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Encore album review

Eminem’s newest album « Encore » is the follow up of « The Eminem Show ». His most recent work is lead by the hand of a master from the beginning to the end. It reveals a more matured artist whose songs reflect a very sensitive and emotional side fulfilled with some sarcasms and parodies of the world of pop.
Other targets? Yes. Who? President Bush. Eminem is definitely engaged in his fight against Bush’s policy, that appears in Mosh.

Curtains Up. Ready for a new Eminem Show, part II?
Ok, Eminem will shoot his verses and offer you a flashback to his early childhood years with the second track « Evil Deeds ».
The listener will understand under which unstable conditions Marshall made his first steps. The song is very emotional despite the whole irony that goes with it. It will take you back to the early 70’s at the time Debbie just broke up with her husband and decided to leave her son at his aunt Edna and uncle Edmond Charles’ home: an easy way to get rid of her son and to be free for some adventures with her numerous boyfriends. Debbie’s behavior and her absence have obviously left some deep wounds into Marshall’s soul. The demons of the past are still present and sometimes come to haunt his current life. Many people don’t understand that wealth isn’t a remedy to such trauma. In fact it is very difficult to handle the wounds left inside of us because of our parents’ behavior, particularly when you come from a dysfunctional family such as Marshall’s. « Evil Deeds » has something deep inside. It is moving and lets us fully understand that fame and fortune have increased Marshall’s pain. It is like a never ending circle…and the curtain never falls. This song is moving. Again, the brilliant artist managed to make the listener feel his deepest emotions.
« Never Enough » is a brilliant Nate Dogg and 50 Cent collaboration that is really worth listening to. It is great hip hop that nobody should miss.
« Yellow Brick Road » takes you back to 8 Mile, to a story that only Marshall could tell you the right way with a full amount of details. « Yellow Brick Road » is also a fist against the Source magazine who dared accusing Marshall of racism so many times. How could they dare talking about a typical Detroit context that they didn’t even know? Marshall takes you back to a time where he get his ass kicked because he didn’t have the right skin color on the way to Kim’s house. Back to a period where white emcees were despised by black rappers. Back to the time he met Proof and had to prove his lyrical ability. Back to 1989, where black and white community lived great tensions. Back to the time Eminem dated this black girl because of whom he wrote some rhymes he didn’t even mean. Rhymes placed out of their context by Benzino’s crew and used in order to break his career.
« Like Toy Soldiers » explains how Eminem became involved in hip hop beefs that he would probably have avoided if he could have done it. Because 50 Cent was signed to Shady Records, the war with Irv Gotti’s clan was signed. Ja Rule worsened this war by putting Hailie’s name in a song.
Marshall has been a great contributor to hip hop culture and he doesn’t like to be involved in bloody hip hop wars. The sincerity of this song is touching.
No contest Mosh is the best song of the whole album. Mosh is a total engagement against Bush’s worthless war policy. A strong and powerful song and a lyrical bomb is dropped on the White House and will rally a lot of people who want peace in this world. Mosh might be anti Bush, but unlike many conservative people’s opinion , the powerful song can be called a patriotic act in favor of democracy.
Besides Bush, Eminem’s other targets are well known pop stars such as Michael Jackson and Madonna who get ridiculed in Just Lose It. Lyrically, I am used to better texts from Marshall, but the song is funny and the video that goes with the first single of Encore will make you laugh crazy.
Rain Man , Big Weenie and My First single are funny and cool songs.
Another song that is really touching and worth listening to is Mockinbird, a touching ode to Hailie. In this song, Eminem is trying to explain Kim’s whereabouts to Hailie and Alaina (Hailie’s cousin who’s been adopted by Marshall and who also lives with him). Again, you will probably be moved by the touching words of a dedicated father for his daughter.
« One Shot 2 Shots », a song that includes Eminem’s group, D12, is also worth listening to.
The albums concludes with « One Last Time » an entertaining Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr Dre trio. As the show ends, Eminem surprises the crowd with hiding a pistol behind his back shoots himself and…murders his Slim Shady persona.
Curtains fall. End of the CD. End of the Story…for now.

