4get to pop the cap off,
    nigga ya cant spit for shit so why do try to rap for?
    no more,
    mc_fresh its time u got the fuck out,
    this blog fucking hates u cos ur shit is just bugged out,
    u lucked out,
    nigga its time to just to accept it,
    ur never going to be a rapper or release a dope record,
    and if ya havent notcied son its time peep the message,
    the most despised nigga u need ya brain tested,
    northern, chilla, my man pauly u dont wanna mess with,
    we’re cold blooded killers ready to grant ya deathwish…
    dead fish, dangling hanging from a rope,
    sniper snipes u out on his motherfucking scope
    tie up this wack emcee,
    on his ammo u can choke
    that nigga wont stop till
    every bone of ur owns broke,
    and if i ate u alive and threw ur remains off a foam boat
    would ur body sink or on the water would it float?
    gun toke
    strait machine gun fellatio
    ur out numbered by dope emcees in a 10 to 1 ratio

  275. pauly avatar

    out to mc fresh

    writin rap shit is like chillin wit my nigga
    mc fresh thinks hes a man but there r girls who dicks r bigga
    his is nine millimetres i guess he relates to my gun
    except my my 9 can spit sumthing and his penis cant spit none
    better not fuck around
    unless u want to feel ur face to concrete
    curbstomped muhthafucka im the force to be beat
    dont fuck with me cuz my crew is way to elite
    if u writin a rap i suggest u press delete
    if u gathering an army bitch u better retreat
    cuz until i murdder u my lifes not complete
    juz dont even keep up admit ur defeat
    cuz they r few rappers ever who could ever compete
    im to good for my own good
    to hood to live in the hood
    fuck with me better be ready to spill blood

  276. peter gunz avatar
    peter gunz

    new york niggaz got crazy game
    but outa town niggaz is all tha same
    brooklyn niggaz got crazy loot
    thats cos when its beef they aint scared to shoot
    harlem niggaz know how to play
    sit back and watch dem niggaz get crazy paid
    but if it wasnt for the bronx
    this rap shit probably wouldnt be goin on
    so tell me where you from?

  277. Andy avatar

    this battle shit is so weak. toby is dope, so is northern. paul is whack as you like – man you rhyme for no reason, its like you aint got shit to do, and earlier you were given me shit, you havent written shit better than what ive written at all, all your rhymes are way too short, your rhyming is way out and you rhyme the same word way too often without using metaphors or nothin. and your so far up everyone elses ass, talkin about who your down with on a website, like it matters? u sound off like a 15 yr old fuckin tool with nothin better to do. now i bet youll come back talkin some shit about how hard you are and how your going to get me and shoot me etc. word up bitch its a WEBSITE and you aint gettin no one son! fucken idiot

  278. Andy avatar

    Who these cats lookin punanny-ish?
    For those who don’t understand that’s some vagina shit
    I think im lost yo tell me what youre dealin with?
    Niggas rhymes be watered down like porn star clitoris
    Its so ridiculous you’re soundin hideous
    Talkin tough, but be dressin on some wussy shit
    Tight see-through shirt on some hard nipple shit
    Fake Versace shades while all up in the club and shit
    Fake Rolex, it’ll change the color of your arm and shit
    Sports bras, halter tops, what the fuck is this?
    Dudes be brought up just to sell some records? SHIT
    Then wanna be voice of the streets, you see this bullshit?
    Pauly paul half-step in hip-hop, you need to stop
    This here remains in the street, play puss, youre gettin fucked by this chilla crook
    Go head, play yourself with them ho-like hooks
    Sing ballads if it’s all about the Maxwell look
    Mack makeup with a pair of versace thinkin youre cute
    Fubu suit with Steve Madden boots make me wanna puke
    Phat Farm shorts with a garder belt, lookin like a whore
    Or a purple bandana cause it matches your shaw?
    Now tell me, what you rhymin for?
    This shit is all about flows, fuck a fashion show
    Hip-Hop 101, Professor Andy, yo
    And if you want it laid back, call Kenny Lattimore
    No disrespect to these men, cause I like R&B
    But right here in my class we gonnna emcee
    It’s all about the zhigge-zhigge, yeah, the scratch ‘n cut
    Graffiti art, jammin in the park, holdin your nuts
    Muthafuckas, I am hip-hop, I walk hip-hop, I talk hip-hop
    I need hip-hop, I lust hip-hop, I love hip-hop
    B-Boy round the clock, doin it non-stop
    So fuck Pauly and his so called poss
    bitch ass nigga

  279. TJ avatar

    Eminem encouraging his fans to beat on Everlast. What a pussy!

  280. NorthernEffect avatar

    Mc Fresh
    I actually went back and read one of your rymes

    “Expiry Date”
    Come on give it up all u do is cut and paste
    No more time 4 u, this is it, your final taste
    Nice attempt kid calling me a discrace
    Son if I wanted my cum back I’d whipe it off your face
    Your not really mc Fresh!U should b mc Frozen
    only one on this blog to have less then no wins
    Lesson 1: Just stop while your ohh for ten
    hit up a preschool blog and give ur self a chance to win
    You run your mouth about going to school
    but you ride the small bus kid thats not cool
    i m making this simple so you can understand
    if ur having trouble comprehending jus put up a hand
    LesN2 Im sure your handdler will b able to convay
    that ur out classed and out matched in every way
    that you should read a few books come bac another day

    You stole “Score a good try”but Bitch I ruck over
    Hailen From the red&white but roots wit the clova
    I dont need more rymes from you I already no ya
    Your real names “CROW” i guess you are what u eat
    go to bed tonight and pray we never meet
    that’l b a200th notch in ur long list of defeats
    as matter of fact you’l probably stain your sheet
    When you dream about me apologize in your sleep
    you must studder because all i read is repeats
    ur rymes r like ur school assignments, incomplete
    So ur a student? well I guess that makes us the teachers
    Attention “Shane Crow” its time to report to the bleachers
    Lessn3: Sit and watch the real rymers ryme
    take notes but dont steal from us next time
    Your a student but Im a vetren, 20years deep
    I write dis shit late at night caz I can kill ya in my sleep
    Lesson 4
    Think aboutit the NorthernEffect isthe GrimReaper
    I’d be your pops if your mom was any cheaper
    And the next time you try to pick on your sista
    Think about how shes always able to diss ya

    ….and say hi for me I missed her last Bday

    I’m done with this ass clown, too many free lessons


  281. pauly avatar

    dont even start andy cuz u a bitch thats it and dont bother writin a homo rap either cuz i juz came here to say that y’all aint gonna c me here again im bored aight this website is mostly a bunch of pussys anywayz it waz fun dissin u bitches


  282. Toby avatar

    pauly fires up

  283. mc_fresh avatar

    looks like u guys have all chickened out… you dont have the guts to battle anymore? fuking pussies!!

  284. chillaa avatar

    lol..this shit is boring
    if u look up u would notice that i havent said
    a line since may 5 and a rhyme since may 2nd but owell
    i will make one more rhyme for all u bitches i dont like
    i still might come around

  285. chillaa avatar

    relax chill down
    go sit on the mary-go-round
    while i take out my sniper
    shot u wut im all about
    any fucker wanna mess
    too fucken bad
    im leaving, im out
    go smoke crack
    say wutever
    but i will be back
    say somthing bad
    i will use u as a rack
    so listen too that
    big shout out to acrobat
    jus kiddin
    your straight wack
    this webste im on
    its turning into smack
    taking a shit
    u take another hit
    im taking out my dog
    better run
    before u get bit

  286. elev8 avatar

    fukin bitch azz niggaz still bitchin… u get fukin slain where i cum from niggaz.. fukin torture chamberz mutherfuckaz.. fuck ya’ll

  287. mc_fresh avatar

    pauly u r the biggest pussy on this whole website. You talk tough but u aint prepared to battle anymore? man ur soft…. get sum balls and battle otherwise this shit is over and i’ll claim victory.. although i wulda won anyway HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  288. dude avatar

    shut the fuck up mc fresh ur just a gay ass son of a bitch dat thinks hes better than paully but quess what he could squash u like bug bitch

  289. mc_fresh avatar

    paulys a fuken pussy

  290. dude avatar

    ur a fuckin pussy

  291. mc_fresh's mentor avatar
    mc_fresh’s mentor

    mc fresh

    mc fresh is the dopest mc on here
    just ask him…

    he has already claimed victory but what has he done
    Northern Effect called him out and he was 100 miles and runnen

    Pauly called him out and his only come back is your a pussy

    Chilla killed you 6 times go bac and take alook G

    Toby came hard and you had nothing for him
    yet you still come back and say you had a win
    Toby and Northern, 2 of the realest on this site
    yet you never steped up to them and try to fight

    You claim you have metaphors,all I C is a week similie
    appoligize to everyone here bitch B4 you leave
    try to battle again comeon wigga please
    everyone here will have you on your neez
    how u going to steel lines when ur swallowen deez

    keppen this short, I want to see what you got
    let me guess,Im a fag,jew,pussy thats going 2 get shot

  292. dude avatar

    eat dat u fag mc fresh

  293. u suck avatar

    u all fuckin suck ass

  294. chilla avatar

    why do people have problems nigga
    ur probably not even that
    ur a wigga
    e-machines computer that ur working on
    i get anything i want
    cuz im a pimp from dusk till dawn
    ur favorit singer is JOVI & his 1st name is BON
    ur like a fucken kid
    when u get bored u go watch spawn
    when that happens to me
    i go chill wit my nigga lil’ jon
    mc fresh battling me?
    fuck that wigga
    when ur at home u suck andy’s dick
    after that u say HEHE
    get off this website
    before u find out that ur mom is a dike
    lil did u no that ur dad has a boyfriend
    and his fucken name is mike
    i know u
    i studied u
    and im ready to kill u
    i know wut u do at night
    look on the computer ur on
    and jerk ur chicken at the speed of light
    theres nothing fucken there
    u couldnt even see from a telescopic site

  295. pauly avatar

    hey wats up fresh im back for da moment cuz i aint back down from shit u lil fuckin cunt hole

    im gonna make one more rap cuz i need ta call out
    and show these faggot ass rappers wat im all about
    mc fresh im ashamed but i fucked ur mom
    she said u dont know ur daddy its cuz ur my son
    im using gunz but bitch u all talk
    im eatin pussy but bitch u eat cock
    hoe fuck wit me and there aint no goin back
    leave u slumped like a prostitute addicted 2 crack
    might be my last ryhme on this blog read it and weep
    cuz im throwing shots at u leave u in eternal sleep
    i say that ur a pussy bitch.. u go all out
    ur rappin is whack but im above average no doubt
    and to andy fuck metaphors i dont use em i can still rap
    i ur rhyme style is dope dont but dont talk shit.. shut dat!
    thats da only muhfuckin reason that i gave u greif
    i aint gonna battle but juz dont fuck wit me
    wat da fuck mc fresh thinkin i backed down
    crazy fuckin hoe u must be a strait up clown
    wonderin why its been long itz cuz im takin my time
    anticipate the attack hit u with the right rhyme
    like to stalk my prey bitch cuz im the fuckin predator
    u should ask ur sister cuz last night i waz in bed wit her
    bitch i know u think ur a rapper but juz stop
    cuz im the real muthafuckin essence of hip hop
    its crazkaz like u who ruinin da game
    u have no fuckin idea wat all us rappers overcame
    the hood life not even knowin ur daddys first name
    cuz he was such a pussy i guess both u bitches r the same
    fuck it lets get back in topic
    throw ur ryhme at bitch ill fuckin rock it
    fuck all y’all niggaz who think dat i cant spit
    im one of da best and the sooner dat u admit
    that i deserve all the muhfuckin props that i gonna get
    is da sooner dat ill forget the lyrical crimes u commit
    think ur ryhmes is money its gay bills bullshit
    homosexual curreny with fresh’s face on it
    give me a reason 2 fight u im on board no doubt
    give me excuses i say get da fuck out
    u.k muhfucka

  296. gary avatar

    yo i saw this blog 2day and i just want to say that mc fresh is nothing in that battle with pauly was definitly he rocked u up man i aint gonna fake it and say dat im hood cuz i aint but i know good rhymez when i c em and pauly dat last rap was 1 of da dopest on this site keep it up man

  297. Andy avatar

    big improvement pauly

  298. NorthernEffect avatar

    Pauly, I dont give many props but thats the best I’v seen from you.

    MC Fresh, What happend?

  299. dharh avatar

    fuck wit dis and ill leave u lyin in a ditch wit ten fuckin stich bitch think they ruff but there rhymes are so gruff they cant spit they jez talk shit u fags are all suckin cock while gettin a big hit.

