Fame is a golden jail for Eminem

Don’t always envy Eminem for his wealth and fame. Marshall recently expressed that he sometimes has the feeling to be « locked in a cage ».

His always busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for leisure. Have you ever realized that Eminem doesn’t even have the freedom to step into a shop alone?

Eminem wishes a quiet life and if he could change anything about his current way of life, he’d wish to go back to the period where he managed to make a comfortable living without the many disadvantages of being a celebrity:

“I would take it back to where I made a comfortable living,

“I would just make music, have people appreciate it, even if it’s a few people who appreciate it, and be able to walk to a mall, walk to a store.â€?

It is sad to say, but many people who approach Eminem often want to take advantage of his fortune or of his image. Marshall Mathers is very conscious of it:

« Do they truly, genuinely love me for me?

“The reason they’re approaching me is because I’m Eminem.

“And I will never be able to get over that insecurity. Does this person care about me for me, or is it too late in the game now? Because I have money, I have fame, and I’m who I am.â€?

Marshall has dated some celebrities after the split from his wife Kim. He hasn’t really found some consolation in those kind of relationships. He admitted that they « didn’t work ».

What Eminem says about the motivations of the persons who want to approach him is mostly true.

But Marshall should also realize that there are some persons outside of this glamorous celebrity world who really appreciate him for who he is : a genuine and talented person with a great personality.

I am one of them.

Marshall, you are fully appreciated for yourself by some people on planet earth. Never doubt it.

9 thoughts on “Fame is a golden jail for Eminem”

  1. it must suck not just being able to go out to the shops or something…like if you have a fight and just wanna blow off steam…i get where he’s coming from on th whole trusting thing…you can never be sure WHY a person likes you and shit…trusting ppl is hell hard, bo

  2. I totally understand what Eminem is going through, but I’m sure there are people who do genuinely appreciate him and love him for who he is. Though this world is pretty cold and everyone chases after money these days, which really sucks. I guess, we all have to live with it and accept it. People are attracted to those who have wealth! If you lose all your wealth, I guess no one will be there for you. So, don’t ever compromise yourself, because at the end of the day, it’s only you who you can count on !

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  4. well….i think ppl love him 4 wat he has achieved in life…
    he is self made man…he is the way he is….thats way ppl love him the most,,,
    i never had interrest in music but after listenning 2 his song
    i want 2 become a rapper noe just like he iz…………..
    eminem rocks………………

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