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A daddy who gets involved in his daughter's school life

Despite the fact that he is always very busy, Eminem takes times to really get involved in Hailie’s daily life. For those who doubted it, Marshall really loves kids and it even happens that he travels with the kids when they’re doing a school trip, which allows him to spend more time with Hailie:

‘ In school, when they have plays and field trips, I don’t miss them. Even if I’ve got to deal with craziness. ‘

I sometimes wish my youngest son was a pupil in Hailie’s class. Can you imagine that the famous rapper takes time to read books to the class?

‘ Last year I went and read to the class. Two books. It was reading month or something. ‘ (Eminem)

Eminem doesn’t play the ‘ role of a good father ‘. He doesn’t have to. Facts talk by themselves. Hailie is one of the luckiest daughters in the world, because her father always finds time for her despite his always busy and hectic schedule.

Marshall never misses an occasion to show his love and dedication to his little girl. He is definitely not the bad person some people keep thinking he is.

29 thoughts on “A daddy who gets involved in his daughter's school life”

  1. you just have to look and hear the way he talks and treats his daughter to know how much he cares

  2. That’s right!Hailie’s my girl,and I spend as much time as I can with her.I was even the sub for her English class.That was interesting.The only words I knew were kat and dawg!!!Ha ha!

  3. You know what!Your gettin on my fuckin nerves!What’s your address asshole.I’ll fuck you up!You obviously don’t know shit about Shady!Cause I am Shady bitch!!!

  4. u really need to get a fuckin life u fuckin saddo, iz dat all u do, pretend ur eminem U FICKSHIT 2 piss ppl off? ok den if ur eminem, den wots d name of his skool wen e woz younga?

  5. i agree with angel prove to us ur eminem and wat would he be doing wasting his time in this website with us he would probably be far to buzy and plus sub for an english class please how dum do ya think we r?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  6. hey eminem and hailie thiz mail iz 4 u 2
    the thing iz that i think i already have send u a mail bout thiz topic
    well if i didn’t ill tell u right now
    1 of my friends hates ur lil angel soo much that she made fun off her in my skool
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    of or u r my fave rapper

    and also wher do u ppl get these info coz i nevea heard these stuff and eny 1 can send me e-mail

  7. eminem i luv uuuuuuuu ur so hot and hailie ur angel is sooooooooooooo cute me and ma friend talk bout ur angel not shit gud stuff bye well u noe my e-mail

  8. I feel that Em needs to get credit where credit is due like with his daughter. There’s one guy that would give up everything he has to spen time his even if it means getting involve with Hailie schooling I give him mad respects. Like the tattoo says on his arm Bonnie & Clyde stick together like glue literly.

  9. i dont think anyone should fucking say anything bad about hailie because i bet u guys dont know barly anything about her. i would kill if my dad cared about me that much and and would spend time with me!

  10. eminem is ace he is minted hes a born winner.if this is his site or isnt so fuk eminem rules no matta wot anyone says you go eminem xxxxxxxx

  11. Dear everbody

    Love You Mr Em;) haha, hope you comming to Sweden when you are healthy…haha

    Love you Eminem and I love Hailie too:D

    p.s. if any eminem fan have hes address, cane you give me that?

    you cane add me on my msn, it is…


  12. Not that i hate shady or shit its just he seems so….gross, sexy,but gross nad i really think even though kim was a druggie she shoulda gotten custody of haily because honestly im scared hed probaly like rape her or sumin lyke dat

  13. why would eminem rape his little girl thats his kid he loves her as his child he dosent think of her as a sexy hoe shes only like 12 or 11 years old man that person who rote that is just deadly ever who said that your dad probly raped you but eminem would NEVER do that to hailie jade shit get it throught your thick head

  14. i love eminem he is so kool and i think his probly a good father to hailie and a good uncle to alaina ohh ya for the person who said that alaina(lannie) has e-mail i dont think she does cause there are some pplz who pretend to be eminem and alaina and nathan and hailie you know what i mean mang that person up there who sai they are eminem are so stupid oh yea and i think hailie jade was born on march 25 1995 i dont think it was december 25 1996 or 1995 so yea bye:)

  15. if you have eminem’s or hailie’s e mail adress would you please tell it to me.
    My email is
    Hailie is a beautiful angel,and you Eminem are the greatest reper in the whoile world.

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