  300. pauly avatar

    yo thanx 4 da props i think my last ryhme was dope. i give da best rap on dis website to
    northern in 287 that shit is crazy

  301. elev8 avatar

    nah niggaz tobys is the dopest, even though i hate him he’s the only emcee on this shit with tight flows and good structure.. but fuck him anyway i’d still beat him on the physical shit muthafucker. Fuck you Pauly ur an ass kisser nigga

  302. pauly avatar

    the prophecy is writtin
    through the rhymes dat i be spittin
    mc fresh u aint a rapper u come from fucking brittain
    uk bitch… u be testin all my patience
    makin me wanna give in to my homicidal temptations
    all up in michael jackson at his ranch u be gettin violated
    i smoke kronic cuz i can rhyme when my pupils is dilated
    i smoked a fuckin ounce when i wrote my last rap
    spittin like rain storms dat cant be seen on weather maps
    thunder and lightin…hail and snow
    my rhymes are as ferocious as an f5 tornado
    ur rhymes is like the high speed winds…they blow
    ask anybody else cuz u the only 1 who dont know
    u gave up in the battle and yet u claim to have a victory
    im begining to questions ur fuckin mental stability
    and from the begining we all doubted your abilty
    cuz u never could rhyme u could never be as real as me
    u sayin u east side crips though u live on the north side
    u the type of guy to c a gangsta…and go hide
    with ur tail between ur legs u aint nuthin but a whore
    u be hidin behind ur mom when i be shootin through your door
    common hit back lests c ur best flow
    and i dont mean your pussy juices put that shit away hoe
    findin ou the hard way that u should never provoke me
    i was hybernated but bitch u have fuckin awoke me
    sayin u better than me…sayin u that can smoke me
    sayin that u could beat and lyrically revoke me
    i might not keep in rythem but i get da point across
    i know u think u won but bitch u fuckin LOST!
    but u dont know some one help me explain to him
    that he got fuckin murdered and i have fuckin slain him
    u wanna try again im alwayz up a rematch
    im always up for another victory to snatch

  303. mc_fresh's mentor avatar
    mc_fresh’s mentor

    Okay MC Fresh

    It’s time to step up.

    Rise from the dead.

    You have had a week to think of something.

    Tell your girl dharh she sounds like you

  304. grim avatar

    i spin
    my names grim
    im so slim
    i never had to go on a diet
    in school im quite
    but im strong off grounds
    i pound everyone around
    hear the sounds of screaming
    y’all get wat im meanin
    im doper than anyone on this site
    i have might
    my rhymes are tight
    im the next eminem cuz im white
    but i grew up in the suberbs
    ya heard
    im a rich white kid
    i get rid
    of black bitches
    cuz they nuthin but trash
    im in the kkk
    hey hey hey
    i burn niggaz o crosses
    and feel no losses
    i hate fags to
    especally u!
    pauly says hes black
    i guess ill burn him
    earn 3 bucks for him
    sell him to slavery
    i have to much bravery
    he’ll try to escape
    and we’ll burn him in oil
    my rhymes or freshly sealed so they wont spoil

  305. joe avatar

    yo yo yo check it out
    ur mom sux dick slow
    ur my hoe
    i will smack u around with ur own dildo
    ur a fag and guess wut i know
    ur daddy is not ur daddy
    ur real name is joe
    im an og killaaaaaaaaaa
    im in the kkk
    i kill all the NIGGERS cuz they are fucking gay
    i jus got paid off my welfare check
    get more then u get but i aint no corey beck
    so wut the heck
    money money money is wut i gotta get
    me and grimmy boy are jus hardcore BROZ
    we go out and pick up hoe

  306. chillaa avatar

    to mc_fresh u fagit

    str8 back relax go back kick the 40 ounce
    to that fucken poser mc_fresh
    i make ur mom go bounce bounce bounce
    i make her my hoe
    sell her on ebay for a quarter or so
    like that fucken joe guy said
    slap u around around wit ur own dildo
    ur hardcore wack
    thinkin ur good
    bitch have u ever thought of walkin through the hood
    if u didnt
    thats a good boy ur good
    by the fucken looks of it
    i got u misunderstood
    u triin to be hardcore gangsta
    shut the fuck up u wanksta
    reppin the winnipeg city
    down wit surly v and j money
    i got 5 or 6 girls that i can fucken call honey
    in the nine-0 records
    u know wut i mean
    if i have to put my looks on
    i cant forget my lean
    my favorite colors green
    ur 1 of those kids that get jacked 4 their candy on halloween
    i will roll u up
    make u a ball
    and use u in my pinball machine
    somthing like my wheels
    but its called a spinning machine

  307. chillaa avatar

    joe u suck
    smae wit grim
    u too white people killing blacks i have to fucken kill u bitches

  308. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    For more Eminem news visit http://eminem.gavinsblog.com

  309. Frida avatar

    Stupid people saying this about both Eminem and Everlast. If someone would have said i hoped you die becouse of heartattack (if i knew him, he was my brother or something)Hell I would be angry. Think its so darn low saying that about someone. I like Everlast alot better, you just dont say that about someone. Eminem just seems evil spirited many times.. not always though.

  310. Northern Effect avatar
    Northern Effect

    Grim & Joe

    “The Warning”

    Grim and Joe, u lil bitches must be the olsen twins
    I’m going to start off your long streak of no wins
    Seriously, what are you to ass clows writting
    No time 4 trailer park boys but those words r4 fighten
    Hold eachothers hands caz this is going 2 get frightning

    1st. 2 any people of colour,letme appolgize 4 my race
    Caz those 2 ass gobblins are a flat out discrace
    Grim U may b rich but your lyrics are cheap
    your Klan membas!,well Im a shepard, U2 r sheep

    You need a mask to spit? What Afraid of a colour?
    I no u cross the street midday when u c a brother
    Your afraid of what might happen
    when joe bust a weak beat and you start rap en
    The brother will look At u2 wigs & start laughing
    Asking why you in the hood you looking for drugs
    Thinking your hardcore caz Ur moms bought uLUGZ
    Acting all hard core, caz you sa 6 Rockys
    This aint Good fellas bitches Ur just lil natzies
    Same guy to ask you bout drugs is probly Five Ohh
    He’l take u2 cowards behind an ally & make u his hoe

    WhaT…..Your an “O.G. Killa” in the KKK
    Well then Im the Grand Wizard out to hang u 2day
    I ll burn a cross on your lawn,
    after i tbag ur mom
    Steal the 74 f150 from your trailor
    right after I rape ya…. Im gone

    So your an O G like Ice T, Fuck Thats a switch
    After this BodyCount son u’ll Be my lil KKK bitch
    You get rid of black bitches, caz there not little boys!
    You cant handle ghetto booty faggot u like little toys

    Please kill eachother caz nobody here wants ya
    Your must b da 2 lil fags from the trench coat mafia
    So joe u and grimie are “Boyz” your hardcore
    but sticken dildoes in your ass just makes u his whore
    Your not hard, but You two bitches can bring a fight

    I’m Going to end this right here caz I got a million things 2 write.

  311. pauly avatar

    kk wat the hell iz dat shit

    wanna burn me bitches then bring your zippo
    ill bring my gun ripped a clip in u hoe
    why the fuck u lyin u aint in da klan
    cuz they kicked u out when u brought your man
    guess u didnt know that they hate fags too
    ur still a fucking jew
    i guess theirs no fuckin way there excepting

  312. Elev8 avatar

    check it out. fuck the racist shit. this targeted at grim for his anti- black raps and pauly for his continuing anti jew comments. fuck ya’ll

    im keeping it raw
    illegal like malik and jamal,
    cos i dont believe in the law,
    like im Steven Segal
    flipping off at police
    while im leaving the wall
    take a bunch of tylinol
    and fall asleep in the mall
    fuck pauly and grim u be receiving the call,
    lucky u lil punks still breathing at all
    fuck the world, this is how i get even at ya’ll
    i hit you in your mouth, kick your teeth and your jaw,
    beat you to death with weapons that eat through the flesh
    but i’ll never eat you unless the fuckin meat looks fresh
    i got a lion in my pocket im lyin,
    i got a nine in my pocket
    and baby im just dyin to cock it
    im ready for war, u ready for war?
    i got machetes and swords for any faggot that said he was raw
    my shits as dope as yours, yeah you met me before
    i just didn’t have as large an arsenal of weapons before
    Elev8 will step in the door, I lay your head on the floor
    With your body spread on the bedspread
    i’ll watch ur ass fall,
    just a damn whore
    this parts dedicated to paul
    even points on the first, second, third but ko’d on the fourth

  313. Phantom avatar

    call me the phantom,
    u’ll never see me again,
    shed sum light blaze up the lantern
    nigga i play to win
    with the shit that i spit,
    i score 11 out of 10
    on the boastin tip i quit but ur lifes at its end
    im the one and only,
    if u dont like it blow me
    tell ur girl i want the ten dollars that she owes me
    dumb bitch is lonely, she gave me a call
    put the fone down, called a cab she was in my crib before four
    i fucked her six times, kicked her out she was sore,
    one hour later she came back begging for more,
    pussy galore, had that bitch down on all fours
    she wasnt on the pill and i forgot to withdraw
    one week later i meet up with her outside the mall,
    she was all teary eyed, then she started to ball,
    pregnancy test in one hand, then i realised wat for,
    she fell to the ground, cried “how am i going to tell paul!”
    thats right pauly this is a diss against you
    u platnum wack rapper wat the fuck u gonna do
    elev8 dissed you, now im back for round two
    lyrically cut u in pieces serve u to Vanilla Ice as food
    bitch ass nigga

  314. Toby avatar

    hey mc phantom do u wear purple coloured tights??!! Pauly is one of the dope emcees why dont u diss someone like grim or fresh? your a bitch man

  315. chillaa avatar

    elev8 u must be a fuckn jew hey? seems like it
    ucuz u r getting defended when someone makes fun of jews

    u jew

  316. chillaa avatar

    did anyone of u guys forget about me
    and more that i dont give a fuck about

    and who ever the fuck phantom is .. u suck man u fucken fag

    jus a reminder
    i have no problems wit
    -northernt effect

    keep on bustin out nice beats homies

  317. chillaa avatar

    to all those punks ass bitches tryin to rap

    kool night
    ready to fight
    unlike some bitches
    their scared with full might
    breakin’ it down
    i republish my rhymes
    i make sure i say a noun
    to phanton and fresh
    ur not even caramel brown
    to joe and grim
    stop rappin and go back to ur ghost town
    before the elite crew has to do a run down
    elev8 i found out ur a jew
    ur rhymes r so shitty
    makes me wanna stomp ur face untill it turns iron blue
    dont fuck around wit the elite crew
    cuz a man is somthing u gotta grow into
    ur rhymes are always week
    u touch ur lil sisters
    when ur playin hide and go seek
    stop tryin to be gangsta
    u look like a jewish geek
    and even sometimes it looks like u have a period leek
    freestyle on 101.5
    jus wait for m to arrive
    i have to keep stopin i cant continue to drive
    keepin myself alive
    im surprised i already kept on to survive
    to my homies
    stay in the vibe

  318. chillaa avatar

    i think that rhyme was pretty gay

  319. jacob gollesch avatar


    lets continue the conversation here

  320. pauly avatar

    phantom u say u here for round 2
    i knocked out elev8…il do it to u
    i never win a fight by desicion
    always kick the fuck outta the bitch who thinks they winnin
    u cant rap so get of the battle grounds
    u tryin to play the game but u is outta bounds
    my rap glory is so proufound
    dat u can hear my shit when im not around…ha
    u know dat i am raps new direction
    u know when i hit the shelves ima be da seletion
    u know my flows is tight strait rap perfection
    if there was a rap race id win da election
    the only reason im here is to cause disconnction
    to all the bitch emcees with rap defections
    to all the dope rappers “im your resurection”
    my raps is so clear u can c my reflection
    u know im one of the greatest mcs
    u’ll be lucky if u ever check a mic 4 me
    to elev8 fuck u and your “anti pauly statements”
    fuck phantom to0 leave your face on the pavement
    its funny cuz a fucked your girl to
    she said “i dated phantom but hes not as good as you”
    i fucked her then chucked her dats my attitude
    then pimp smackd her and threw her with all the whores i screwed
    why u dissin me u dont even know me
    u chokin on all the apoligies dat u owe me
    but im back on this site with a story to tell
    how a ghetto kid got out as rich as hell
    my rhymes is grimey shit no wonder i sell
    went from 2 bedroom apratments to 5 star hotels
    grim fuck u never come here again
    cuz ill kill u, elev8 and all the klansmen
    elev8 there was never an even score
    9-10 4 me every time including round number 4

    and elev8 wat r u talkin about continuin anti jew statments the only time i even said jew was in my last rap which by the way got fucked up and dats why its so short and i had every reason to hit back at grim he said “im gonna sell u to slavery” and “i burn niggers on crosses” wat the fuck would u do?…yeah dats wat i thought