Weaknesses of the CD

I think that I owe Eminem and my readers an objective point of view, that’s why I will also focus on the weak points of Marshall Mathers’ Encore:

_ The songs about Kim don’t sound real at all, in complete opposition to « I Love You More » which is an authentic and spicy love ballad. « Puke » is rather disgusting and frankly, I don’t think that « vomiting sounds » was a real great idea :it amplifies the weakness of a rather lyrical poor song.
Same for « Crazy In Love »: for the first time, I had the unpleasant impression that Eminem didn’t sound real. The lyrics and the beats are awful.
– « Ass Like That » is probably the worst song of Eminem’s whole career. The weird accent he takes adds to the weakness of the song that it intended to be funny, but that didn’t manage to make me laugh. Sorry, Marshall, but I gotta be honest about it.
-Never Enough ,which is a real good song, gives the impression to have been cut before the end.
– There is only one D12 song in the whole album. There could have been more D12 participation in Encore.

– Another weak point of « Encore » needs to be noticed: while the album begins with an introspective, serious note and real good songs, Eminem sometimes spoils the efforts he put in his very valuable songs by childish fart and vomiting sounds. Which he should avoid as a grown man and a respected hip hop artist.

My overall rating of Eminem’s brand new CD is 8.5 out of 10 but it could have been 9.5 or 10/10 if Eminem had removed some weak tracks out of his album. My criticism isn’t intented to be negative towards Eminem (I am a huge fan and he can be sure of my unconditional support, always), but rather for him to avoid the weak points mentioned in his next album.

Globally, Encore is great work. People who have appreciated The Eminem Show will probably love Encore as well. Eminem came up with some new stuff and handled most of his songs very well.
An album that is definitely worth buying.

65 thoughts on “Encore album review”

  1. I agree with most of your points, the vomiting and fart sounds though i find as comical and let the listener know that he’s down to earth also. Name one other emcee who has the balls to put them in, if anyone else did they would be looked at very awkwardly. Eminem on the other hand can pull it off beautifully. And the skit to Berman cracked me up. I consider this album to be his deepest yet, and he never ceases to raise his bar. I pray to God that this man continues to rap and continues to give me my vent on this tough obstacle called life. He raps about many things that happened in my life (The debbie issue almost to a T) and i’m sure other people also have connections with him. I also will always give him my unconditional support, and although i could have had a burnt copy weeks before, i refused it to support my favorite musician. And mark my words, Eminem should and will be considered the greatest emcee when alls said and done, Tupac got me into hip-hop and it has shaped my life, but Eminem has given me a personal connection!

  2. To me, he actually is the greatest emcee. I can relate to many of his songs and I can say that his music changed my life in a very positive way. I also hope that he will keep rapping as long as possible.
    He can also count on my support.I have ordered his Encore collector box:)

  3. i totally agree that he is one of the/the greatest rappers ever, and i play all his previous albums on a continious loop. but when i listened to Encore i felt really disappointed that he could produce an album that’s, lets face it, is simple not worthy of his previous talent. without songs like “mosh”, the bad songs like “puke” and “ass like that” would completely overshadow the album. it will probably still be the highest selling album of the year (i know i’ll still be buying it)

  4. As much as I like Encore I feel it fell a little short of what it could have been. As far as being the the highest selling album of the year (Comment by Colette Waitt) I have to say that the new U2 album will surely sell more. Different kinda music but it appeals to the masses!

  5. i found it painful listening to this album, in comparison to his earlier work its not that great. painful because it almost confirms my fears that Ems running out of material and is unable to exceed his previous work. i can’t think of one bad song from The Eminem Show, i think Ems let himself down with songs like ‘Puke’ and ‘Ass like that’ espcially the latter, its not as funny as its intended to be. i listened to a show he did on a London radio station recently, after playing one of his new tracks off the album someone asked (jokingly?) “Why did u make that bullsh**?” i hope the better songs ‘like toy soldiers’ ‘mosh’ ‘Encore’ and ‘mockingbird’ can overshadow the bad ones.

