Todd Nelson has never been a "father figure" for Eminem

A few weeks after Todd Nelson’s tragical death (Eminem’s uncle committed suicide on October the 19th), I don’t intend to talk bad about him.

But I would like to express my anger against some British tabloids that all- of a sudden- made a ‘ replacement father ‘ out of Todd while he didn’t really endorse this role in Eminem’s life. I just wish some journalists would keep their facts straight and stop spreading rumors just in order to produce a ‘ big scandal and sensation article ‘ that will attract many curious and gullible readers.

Since Eminem’s fame, Todd Nelson has rather expressed his anger against his nephew whom he accused to fabricate his past and to be very mean towards his mom, who -according to Todd- ‘ did her best ‘.

Debbie Mathers’ younger brother has also tried to sell many former drawings of Marshall and tried to make money out of each piece of his past.

When he talks about Marshall’s movie, 8 Mile, Todd’s statements are intented to make Marshall’s story look fake and fabricated.

He’s my nephew, but I call him my ‘F.U.’ I don’t like fake people,’ Nelson says. ‘His movie shouldn’t be called 8 Mile ‘ it should be called ’26 Mile’!’ ‘

Why did Eminem’s uncle mention 26 Mile Road? He mentioned 26 Mile Road in reference to a period where Eminem was staying with his mom in a trailer park.

‘Listen, Marshall had a roof over his head until he was 26 ‘ my sister gave him my grandmother’s trailer on 26 Mile ‘ and he couldn’t even take care of it. I got the tickets around here somewhere ‘ he got tickets for not mowing the grass.’

In fact, Eminem refused to pay for his mom’s trailer when things worsened between the two of them. As the great majority will probably know Debbie dropped a $10 million lawsuit against her son on the line of ‘ My Name Is ‘, I just found out my mom does more dope than I do ‘.Eminem’s family often turned their back to Eminem and started some arguments with him when he became famous.

Marshall left the choice to his public to decide:

‘ I let the public for themselves decide what idiots my family is. My family has never been there for me. They expect things because we’re blood. ‘

If we follow Todd Nelson’s statements, Marshall bashed his mom because bashing Blacks and fags didn’t work:

“Every white male regardless of his age has something against their mother, and he’s exploiting that, so all these white males can throw themselves a pity party. He tried bashing blacks and fags and when that didn’t work he started ‘ “

Todd would nearly manage to make somebody who doesn’t know Eminem believe that he’s a blatent racist and homophobe. His listeners know that the rage expressed against Debbie refers to real feelings and to real events. Many witnesses of Marshall’s former every day life, like Nate’s dad and some other former boyfriends of Debbie Mathers can testify what Marshall actually went through. Who would doubt that Eminem had a rough childhood? The facts he mentioned can be verified as a 100% true.

Any doubt about Debbie’s drug addiction? Then listen to Eminem’s former friend, Mc Hush:

‘When Em got back from LA recording the Slim Shady LP, he picked up me and Bizarre. He went to buy his little brother a PlayStation at Best Buy, then we went to his mother’s house in the trailer park on 26 Mile. His mom tried to be nice, but she didn’t look so good. I’d been forewarned by Em, but it was a bit of shock to see her so blew out. But then the first thing Em does is lift up her mattress and look for pills. When he says ‘I picked up the habit’ on the Marshall Mathers LP, he means it.’

Todd even went that far to state that Ronnie Polkingharn, his younger brother didn’t like Marshall:

‘Ronnie was the one with the rough childhood ‘ living out of garbage cans off the streets, being rejected by his dad. And then when my little brother died, Marshall went and got his name tattooed on him. But Ronnie didn’t even like Marshall,’ Nelson says. ‘I got the last letter he ever wrote before he killed himself and he doesn’t even mention Marshall.’

People who know Eminem know that Marshall and Ronnie have always been very close. Marshall always called Ronnie his best friend. I strongly believe that Ronnie actually was his closest friend. Both shared the same passion for hip hop. When Marshall talks about Ronnie in songs like ‘ My Dad’s Gone Crazy ‘, you can feel the realness of his emotions.

Matter of fact: Eminem has spent some of his teenage years with uncle Todd at the house in Timken.

Both might even had some good memories together.

Although Betty Kresin , Marshall’s grandmother recently declared (when Todd Nelson died) that Todd ‘ loved Marshall a lot ‘, he has never been very supportive towards his nephew since he had became famous. So don’t make him endorse the ‘ father figure ‘ he never was for Marshall.

Since his early childhood, Marshall suffered from the lack of fatherly examples. He recently declared in a Rolling Stone interview that the person that was the closest to a kind of ‘ father ‘, was his half brother Nathan’s dad- Fred Samra.