  321. Toby avatar

    check it out,

    now on the battling tip,
    these verbal taunts i spit,
    i dedicate this to phantom,
    u aint a lyricist
    cant rap for shit,
    black up ur eye fuck up ur lip
    wack rappers have fits cos im back in the mix
    grab a pad and a pen,
    turn on ur IBM
    nigga stay up all night,
    try to make ur fukin flow tight
    ur just a dust mite
    write another diss track,
    its time to show this website
    the skills that u lack,
    ur wacker than wack,
    purple man under attack,
    burn a hole in ur soul
    u aint man enough to ever bust back
    cos my styles rude
    urs is easily bruised,
    eneter a battle wit urslef
    and ur still guaranteed to lose
    yeah im ready to tussle,
    cos nigga i break u in half without moving a muscle
    phantom knows nothing bout struggle
    just a rich kid in the burbs
    u he aint never seen trouble
    have ya seeing double
    this boy in the bubble
    vain as can be
    get slain by me,
    stepping to this battle dont make sense to me
    fuck ur bitch in the ass thats adultery


  322. joe avatar

    to phantom that pore rapper

    call me the joe,
    u’ll never see me again,hoe
    shed sum light blaze up the lanterno
    nigga u play to lose-bo
    with the shit that i swallow,
    i score 999999999999999 out of 10
    on the boastin ass cheek i quit but ur lifes at its beginning
    im the one and only gangtaaaaaaa killaaaaaa
    if u dont like it suck my cack fool
    my dick is a good tool in your mom
    tell ur girl i want the ten dollars that she owes me
    dumb bitch is lonely, she gave me a pager
    put the fone down, called a cab she was in my crib before fourty nine
    i fucked her six thousand million times, kicked her out when my weaner got swore
    pussy galore, had that bitch down on all fours
    she wasnt on the pill and i forgot to withdraw
    one day later i meet up with her outside the mall,
    she was all teary eyed, then she started to crawl,
    pregnancy test in one hand, then i realised wat for,
    she fell to the ground, sucked my dick..then said man ur peanis is small then she said im pregnant for the 99 time then she said “how am i going to tell phantom!�
    thats right phamtom-lee this is a diss against you
    u plastic wack rapper wat the heck u gonna do
    elev9 dissed you, now im back for round two
    lyrically cut u in pieces serve u to chocolate Ice as food
    bitch ass nigga

    im goin t kill u

  323. joe avatar

    read that remix u nigger

  324. Toby avatar

    hahahahhahhahahhahhaha funny shit!!!

  325. Toby avatar

    just in case u missed it the first time bitch…

    now on the battling tip,
    these verbal taunts that i spit,
    i dedicate this to phantom,
    u aint a lyricist
    cant rap for shit,
    black up ur eye fuck up ur lip
    wack rappers have fits cos im back in the mix
    grab a pad and a pen,
    turn on ur IBM
    nigga stay up all night,
    try to make ur fucking flow tight
    just a dust mite
    write another diss track,
    its time to show this website
    the skills that u lack,
    ur wacker than wack,
    purple man under attack,
    and i know u aint man enough
    to ever bust back
    cos my styles rude
    urs is easily bruised,
    enter a battle wit urslef
    and ur still guaranteed to lose
    yeah im ready to tussle,
    cos nigga i break u in half without moving a muscle
    phantom knows nothing bout struggle
    just a rich kid in the burbs
    u he aint never seen trouble
    have ya seeing double
    this boy in the bubble
    vain as can be
    get slain by me,
    stepping to this battle dont make sense to me
    fuck ur bitch in the ass thats adultery

  326. chillaa avatar

    that was good toby
    nice shit

  327. chillaa avatar

    but u wrote it already

  328. Andy avatar

    chilla your a fucking punk man, quit rappin ya faggot bitch, every single one of your rhymes are lame as – 3 words to a line, and you rhyme the same word ovewr and over. its shit. your a dick head

  329. mc_fresh avatar

    yeah im back dickheads did u think i was scared?
    i just had a rest but now i’ll lyrically punch u in the head,
    ive been watching over you, this website for a few weeks,
    and i now realise most of you are internet geeks,
    pauly got better but he still takes it up the rear,
    chilla cums on his bloody face and licks it off without fear,
    toby and elev8 watch and pull themselves off,
    and phantom licks his own balls and tries to get himself off,
    bloody rookies,
    u probably sit home and eat cookies,
    u are just shit,
    or if u want to call it a dookie!
    im the best o this website, the undisputed champion,
    anyone who steps to me gets slain,
    cos u fools try to go against the bloody grain,
    but u fools are just bloody insane
    stupid idiots, just give up
    u’ll never defeat me, u just get smacked up,
    come to my hood u have to go thru security,
    cos u emcees lack pure lyrical ability,
    dont mess with shane crow,
    i go toe to toe,
    i bench press 40 kilos,
    u could never lift that u noe,
    so why dont u go suck paulys toes,
    cos all the emcees on this website are just bloody hoes

  330. pauly avatar

    so it took u like two weeks to write this bullshit rhyme man u nuthin son u gonna get beat down

  331. Andy avatar

    fuck off paul ya fucken idiot. your rhymes went from zero to hero in like a week. quit copying of someone else or something else, everyone knows that its not your rhymes man. your a fucken cock too

  332. Phantom avatar

    dedicated to pauly
    i never rock a show for free
    but make no mistake
    im not coked up on greed
    make wack emcees bleed,
    pauly falls to his knees
    he can try to keep up
    but he can never follow my lead
    cant emcee,
    both me and you know,
    rock u in ya face
    i hit hard like frank bruno,
    dont try to be a hero,
    end up in ground zero
    man u even more wack than that nigga cumzero
    and ur shits plagarised
    its not hard to see
    i keep my shit verbalised,
    while urs is just weak
    a future marred by defeat
    ur just a scarred emcee
    but u aint got no hope
    in a battle against me
    cos u wuldnt be dope
    if ya smoked a pound of weed
    ur rhymes wuldnt be sharp
    if u was high on speed,
    culdnt spit like me
    if i wrote ur shit,
    writings a skill but deliverys more important
    and like nas nigga i’ll make u lose consciousness,
    these aint threats nigga they be strait promises,
    full clips that i spit,
    something u can never forget
    i’ll sell ur girl in asia
    make a fat profit

  333. lazysloth avatar

    i got the bet rap to beat you all ………………..flip snit bip nip shuck duck fluck beat that

  334. pauly avatar

    andy u gotta be fucking kidding me right u think my rhmes is STOLEN dude juss kuz i had a couple af bad rhymes dont mean dat i cant write good ones go ahead look em up see if u finds sumthin

  335. pauly avatar

    yo man fuck u guyz thinkin my shits plajerized

    lil homos thinkin my raps is taken
    to phantom and andy ur both mistakin
    u was second next 2 that homo aiken
    till idol kicked u off cuz ur singin was fakin
    i want the muthafuckin props i deserve
    y’all juss jeleous cuz u can never think to serve wat i serve
    phantom u could never deliver your shit like me
    i gotta favour when im on stage can u go “check 1 2 3”
    cuz dats da only thing you’ll ever be good for
    or packing ladies tampons over at the grocery store
    tell me why y’all battlin me tell me wat for
    is cuz im so good or becuz im so hardcore
    or is it cuz u never seen nuthin like my rhmes b4
    or is it cuz u could never compare to wat im responsible 4
    u c in my first rap if i never lit up on toby
    then he woulda never retaliated and and lit up on me
    dont u c i help paved the way 4 all u mcs
    its da muhfuckin facts fuck it if u disagree
    ive been around since comment 119
    what r we at now comment 343
    its obvios dat i aint never get any respect
    except 4 toby and 306 by northern effect
    so i gotta ask myself why am i still doin dis shit
    if y’all aint never gonna accpect my spits
    but we all know my lyrics make u do backflips
    im so dangerous i need a rappin permit
    so fuck it dis might be my last goodbye
    till i meet u bitches the streets eye to eye
    phantom u aint dope 4 words per line
    im outta here and its just about fucking time

  336. mc_fresh avatar

    well why dont u piss off then pauly? bloody fuck nut

  337. pauly avatar

    hey fresh get dis through your head u brittish bastard…YOU…ARE…NOT…A…RAPPER okay when was the las time u heard a brittish rapper…yeah dats wat i thought so why dont u fuck off u lil whitey boy.

    Why y’all battling me anywayz u wanna be da one to take me down well it aint gonna happen aight phantom ur flows r shit man ur to easy u make fresh look like 2pac. and for andy my rhymez r not coppied aight thats all me. and naww i went from “zero” 2 Hero in three dayz dats lets then a week

  338. Z avatar

    hey yo i’m wanna rap some too…. so don’t think this is true it’a all i have to say(well my be true for some!!! and i know yu ganna think i suck

    hey yo my peeps call me z
    and u betta not have a problem with me
    and if you do then tell it to my face
    ya freaks so wierd did ya come from outterspace
    and i know you ain’t gonna like my shit
    and i know u muthafuckers like lickin dick
    so you don’t like what I say?!
    then lets have it out face to say

    and if you don’t like em then you a bitch
    why don’t you go fuck a dick
    i’m gonna go flick you off
    and so wat if u like to watch
    people fucking each other
    oh wait i forgot
    u ain’t watchin
    u fuckin!!

    hey peeps i’m just kidin… I just feel like talkin shit!! i bet nobody would guess i’m a Christian!! well I am HAHAHA LOL LOL LOL

  339. pauly avatar

    wat hahaha z u a smartass man

  340. Z avatar

    i’m a girl and i was just kidding DUH

  341. pauly avatar

    okay girlie i know u was kidding dats why i called u a smartass

  342. Andy avatar

    i thought u was gonna fuck off paul? and your rhymes maybe aren’t plagiarised but i seriously doubt your writing em. you used to do like 4 word rhymes and now your shit is totally different in style etc. your fucking gay and about to get a mad shock when toby drops his shit.. then your goin to feel like a real dick! tobes u know what im talkin bout… when u gonna drop it?

  343. pauly avatar

    andy i dunno even know wat ur talkjn bout andy there was nothin in that rhyme that was even beefin with toby dude man.and funny im gonna feel like a dick but ur an example of a livin one

  344. troy avatar

    its abise reborn the afermath running with the eclips clan bitches better watch cause when this eclips hits bitches drop cause we droppin clips
    ya cant dodge the mist shit hits fan im gonna stop your flow like fuckin hydro dam i may not be pro but i know im champ im a chreat u motha fuckas like a bad cramp u gonna get kid naped and slaped in a concentration camp shot and slabed
    u fuckin with me i aint suon im crepping up shoton fuck all u guys from issac newton im starting a gang and im recruting im also procuing
    bitches to battle bitches get ready to be losing

  345. Toby avatar

    im from the
    that be the place of my birth
    my only home on this earth
    represent my peeps and their worth
    bout to drop sum shit pauly
    and it really will hurt
    u better listen up nigga
    put ur face in the dirt
    i had u in the mix when i was up in the zone,
    but i aint the only one rockin my microfone
    never on my own,
    i was never alone
    had many aliases
    within myself i had grown,
    u shuld have known
    mc_fresh is a fake,
    so is phantom,
    mack n pimpin and that nigga
    i made them up for amusement never thout it wuld take,
    but the reaction this blog gave was greater than great,
    u made a mistake,
    wat a fool you did make
    but not just you
    it was the whole blog too,
    and im very sorry pauly for lying to you,
    but the the shit was so funny
    too good to refuse
    just a white boy from australia
    pauly im not in a crew,
    i aint an emcee so wat u gunna do?
    u thout you had me
    but nigga i had you
    want to grapple in a battle
    ur still bound to lose


  346. Z avatar

    haha pauly you wish I was an example!!! but lets say mabey a few peeps in here are!! HAHAHA

  347. steven avatar

    Troy u are one gay ass son of a bitch u know that i think that r.b is a rubby school because ur in it

  348. steven avatar

    Troy u are one gay ass son of a bitch u know that i think that r.b is a rubby school because ur in it

  349. steven avatar

    if ur dissin da peeps from isaac troy ur gonna get shot wit a nine bitch because c -unit will catch u on the streets anywhere u go nigga

  350. chillaa avatar

    fuck toby
    i hate u fuck
    how come ur rhymes were so good when u rapped as toby
    but shity when u rapped as those others
    that was fucken stupid u dum bitch

  351. chillaa avatar

    andy ur a fag

  352. Toby avatar

    cos i was taking the piss idiot…

  353. pauly avatar

    fuckin toby i cant beleive that u waz all those guys and wen u were elev8 u always said how no one is goin platinum well u aint eva goin platinum cos no one wants to sign a surburan whitey bitch

  354. pauly avatar

    and u wanna battle now im bound to kick ur ass cuz al u is a fake ass rapper no and ur shit is all faked out so common lets battle cos all u gonna have is some weak ass fake shit fuckin frunt

  355. Andy avatar

    hahahahha! just admit it paul you look like a fucken doughnut man! fuckin idiot! toby was all those guys, pretended to be down with u but used to fuck you up by another alias!!! he made u look like a proper chump bro. i knew the whole time and you talkin about how u gonna get mc fresh, and get elev8… hahaha funniest shit ever. nothing left to see here now! peace out you nerd BYAAAATCHES!

