The murder of Slim Shady

The end of the Encore album and the recent scans of the Encore album reveal Eminem’s intentions to destroy the evil alter ego he had created in 1997- for ever. Slim Shady passed away recently and he was even symbolically put into a coffin.

Listening to The Eminem Show and to Encore is like going to the theater or to the mall. Eminem has created an ingenious scenario that ends up in a collective drama.

Picture a huge mass of people from different backgrounds and ages coming to enjoy a great and entertaining show. Picture Eminem looking at himself into the mirror before entering on stage…

He isn’t feeling so well today…

Imagine one of the greatest shows you have ever participated to…imagine Marshall showing some signs of craziness in the middle of the show and cocking a gun…imagine all of a sudden Eminem in the skin of a bad mass murderer. You all had a great show and now it is time to say goodbye…

Marshall will say goodbye to the crowd of his fans in an original way. In fact, he’ll get rid of them, he’ll shoot at them and kill them . Bang Bang… One shot…two shots…blood is spilling everywhere.

The spectacle is turning into people’s worst nightmare. You can hear some of them crying while some others are falling onto the floor…Oh my God ,what’s happening? Everybody’s lying on the floor. Marshall, what have you done? You ‘ve taken your fans last breath.

So the media were right about you? Just a criminal, a bad guy, nothing else but a bad guy from Detroit.

What now?

You have no other choice but killing the alter ego who created so much damage to you…in a desperate attempt to become what he once was, Marshall points a pistol at himself…and decides to destroy Slim Shady.

Eminem wanted to destroy his evil side for good. He now leaves us with the regular guy Marshall Mathers and Eminem, his nicer alter ego and stage name.

The message is clear. Eminem’s music is taking a new direction. Marshall Mathers will surprise us in his next album. Encore is just the last chapter of a former story…the story of a bad character named Slim Shady who just passed away.

Eminem’s scenario was astute, but some bad intentioned people might interpret it as an invitation to self destruction and suicide. The final episode of Encore is in no way intented to influence young people to commit suicide. It is just the final episode of a show. Clever people will be intelligent enough not to misinterpret Eminem’s intentions. And to the persons who manage to see something bad in Eminem’s way of telling this story: get a sense of humor, for Goodness sake!

You will be able to watch some photos of” Slim Shady’s murder” on the latest Encore scans.

14 thoughts on “The murder of Slim Shady”

  1. slim shady will always be alive and kicking in my views, slim shady is the part of marshall mathers that i drifted away listening to. He caught the eye and ears of people that have been through a messed up life.

  2. things that a part of us dont just die…even if we want..maybe slim shady wont be in the public eye for now, or maybe he really is dead, killed off like a classic in encore.
    or maybe he’s just waiting, man, just waiting….

  3. Ha ha!Gotcha.You guys really thought I was dead!!!Yea right!I just wanted some privacy for christmas,so I told people to say I was dead after I made Encore!!!So many people actually beleived that shit.That was the best prank I pulled ever!!!Ha ha!

  4. i fink its a gud idea, but slim shady has to be part of eminem 4 eminem 2 carry on writin his gr8 songs, coz most of his lyrics are slim shdy style.

  5. Okay maybe he will die and then we will eventually get over it…
    But just when you think it will be the end shady will come back to life and rise from the coffin …I will forever love him in away that would never be possible

  6. Yea Slim’s dead and Em dont plan on bringing him back.
    If you recall on When I’m Gone. “Turn around, find a gun on the ground cock it. Bullet to my brain, scream DIE SHADY and pop it”.

    he killed Shady he’s now working with his new guys on shady records to make albums and may make another album himself he is NOT retiring, only retiring Slim Shady. Will he bring the old Slim Shady back? I dont know but i do know that he will continue to rap!

  7. Ya’ll see Slim Shaddy is wat we made it to be….Don’t ya’ll remember fuck it therre’s a lil oiece of Shaddy in alla of us,.,.So Let me put it this way Em made us to be tha Slim Shaddy….So won’t tha REAL SLIM SHADDY stand up….

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