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  1. Korey avatar

    How come no one else knew of Todd dying? All we knew was Ronnie

  2.  avatar

    I would like to say that everything i am saying is in kindness and nothing else. I knew todd when he was 18 years old. I traveled with him back and fourth to michigan so many times. And I just wanted to say that several times we visited with debbie and Marshall ,and his other sister tanya and her son.Now both his sisters were single trying to raise their boys. Todd really did at that time try hard to be a close uncle to them. After all he was only 18 years old. Todd did lots of nice things for both the boys. Even tho he wasn’t always in michigan when we did go we never left without seeing both the boys.
    I remember them both. Marshall was always riding his bike with his head set on his head. I would like to say one more thing and that is
    Debbie and I did not and still do not get along well. But I have to tell the truth when we did go to her house it was always clean and always nice. I wondered how she could have such a nice home and in a nice part of town. Being I have always lived in st joe i found it hard to live in a big city. Todd and I stayed at nans house when we were there but even Debbies houses were always nicer than nans. But she did move a lot. Now don’t get me wrong, I know Marshal had a very very hard life @ home I am so sure of it. And I really do believe that the whole family should leave him alone. And let him get in contact with them if he wants too. I just needed to let you know that todd was a good person and he did try to be a good uncle. Todd birthday was the other day and it was very hard on a lot of family members that people know nothing about, and even tho todd mother and I do not get alone well my heart goes out for her.

  3. kateryn avatar

    family isnt about blood…its about who’s been there for you man, the ppl that you care about and the ppl who care for you….the ppl who are walking in the door wen everyone else is walking out….they shouldnt expect shit from marshal if all theyve ever done is treat him like dirt…

  4. angel avatar

    ye wel said kateryn

  5. jamie avatar

    omg… =( soo sad eminem must’ve had a reallii realli hardlife

  6. eminemp3 avatar

    eminem is the best

  7. lil swish avatar
    lil swish

    that was gay and if u think eminem had a hard life u should ask me bout mine right now and in mmy past
    hmm a little wait no alot of abuse and alot of other stuff and now im putting up with my faggot mother.

    lil swish

  8. a stranger avatar
    a stranger

    I just found Todd Nelson was dead ๐Ÿ™ this is sad. I’m still looking for rap tapes of ronnie if anyone has share ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Just Knows avatar
    Just Knows

    I knew todd, Played in a band with him, wrote songs with him. Eminem never lived in a trailer ever. 26 mile rd was reference to a condo he had rented for his mother for 6 months and had bought her a Toyota Corola as gifts. I sat in condo with her and todd watching the pre-debut of the BBC special that was filmed partially filmed in front of me at timkin. If you ask me I wouldnt beleve much of what you hear on these blogs or anywere else. Todd and Debbie both looked out for there family and friends just like your good family does, but they did like to argue thats for shure. Dont disrespect them because they got caugt up with a publiclly loud kid, because like most arguments or private wars familys have, they are not exposed to national exposure or blown out of proportin like this did. Just remember what power you felt, without the radio when you were in those huge wars with your mother when you were younger. Ill say a prayed for debbie ,I Hope You do too. You Still The Man!!! And Girl

  10. Zondra avatar

    You might want to look here, he’s pretty mad at his “fake” siblings..

    I’ve read this article few hours ago, I also read this blog from time to time.. You might wanna check it..

  11. big tim avatar
    big tim

    hey kunts and that lil niggra swish go beat off. em is the shit he fuckin kills all of u. hey swish theres a vid on youtube of him jerking into ur mouth. ps ur mom is a faggot but not as big of one as ur dad, but u prolly never even met ur dad

  12. Melo avatar

    But Todd was Eminem uncle,but he pretend a step father of Em….After his real father leave forever this family,Marshall was in couple months…Todd Nelson,brother of his mo mom Debi Nelson Brigs,Todd Nelson become step-father of Marhall,and grew-up from invisible man later Todd Nelson…Marhall dont care about Todd…While is alive,Todd is alegedely wanted some money from Em….Eminem never vcare abut Todd,although he know him,beacuse Em sufered in child0hood without his real father….He grew-up in gheto….In the black-side of vDetroit,where his leave from 12 year….After become a famous,Em call his band D-12….And last fact….Todd is never see Marhall like son,and Marhall dont care about nobody…..Em never see Todd like uncle,although Todd was Eminem step-father,that is….

  13.  avatar

    Fuck you swish! Cry baby ass bitch

  14. Molly avatar

    Before Todd died Ronnie referred to Todd as Em’s Dad… that probably sounds weird… I used to channel. I didn’t understand at the time and it turned out that I told the wrong person the information that Ronnie had given me that might have made a difference. I guess I’ll never know ๐Ÿ™ RIP Todd.