  356. Andy avatar

    oh and paul you know how u thought my rhymes were shit??? well one of them was Capture (Militia pt.3) by gangstarr, off an album that went platinum. another was 2nd round knockout by Canibus – another huge track. And another was a Phife Dawg track from a tribe called quest – who made about 8 albums and went platinum so many times. So yeah i copied, but no one here even recognised any of it, so your all whack motherfuckers who dont even listen to good hip hop. and if u still think those rhymes are shit, go tell Guru, phife and canibus. Im sure they give a fuck what u think. fuckin chumps.

  357. A-M-R avatar

    i gotta new name
    fuck chillaa
    u fucken suck man and shit u make all those real hiphop artists look bad so stop rappin u fat fuck gangster wannabe

    ohh yah
    go play ur game where there is a bunch of u jerk off to a peice of bread and then the last one that cums eats it

    its all over theskool man

    and even if u dont cum last u still eat the bread u look like a faggot cuz ur so fat triin to act gangsta

  358. pauly avatar

    oh andy so wat ur telling me is this whole time u said i was plagerizing and u turned out to be the one copying im a the only real rapper on this site like seriously fuck

  359. pauly avatar

    damn this site is shit now their turned out to only be 2 people that i was battling and one was “wankstarr” and i still was dissin u even when i waz rhymin on his tracks wat does dat tell u bout my skill bitch

  360. adam avatar

    sorry hoes Toby fucked all yall

  361. troy avatar

    yo this is stevens brother troy yo pauly wanna battle?and fuck u steven

  362. pauly avatar

    fine hit me with sumthin

  363. Jewish MC avatar
    Jewish MC

    Hey yo Pauly
    Your rymes are sick
    I think u got aids from the edge of tobys dic
    nobody respects ya u got no click
    Your times up you jus talk but dont tic

    even though his rymes are stolen
    andy is better even when he is blowin
    toby, mc fresh, and who ever else he is
    get over it anti-emite you just got dissed

    no one gave you props you just took their flow
    mc fresh is cooler then you, its time for u to go
    an aussie drunk on pis is better then u
    with 4 alias’s he built a crew
    now hes got the mc jew
    Or as I go …the jewish MC
    come at me some time bitch and get on your knees
    I like my balls rubbed dont make me say please

    Ya thats right I am a fag,
    with a dic so big Ill make you gag
    but really your only gay when your receiving
    when I bend you over Ill leave you bleeding

    What do you think of that u little princess
    cant think of anything to write a little stressed
    your rymes are so bad you should be put under arrest

    Just so you know this aint the star toby
    caz all 5 of his characters can line up 2 blow me
    I took a look back no of you can show me
    what I need to see
    nobody reps it like the jewish mc
    Except for maybe one
    but after he destroyed you all
    it looks like he is done

    Hit me back you little bitch pauly

    your next

  364. Jewish MC avatar
    Jewish MC

    a-m-r aka chilla
    just put an 8ball jacket on & call urself vanilla
    your rymes are so week anyone can kill ya

    U must be from the 80’s, UR TUBS from miami vice
    u got a style u can buy at the $ store 4 1/2price
    right in the section where marky marc is sold
    any time you get challenged you just fold
    dont even bother to holla back Bcaz youv been told

    I cant say Iv read your rymes
    caz all I c is weak ass lines
    sucking up constantly to all kinds
    of faggots on this site
    it looks like everyone that dissed you is right
    you even say your self your rymes are crap
    I am giving u just 1 chance to come back with a rap
    I will give u 2days so it hopefully its not complete crap
    but dont come back caz this is really a trap

    I m going to stop now caz I want to see what you got
    but leave out the line where Im going to get shot


  365. Stambolis avatar

    Jewish Emcee bumps!!! PAULY UR A FAG ass kisser

  366. pauly avatar

    Hey jew bitch mc ur funny im just gonna sit hurr and laugh at u while u try to make rymes that think will get u a deal y’all dont undastand the meanin of rap y’all juss here to rhyme the same words again and try to make a diss up bout some one all y’all are juss a bunch fakes. jew boy bitch i suggest u put your lil jew hat on and go read the biography on adam sandler or watch the trailers to his next movie is sumthin cuz this site is done everyone finally came out and admittied the lies when they realized i had skills fuck y’all that dont think so. okay i got a lil challenge lets see who gets a deal first aight man why dont y’all try to make a real rap instead of this fake shit u call hip hop. stambolis ur right jew boy does bump…on your dick man y’all need to shut your shit off man and go right sumthin down in your diary bout how i dissed u today. it can go like this
    Dear Diary
    im a fag jew boy that always get made fun of when i walk down the sreet cuz sum guy named pauly kicked my teeth in cuz i was mouthin off to him. i guess i learned my lesson and ill go read my bible and watch different strokes
    bye from Jewish Emcee bitch!!!!

  367. Jewish MC avatar
    Jewish MC

    Dear Diary,

    I just watched a biography tonight on A&E
    It was on adam sandler and his skit tollbooth willie
    He charged 1.25 to all the passeres by
    which paully would’nt no bout since hes broke & cant drive
    He said the same things to everyone that came through
    Just like Pauly repeating line after line to dis the jew
    But you cant go to word and cut and paste
    you have no flow pauly, no rhyme, no taste ur a waste

    Yeah I watch diff. strokes so what you talking bout willis
    looks like you saw my punch lines and got a lil bit jellous
    its ok that you dont have any skills, try to dis the jew
    the kkk is full of bitches….. just like you

    You try to bus a rhyme but all youv done is steal
    just go to mcdonalds u’ll be the 1st to get a deal
    caz thats the only way you’ll ever keep it real
    I’ll even give you a tip when i by a value meal

    but shit if that asian kid from Idol can do it
    you got half his talent try out and prove it
    Youd be perfect for the show, youd last so long
    since all you would be doing is singing others songs
    youv been ripping off people here for weeks
    getting mad when you get dissed saying internet geeks
    But who are you going to rap for your through
    take the beastie boy poster off your wall caz yes they’re jews to
    Everlast is a muslem, Vanilla’s got a black wife
    mayb ud b more comfortable tuggin2 tottie on facts of life

    I am a jew but my family gave your dad a good job
    u no the guy that took off, no not ur uncle bob
    thats the current guy banging your mom
    hes probly black but u call him uncle tom
    youv been socialized to be a lil natzi son
    Caz you got a grade 10 education
    which pretty much reflects the entire u.s. nation
    Uwant me 2 read a bio, but you should just read a book
    Caz every time I fire back you end up getting shook
    The only beef you want kid is the kind you cook
    I give props to guru caz thats the only line iv ever took
    I’ll keep it original so youll keep it guessing
    Come with something good next time B, caz this is another free lesson

    Pauly my diary is getting full writting about bitches like You
    O well until tomorrow dear diary
    Best Regards,
    The MC JEW

  368. pauly avatar

    K jew boy bitch u so sure im copying right so prove it get me a song common get me one excatly u couldnt do it my raps r mine and i dont get why ur rappin on this site get the hell off its stupid u can sit here and rap on this website while im out gettin a record deal u punk bitch white boy all u niggaz wannabees out there can suck my dick u pcp addicts crackajack muhfuckaz

  369. Spectator avatar

    Pauly proof your work

    White boy or Jew?
    What race are you?
    Do you have a clue?

  370. Everyone On This Site avatar
    Everyone On This Site

    Pauly its not that your copying lines
    caz there is no one worse then you to steal from
    No one steals lines that bad.
    You are just piggy backing off of other peoples styles.

    Same Flow You be the Judge:

    287 Northern Effect
    Think aboutit the NorthernEffect isthe GrimReaper
    I’d be your pops if your mom was any cheaper
    And the next time you try to pick on your sista
    Think about how shes always able to diss ya

    303 Pauly
    mc fresh im ashamed but i fucked ur mom
    she said u dont know ur daddy its cuz ur my son

    Thats just one sample;
    Countless Jew refs, I got a gun refs,
    Grow up u suck, Maybe you will get a deal in Honky Ville Alabama

    Looks to me like you stole his whole style, he even gave you props for sounding like him.
    Then you went back to the same shit pauly
    Then You got worse, your not even rymen in verse
    What happend? Did you run out of vocab?
    take another week and come up with something good
    no one even comes back here it looks like,

  371. anonymous avatar

    hmmm sounds like norther effect was writing for you pauly…

  372. Stambolis avatar

    Pauly’s a biter man

  373. Pauly avatar

    Yes, I give up. I do suck.
    I got a deal today, I am going on tour with william hung.

  374. PAULY avatar



  375. Spectator avatar

    so you just giving up. I guess you are a little bitch.
    Is this blog about battle rap?
    I thought it was

    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward
    Pauly your a coward

    This sounds like one of your rhymes, always repeating

    U gots no talent Pauly

  376. Toby avatar

    this is a diss on no one

    like Em said before
    im illegal like malik and jamal
    im butcher meat raw
    i’ll even smack steven segal
    toast wack emcees
    till they bleed and they fall
    insane like saddam hussein
    but i’ll never be caught
    a modern day adulterer
    rap magician occultic sorcerer
    took ya girls virginity
    turned around
    then sold it back to her
    broke the rubber
    when i busted my nut in your mother
    how do you feel about
    havin another baby brother?!
    im her lover
    just a nasty motherfucker
    gotta bounce wen u come home
    i dont wanna blow her cover
    red neck trucker
    is wat she be calling ur father
    should be payin child support
    but he doesnt even bother
    pimp fuck her
    give her wats she be needin’
    steal ur stash of grass
    just lie around and get weeded
    so depleted
    my pupils dilated
    ur mums beggin me
    to keep her violated
    so degraded
    but thats the way she likes it
    fuck her in the ass cos she says she doesnt mind it
    cant fight it
    cos nigga u aint ill yo
    im strong enough to beat u to death with ur girlfriends dildo
    just an average fellow
    but not the kind u want to fuck with
    put down the microfone
    its time to get ur knuckles dusted


  377. pauly avatar

    yo spectator i dont have to right a rap to get my point across why would i waste my lyrics on a bunch of australian phoney crakaz just u bunch of pcp junkies why dont y’all check the neaxt bubba sparxxx concert and buy a front row tickets maybe y’all can join his hillbilly deal and tour in da back of his pickup hoes

  378. Toby avatar

    paul stop bitchin man.. u havent written good shit for ages man. u need motivation? that diss i wrote is on you mate.. i just didnt want to hurt ya feelings punk

  379. pauly avatar

    okay toby maybe i do need motivation but i sure aint gonna get it here y’all are reasons for me not to rap! and dont say nigga u kracka bitch

  380. Toby avatar

    then write a diss better than my last one.. lets see how good you are. ur havent written quality shit for ages. cmon pauly silence the critics dont be a bitch

  381. Northern Effect avatar
    Northern Effect

    To the worst rhymer I have ever come across

    Pauly this diss is directed right at you
    you claim to be hard but you got punked by a Jew
    how does it feel to not have a clue
    your the worst rapper to ever type www
    stay home grab a pencil or pen
    copy some dope shit, and have a chance to win
    no deal yet and ur already a hazbin

    U battled 5 guys that turned out to be one
    you take this shit serious but this just 4 fun
    I’m calling u out, so Im sure ull b on the run
    Your new name is going to be Bloody when im done
    caz Im going 2 beat the shit outta u with ur own fn gun

    Stealling my flow, taking my words and stlye
    Bitch go the the fridge and grab ur self a coke & a smile
    Ur going to be analiz en this shit for a while