  6. I agree with most of your comments, but this cd is definately not an 8.5/10 on eminem’s scale. It’s more of a 6 or 7 compared to his previous efforts. His flow on this album is very bad compared to his songs on the previous albums. It feels as if he’s lost his magic. Songs like “Mosh”, “Like Toy Soldiers”, and “Encore” show his lyrical talent, but still pale in comparison to a song like “Soldier” where he just lets it all go. This album is a step down in my opinion. I hope the criticism he receives for this effort will light the fire that once burned inside. Then, we just might get the greatet lyricist to ever spit back.

  7. After waiting in great anticipation for over 2 years I have to say I found this album disappointing. I would rank it way below both The Eminem Show and the Marshall Mathers LP. The title suggests that it is a follow on to The Eminem Show, but with the exception of Mosh, I can find no continuity. The album lacks the substance we saw in the Eminem show, it also lacks the beats that were fundamental to 8 Mile, The Eminem Show and the Marshall Mathers LP. The tracks seem to be written for a much smaller audience i.e. his family, his friends and emcee’s who have taken him on. There is not a track on this album that compares to “Soldier”, “Til the Roof Collapses”, “The Way I Am”, there is not a song on Encore that demonstrates his ability to spit lyrics like we have seen in the past. The humourous songs also fall short of past performances. Very disappointed.

  8. I don’t think that Eminem’s tracks are written for a smaller audience. Mosh, for instance, is universal.
    And many people can relate to Eminem’s “personal songs”…it is the case for his former albums and it will still be the case for Encore.
    Globally, Encore is a good album with some great tracks like Evil Deeds, Never Enough, Yellow Brick Road, like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Mockinbird…

  9. i bought the album yesterday, i didn’t really know what think about. i feel like its gonna have to grow on me before i can give a real honest opinion about it. the song “toy soldiers” is straight, but i would have enjoyed it more if the chorus wasnt so loud and straightforward. the sampling should have played in the background

  10. Laney is Alaina, Dawn’s (Kim’s twin sister’s daughter). Marshall has adopted her and she goes by the name Alaina Mathers. She lives with him and Hailie.

  11. being a massive eminem fan, no way is encore as good as marshall mathers or eminem show, but i was left satisfied and entertained by encore. Very pleased dr dre can still make some of the best beats on the hip hop scene. Although i felt some of his vomiting and fart noise’s were a little off putting but sh*t man eminem can get away with it like no other rap artist. I agree with a 7/8 out of 10!

  12. You cant really argue what the best album is. Each album has demonstrated different styles reflected by the choice of beat etc. For example The Marshall Mathers LP was an “angry” album where Em directed his anger towards everyone. Everyone has their favourite album depending on what style they like. I think Eminem has matured with each album hes released and become more inventive. Encore is particularly good as he does things like rap as an Arab which is very inventive (any other rapper done it?) In my opinion Encore is up there with the best of his albums but everyone has a different view of what the best one is. To rate the albums out of 10 is fair enough but everyone has a different version of what an 8 or a 9 or even a 10 out of 10 is.

  13. Encore is such a different kind of expression from Em. You can’t compare this to anything else he’s done. TES and MMLP came from a different place in time for Em. He’s growing up. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. We can’t expect him to stay the same angry white rapper who gets no respect. FACE IT, he’s the best EMCEE out there and everyone knows it. Life’s not so horrible for him anymore and I think that has been brought to life in this album. I would definately say to those of you who hate Encore…give it few listens and it’ll grow on you. 🙂 It did for me!

  14. i think that it does have a few week songs but the power and emotion of the songs are great do you now when any emienem concerts are on in the uk p.s he has to carrying on rapping he is a geniess but all his albums are different

  15. I like Encore. As always, Em is inventive and hilarious. True enough, some tracks are weaker than others but overall the CD grew on me instantly. The farting and burping are a little juvenile…but that’s Eminem, and that’s why we love him. I love the song “Puke” simply because it is silly. He gets his message across though…I don’t think I’d like anyone to write a song like that about me. Rain Man is good. Even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense, the opening line says alot about his career. For those of you who find him offensive, STOP LISTENING!! My personal favorite is Mockingbird…what a beautiful and touching song for his daughters. How can you not be moved by it? Stop comparing this CD to previous CD’s…it isn’t supposed to be the same. If every album were the same, how long do you think he’d be around? This man is a genius, and the whole world should recognize that. Lyrical, he is unstopable. He belongs right where he is, saying exactly what he says. To those who disagree…Fucka-Fuck-Off!

