Never Enough

Never Enough clearly targets the media. It is a clever Eminem- Nate Dogg-50 Cent collaboration.

Because Eminem is always speaking his mind, he often gets so much negative feedback from the press. How many times has he been misinterpreted, misunderstood, misquoted?

As Eminem expresses it so well, he sometimes has so much to say that the words just flow out of his mouth rapidly. He sometimes even needs people like Dr Dre to slow him down:

‘ There’s not much you could do or say to phase me
People think I’m a little bit crazy
I get it from all angles, even occasionally Doc Dre-zie’ll
Have to step in every once in a while to save me
To make me stop and think about it ‘fore I just say things’ ‘
It is also a matter of fact that Eminem’s lyrics need a further examination if you want to get his many and subtle rhymes:

‘ Sometimes the average listener rewinds and plays me twenty times
cuz I say so many rhymes, it may seem like I’m goin too fast cuz my mind is racing ‘ ‘

Even some fans don’t always get Eminem. To get each inch of him, you need to spend time focusing on his words and music. I admit that even the few songs of Eminem’s Encore that I didn’t like in the beginning are growing on me: sometimes, you missed a line or a word combination or simply the artist’s intention’sometimes, you also need to be in a specific mood to get one of Eminem’s songs. That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday with the song Puke. I was in the mood of full disgust. Not for the same reasons as Eminem, but it helped me to understand the song better and my mood alteration made me feel close to Eminem’s feelings. ‘ Feeling bad’total disgust of everything and everybody’just wanna puke ‘. Then I took time to listen to the song a second time and it enlightened me on the beauty of some rhymes I hadn’t even noticed in the beginning.

Eminem has so much to tell and he often gets so much criticized for his sincerity. People shouldn’t forget that he is also the product of his environment and the fertility of his rhymes can be explained by his many and often rough experiences of the past while he was living across 8 Mile.

All those difficult experiences that he went through made him become the person he is:

‘ I’m thankful for the talent in which God gave me
And I’m thankful for the environment that he placed me
Believe it or not, I thank my mom for how she raised me
In the neighborhood daily, they jumped and chased me
It only made me what I am today, see.. ‘

Love him or loathe him, let Eminem be who he is. Let him say what he has to say.

Eminem a has a message for many cowards who keep hating him:

‘ Regardless of what anybody believes who hates me
You ain’t gonna make or break me
Tryna strip me of my credibility and make me look fake, G
You’re only gonna be in for a rude awakening
Cuz sooner or later you haters are all gonna face me
And when you face me with all the shit you’ve been saving to say to me
You had all this time to think about it
Now don’t pussy out and try to wimp out, face me
Cuz I’ve been patiently waiting for the day
That we finally meet in the same place to see’ ‘

In fact many people prompt to judge him without even knowing his story nor the whole context in which he grew up. I myself have read so many negative critics from people who -obviously- did not even know very much about hip hop nor about Eminem himself.

Eminem is like a soldier who never stops battling against emcees, against magazines that won’t leave him alone:

‘ No matter how many battles I been in and won
No matter how many magazines on my nuts
No matter how many emcees I end up
Ooh ooh, it’s never enough’ ‘

50 Cent goes on with an offensive verse. Like a winner, he takes his enemies over with his ‘ untouchable flow ‘:

‘ My flow’s untouchable now you gotta face it
Uh oh, it gets worse when I go back to the basics
You go say the wrong shit and get your face split
The smell of victory, love it so much I can taste it
The spot my talk, it blaze a direct hit
Graze it, your peace talk, save it’ ‘

Haters, stop hating, you’ve already lost the battle. Our hot emcees will get you busted:

“You shit sounds dated, you’re overrated
I’m obligated to study your moves then crush you mutherfuckers
If I’m the best and the worst, then God’s gift is a curse
Soldier trained to destroy, you payin’ attention boy?
I spit shit, slick shit, so quick you miss it
To be specific I go ballistic as hieroglyphic
My music is a drug, press play, you ain’t gotta sniff it
Chew it or pop it, roll a bag of the chocolate
Get your high over and over, but you gotta cop it
When it’s hot, it’s hot
Your hatin’ is undeniable, stop it …”

Never Enough is a real hot song on Encore. Unfortunately, it is a little bit short. I was looking for a little bit more of those hot rhymes. Don’t miss track 3 on the album, it is really worth your attention.






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    i agree-way too short a song…fuck nate-dogg sounded sexy but…of course em and 50 did, but they always do n’ah mean?

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    ya i nah yo mean

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