    You might be the worst I’v ever seen
    talken bout deals but your way to green
    your a fucken joke punk U dont know a thing
    you got some glitter on ur neck but thats not bling
    I think McJew sprayed sum pearls on u when u tried 2 sing
    How was the try out for Idol did you cover vanilla
    What happed to your 2nd character, the one called chilla
    I guessed you deleated him caz everyone killed ya

    I was laughing when I first came to this site
    called a few out but no one wants to fight
    the only one worth my time was toby
    but that shit you did that F’n destroyed me
    Its too bad your too good to be true
    caz I would enjoy taking a piece from you
    Mc Jew I’m Calling you out too
    both of you can stop ripping off Guru
    But fuck Toby I got 2 respect that shit was funny
    Calling your self out sever times that was just money
    But Mc Fresh… shit that was just bad T
    who ghost wrote for that…must have been pauly

    Bitch how do you diss Bubba Sparks,
    U no u steal his rhymes when u battle in the parks
    Is there any other white rappers you can think to dis
    So you hate blacks, jews, whites, then u must be a bitch
    Caz thats all thats left that you havent chirpped about
    Why r u dissen down under when u live in the south
    Does anything quality ever cum from ur mouth
    Except for when you spit what I shot out
    Learn how to swallow and speak your clout
    Aussie? Im from the land that says aboot not about
    Remember the Red and white.. com on now eh!
    you might be the only mc that has no say

    Claim ur not writing rymes ur getting a deal today
    Get some hooked on fonix / or speak and spell and say
    I will get a deal I’ll be the new biggie smally

    But fuck Bloddy your new name is “RUPAULLY”

    Come back to that you little ass clown


  382. comZero avatar

    havent seen chilla up in here for a while

  383. pauly avatar

    havent rapped in a while aint gettin the respect i earn
    bend ur girlfriend over and get my turn
    poppin the exctasy capsules tryin to hide the tears
    cuz ur bitch aint give u any head in years
    toby u aint a rapper
    juss an aussie ass kracker
    u lucky i dont hop on a plane find yo momma and smack her
    cuz she gave birth to a little bitch fudgepacker
    cant rhyme to save your life obvious skill lacker
    laugh when i look back to the day i though u was dope
    u got arrested put in jail and purposely dropped the soap
    think u a terrorist…bitch u aint nuthin but a suberban
    mind as well call urself the taliban put on your turban
    im strait up urban
    but u strait up bitch
    with da bottle of burbon
    nigga im strait up rich
    this really aint my style i dont like to diss
    i rhyme better than u in the snow with mah piss
    so just go back to the burbs sip on your martini
    fall asleep dream about the day u wish u could be me
    side track and dream about shady in a bikini
    spillin your wet dream wen u suck on his weenie
    northern u right i admit australia is the best bar none
    just think of all the rappers that came out and won
    Wait i lost track tryin to find the first
    cuz y’all is stuck in sydney dyin of thirst
    cant even afford a plane flight tryin to land a deal
    representin australia strait up dope fo real
    y’all can just stop ridin mah ass
    give me some respect y’all have some class
    keepin it original stickin to mah root
    i front nuthin nigga thats wat im all “aboot”
    talkin a language y’all can undastand
    step up like a man and feel mah back hand
    another thing northern u wish that jew bitch killed me
    u started cryin yesturday wen jackson got off not guilty
    u feel that justice wasnt served had trouble resting
    cuz u was the kid he got accused of molesting!
    ur right its not fair really its a sin
    he made u have a threesome with macauly culkin
    thinkin the hole time “i wish i could catch him “home alone”
    so u could get a little gay sex all for your own
    better look out ur window cuz possibly maybe
    y’ull find a dingo runnin off with ur baby
    u better go now im sure u got some fish to catch
    but i aint stickin around this shit aint a rematch

    U hear me

    im has has been huh northern well y’all is a never was and toby stop this shit we all know the jew bitch and northern like seriously tryin to bring back your alias crew just a lil faggot bitch. Why the fuck would i hate blacks
    im da only real nigga on this website

  384. comZero avatar

    that ryhme is kicken…lol…kicken yallz asses

  385. Northern Effect avatar
    Northern Effect

    What have you earned?

    Forget about a Jack Son thats bin done to death
    u combined all ur rhymes from 100 to 350 u must b outta breath
    Come on Rupauly whats with the sexual tension
    You stole my flow again, you might be put on suspension
    But I hope u get a deal, thank me for my flow
    U will b rich and bang chicks I did 10 years ago

    Your amature rupaul, bush league at best
    I guess its time4 me to get some shit off my chest
    lets take a look at your last attempt I think u failed the test

    You havent rapped in a while? I havent seen you rap once
    Stop poppin the exctasy punk. just stick to the blunts
    Now Im going to tell you something that might make u sad
    that bitch u bin fucken noone’s lady thats your dad
    I guess now u can get him something for fathers day this week
    write him a ryme so he will know that your gay and a theif

    I feel your back hand its like a fly on my shoulder
    but thats my cock ur gagen on your chin rests my boulders
    After I lay u down Im a have a cig and some folgers

    How can u dis another country when ur from the worst 1
    Cant walk down the street without ducken fire from a gun
    I was laughing when I saw that shit drop in 2001

    No not the buildings but when dre dropped the cronic
    Caz bitches like you came straight out from the closet
    Little gay rappers, asking legends 2 have class
    well your dismissed punk stop eating out my ass

    If the dingo took my baby then how am I gay?
    there’s so many holes in your ryme we could b here til may
    u dont make any sense, your straight from the cave
    stop trying to rhyme bitch, jus go back to the rave

    Maybe your still just 2 steps from the jungle
    You want to step in the ring..lets get ready to rumble
    before the bell rings you’v already stumbled
    couldn’t even carry the ball u already fumbled
    I built you up, now its time for u to crumble
    cut u down again make you a little more humble

    if thats the best you can do. this might be my last rhyme
    maybe when you get a deal u might be worth my fucken time
    Right now I m in my waterfront condo sippen on a martini
    while your fast a sleep dreaming about how u can be me
    Want to be me. go to school and get a degree
    read about a 1000 books not the movies on t.v.
    maybe after a few years u might even start to see
    that you will never have a deal ur destined to be
    the guy in front of 711 beggen 4 change to get a slurppy

    your more inconsistant then a restroom dome
    u writeon stall walls wait 10 min and u will get blown
    YOU FRONT everything, lets not get confussed
    you have no $, DEAL, Talent, thats why u resent the jews
    How much does burbon cost? about 50cent
    jus drink a lil bit so it wont hurt when u get bent
    Dont regress, rupauly you still think Im dope
    cry like a bitch caz you got no hope
    this is mississippi burnen, hanging u with a rope
    keep thinking u dont rip me off if it helps u 2 cope
    come on rupauly we know who really drops the soap
    you tried to step up but my nuts made you choke
    as the boys down under would say your just a fn blowKe

    The last thing you said is you dont hate and u are black
    just like Jackson Afro america wants u 2 give the coulour back

    your not a nigga, your just niggerd you ig nant fuck
    if your having trouble with the meaning get a dic and look it up


  386. pauly avatar

    c y’all is gettin this shit messed up y’all might be able to rhyme but theirs a difference a good rhymer and a good rapper. rappers gotta story to tell even sparxx talks about how he got its bad in the south but wat do u guyz talk about. the only story u got is the one about how y’all got suspende from school back in 89 for bringin a playboy to school man y’all aint rappers just suberbans

  387. Spectator avatar

    You dont have any stories. Your rhymes are boring. may be you should start reading between the lines your not educated enough I guess to get the deeper meaning of how crap you are. Keep killing this guy

  388. comZero avatar

    kill him with a ryhme pauly

  389. sincere DCGANG avatar

    yo i be the number 1 one stunna on your block you best two be sucking on dick or ill pull out my glock bitch please you love my shit thats why you bend on your kneess nigga please you cant fuck with these motha fucka

  390. comZero avatar

    or i will …to spectator…

    i might be slow, i might be dum,
    but you can lick my fucking bum,
    erectumeater u ain no rapper,
    to me ur juss a fuckin cracker,
    sorry pauly i took your word,
    but im killin this guy like a fuckin bird,
    i aint no rapper but im hittin the rhymes,
    you bum rushed a guy once,
    and made it to the times!
    im trying to make it clear,
    you dont belong here,
    your the biggest fucking queer i see here,
    u dont realize pauly is getting big,
    that lil mutha fucka will snap u like a twig,
    this is my 2nd rap i ever did,
    spectator can go suck off a little kid,
    i havent seen you hit one rap,
    too caught up on the fuckik crack,
    now this aint the end my friend,
    but when im through wit u, u neva walk again,

    sorry pauly i stole ur word cracker,peace

  391. comZero avatar

    shit i forgot to edit it but whatever, gay ass rhyme ….diss me all you want..bitches

  392. Spectator avatar

    wow that was hard core. May be I will have to make a rhyme up to. But no, I will let others have you both. Or have just one of you since you are the same person. Oh Ya, Com0, pauly stole craker from PremiumPlus.

  393. Spectator avatar

    pauly want a cracker to show him how to rhyme

  394. pauly avatar

    yoa i got i little philosiphy for y’all

    Arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics even if u win ur still RETARDED
    y’all get of this blog and do something with your lives

  395. comZero avatar

    lmfao what r u doing in here paul?

  396. Simon avatar

    stop making fun of pauly

  397. Spectator avatar

    Like, get a deal?

  398. Andrew avatar

    Hey Pauly,

    How Retarded are you for finishing last then?

    Your the only one fighting, everone else is just laughing at ya!


  399. comZero avatar

    haha simon..stading up for pauly…go jerk off to your cat he dont need anyone to stand up for him.

  400. pauly avatar

    hey andrew how retarded r u for not being able to even run the race Huh punk bitch keep your nose outta this

  401. pauly avatar

    Fuck it i admit i acted retarded
    wastin my time on this blog dont even know why i started
    some of y’all can rhyme but most of y’all are just sidelinin
    never rapped a word but u dissin my rhymin
    give me a bit of respect cuz after all this
    i left most of y’all alone juss disses who i dissed
    pissed off who i pissed and i had my fun
    tired of tryin to earn respect yo my time is done
    i give up fuck it y’all its my time to run
    my time to stop using lyrics and put down my gun
    give up why try no ones feelin my rhymin
    cept for that crackajack white boy simon
    sounds like a school yard bitch if ya askin me
    but who knows the kid might be a great mc
    but lets play a game now do wat “Simon Said”
    stop hatin on me run that through ya head please
    northern effect you said im the worst rapper i dont have a clue
    but again u did give me props on 306 that was u
    lookin back and i c im the only one who ever that happened to
    so deep inside i know u wanna love my rappin dude
    spillin my guts but for wat
    all im gonna get is more disrespect from u ingorant cunts
    some of y’all might land it big who really knows
    till that day peace y’all idios amigos


  402. comZero avatar

    hahahahaha…nicee…ihope he still opens his reccord”The Dawn Rezurrecktion”..hahaha blow u fuckers away..props to that rhyme

  403. comZero avatar

    hahahahaha…nicee…ihope he still opens his reccord”The Dawn Rezurrecktion”..hahaha blow u fuckers away..props to that rhyme

  404. Toby avatar

    that last rhyme brings a tear to my eye….

  405. Andrew avatar

    You stole Northern’s flow, thats why he gave you props. But you were on his dick so i guess he had to pet you.

  406. ronnie mexicoberg avatar
    ronnie mexicoberg

    Wow I have been reading some crazy shit on this site. I think I am going to try. let me know if I am better then pauly

    yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
    Pauly admitten hes retarted
    just wish u never started
    readen ur rymes is like routen through garbage
    Your rymes stink
    ur the first 2 blink
    u cant think
    take a drink
    go play in traffic
    keeping this simple
    dont want to get too graffic
    I m a crackerjack
    open me up a get a prize
    ill take off my rapper
    a spray u in the eyes
    flick the switch
    lights out
    go to your front door and shout
    game over
    I told ya
    your not a soldier
    you got a limit
    but just no skill
    you order just a water but cant pay the bill
    the world is jack and you are the jill
    remeber 2 take the pill
    noone wants another like you
    youv been told agin by another jew
    your threw
    you blew people, for respect
    all u got was neglect
    people challenged you to see what u got
    nothing, lyricllay u jus got shot
    ur not black you got a pink dot
    woops i forgot
    to give you change for that slurpy
    come give me some, please try to hurt me
    dont leave this site
    write a reply
    just dont kill me
    i dont want to die
    grab a tissue and dry your eye
    this is my first ryme and i didnt even try
    u take for ever to come back
    go to the clinic caz i gave you the clap

    This one is all the way from brighton beach

  407. comZero avatar

    now its your turn andrew..now get the fuck out..
    ill show you lil bitch whats its all about..
    andrew thinks hes all big..
    ill throw u on my fishing rod and use u as a rig
    and only if you dont dig?
    ill put you in the pen with all the fucking pigs.
    andrew lets see you try and diss my rap..
    prolly cant even hit a rhyme, damn fuckin jap..
    try and diss me..i fuckin dare you..
    then i juss get my whole damn crew
    ull be cryin in pain..
    i hope it will fuckin go stright to your brain.
    it is true what pauly said..
    yall cracked up in the fuckin head..
    now diss me all you want..
    ill juss go fuck your aunt..