  16. the album was alright but nothin to what im used to hearing from him there was no agression or emotion. i think he sounds betta angry. i dont think he spent alot of time on de album as he metions recents issues such a christother revees and jo jo


  18. Overall, I loved the album, except for Ass Like That, you were right, his fake accents weren’t that funny except for “I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid” I guess that was the ONLY part where it made me laugh. The fact that he’s still insulting other artists (even more) until now kinda pissed me off coz that means he hasn’t grown up yet. But I’m a SUPER DUPER eminem fan and his Kim songs kinda showed that he hasn’t gotten over her after all..what the hell is he trying to say in those songs? One minute he hates her and the next song he still says he loves her. Last q, who’s the 24 year-old girl in Crazy In Love?
    I’m from Philippines. thanks.

  19. Of course I love encore, it’s my favourite album from him and I think that he gets better and better with every album he makes and does. Even though some songs don’t live up, I still give the album 10/10, coz it’s the type of cd where you don’t wanna skip any songs when you’re listening to it. But then again, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  20. Eminem fuckin rox. encore is his best aulbum yet. and his accents ARE funny.. u guys need a sense of humor. the only thing is those songs about kim, yea its hard to tell how he feels about her.. but eminem is still fuckin awesome

  21. Well…I will start by saying that at first hearing, I didn’t mind the album, but then it started to seem worse and worse. All of the songs on here have counterparts from other albums. Mosh is White America, Mockingbird is Hailey’s Song, Puke is a worse version of all the other “Kim songs.” It also seemed to me that he was too concerned with getting this album done to prevent it from leaking out. Nearly all of the songs could have used more time to touch them up, in my opinion. Also, why does he laugh at others for singing on their songs, but does he not sing on some of his on Encore? I would rate this album at a 8/10 of all rap albums, but a 4/10 when I rate it by his other albums.

    Disappointed Fan

  22. Oh yes…I lost my train of thought at the beginning, heh. Also, Just Lose It is just another My Name Is or The Real Slim Shady, I think. His “first single” is always a corny little song. This is my opinion, so don’t try to change it or get inexplicably mad at me…guess that’s all.

  23. Bellamonkie, why don’t you try looking at the other posts. You would notice that that has already been asked. Lainie is Alaina, Kim’s sister’s daughter. Eminem adopted her.

  24. Also, this album sold more than 1 millions copies in the first week of its release???! come on people!!!!!

  25. Its actually so IRONIC, right before Encore was released I would joke with everyone and say Em could fart his way through this record and it will still out sell “The Eminem Show” Then, plow, to my enlightenment, I heard it and Em’s brilliance, n obsession with bodily functions….Like said prior, Em could do anything and maybe fans should realize that every artist/MC/rapper comes in the game and created for fans, but there does come a pivital point in a career when an artist says I can create what I want, Em has really always pushed the envelope, but hands down no artist ever, has matured in the eyes of fans like Em has and Encore is just the metamorphasis of the transformation from snotty nose bleach blonde to A Father/Man/Phenominon………….PEACE!!!

  26. Why should D12 participate? They have their own FULL ALBUM. I’m glad there is little D12 participation, the album is by EMINEM, so i expect to hear EMINEM. Also, i think ‘Puke’ is one of the best songs. It can represent relationships between a lot of people. I think the vomiting and farting is part of the fun, and it makes people pay attention. The rest of your review was good. And I’m glad you made clear who ‘Lainie’ is… I was really confused. My favourite songs are ‘Puke’ ‘Toy Soldiers’ ‘Big Weenie’ and ‘Just Lose It.’

  27. I love the new album Encore. Most of the songs are rally cool and funny but their r a couple of songs I didn’t like. I didn’t like the song crazy for love or ass like that. My favourite songs are One shot 2 shot, puke (although I the vommit part) mockingbird, evil deeds, mosh and yellow brick road.
    This is deffinatly an album you have to buy!!