  408. comZero avatar

    oh fuck…now we gota new guy..ronnie..and your not better then pauly…fat chance…

  409. pauly avatar

    im hurr to right a return for another jew whore
    i need to stop soon my fingers are gettin sore
    from all the keys im pressin
    to try and keep impressin
    u know i deserve props im a rap blessin
    got people battlin me from all over the globe
    they have some good rhymes but i still hold my own
    but for a jew to say he can rap better than me
    is mixin up all kinda negative energy
    i cant stop now guess the lord wants me to
    i got “rap game” writtin all over me not over u
    this is a hype track im feelin pumped now
    still comin up with new rhymes i do it somehow
    say im stealin the flow well i think u stealin mine
    cuz remember ive been rappin long before your time
    all the new comers with all ur new flows
    dont forget the roots of this site its pauly…hoes
    cant stall me if u tried im like a camoro
    with 23 inch rims an lamborini doz
    foward motion
    im as deep as da ocean
    i think its the rap potions
    that y’all niggaz be dosin
    so mexicoberg u just a handby down
    ur the only one stealin flows for your own sounds
    like the slurppe idea and the 2 lines to my last track
    thats the last thing i would call rap its all whacked
    returned in less than a day hobo how does that sound to u
    give u my pepsi but then its back where i found u
    the BFI in the back alley of park avenue
    i got a half a peanut butter sandwhich u can have it to
    mexicoburg better get your shit runnin
    cuz i get my shit gunnin
    and i keep the shit comin
    Prevoking my anger im growin in rage
    fuck it ill use my hands screw the twelve gauge
    fuck arteliry its a knuckle fight
    speedin down the ride better buckle tight
    paulys flow keep u on the edge of ya seat
    impossible to win IM DA FORCE TO BE BEAT

    But u can try if u wanna

    u stole so many flows in ur last rhyme its not even funny man u stole jew boys flows northerns flows and my flows and they call me da theif

  410. Andrew avatar

    Yo Northern 394 was the hardest shit on this blog. Pauly tried to fit you in his rhyme for toby but it just didnt sound right. You just stepped up and killed him. Nice. Forget about pauly’s deal just keep killing him and his life partner comzer0

  411. pauly avatar

    Hardest shit on this blog…NIGGA IZ U CRAZY
    NF IS just a australian bitch that thinks hes hardened cuz the desert life is stressfull

  412. Andrew avatar

    what is fake white? Does that mean they are black and you are white? What is NF? Who is an Aussie other then Toby? Why can’t you rhyme? Do you want some change for a Slurpy?

  413. ronnie mexicoberg avatar
    ronnie mexicoberg

    I am the new hardcore on this site. Fuck you Pauly come get me, Northerns alright but I’ll kill you to when I am done with pauly. Where is my props andrew? Pauly I am from the east coast NY bitch, what set you claimN?

  414. comZero avatar

    fuck you ronnie u aint hardcore…
    ill use u as a broom to sweep the fuckin floor..
    dont think your hard coz u aint shit..
    im getting out my 9′ so u betta split..
    i aint gona miss nigga so u best betta run..
    why u running bitch its only a water gun..
    u think you killed pauly?
    well think again…
    or is that to hard for ur cracked up brain..
    u betta get outa here and catch the train to spain.
    or ill beat u to the ground with my tiny ass chain..
    my rhymes are small but there hard and rough..
    bitch just like me im big and fuckin buff..
    bitch u lucky im wastin a rap on you..
    u nuttin but a coward ass jew..
    no word of a lie bitch just true true true..
    why do u come up here and try to take over..
    did u find a four leaf clover?
    it was luck that u came accros this site..
    u think ur king so lets fight..

    over a dinky litte site?fuck that…i may not be a better rapper then him but he comes in here lke hes king..and im not sayin im king either but fuck that…pisses me off

  415. ronnie mexicoberg avatar
    ronnie mexicoberg

    that was pretty hard….let me grab a drink

    Like a giant glass of Cool Aid I’m busting threw walls
    Com0 you might be big but you can buff my Balls
    OOOOOOOOOOOOH YAAAA!!!!!!!!!! That feels good
    I’m on crack, sure! I bought it in your hood
    When my car rolls up Keep your kids off the streets
    After I’m done with U I’m ah give them the beats
    So they learn quick, at a young age
    That I am the master and they belong in a cage
    Feel my Rage,
    This site is my stage
    Dont try to engage
    Shit bitch, I’m not runnen
    This is how I’m Coming
    At night when your working for the minimum dollar
    I’ll answer my phone when your girl gives a hollar
    When you get home forget the broom grab a mop 4 ur place
    caz I’m a blow a map of Texas on ur moms nd your girls face
    Its okay com0 you dont have to stress
    you can ring out the mop and slurp up the rest
    dont waste a rap on me, I am to high on the chain
    Com on B-Real what r u insane in the brian
    I’ll rain down verbal slaps on ur down syndrome face
    Shout out to The Manatoulin Crew I am the new king of this place
    From the First Nation to Brighton Beach
    Holla back you 2lil faggots just try not to preach

    I’m Calling all you out, anyone on this site, I just killed com 0 is there anyone left to fight?

  416. Andrew avatar

    Nice Ronnie. Com0/pauly you got schooled by the new guy.

    Perth mutha fackas

  417. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar


  418. comZero avatar

    no shit..bunch of wanabees man…geez except some fuckin people but fuck u guys take it too seriously ….go get laid or sumthin u fuckin low life basterds…

  419. pauly avatar

    Andrew r u serious man ronnies rhyme he tried to diss me with was whack man my return was like 10 times better u know it man its okay to love me i dont hate white people i just hate white people like you ha so fo real just admit it

  420. comZero avatar

    straight outa compton

  421. OrganizedRhymer avatar

    Check the o.r. you like me so far
    Check the O.R. you love the O.R.
    Its time to write some rhymes
    Its time to get loose
    ITs time to take a sip of ronnies koolaid juice
    Ahhh! Now Im gonna bust through some bricks
    Scare you little kids with my big swinging dick
    Yeah!! thats right I am a little sick
    But my rhymes are dark
    and slicker then Ric
    Sometimes Like Flair,
    I’ll kill you with my stare
    I got Ice cubes for hair,
    come at me don’t dare
    Pauly is the man,
    looks like he has been here 4 months
    If he thinks his rhymes are tight he betta rerol his blunts
    Whats with com Zero
    is pauly your hero
    Are you Jody Fosta and hes Bob Denearo
    Ronnie who are you kidding you cant really rhyme
    your shit is so generic, you must rap it to hammertime
    You cant touch this I am as dark as they come
    holla back fake rappers Ill be sippen on some Rum

    There you go ronnie

  422. NorthenEffect avatar

    Until there is something worth while…….I’ll be in the Basement.


  423. comZero avatar

    OrganizedRhymer man if u were like right here id rip your fuckin face right off and shove it up your ass..im though with rhyming…fuckin wannabe # 2 just like ronnie…go lick ass hairs or sumthin….PATHETIc loser

  424. pauly avatar

    yoa today i looked over my raps in this website and i found out i did suck bad in da begginin no doubt i will not argue with dat shit and id like to thank andy cuz in post 284 he pointed out y weakspots and then wat happened i made a rhyme and it got props from probably the most respected dude on this website…Northern effect.
    y’all rappers can check how many of y’all been givin props by northern…YEAH DATS WAT I THOUGHT!
    but whatever all im sayin is i should get the same…if not more respect as northern effect so everytime y’all bitches say i aint dope look at post 306 then write somethin ya hear me
    Northern you cant argue with da facts man thats the real truth man and u can say it was cuz i was stealin your flows but i know you think im dope and shit lets put da fuckin past behind us shit
    seriously think about if we fuckin teamed the fuck up we could get rid of all theses bitch rappers.. we can swat these niggaz down like fuckin flies who the fuck can battle northern effect and pauly at da same time…
    Think bout dat shit

  425. pauly avatar

    Yo this is a verse in one of mah full length songs called I Know why feel dis shit y’all

    theres 1 thing ill never say “dont pay me”
    all the niggaz is knowin wat my name be
    its all the same B
    play the game B
    rap till i die u know niggaz cant tame me
    i alwayz be dat nigga
    aint nothin bigga
    then pauly with i microphone
    im like a grave digga
    save the talkin why cant y’all see
    aint ever been a MC that can rap like me
    im like one in a million one of a kind
    sit down talk to me wats on your mind
    “i think i love Him but is hes worth my time”
    Trick get of the stage you a worth a dime
    “Mic check, Mic check” “1 2 1 2”
    start pacticin now cuz thats what you’ll do
    im callin out to you, i hear no reply
    cant mess with me you know im to fly
    what happened to rap y’all niggaz killin it
    rhyme for money but u aint really feeling it
    Rollin with the chinchilla stoned cold killa
    aint a drug deala, im a heart steala
    i know u love me so stop dissin me
    matta of fact i bet u niggaz listen to me
    wishin u was kissin me can i sign an autograph?
    pass the paper “TRICK HAVE A HEART ATTACK”
    signed dearly its yo F***in idol
    raps greatest u know i got the title
    sayin it like it is sorry is its straight up
    but i cant stand u niggaz that thinkin im made up
    like i came this way but the mics sold seperatly
    highly explosive niggaz dont wanna temper with me
    thinkn you gangsta thinkin you all out hard
    but all your rhymes sound like is a hallmark card

  426. pauly avatar

    yoa im at a party right now while da rest of the world is sleepin PEEAACCEE NNIIGGAAZZ!

  427. comZero avatar

    fuck that im at a party 2 pauly…HA….fuck man the chicks are hot though,,,,one of them is suckin on my toe…PULLING SOMEALL NIGHT SHIT!!

  428. Northern Effect avatar
    Northern Effect

    I’m back, caz I still got something to say
    Until everyone learns I’ll teach a lesson everyday
    Sometimes on this site, some times in life
    pauly ur lady rather be my friday night then ur wife
    But thats it, my last dis on you
    I only called you out caz of ur h8tred 4 jews
    I wanted to c if you had anything to loose
    the only real props from me,,is u dont have an excuse
    your rhymes were garbage not even worth writing down
    then the school bell rang and u started to come around
    I taught you lessons, now you gave me my due
    I didnt think youd tap but you finally got a clue
    But dont distort the facts,
    I only said thats the best from you I’v seen
    and your holden it up like a trophy with some bling
    I know I hurt your feelings, I appoligize 4 the sting
    Even though I get props
    I’m not the best with a rhyme
    but I bring the pain everytime
    with insight waldo can find
    teachen lessons for the next gen to rhyme
    I’m Everlasting that way
    never outlast my stay
    Like Erik Schrody, I’ll cross to rock for a day

    Its been years, I moved on from Hip Hop
    But I keep getting pulled back in caz theres 2much pop
    I guess I just cant stop
    So I’ll be back from time to time
    whenever I see a post I deem to be a crime
    I bring the truth with every single line
    I burned all my rap books back in 99

    But I got a sick memory, sometimes I’m corupt
    You want to check out a lable….check out E-rupt
    I come real as Northern Effect, never under cover
    Hailing from Ontario Canada Bitches its urs 2 Discover

    I’m not your friend, so dont holla back no doubt
    Com0 if your real ur the next bitch to tap out


  429. pauly avatar

    iight its like dat. dats how it gone be haha whatever man punk just turned down a good offer.
    keep it real y’all
    tap out muhfucka u kiddin me right i aint tap out shit bitch this aint a submission its fuckin rap y’all fucked

  430. comZero avatar

    are you gay Northern?

  431. Andrew avatar

    Why are you interested? Pauly not servicing you enough?

  432. pauly avatar

    you need to shut the fuck up andrew talkin shit over the fuckin net i you ever saw me in person i bet u wouldnt talk shit then u lil punk

  433. Andrew avatar

    Do you like to give or receive Pauly? It looks like comzero is looking for a new man. You suck comzero i mean pauly. give it up. your a waste.

  434. Spectator avatar

    Looks like Comzero is looking for some new cock to taste! Why don’t you write Northern some of your gay poetry faggot.

    comzero, you are only gay if you are receiving so that pretty much makes you the only gay person here sexy. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  435. Spectator avatar

    Just you!

  436. Ronnie Mexicoberg avatar
    Ronnie Mexicoberg

    Pauly the only party you at is a party of five
    You’ve been tugging it so long your dicks barely alive
    Comzero’s at your house with a party in his pants
    you guys both pull your shit down and play the homo dance
    Yo Com that’s pauly sucking on your toe
    The koolaid guy might scream ohyeah then he sees you2 Ohno!
    which one of you gives hand jobs which one likes to blow?
    I am looking for a few bitches like you to pimp like a hoe
    This might be the only deal you get pauly… yo
    jus like old times the boys in the park spit and u swallow
    Pauly the only 1 wishen he could kiss u again is com0
    you have atleast one fan, since it looks like ur his hero
    I guess that makes u the second worst rapper on earth
    incase you did not guess com0 your the first
    Have you been gay since birth?
    is it nurture or nature little faggot
    rhymens for big boys go rent 8mile and try to be like rabbit
    Maybe you cam write pauly more letters be jus like stan
    stroke his ego take his rymes from the garbage can
    u can say its ok pauly i’ll be your boyfriend

    Once again u2 got killed by a rich jew
    but thats okay i will let you suck my dick to
    What are you to homos all exicted
    thinking that maybe i might just have invited
    you to have a peice of my cock
    i’ll wait til u get on ur knees then end u with paulys gloc

    Stay of hiphop blogs and go back to dating eachother and downloading gay porn

  437. BrianDaLion avatar

    There is some funny shit here. But why does everyone diss pauly? That com0 guy is pretty shit, but anyways, Everlast fucken rules, fuck eminem

  438. Ronnie Mexicoberg avatar
    Ronnie Mexicoberg

    Cause Pauly sucks major dick.

  439. MC Jew avatar
    MC Jew

    To pauly

    Here’s a Hallmark Moment that u wont soon forget
    when your girlfriend com0 sees me she gets all wet
    She says you buy all your rhymes with your moms bad credit

    Which I cant believe, you cant purchase them at a store
    if someone is selling u those then u must be really poor
    435 that song is such a bore
    half way through i started to snore
    you jump all around like a kid in a canady store
    all over the map, but for once you didnt hate on jews
    rhymes so choppy,,reads like the telaprompter on BET news
    Do you ever have anything to say
    other then “I’ll kill ya caz your gay”
    Pauly I am glad I havent really seen you here in weeks
    but take com0 with you caz his rhymes are also cheap
    Come back at me so I can lay both you down to sleep


  440. BrianDaLion avatar

    Pauly I was just reading some of your shit! You might be just as good as comzero.

    Which means you suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  441. comZero avatar

    yall cant see paulys gone and and i should be to..
    you all are fucking pathetic fuck…gota fucking try to diss people over the internet..well see when you come face to face with a nigga and he pops you in tha chest bitches yall dont understand shit all..like i said go get laid yall and throw in a joint while your at it..so fucking pathetic ..got nothing else better to do than diss other people in a homo site about eminem..like fuck!

  442. like fuck???? avatar
    like fuck????

    What are you a valley girl?

  443. Ronnie Mexicoberg avatar
    Ronnie Mexicoberg

    ComZero you are pauly. Aren’t you? So I shoud go get laid. What time can i cum over sexy. Your ass should be ripe for the picking by now you’ve been getting fucked in it so much the last few weeks.

  444. MC ZERROX avatar

    Shout out to Pauly, I am a fan bro!!!!!

    my 9 millimeter decides ur fate
    so shut ur mouth Com0, i’m great
    u aint great
    u aint shit
    ur rymes is fucked isnt it?
    if ur right about one thing
    it that those mc’s is wack
    but not me im another muhfuckin platinum black
    u dissed my on track
    now its a niggaz time for payback
    betta watch ur bitch ass
    cuz now u under attack

    u should stop talkin shit
    sayin things u regret
    ill stick my gat down ur throat
    leave u in cold sweat
    poppin off my jaws aint my style
    but i do once in a while
    i luv dissin bitches like u n i do it with a smile
    u must of broke aoutta jail
    cuz i heard shit about a missin pedaphile
    when it comes to kids u go wild
    tried to fuck a nine year old child
    but he kicked ur pussy ass back to the slums of 8 mile

    i rap shit and im good
    i do it for my fans
    got my money in my pocket
    record deal in my hands
    if theres 1 thing i hate son
    its poor Zeros like Com
    who would suck hiz own dick
    to lick da scraps off MY plate
    wanna battle 1 on 1
    go face 2 face wit my gun
    gotta choice make it quik
    run or i’ll empty my clips bitch

  445. comZero avatar

    ronnie fuck you..and fuck no i aint fucking pauly u fucking gay dutch basterd…why dont you fuckin go fuck ur dog up the ass..im sure he will have the same pleasure as you will you fuckin bitch..

  446. comZero avatar

    fuk you ronnie,

    now i know your for sure gay..
    your probably up in the museum up for display..
    or in the paper under the give a ways…
    ronnie i aint no jew like you..
    you better run because im getting my crew…
    were gona jack u for your clothes,money,and your shoes..
    then we gona start to compress..
    and put u motha fucka to rest..
    why do you think your big and tough ronnie?
    your prolly just small and skrony..
    i seen some man whores down my fuckin street..
    im sure they’ll cum suck you down to ur feet.
    u dont understand what ghetto means..
    ur prolly wearing some tight ass jeans..
    so ronnie hears a messege for you,
    ” im comin with my whole fuckin crew ”
    so you betta step back..
    before you get jacked…

    fuck you ronnie..my lyrics kicks yours badly and you know it..
    now caugh up and get outa here because u suck and u cant come up with
    any good rhymes at all..fuk this shit, think your all big..fuk u buddy
    u aint shit u fuckin ass muncher..
    and does my rhymes sound any familiar with paulys you FUCKING RETARD
    no, thats what i thought bitch..

  447. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar


  448. comZero avatar

    and i dont agree…..why the fuck do you care? huh?

  449. Ronnie Mexicoberg avatar
    Ronnie Mexicoberg

    Yeah, Yeah, thats right I’m Gay
    But your so cute, I had to switch the other day
    Is that the only way you can lead off a rhyme
    Its either that, or ur going 4 ur imaginary nine
    ur an ass clown with no skill, I guess your an ass mime

    So….I’m going to get jacked,
    Bitch shut the fuck up before you get slapped
    I’m not talking boutda smack ur dad gives ya b4 he throws itin
    you know the one where he rests his balls on your double chin
    I’ll crush your feelings, but its only written
    Bitches like you are ruin rap when u start spitten

    Your coming to get me with your whole fucken crew.
    Well thats going 2b 2 bus passes,6 transfers & a longwalk 2geta jew
    I live on 5th avenue,
    you live with the poor
    you’ll spend your last $2 ona 50cent whore
    way before, youll ever get near me
    I rep it like ice-t, o.g., not like ur idol pauly

    You think I’m scared of u and that bitch paul
    the only thing u2 fighten 4 is my left&right ball
    2make your lolly
    Pop, pop, pop,
    Get on your knees bitch, i’ll tel u when to stop
    m m mmmm mmmm, That shit feels good
    keep sucking.. right down til u taste the wood
    NO pauly, zeros sucken my dick now wer in her hood
    yeah thats right com you get a salty prize
    Better bring some sun glasses caz I’m aiming 4 ur eyez

    I know you like it like that,
    I know you want it like……. that,
    mayb I am skrony but I swing a big bat

    So you see some man whores down your street
    well u must live in the gaybourhood, keep it descreet
    “u get laid” every weekend, “toe” sucked by steve
    don’t whipe that shit off with your dirty ass sleve
    let it stain on your face,
    lick it off your cheek, i no u like the taste
    gaywhore welcomes u bac every week like puff did ma$e

    You really want to battle

    then bring your whole f’n crew,
    caz its going to take 100 of you
    to match the skill of this 1 jew
    I wont lie to u
    you know its true
    when it comes to battles
    you dont have a clue
    when it comes to rhymes
    your just too new
    when it comes to skill I’m ten
    your maybe a two
    ur out classed again by a jew
    Come out of the closet, bring paully to
    get rid of your hatered
    try something new
    caz.. if any of you bitches want some your threw

    Here I am.. stepping up never back
    what a suprise, I never got jacked
    Your crew consists of two people
    But really its one
    No one lasts in the Ghetto
    you kill each other for fun
    Paully didnt leave, he just cant aford his bill
    hes got no power or water,
    no money to even check an email
    Dont cry you little ghetto bird
    Just wave the west coast symbol and say “word”

    or what u wangstas say now GGGGGGGGunit

    Your Boy,

  450. Ronnie Mexicoberg avatar

    im so flexible i can suck my own cock.It tastes so good i can drink my cum too.I think sticking my finger up my ass it really brings the pleasure.

  451. comZero avatar

    gunit? ronnie..your dreaming ….and fuck that i aint new…your the one who come marching throuh thinkin ur all that. FUCK YOU…go pretend to be big somewhere else..anyways im outa here..this place is deserted….ronnie you can be by your lonly self suckin on your cock and fingering yourself…HAHAHAHHAHAHHA bitch poser

  452. comZero avatar

    Just kidding this is all I got. My boyfriend dumpped me. I have no where else to go. Sorry Ronnie that was me on 461. I will try to be pauly again later. Maybe I can take one of your rhymes and be him again. I love the cock

  453. comZero avatar

    poser bitch..gay site..im out..
    have a blast bitch

  454. shockwave avatar

    man fo real its obviuos that toby was all those guys and northern but he kept northern around cos he was the only gettin a positive vibe and now hes tryin to come back with new alias’s but this time its “northern effect is his new most dominent alias paul and comzero ur both stupid not to figure that out. but in these battles i think that pauly deserves some respect like seriously he has to keep up with like 4 aliases dissin him and he still gets some really good fuckin shots in
    fo real man this site is stupid

  455. pauly avatar

    haha ronie is that a pathetic attempt of a dis iight then i feel

    you just a bunch of jew bitches u aint got no guns
    i live by the bullet and ill die by one
    ronnie u cant touch me i walk a round wit rifles
    so hood i should roll wit da black disciples
    man your rhymes r so bad u couldnt use improvement
    so ill fuck u up like the panther movement
    wen i get on the mic the whole fuckin world shifts
    fuck around feel pauly’s 4 fifth

    u minor league and i got number one tracks
    its cos i turn up 2pac while u dance to lean back
    cept for wen u sing it to men u say dont pull up ya pants
    in in a gay strip club and you da one dat chants
    talkin like its koolaid oh yeah on no
    i drank the jugg bone dry and kool fell to da flo
    aint a nigga that can hold me down by now u should know
    better than to fuck around wen im on da flow
    fuckin hoe

    i look into my life and i see you reflect
    starin in the barrel of my tek
    seen the rappers on this site and i ain got no respect
    so i gotta aks y’all whos next
    maybe andrew naw fuck him why use a rhyme to diss him
    hes all talk and no rhyme and if he tries go get in
    niggaz kick him da fuck out the only guy that’ll miss him
    is mr ronnie mexicoburg bitch its time u 2 listen

    i gots somethin to say
    its da real deal i aint come here to play
    but i came here to stay
    aint no bitches like you that can take dat away
    bout to hit it big anyday
    and i aint gonna get rattled by any jews
    and for sure no gays
    but fo real northern effect how many do you potray
    dont get my wrong i got respect fo da states and can
    but im da only one dat stepped up to you like a man
    but dont get this shit twisted yo i aint no fan
    im a blog pio fuckin neer was here wen it began

    life goes so fast like its quicksand
    so dont live your life like ronnie witcyo dick in hand
    but fo real boy stop sayin i got out done by a jew
    i got 7 word to say WAT DA FUCK IS WRONG WIT YOU
    cant get out played y’all cos im da unbeatable playa
    ronnie takes andrew up da ass can he get any gaya
    maybe if you rubb hard enough on his spout
    in a couple of seconds rasberry kool aid will come out

    with yo belly top shirt thinkin you look nice
    with yo tight sparkled pant y’all be the queers on ice
    come up luck seven wen i roll the dice
    u came up wit snake eyes now u pay the price
    came out with my true rap skill in this entry
    at best your shit is elementary
    and all the shit you sent me
    nothins worth a cent B
    im back better than ever here to re envent me

    if im black and ronnie i know u jew and gay
    i guess ur hated twice as much by the kkk
    ima get my ass tossed in hell come judgement day
    you’ll be the first one ill burn so dont come this way
    with yo gay comment towards me but you the gayest one here
    talkin bout suckin yo own dick it cant get more clear
    so why da fuck r u here yeah im aksin a question
    northern effect take a break yo im teachin the lessons

    take this shit hard didnt know wat hit ya huh
    40 years old u’ll still be waitin on a barmitsva son

    no thats strait outta my notebook mutha fuckas aint none of y’all dat can be real as dat
    fo real shut yo mouth mexicoburg or else u’ll only be able to talk shit through a life support machine
    but for real ronnie u gotts stop talkin all that queer shit man that aint rap man like seriously there aint a rapper alive that hasent said shit bout gays but fuck man u go fuckin overbaord son
    u should tone that shit down especially since u a faggot man that aint rap man
    ronnie will never know the meanin of rap

  456. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar



  457. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar


  458. Toby avatar

    i aint northern effect, i told everyone who my aliases were peep post 353..