  28. Eminem is one of the greatest that ever did it , I got alot of nice, expensive things for christmas , but getting this album was the best gift ever. He is funny, intelligent, real anf honest. I love his work and will support him come rain or shine.

  29. Does Anyone No why Eminem adopted Lainie? How old is she?
    Also i think songs like ass like that are really funny. if we only saw his serious side we would be board. i think he is one of the most talented rappers.
    Does anyone no why the row between him and ja rule started?

  30. Personally I think Puke is the best song on the Album. I mean, come on, how many people in your life have you wanted to tell that they make you sick and you hope they go to Hell? I know I’ve got a few. I also think his serious side is nice too. It’s nice to know he does have a heart. I think the song Mockingbird that he made for his daughter and niece was really sweet. I also really like the melody to Spend Some Time, although I’m getting a little tired of Just Lose It and Final Thought. They’re a little played out on the radio.

  31. I totally disagree, eminems new CD is awsome, I love all of his songs puke is a really awsome song and spend some timme is awsome and I would give his CD out of 1-10 he gets infinaty and his looks help and his sweet songs about Hailie and Lainie, his two daughters.

  32. although i bought Encore at the same day when it came into the stores, i´m still not sure what to think about it… on the one hand, it´s great but then i miss his ferocity. he definitly can rap better than that, just look at the other cds. he has grown up but he has changed his style. In my opinion, there´s too much singing and furting and to much stress on the background -music. but there are a lot of good songs, too. but who the hell are the women in Spend Some Time and Crazy In Love???

  33. eminem has a daughter 2 look after now and eminem’s songs r better now and eminem does rap but um if u listened 2 all of his songs like me u would find that emienm’s songs r realated 2 real life so yea he hasnt gone soft p.s eminem is so fuken awesome and i luv him oh n dude i luv your band bye luv sarshar oh if n e 1 see’s eminem tell him i luv him

  34. I think the albums gr8- i wasnt so sure at first, but it grows on u. I dont think it should be compared to his other albums cos its completely unique. Eminem rules!!!

  35. i think this is one of the best cd’s that eminem has ever had and those who think different got sothin going on up in there head. he is the best artist. he expresses everything that he goes through and hes not affraid to speek his mind that is what is so great about him. he is not like all those other fuckin people who talk about chicks shakin there ass he tells the truth. eminem is the best ever and all those who think differnt, well you dont know what your missin. Eminem you awesome


  37. encore is fucking awseome…some of the songs drag you too deep then there’s a funny one to bring you back up…i love eminem…this is a fuckin classic

  38. You know!I’m really gettin pist with all you people who try to be me.I’m the real Slim Shady!!!And thanks for all the support on my Encore album.Me and Dre thought it was pritty good.The only person I know that REALLY hated it was Michael Jackson.Fuckin ghost nigga!!!

  39. Fuk eminem he’s a fucken sissy, rappin bout lil girls nd shit. he needs 2 realise hes gettin old nd shud go take a back seat so 50 dnt av 2 embarass him nymor! btw ja rule nd benzino r the ultim8 best rappers eva. o yeah fuk 2pac, Biggie nd Bugz dey wer all evn worse dan eminem

  40. Yo fuck you bitch!!!I hate you too!!!If I ever met you in public I’d fuck your ass up!You never met me,so you don’t know shit about me!!!And your the fuckin SISSY,you pussy wit bitch!!!Ha ha!

    Oh.And by the way,I’m only 30.I’ve seen assholes twice my age that still rap!

  41. eminem is by far the greatest ever i mean you all saying encore is much different to the others and is not as good but when you look at it if encore came out before the others and you were used to eminem being less aggressive then you would think marshall mathers lp wasn’t as good as encore. eminem has proven in encore that he can rap in many different styles like no other rap ever has!

  42. I think eminem is awesome because he talks about what is wrong with the world.He also talks about things that are true to him and i think if ja rule says one more thing about his daughter i wil write a song about him.Its one thing to talk about him it’s another to talk about his little girl.