  459. Toby avatar

    and shit pauly u aint a pioneer and smashed u in every battle we was in.. even when i was mack n pimpin!

  460. comZero avatar

    i knew that….

  461. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar

    ^YEAH,,,,,,,,THOUGHT SO.

  462. comZero avatar

    shut up angel i aint talkin to u bitch ass peacemaker

  463. Northern Effect avatar
    Northern Effect

    How can you get toby and myself confussed? He reps the down under, I m from the mighty north, as it reads in some lines, Toronto Canada Kids.
    Now somebody write somethig good

  464. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar


  465. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar


  466. paul avatar

    iight northern u want somethin good this feel this one

    “the results of war”

    cant reply now wats up with ron
    says he can beat me in a battle till the battle is on
    scared to step up now so he battles his mom
    hidin out in the corner cos hes lost the battle with com
    wats wrong with dat nigga tryin to be suddom
    wen they trains blew up in london i had the arsenal bombs
    i leave more people dead then the war in veitnam
    i got more chapters in my book then proverbs and psalms

    face it u lost
    like your people in the holacaust
    wen i took over the refuge camps u all got tossed
    u really pissed me off cos i aint no racist
    ronnie theres no chance in hell u can beat me face it
    so ill tell you now this shit is a suprise attack
    take over this bitch within days like the states did 2 iraq
    im the real definition of a soldier fighter
    my crews got more terrorist then all of alcaida

    4 dombs dropped in london ronnie must be devastated
    cos hes uncle cousin and grandparent never made it
    i think thats wat happened least thats wat u heard
    another generation gone for the mexicoburgs
    so now he sits alone cos he has no friends
    pussy nigga cryin in front of the tv watchin CNN
    lookin at the newscasters cos its men hes fond of
    seriuosly nigga ima kill u like the war in rawanda

    im gettin irritated by ronnie like a fly in my ear
    waitin for some reply but he will never appear
    u were the worst damn rapper that ever came here
    this is my world nigga u could never come near
    tryin to bust on me son wat the hell u expect
    i suggest u give up and just give me respect
    talkin shit like u know me but i got no idea
    i got mure nuclear bombs in my crib than in north korea

    u just a dumbed out bitch u aint got no clue
    wat age u became gay and why u even a jew
    u say im the only one chillin in the party of 5
    +4 and u cant even keep your party alive
    never missed an episode its a big part of your life
    cried all night wen it got cancelled u barely survived
    dont even now wat a fuckin mic is for
    leave more of your familly dead like the civil war

    last night spent my last 2 bucks on a fifty cent whore
    wasnt suprised wen ur bitch showed up at my door
    i think i saw u in th driver seat in a red car
    eyes teary kleenex dirty cos she dont know who u are
    always drivin her to places all over the south
    then u get nervous wen she get back with cum all over her mouth
    it only takes half of me to match the skills of you
    think about u homo and a fuckin jew
    u lucky i even let u stay here to play my game
    u such a faggot that u broke the fuckin site in flames
    come here and the first thing u do is recite my name
    dissin me cos u though it would ignite your fame

    how come u rap bout gangstas wen u aint a g
    why u dryin to diss people wen u cant be me
    spillin shit like an asshole end up face down on the floor
    if u battle paul u will feel the result of the war

    haha wat happened ronnie cant find my weakness its cos i dont got none faggot but thanx for tryin…fuckin punks

  467. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar



  468. paul avatar

    shit man i if ronnie wants this shit to get personal then lets get personal talkin shit sayin im gay wat the fuck am i supposed to do i wont take that shit like a bitch i hit back and i hit back hard fuck it ill diss his family his girlfriend boyfriend iunno does he swing both ways? watever fuck as long as i get my rhymes and i get respect dats why im here

  469. ronnie mexicoberg avatar
    ronnie mexicoberg

    Londons calling
    but you didn’t get the phone
    bombs going off,
    but your too busy geting blown
    What was her name, who came calling, its Tyrone?
    While your tossing salad, I claimen the throne

    That last rhyme was incredable, I was almost shook
    took u 3 weeks 4 a cum back, n u used every ryme in ur book
    It’s amazing how u can go from bad to worse to good to bad
    but why even battle me i’m a jew and your just fucken sad
    try writing something positive, stop being so mad

    these are all rymes youv been writting 4 months?
    I write this in 5 min. bitch. no dicks try sum cunts!

    Loose to com Zero, stop defending that waste
    I killed him with the first shot, u barley got a taste.
    I’m not the best, its obvious, i’ll leave that to northern n toby
    I heard you were the best2 bro, the best at blowen me hommie
    You want to be my friend, after i paste it on your face
    you want me to stop the gay shit caz you want to face the waist.
    What are you scared of why do you fear?
    you want to see a homo, faggot go look in the mirror
    “i’m just a dumbed out bitch” I have no clue
    What does that even mean, I’ll leave the ebonix to you
    Why do u always got to dis and hate on every jew
    I keep battling your same week rhymes, I’m tired of you
    You like battling on websites caz you cant hear the boozz

    So you called & my bitch showed up at your front door,
    I did send tyrone 4 u now you keep calling for more
    The first taste is $2, now that crack pipe is a dic u whore

    It only takes half of you, then stop showing a tenth
    Everybody here is a starter, youll never get off the bench
    Your not a baller, just caz you like balls
    claim to be biggie, but your just little paul
    yo yo yo come on yalll
    give him his due respect
    hes the best rapper to never make it
    somebody let him do a mic check

    Shit paully all you got is bombs,
    your rhymes so bad you wont even show your moms
    speaking of moms, get that bitch off the streets
    she will suck your dick for a cheese burger, loves the meat.
    Pauly send me some love mail, I’ll keep it discreet
    ITs okay the you swing both ways
    just take the makeup off, it leaves too many stains

    If you cant handle being called gay maybe there is something to it

    Go a head admit your gay

  470. Paul avatar

    It’s true, I suck the dick.

  471. ronnie mexicoberg avatar
    ronnie mexicoberg

    Thats right bitch I knew it.

    If your going to stay off this site then stay off it.

  472. yoyoyo avatar

    hey paul check ur rezurrektion recordings site

  473. yoyoyo avatar

    u peeps are all fuckin wack

  474. paul avatar

    roniie if you ever say anything in my name again u will regret for your fuckin life u faggot man ur funny how ur rhymes are so repetitive its all the same shit son over and over here your content

    post 425: Like a giant glass of Cool Aid I’m busting threw walls
    Com0 you might be big but you can buff my Balls
    OOOOOOOOOOOOH YAAAA!!!!!!!!!! That feels good
    not only are u repeatative but u steal refrences from pathetic cartoons

    post 446
    The koolaid guy might scream ohyeah then he sees you2 Ohno!

    the fucking list goes on man i got infinite amounts of repetitive gay comments even inter rhymin ull say the same thing twice in a rhyme but juss i n differnt words ur one of those rappers u say the same shit over and over and over using different words like 50 cent and eminem ur like those fucking loseres man so im gonna have to drop you son

  475. paul avatar

    your stealin my mic check material 2 u faggot man make your own shit

  476. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar



  477. shockwave avatar

    ronnie recently in this battle with pauly u hav been down son hes beating you down man 466 and 477 are the fuckin bomb man. 480 is nothing compared to those especially 477 man u got told ask anyone and i bet they will agree. u use the same material in your rhmes man pick it up your getting schooled son

  478. Rick Rude avatar
    Rick Rude

    The Jew killed ya, face it. Your possy all knows it. Your a fraud paul. you told me about this site. I know where you get your rhymes.

    class mate

  479. Andy avatar

    Northern. are you writen for pauly (477). kinda sounds like you bro, come clean. you fucked up when you titled it. Its still pretty weak. your worst effort. What the f is suddom? proof read your shit. who ever that was. maybe a 6 oyt of 10.

  480. Andy avatar

    Pauly, glad to see you do so much research. Who bothers to look that far back, your fucken sad bro. Relax. Its just words. And come on, its common knowledge you are the biggest theif of others and your self. But you are the first person to ever say mic check. No body should ever use that phrase in a rhyme against you.

    Why dont you fuckers all try to write an actual song. At least pauly is trying.

  481. ronnie mexicoberg avatar
    ronnie mexicoberg

    nice crew comZero, err shockwave, err lilAngel err paul. ronmexico.com fuckers I’m Out

  482. pauly avatar

    fuck dat “crew” im alone in this shit i ride solo muthafuckas …YOU LOVE ME!!!

  483. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar



  484. LILTHUGG ANGEL avatar


  485. Andy avatar

    must be the same person they all sound the same. Wineyyyyyy little bitches.

    Perth!!!! mutha fackas

    Pauly your still the biggest bitch on this site, and your rhymes are as shit as they come

    Write somthing decent you meaningless fucup

  486. Andy avatar

    What does this mean Pauly, I got know idea?
    Do you not know who you are?
    Is that caz you are too many chacters?
    Cant keep it straight?
    I guess you really are not straight after all.
    What a disapointment you became.
    People giving you fake props
    making you try harder
    What a waste of time you are…..you missed your chance

    tryin to bust on me son wat the hell u expect
    i suggest u give up and just give me respect
    talkin shit like u know me but i got no idea
    i got mure nuclear bombs in my crib than in north korea

    There is no mic on this site & how many Jews died in the civil war? Is this all they teach you in american schools boy?

    Why dont you take respect ya tool.

  487. pauly avatar

    ur funny andy thanx for pointing out my flaws man
    i aint even trippin ova you man ur a funny bitch

  488. Toby avatar

    500th post YEAH MAN!!!!
    repping 4 down under…
    peace 2 northern effect
    and also pauly for copping so much shit everyday but never giving up fuck man if u changed ur name peeps wuld probly like ur shit..

  489. NorthernEffect avatar


  490. pauly avatar

    see wat toby said is the honest to god truth and shit this wat i mean u guys need me here im like a fuckin guide since ive signed last % DAYS AGO there have only been 2 other comments does that tell you somethin. fuck this beef toby peace im done rappin here for now fo real but ill be around the comments every once in a while

  491. pauly avatar

    shit toby was andy right tobes dude dont lie wen i wrote post 343 afterwards “andy said paul ur gonne be in shock wen toby drops his shit” yeah and then wat the fuck happened u wrote that shit bout how u from the south and then andy was right there to laugh in my face and call me a dumbass. i aint tryin to beef witchu toby but fo real were u andy?

  492. Toby avatar

    haha nah man andys my mate for real.. known him since i was 7.. he wanted me to tell u guys that i was bullshitting the whole time but i was like no way man, im havin too much fun. anyway he sorta made me wen he wrote post 350….

  493. Toby avatar

    and pauly ur shit is dope man i think people on here just want to start shit with u which is pretty funny tho anyway keep battlin’ man keep dem hoes in check

  494. pauly avatar

    ooh okai thats explains that andy shit toby iight im glad we got that shit cleared. everybody listin to this man he knows the truth people and the sooner y’all see it is the sooner we all can just get the fuck along and its true i bet if i changed my name i would be one of the most noticed people on this site. but toby im done battling these guys i aint gonna start beef but if they say shit i aint backin down im gonna keep goin like the fuckin energizer bunny they start it and ill FINISH IT! ya hear me ronnie mc jew u guys r nuthin compared to my stregnth fuck even if northern wants to battle me i wont give up. but i got peace for u and northern for finally just sayin it how it is

  495. Everlast is the shit!!!!!! avatar
    Everlast is the shit!!!!!!

    Eminem really wants people to hear his disses and shit. But everlast dont really care about that kind och shit man. Everlast is real. Everybody ho talks shit about everlast here has only heard Jump Around right? Yeah you know. That song is 13 years old and it´s still on Tv and on the radio o