  43. Number 7 review, “till the roof collapses”??? wtf is that? dont make a comment if u dont even kno the names of the songs. god dangit

  44. Hey. I love eminem. His best song is Mockingbird because it shows the great father that he is. Hailie and Lainie are adorable. Eminem is very very blessed.

  45. eminem is graet!!mockingbird is the best song ever!!his daughters are very lucky to have a father like him..

  46. yes he has two daughters deal with it and yeah can’t really argue with what the best album is they are all good alright.

  47. i love his newest album!!! n shady what are all your tattoos!??! i saw in a resent pic yu god some more i know about: the ronnie one the kim one the two w/ halie jade the goth one the sliy me one the bonnie and cylde one the slim shady one ans the d12 ones but are there MORE and is so what are they!!

  48. hey ppl which song does Ja Rule mention Hailey?(if that’s how you spell it)
    hey, ih8eminem, i think u can shove it. really. i’d like to see u get up off ur donkey and rap, face evrything that eminem does, and have just as much success as him. go ahead, try. i bet you’ll suck. who agrees wit me?

  49. Hello Eminem hope you fine and healthy.
    Eminem i realy want to see you or talk to you if you give this chance.and i realy understand the meaning of your music and what you fell inside that is in your songs in your your music you trying to say somthing to people but they not uderstand that but i do. i am 21 years old boy and living in UK.i fell the same i have sean alots of defcultes in my life now i have every things but the world is geting wors not better some people are getting wors and they are changing the world too why they doing that because they thing we have mony power so we can do every thing we want they seeing you like human or they lost ther human felling. any why ther is alots of things i want to share with you i mean talk with you if can get in tuch with you by phone,by e-mail or visit let me know please. and i am sorry aboute my english speling

  50. fuck the early albums? what the fuck are fuckin mentally retarded? the emienm show rocked with cute lil hailie on it the marshall mathers lp the slim shady lp INFINATE THE 8 MILE SOUNDTRACK THAT SHIT OF STRAIGHT FROM THE LAB WHAT THE FUCK OH SHIT OH YEAH MY KIDS CAN’T READ YET


  52. okay.. this post is getting a little off subject.
    Encores definitely my favourite album of Eminems. His earlier stuff was good, i liked marshall mathers lp a lot but didnt really get a lot of the eminem show.
    The album grows on you, like a lot of people have said. My favourite song on it is probably Encore (the last one – ‘one last time’, ‘curtains close’ etc – wtf? its called encore). People dont say much about it, but I think it stands out the most. In the UK it hasnt really been released yet on the radio.
    One Shot 2 Shot is really good as well, i cant wait for the video. spend Some Time and Crazy in love have quite interesting lyrics and good beats, but I dont really find myself listening to them that much. Mockingbirds great, really sad. I agree with most people, Ass Like That is a pretty bad song – but hey, hes having fun and its a funny video. Same goes for Just Lose It, although thats a really catchy song. Has Paul Rosenberg skits are funny (anyone else notice the ‘and no, i do not have a new gun’ then sound of gun cocking? Thought it was quite funny) Big Weenie, Rainman and My 1st Single arent bad, but not really much to listen to – as he says, ‘I just went through a whole song and I didnt say shit…’ -but Pukes definitely worth listening to, but I dont understand how he can express how much he hates Kim and then says he still loves her in interviews. Mosh makes me hate George Bush. I listen to like toy soldiers a lot, hes definitely trying to say something meaningful in it not just to his fans but to his rivals.

    I dont get yellow brick road. Ive listened to it about twice, it just bores me. I dont know why, being a top eminem fan. Never Enoughs pretty good – I only liked Nate Dogg when i heard that for the first time – and Evil Deeds is definitely a great song, it grew on me quite a lot.
    The 1st +19th tracks were a bit weird – you didnt really get what was going on.
    I’d give it a nine but, as someone said, the ratings are all personal and you cant really judge an album like that.
    What does everyone else think?

  53. Hey! you shady wanna be, what the hell are you doing? you know you’re not him, you don’t even know how old he really he is. For your info, the guy is 33 years old already, he was born in october 17,1972 and you made your comment this year “2005”, so how old is he again?. STOP TRYING TO BE SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT, GET A LIFE DUMB ASS!!

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